A letter to the editor from a local teen appeared yesterday in the Manassas Journal Messenger.

Suzie Eskelund
Published: July 20, 2008

I am a 17-year-old caucasian girl who has lived in Manassas my whole life. I just want to say thank you for allowing the white, self-righteous and supremacist legal citizens of this fine, upstanding county
to once again have the important jobs back, like fast food and construction. I know it has always been my dream to work the drive through at my neighborhood McDonald’s and now you have made that
dream more possible. I am so proud to be a part of a city that is taking a stand against those pesky brown people. I was riding in the car with my Hawaiian friend when we got pulled over so the nice
policeman could make sure she wasn’t an illegal Latina. I know that in my heart I couldn’t be more thankful for those new laws that you helped pass to racially profile everyone with dark skin. Gee, I don’t even know why I’m friends with her.

I know that no one who eats tacos and burritos can be a good person. I mean hey, I don’t want that new Chipotle on Liberia Avenue! These people just need to go back to Mexico and take their children.
They deserve to starve, be in constant danger, and have a poor education.

After all, they were born in an inferior country! I don’t want any new customs in my life.

I want to be closed-minded and be surrounded by my pasty friends forever. Please get that diversity away from me!

Now people say that all Americans immigrated here. Well that may be true, but at least all of mine spoke English when they came here! Oh wait… except for my Danish, French, and German relatives.
But no matter, at least it wasn’t Spanish. When I was in high school and I was trying to learn another language, I had the hardest time and struggled through all three years. I hardly remember any of that
language, but who cares? Learning a second language may be really hard for anyone, but it doesn’t matter if your first language was English.

Now I look around my upper middle-class neighborhood and see that there are far fewer children for my neighbors to play with. But I rest assured knowing that when they play tag, they won’t get tagged by Latino cooties anymore.

Next, we should give them disease-infested blankets; it worked when we wanted to get rid of Native Americans.

Thank you once again for your efforts to cleanse our community,


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  1. Elena

    Thanks KG 🙂

    es_la_ley, 22. July 2008, 21:00

    I think admin forgot to include “one for the road” also is another multiple personality of anon.

    I don’t actually see what it matters if we know the IP address, maybe its because I am technically challenged, but what do I care? I think the more important point is that this person has created alot of tension here on anti, making people jump through hoops with nonsensical posts, just to have a giggle and waste people’s time. I take enough time away from other things I could be doing and don’t really want to deal with this person’s childish silly behavior. He/She is a complete distraction from real discussion.

  2. DiversityGal


    Maybe Suzie was joking about not wanting the Chipotle on Liberia, which is the newer one in Manassas. I don’t think she necessarily meant anything about denying a new restaurant. Did Manassas City say that Pollo Campero can’t come to the Davis Ford Shopping Center? What was the reason? Aren’t there some empty spaces in that shopping center?


    Please don’t be scared off. You are truly brave, braver than I, for writing a letter using your real name. As I mentioned in my former post, I and so many others value your contribution to this discussion. You have important things to say. Hey, I’m even willing to admit that not all people your age may have the same opinion. However, that doesn’t mean that young people don’t have just as much right as their elders to express their opinions.

    People will try to shut you up on the internet. They may respond by calling you names over their computers. When it gets to you, know that so many of us are with you, supporting you. I don’t think( and sure hope not), that they would do this at one of the gatherings. My advice is to come to film showings and the economy parties. Bring other friends your age and your family so that you feel comfortable. Find Alanna and Elena, and they will help you feel more at home. I, for one, can’t wait to meet you.

  3. DiversityGal is right, Suzie. The first screening was definitive proof that the majority of citizens in this county open minded and nice people. There was not a cross word spoken.

  4. DiversityGal

    Oh Alanna,

    I am horrified by this. I never saw that post before, so I am glad that you put it up. That person is showing truly gross behavior. No wonder someone on that blog wouldn’t believe one of my anecdotes…the other site has an imposter trying to throw a wrench into the works. Maybe that nasty behavior in their own ranks makes some of them suspicious of others…

  5. Casual Observer

    I have run and used various types of messaging systems since 1987 – long before the Internet was popular and ‘blogs’ were created. Never, in those 21 years, have I seen an operator/admin OUT someone’s connect info.

    You can get IP addresses simply by clicking on the Sitemeter for any blog that uses it, including this one. Click on it, and you can easily navigate your way around and find IP addresses for anyone who (currently or recently) is reading the blog.

    It’s not a state secret. I frequently check out the Sitemeter on all the blogs I frequent just as a way to gauge how many people are reading and their location. It’s particularly interesting to see just how many people reading this blog are reading from PWC.gov servers. 🙂

  6. Alanna:

    Pedro Cortiz, 22. July 2008,

    You racist gringos of Manassas – you deserve being called for what you are! You will see the results when we show our numbers and overcome you! We will make sure everyone knows who you are and the place you live in is trying to force us out! We shall overcome!


    Admin’s Note: This message comes from Leaving Point of Woods, Anon, Mayor of Munchkinland. IPAddress = 67.159.44.***. This has been a very popular tactic employed by those from the anti-immigrant side by flaming the tensions. It’s counter-productive to finding any solutions and proves some will go to any lengths to twist things for their own purpose.

    Nice catch Alanna. This individual is pretty crafty but you caught him. At the beginning LPOW posts seemed relatively rational didn’t they? And all this time they have been simultaneously pretending to be a soldier of Aztlan to rile up the HSM folks. What a nut.

    It makes me wonder if they were acting under Greg’s direction.

  7. Lucky Duck

    Hi Elena, you are correct in the police will now run immigration checks post arrest. The jail currently runs it when the person is brought to their location. The only difference is that the officers will now run it BEFORE the arrested person appears before a Magistrate and have that information available. That information will and does impact in the determination to either release that person on a bond or hold them and send them to the jail. When they reach the jail, they will confirm the immigration status and notify ICE if the person is here illegally.

  8. An Observer

    Casual Observer – no, Sitemeter only shows the first 3 parts of the IP address – such as 67.159.44.*** .

  9. Rick Bentley

    I don’t think you should post anyone’s IP without fair warning.

  10. Casual Observer

    Thanks for the correction, RB. Sitemeter gives plenty of info, though.

    You also wrote:

    I don’t think you should post anyone’s IP without fair warning.

    Well, perhaps those who have (or are considering) using LPOW’s tactics would be wise to consider this fair warning. 🙂

    I have no problem with it. This is Alanna’s blog, and she has an interest in making sure her work is not exploited and/or manipulated.

  11. Casual Observer

    Woops…I misspoke…Oberserver (not RB) corrected me on just how much of the IP Sitemeter reveals.

  12. “I don’t actually see what it matters if we know the IP address, maybe its because I am technically challenged, but what do I care? ”

    Agreed. What the heck do you DO with the IP address anyway? And I think some providers actually automatically change your address every few days, don’t they?

    Suzie, I think your use of sarcasm was very effective and quite obviously sarcasm. I don’t look down on anyone that wants to flip burgers. They can become managers and store owners if they play it right. And it gives you something to put on a resume. There is never a lack of need for good customer service and communication skills. Food service is a great place to learn these as well as numeracy. Experiences are what we make them.

  13. An Observer

    Someone might now be tempted to try a denial of service attack against that IP address, among other things.

  14. Oh! Well, I have no clue about that, I guess. I’m not as tech savvy as Alanna or GL, probably to my detriment.

  15. Censored bybvbl

    An Observer, don’t you think that address is well proxified? He’ll just move on to another one. I wouldn’t waste my time being outraged. 😉

  16. An Observer

    Censored – you might indeed be right, but still if there is a denial of service attack on that site that was being used as the proxy, and other legitimate users of that site might have problems.

  17. Elena

    Thanks for clarifying Lucky Duck.

  18. hidemyass.com =

    The IP is a group IP: given to people how use Hidemyass.com in order to conduct secret attacks from a unregistered IP address.

    It’s baiscally like shooting a man with an unregistered gun and passing it off to another criminal so they can murder somone else. Banning the IP will ban a whole bunch of cowards who use hidemyass.com in order to make untraciable threats. Unfortunatly the service has many unregistered IP, but each one you post and block helps take a cowardly mask off the net.

    A DOS attack would be welcome against it IMHO…

  19. Moon-howler

    Perhaps the bottom line is, don’t be a troll on a blog and you won’t have your IP address exposed. Why are we making up excuses for incredibly horrible behavior? When you misbehave, you lose some of your rights. Isn’t that the point many of you pro-resolution folks are preaching?

    I hear a lot of troll apology going on right now.

    And I don’t suppose it escaped some of you that one whiner was arguing and being bullied by none other than himself? Is that what people came here to read?

  20. Censored bybvbl

    An Observer, if other users on that server have problems, then the troll just made a very special oops.

  21. DB

    Diversity Gal,
    Pollo C. was denied a request to build in the Davis Ford shopping center due to traffic concerns and the fact that the shopping center lacks an anchor store. I believe it was this spring that the MJM ran the story. I was pretty bummed because I have heard that Pollo C. has fantastic food and I really hoped one would open here. Perhaps the company will find a new site somewhere nearby.

  22. Johnson

    Move. Montgomery County, Maryland would be perfect for you. Elitist, quietly racist (not many white housekeepers, nannies or gardeners) and judgemental. You can volunteer at the local illegal alien job pickup site, serving coffee and teaching english after the morning rush. Of course, you should attend college in Berkely first.

    Take a hard look at the world around you, young lady. Join the Peace Corps, the military or become a missionary and see what service to your fellow man is really like.

  23. Someone send Johnson’s comments to Berkley and see what they have to say 😉

  24. Censored bybvbl

    DH’s father was a Berkley grad and was no flaming liberal.

  25. DB

    I just wanted to let you know that I am glad that you chose to post a letter on this sight, and though I was angry (not feigned) at what I perceived was a swipe at those who work fast food, construction or other low income positions, I understand that in our society today we have a tendency to marginalize others with out realizing or intending to do so. This does not necessarily make us bad individuals, we just need to be aware of what we sometimes jest about, and realize that sometimes the jest can strike a nerve. I am no less guilty of doing so myself.

  26. Moon-howler

    DB, that was very gracious. What perhaps seems harsh to my generation might not seem so to another generation and vice versa.

  27. elvis

    ok…so suzie just happened to migrate over hear to support her position? or did someone give her a quick call? I call foul on the above post too. that’s pretty fishy, never seen her post here before now.

    If a cop pulls you over he’ll tell you what you were pulled over for, if not you have a right to ask him why you were detained. Not saying that there are inappropriate police officers out there, but by and large the majority are rule followers and doing a civic duty. If I had to say that any racially profile I would say the vast majority do not.

    Taking a swipe at the police department is stupid, which is why I took out an FOIA request and paid money to do so.

    I’ll inform the blog here of my results as I’m a bit curious myself. The letter gave enough general information to make the request so we’ll see how it turns out.

    Honestly I think she’s making up the whole situation to inflame things, the story sounds extremely fishy to me since I’m well aware of police procedure and deal with it as a part of my job for over 20 years. I’m also familiar with the police departments of both counties and regularly spend my days at the courthouses in both counties as well.

    This story stinks, there are things missing here and I dont buy it.

  28. DiversityGal


    You know…it’s interesting to me. I myself have been accused (by at least 3 bloggers on the other site) of making up a couple of personal experience anecdotes I’ve used on the other blog before. One was quite detailed and one was mentioned in passing.

    Whatever happens in your quest for the truthfulness of Suzie’s story (I believe her), I can assure you that my anecdotes were absolutely true. It has occurred to me that people refuse to believe these stories for a variety of reasons: 1)some are just looking for a way to goad the other person and get under their skin, 2)some are inherently suspicious, fearful people; it’s the way they live their lives every day, 3)some have lived in a kind of cultural bubble; they haven’t been lucky enough or brave enough to surround themselves with people from all ethnicities and cultures, and/or 4)some just don’t have anything better to come back with.

    I have encountered tons of personal anecdotes about the trials and tribulations of people with bad neighbors. I have read so many stories of the “horrible” things people have to deal with in stores, parking lots, schools, on the job, etc…most of these attributed to illegal immigration. I haven’t called into question the truthfulness of those people’s experiences. You may want to ask yourself why “this story stinks” and you are willing to do such a thorough investigation job on it. Do you do this for all the personal anecdotes of people who have complaints about illegal immigrants, immigrants, or things they attribute to Hispanic or Latino culture?

  29. Rick Bentley

    I’ve been stopped with my black wife in Fairfax for nothing more than driving while Black and White. Is Fairfax now a racist enclave?

  30. Rick Bentley

    He stopped us, said he thought he saw a bad brake light, checked our liscences, let us go on our merry way. he just wanted a better look at us.

    So, who do i sue?

  31. Elvis, don’t you think getting a FOIA on a 17 year old girl is inappropriate?

    My understanding is in certain cases, they don’t have to give it to you. For all they know, you are a predator looking for her personal information. If I were you, I would knock it off.

  32. Moon-howler

    Mackie, This is the trailer that reminded me of you. I had to ask my daughter the name of it.


  33. VG


    I am white, fiscally conservative and socially libertarian, and disagree with you on a couple minor points, BUT….
    You are young, idealistic and should be commended for your stand. maybe you will change your mind, maybe not, but you excercise your right to speak and provide us with your opinion.

    There is nothing wrong with saying that this a very wrong way to go about ‘fixing’ a problem.

    As your education and experience increase, no doubt you will be one of the folks charged with getting the problem resolved. I am a firm believer that the current generation in charge doesn’t have a clue about what to do because they are self-important baby-boomers that have sucked the resources of yours, and my children’s future dry.

    Let’s hope there are more folks like you to raise their voice and get the conversation, and/or argument started.

    (Being sarcastic myself, I appreciate your comments and the way you state them-even if some I disagree with. you go girl!)

  34. cootie survivor

    I wouldn’t worry about cooties, I would worry about TB.

  35. Moon-howler

    elvis, 22. July 2008, 17:21,

    Joke’s on you, Elvis. I am not a die-hard democrat.
    Not all FOIA is paid for by the person requesting it either.
    I would vote for Marty Nohe in a NY minute. Isn’t he a republican?

    Did you have a nice weekend? Warming up for another week here on beautiful downtown Anti? It’s going to be a hot one.

  36. JNR

    Very interesting. Some condemn racism in a racist way as has the author of this letter.

  37. Punchak

    I LOVED Suzie’s statement:

    “All I meant was that diversity is OK and it’s happening and I’M NOT AFRAID OF IT”.

    (capitals mine)

    This, folks, is the future and there’s a lot of hope in this statement. Our young people might not have much life experience, but they do have feelings of right and wrong and most of them know the difference.

    Glad you’ll be voting, Suzie!

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