According to this month’s edition of Washingtonian Magazine, our Prince William County Board of Supervisors have been declared villians by Washington area residents. Apparently they are considered to be as evil as former DC mayor – Marion Barry, Dan Snyder from the Washington Redskins and George W. Bush. Anyone interested in reading should purchase this month’s edition where it is layed out in black & white for the whole Country to read. What an embarassment!

35 Thoughts to “Washingtonian Magazine Declares PWCBoS Villians”

  1. Red Dawn

    I had a wake up call this weekend visiting a friend in Mclean ( don’t let that be the debate of gated, untouched,HAS no clue…I would call BS… THEY worked for it ALL and we shared a neighborhood)
    We discussed the economy which led to real estate, construction, etc. ( the CONVERSATION started with, there is always time to make money..look at Rich dad/poor dad, Donald Trump..other coined terminology “America on sell”)

    My friend had NO idea or detail that I was even involved in a discussion or interested with what is going on in the IMMIGRATION debate.

    THIS I FOUND interesting as that friend asked, well, what about PWC? Did I think that they harmed themselves? BEFORE, I told them what I have been involved in amongst other things , in our time trying to catch up.This simple question, made me STOP, roll my eyes and say do you think and made me realize even more that I am wasting my time? LOL

  2. Red Dawn

    *America for sale…

  3. OMG!!!!

    No link, eh?

    Everyone should get copies for the BOCS tomorrow. Put the copies right there on the podiums in Chambers.

  4. Alanna

    No, I was not able to find an online version or link but I saw it with my own two eyes!

  5. Alanna

    By the way, thanks, to the reader who sent that one in!

  6. Elena

    I would like to know, does the Board know this? Clearly, there is an issue with our persona as a county. Yes, this characterization should bring alot of high end retail and quality business to our county(sarcasm strongly injected here). Just in case you missed the article sunday in the post pw section, there were more good land use holes in that article than swiss cheese. I think my favorite part was when the person who came before the chamber of commerce said that Gainesville was great for development because of mass transit. Really, since when did VRE become mass transit? Not that VRE isn’t useful for the right commuter, but it is certainly NOT metro for goodness sake!

  7. Moon-howler

    I have a slighly off center scanned copy of p. 83 from the July Washingtonian, hot off the press if anyone would like me to email it to them so they can see it with their very own 2 eyes. Just leave me a note here and send your email address to …

  8. Elena

    Someone has GOT to send this to the board!

  9. Chris

    I seen it with my own two eyes too. All I can say is UFB!
    Thanks for the copy.

    I’m glad to see all of our own two eyes are 20/20 this evening. 😉

  10. DiversityGal


    I emailed you; I can’t wait to read the article:)

  11. I’m sorry but this pisses me off. The reputation of Prince William County has been completely trashed, probably for a generation, by a bunch of recent arrivals led by The GregNCorey Show who ultimately care a lot more for the Anti-Immigrant Lobby than they ever will for this community.

    Talk about an invasion. We have been invaded by political opportunists from out of state, and they have led us to ruin. Is there any way to deport Corey Stewart and Greg Letiecq?!?!

    We do not deserve this.

    How would you like to be an American citizen living in the USA in 2008. First you watch your country taken over by immoral partisans without foresight or conscience, and you go from the most admired nation in the world to the most maligned. Then, you watch your county taken over by immoral partisans without foresight or conscience, and you see your reputation (and your future economic well-being) go from tops in the nation to worst in the region in less than a year.

  12. Elena, if Moon-Howler has a scanned copy, that means you can embed it here, right?

  13. By the way, there is some good news to be found about Prince William County’s new reputation. At least somebody admires us:

    To bad it’s the very same Anti-Immigrant Lobby that ruined our economy, our reputation, our social climate, and our public safety as an “experiment” to see how much pain they could inflict at the local level to get the Federal government to bend to their will. And just as a reminder: like The GregNCorey Show F.A.I.R. is not from this county. They’re in Washington D.C. where all the lobbyists hang out.

    Thanks Corey Stewart!

  14. Elena

    Thanks for pouring a little salt in an open wound. Nothing like more bad news right before bedtime!

  15. Sorry, I didn’t mean it that way. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to get a little mad to motivate taking action. I’m fed up and I feel like we have to do something to save this county from its Chairman.

  16. Rick Bentley

    I wear it as a badge of honor. And am proud to not watch my city turn into the decrepit ghetto of haves and have-nots that DC is.

  17. Well, Rick, I guess that makes your TACTICS villainous to the general public.

  18. Juturna

    Just as I was wondering how Corey will spin this – you provided some insight!!

  19. I just sent the article to the BOCS. I wasn’t nice.

  20. Here’s the deal: Corey will spin it like it’s a joke. Here’s why that argument won’t work: whether we are villains or a joke, it’s not good.

    Corey will say PWC is on the map and hence target for any commentary at all. Answer: we don’t want to be on the map for this.

    Corey will discredit the Washingtonian: good luck with that and expect to recieive a great reception from them in the future.

    Corey will say “They just don’t understand because they don’t live here”: Corey hasn’t lived here long enough to understand crap and he doesn’t LISTEN.

    Corey will say: “We are pioneers in doing something about illegal immigration.” We can say, “Some of the pioneers were ruthless bastards. What’s your point?”

    Any other questions, your honor?

  21. Rick Bentley

    Why do you care what the snobs who pay big money to live away from you care? Aren’t these the same cast of characters that called Manassas “Manasshole” in print well before there was any Rule of Law resolution?

  22. Rick Bentley

    Give this 2 years and Fairfax and Arlington will have their own resolutions.

  23. Censored bybvbl

    Today the WaPo weighs in with an editorial about PWC one year later. Stewart doesn’t come out smelling like a rose.

  24. Rick, people who are “snobs” as you put it move here from the big places because it’s cheaper. Do you think they want to live here with a bunch of advertised bigots? I think not.

  25. Moon-howler

    Oh Censored! Being socially disgraced in 2 publications is too much for a girl to bear. Good grief that editorial is damning.

    Did they get it wrong about the cameras? Someone help me out here. I need another 9500 Liberty viewing! Refresh my memory please! I wish I could buy a copy of the film on dvd just so I could use it as a refresher course. (waving money about like a drunken sailer here!)

  26. An Oberserver

    kghotthard: Those “snobs” wouldn’t have moved here before the resolution – even several years ago, so it doesn’t matter. Those are the people who always knocked PWC, and they always will, for all kinds of things.

  27. An Oberserver

    It’s funny, the Washington Post article slams Corey for causing illegal immigrants to move to other counties when they say “Without doubt, it has prompted hundreds of Hispanics — legal and illegal — to depart the county. Many of them have moved to surrounding jurisdictions, where they are enrolling in public schools and turning to local government services or nonprofits for help. To Mr. Stewart and his allies, this beggar-thy-neighbor policy is a success.”

    It sounds like they aren’t so happy with the alleged influx of illegals into THEIR counties! Can’t have it both ways, either criticize PWC for its resolution, or criticize PWC for sending illegals into your counties, but you can’t do both at the same time.

  28. DiversityGal

    Why are we assuming that there are no writers for the Washington Post or Washingtonian who live in Prince William County? I know of a prominent sports writer (don’t want to mention his name…since I haven’t asked him if I could use it here) who lived in Prince William County.

    Come on…anyone ever hear of commuting? Those publications have the Washington name, but are for the entire DC metro area.

  29. Moon-howler

    Sniff sniff, do I detect ethnocentric thinking again out of some of our readers?

    No, the earth doesn’t stop at Bull Run nor the Fauquier County line.

  30. Most everyone here is a commuter. And the people who are moving into these newer neighborhoods come from more expensive counties. They are the same ones who read this mag which is easily found and sold in our county as well. You can’t count everyone out as just a bunch of snobs. Isn’t that stereotyping?

  31. An Oberserver

    Funny coming from someone who’s done plenty of stereotyping of those she doesn’t agree with about the resolution, complaining about stereotyping!

  32. Censored bybvbl

    These “snobs” are the people our BOCS has been courting for several years as the county tries to get away from its townhouse glut/bedroom community image. Higher priced housing was supposed to draw a more well-heeled, better educated, perhaps retired citizenry. And many of these people read the WaPo and the Washingtonian because they have more than a parochial view of the region. Many expect a higher level of services (in the schools, parks, arts, etc.)and higher-end shops and they’re willing to pay for it. So, I think the clash between the haves and have-nots was destined to happen regardless of the immigration issue. Immigration merely hurried it along.

  33. An observer

    Censored: Your point about the clash between the haves and have-nots destined to happen is probably regardless of the resolution is well taken. The only problem for these people moving into the county – lots of new housing developments are going up in areas like Gainesville, however that just creates more of a demand for services like you list. Unfortunately, the county has never been good at attracting businesses who will help generate tax revenue to pay for all these high end services. Anyway, this all as you say, has nothing to do with the resolution – it has been a problem for many years with the county’s inability to attract high end businesses. Higher priced housing isn’t going to generate the tax revenue necessary to support a higher level of services, unfortunately.

  34. Censored bybvbl

    An observer, you’re right that more expensive residential housing has so far created more of a demand for upscale retail and other amenities and not what is really needed – more high paying jobs – here, locally, and not in DC, the Dulles corridor, or Tysons. The George Mason U. area is a start but not enough.

  35. “stereotyping of those she doesn’t agree with about the resolution”

    Agreeing is one thing. I’ve met people who agree who are agreeable.

    HSM, F.A.I.R., bigotry, members of the BOCS who run on the bigot ticket—yup. I have big problems with that.

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