Since the “crackdown” on illegal immigration began a year ago, our respected and beloved Chief Charlie Deane has been placed on the frontline of an ugly political battle. He is a good soldier and has tried to carry out this ill-conceived order with as much integrity and intelligence as possible. Without Chief Deane at the helm of the police department, I’m certain that the morale of the department would have slumped during the turmoil and the county would have experienced real disorder. I have been very grateful to him for not quitting the job even when he was attacked by Chairman Corey Stewart and nativist blogger Greg Letiecq for the stupid charge of committing “treason” for attending an information session about the immigration policy organized by the Mexican consulate. He tried his best to warn the Board just before the first vote on the Immigration Resolution on July 10th that the Resolution would lead to “unintended consequences.” In his brief speech, he pretty much predicted what’s happened to our county in the past year since Corey Stewart and John Stirrup decided to use illegal immigration to get themselves reelected.

Kristen Mack has written an extensive profile of Chief Deane published on the front page of the Washington Post Metro section today. It’s full of good personal details about the Chief, but there are enormous holes in the story. It fails to address the crux of the matter. Chief Deane is in the “uneasy position” that he is in because of Stewart’s leadership tactics: grandstanding, lying, and bullying. The Chairman, bless his heart, has no real regard for the wisdom and expertise of professional public servants in the government such as Chief Deane or County Executive Craig Gerhart. As long as Stewart engages in governing according to the Rovean principle of a “permanent campaign,” many good people in our government will be in “uneasy positions” and will consider leaving. We must find a way of containing the damage done by Stewart’s failure in leadership so that great public servants like Chief Deane can thrive in his job instead of being stymied by having to spend their time ducking and dodging Corey’s crap and Greg’s army.

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  1. Anon

    If you click on the link under rod2155 it takes you to his web page where his full name is right on that main page. That is a lot different than what you did. You’ve identified where this person lives and his IP address.

  2. Moon-howler


    When are you going to feel that you have sufficiently bullied Rod enough? Do you think your behavior is good publicity for the Minutemen?

    I am speechless at your audacity. You have not commented about calling a blogger at home simply because she has her own blog. And just where did you find out her name? Oh let me just take a wild black velvet guess here….

    I find it disturbing that you would call a stranger to get to Rod. Perhaps that is the way they do things over in Herndon but here in Prince William County most of us have a little more couth.

  3. I thank everyone for their support, due to legal reasons I will now refrain from talking anymore about this particular election incident.

    Going back in my mind, I got off on the wrong foot with Philip Jones from the very beginning…I remember the first hearing I ever attended in my life at the Town Council Chambers. I can’t recall for certain, but I believe it was in the spring. It was a hearing on the proposal for the Day Labor Site. I had seen some propaganda around town for a new group called Help Save Herndon calling for an end of tax dollars supporting Illegal Immigration. At that time I was new to the issue and pretty much a rebel, I believed that their should be no borders at all (A view of which I no longer hold).

    Anyway I was angry at the group picking on the poor immigrants so I showed up at the hearing and I noticed this guy with a basket offering everyone in the audience a White Star badge which said something like “No illegal labor” or “No 2 Daylabor” in the middle. Kinda like a paper sherrif’s badge. Anyway the guy came up to me and asked if I wanted one, I told him… “No, but I can tell you where you can stick it!” he kinda chuckled and walked away, but I could tell I pissed him off.

    That man was Phillip Jones, one of the founders of Help Save Herndon (I had no idea at the time, but I doubt I would have cared).

    Before the Red Circle came, there was the White Star. All sorts of people coming to the microphone with white stars, talking about how the community was going down the tubes because of the Illegals, siting crimes that had been committed against them, claiming the Hispanics were harassing their daughters. Angry e-mails, letters to the editor and an One Woman multi blog campaign had all started up at once, condemning the council for allowing the Day Labor Center to be built, when the year before they were complaining to the council about their non action in removing the day laborers from the street.

    I came to this blog in order to give testimony to my personal experiences with the Anti-Illegal Immigration fights in Herndon, so that you can see that HSM is following a guide book, and is using some of the tactics that HSH and their national allies used to create an atmosphere of division and hatred in our town.


    I have also come to bring good news that the Nativist plan is backfiring. Herndon is too culturally diverse for HSH to achieve much in a way of a Social Control agenda. Even Aubrey has a letter in the paper today saying that he is seeing trespassers on his property again and some one is stealing from his garden. Yet in past letters he said the Day Labor Site would generate this sort of behavior, and after the site was closed and his choice of people elected to the town council (Twice in most cases) he said this council was responsible for the new clean look of Herndon…so something is not working. We have 287g, and now I see that it may change it’s practice on the ICE level.

    We need to put the personal vendettas aside and all of turn our efforts on forcing our federal government to give us comprehensive immigration reform! NOW! we cannot afford it on a local level, so we have got to compromise. In the mean time, it is the peak of summer here, though the weather is nice today, it will grow hot again, and their are out of work men on the streets. We have got to keep them busy and in control or there will be hell to pay. Starving and berating desperate hungry people will lead to race riots and nothing lowers housing values faster than a community having race riots in the summer. I’m doing my part by trying to help out poor families, legal, illegal and alleged illegal by working with a private charity organization. I had been trying to spend less time here, until someone decided to track me down out of the blue and intimidate me.

    I’m no longer going to let them be a distraction to my work, so if you see less of me on here, it’s not because I’ve been scared away, it’s because I’m about my Father’s business. I thank all my supporters for their thoughts and courage, don’t ever let the haters get to you, there is no gutter they will not crawl through to bring you down, but ultimately if you remain true to the cause of Humanity, the haters will never prevail

    This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender! We Shall Overcome Today!

    -Rodger Perry

  4. Moon-howler

    Rod, I hope you will remain a regular contributor. You make me think. Keep up the good work, whether it takes you. (which it had better take you here daily) I also hope you can make it in to Manassas tonight. We all enjoyed meeting you.

  5. Moon-howler

    Just so we know who we are dealing with: No Aubrey I am not outting you. This is right off your own website.

    To see Aubrey’s 30 seconds of fame on Lou Dobbs:

  6. Censored bybvbl

    That is a lot different than what you did. You’ve identified where this person lives and his IP address.

    Anon, if you’re talking about the poster whose IP was shown a couple days ago, BWAHAHA!!!! That guy lives in proxyland.

  7. Anon

    Checked that IP address – it is a popular proxy. For all you know it may not be one person using it, so you could be claiming one person using it when it is several since you listed several different handles. BWAHAHA yourself!

  8. Aubrey Stokes

    You finally admitted who the dog belongs too. Good man. There’s one lie taken care of.
    But, you did so by lying yet again.
    Every time you have walked by my house and I have been out there with the dog, you have pointedly stared over. Are we actually to believe that you did not know I lived there? Wasn’t the dog just a little bit of a clue?
    You still have another couple of lies to clear up.
    But thank you for taking that first step.
    For the rest of you, this was never about a dog. It is about integrity.
    Rodger has shown that he does have some by owning up to at least one fabrication.
    There may be some hope left.

  9. Moon-howler

    About that old Amish shunning….it is time.

    Bye Anon, Aubrey, Troll or whoever you are.

    Apparently some of the newcomers to the county under-estimated how beloved Chief Deane really is with those of us who have lived in the County for a long time. He truly is the consummate professional. Picking on Chief Deane is tantamount to fighting words.

  10. I am pleased to see you on this blog, Mr. Stokes. That means you won’t have to call me anymore and talk to me when I’ve just woken up from a nap 🙂

    Rod, I think you are a good person. I don’t care what your legal issues are because they are none of my business. Those are between you and Mr. Stokes.

  11. “Don’t even get me started on the woman from the PWC Republican Party who was working INSIDE the polling precinct, constantly checking the voter rolls (and phoning in who had voted) into party headquarters, and the hovering behind the precinct volunteers every single time they readied a voting machine for the next voter in line. Obnoxious doesn’t even begin to describe her behavior.”

    Unacceptable behavior. She should not be allowed back at the polls. It’s that simple.

    I don’t care who shows up with a camera so long as my pic doesn’t end up in places like BVBL.

  12. Moon-howler

    I care about cameras at the polls. I believe it is a violation of privacy and in the past cameras (and dogs) were used as a form of voter intimidation. It is one thing to keep a camera on your person in the event of an emergency. It is another thing to take the picture of those going to and from the polls.

    I would have to ask, why does anyone want a picture of someone else. Was that person bothering you? Were they bothering someone else? Were they commiting an obvious crime? If not, then no one needs their picture.

    Yes, it is probably perfectly legal, but…..

  13. Moon-howler


    You are not the first person I have heard mention this woman at the polls. Which precinct? Has someone filed a complaint? That sounds like an election board issue to me. Do we now need DOJ at our polls here in PWC?

  14. Casual Observer

    Unacceptable behavior. She should not be allowed back at the polls. It’s that simple.

    Unfortunately, kg, she’s allowed to do that. She’s not allowed to stand behind people person casting their votes (we have the electronic machines, so no more curtain — you’re out there in full view of everyone), and she doesn’t, but the SECOND the voter walks away, she’s right there checking up on the precinct volunteer. And she’s right there whenever the volunteers are checking a machine (I believe they pull totals from each machine after so many voters, or some kind of calibration). It’s very obnoxious behavior, and I’ve never seen another representative from either party do it. More annoying, though, is when grabs the voter rolls to see who’s voted and who hasn’t. She’ll get our her cellphone and call into party headquarters — presumably so they can do their GOTV calls, and gauge turnout for each party.

    I’ll reiterate that none of this is illegal — but it’s sure as hell is obnoxious and irritating.

    She did break one rule though, and I called her on it. No campaign literature is allowed to be distributed inside the polling place, including those “sample ballots” that party volunteers distribute to people waiting outside. Seems she had been “collecting” Republican ballots that voters left behind and putting them on a table next to the registration tables. The line inside was very long, and snaked passed the table, which meant that every voter was seeing this literature before they voted. Now I’m sure by that point people knew knew how they were going to vote (btw…I think those sample ballots are a waste of time and money and I hate handing them out ), but given that she’s such a stickler for rules, I happily pointed out the violation to the precinct captain, who quickly apologized, tossed the ballots and took down the table. Score one point for democracy. 🙂

  15. Casual Observer

    MH– I believe kg was referencing my post. As far as I know, it doesn’t look like anyone else has mentioned this woman, and kg and I are in different magisterial districts. There’s really no point in pointing her out to the BoE, because her behavior is technically in compliance with the rules. Also, the same Dem party volunteers tend to show up at our precinct for every election, we all know who she is and we keep an eye on her. 🙂 Hey….maybe one of us should show up with our cameras and get photos of her in action!! JUST KIDDING!!! 🙂

  16. Moon-howler

    Take your Great Dane also. GRRRRRRRRR Make that woman mind.

    Actually I heard about some woman from someone not on a blog. It sounds like the same one. Maybe she needs a Democratic shadow. I wonder who they would like that? Not just a shadow but a monkey see monkey do type shadow.

  17. Casual Observer

    MH…maybe it is the same woman. I live in mid-county, if that’s any help. 🙂 Marty is my supervisor.

  18. Moon-howler

    You are very fortunate. I wish he were my supervisor. Do you suppose annexation is possible?

    I will check with the person next time I see them as to polling place.

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