Update July 26th: The special guests were Supervisor Wally Covington and Supervisor Marty Nohe. Also in attendance were Kris Nohe, Marty Nohe’s Senior Aide Tracy Gordon, and Supervisor John Stirrup aide Karen Ulrich.

Update July 25th: Getting word that we will have special guests from the county government attending tonight’s screening. I look forward to seeing everybody there!

Friday, July 25th at 7:30pm
Trinity Episcopal Church
9325 West Street
Manassas, VA 20110

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  1. Can someone alert me if Maureen ever replies to my question regarding Corey Stewart:

    If you could have your druthers about which sort of politician to have in your pocket, wouldn’t you prefer a politician who, win or lose, will always tell you the truth? As opposed to Corey Stewart, who saw his policy neutered “over my dead body” and then lied about it so he wouldn’t have to face the Help Save Manassas music?

  2. I wrote this on the Washington Post article comments page after someone accused me of calling them a racist:


    I didn’t call anyone a racist. Those who celebrate this law are ignorant, but not necessarily racist. They don’t understand the law, don’t understand ICE, and don’t understand immigration enforcement in general.

    I’ve explained why at great length below, but in a nut shell, ICE can only handle so many people per month, so if we add more names to the list we would LIKE them to handle, we haven’t changed their jail space, their manpower, or their priorities, which is to focus only on those who are a risk to the community. So far, that’s come out to 5 percent of those who are reported to them.

    The only reason I mention those rare nutcases who are upset about hearing Spanish when they go to the store or seeing brown faces waiting for the school bus is … those nutcases are the only ones who have reason to celebrate.

    The only real result of Prince William County’s tragic self-destruction of our economic future, our ability to provide public services, and our public safety is that a lot of immigrants, both legal and illegal, have left the county.

    If you can celebrate that, then I’ll leave it up to others to judge you.

  3. Lucky Duck,

    The new State law does nothing of the sort. What it does is demand that each local jail notify ICE of foreign born inmates – even individuals with legal status as long as they are foreign born. It does not begin any deportation process and it does not select particular inmates for deportation. It merely notifies ICE that a foreign born individual is in their ADC or jail.

    What is the purpose of this new law that took effect on July 1? Whether a citizen is foreign born or native born, a citizen is a citizen. We citizens should all be treated the same. This new law seems to be a trojan horse that is quietly laying the groundwork to make it possible for our government to treat foreign born citizens differently as a group.

    For example, if we should suffer a massive terrorist attack, it would be pretty easy now for ICE to round up all these foreign born American citizens like they did to thousands of muslim Americans after september 11th.

  4. Moon-howler

    Mackie, perhaps naturalized citizens are excluded. Who knows. The Post article created 100 questions for every one it answered.

    I knew nothing about this new state law until today.

  5. Alanna created a thread devoted just to the Washington Post article. We should take it over there.

  6. Rick Bentley

    I wish I had had the idea to film my own documentary a couple of years ago. I would have shown the overcrowded neighborhoods and frustrated neighborhoods, the boiling anger, the stores full of people speaking Spanish rather than English. I would have done extended sequences of trying to communicate via drive-through loudspeaker with fast food workers who can hardly speak English, of townhouses with loud Spanish music booming outside them into other neighborhood homes, of a crowded DMV issuing licenses to people who don’t speak English, of trying to park somewhere near my house, and so forth. Then I would have interviewed families victimized by illegal alien rapists and murderers. It would have been scarier to the average American than the average George Romero or John Carpenter horror film. Would have made a great companion piece to this amateur propoganda.

    Maybe someone in Fairfax can make that film nowadays.

  7. Censored bybvbl

    WHWN, your words of wisdom are lost on the majority of posters responding to the WaPo article. Their reading comprehension appears to be zip. They just look for the words “deportation”, “illegal aliens”, “287(g)”, “Prince William County” and the spew begins.

    Haha. I wonder what it would take to get a post reported there!

  8. Rick Bentley

    Oh i thought of a great climax for the film. Michael Moore style. I would somehow lure Frank “Chicken Man” Principi to that house in his district where they have the chicken coop attachment and the outdoor fire and stove, and let him lecture me about tolerance and diversity while behind us a chicken is beheaded plucked and cooked.

  9. TH

    Your film Rick would be called Bigot r’ Us

  10. Rick Bentley

    I’m going to model it after “Roger and Me” and I’m going to pick a head of one of the construction forms around here that hired so many illegals – maybe the one who build those new apartments near the Coverstone 7-11 – and try fruitlessly to get him to talk about his use of illegal labor and my subsidizing of it, aggressively following him around with a miscrophone and making jokes. I’ll use dramatic backyard chicken slaughter footage the way Moore showed the woman selling rabbit meat in his movie.

  11. Rick Bentley

    Or maybe I’ll call it Frank and me and it will have a simple plot – I’ll buy a house next to Franik Principi’s and start cramming illegal aliens into it. After a few months of living next to them, I’ll chronicle Principi’s political conversion into a rabid activist against illegal immigration, complete with a nervous breakdown by him at one of your parties.

  12. Rick Bentley

    or a porn named “House of Meat Gangbang” using the day laborers from the Coverstone 7-11 (they work cheap), that might be quicker to turn over and slightly profitable.

  13. Rick Bentley

    Oh I shouldn’t have said that out loud, Eric and Annabel might steal the idea.

  14. Rick Bentley

    I’ve got the opening sketched out already. A bunch of illegals are having lunch at a Mexican place, and talking crazy stuff “Reservoir Dogs” style. Conversation topics include which is the best place to wait for work at the Coverstone 7-11 (the parking lot, the adjacent hill, or the hill across the street), whether Mexican, Salvadoran, or American women are easier, how old a girl should be before you ogle her (is 12 too soon?), and how many people can fit into a townhouse. Then after about 7 minutes of raucous conversation, they’re getting ready to leave and a man comes over and hands them each a business card, the camera zooms in on a card and it says “House of Meat” … aggressive Spanish music comes in … and then on to several group sex scenes.

  15. Moon-howler

    Bad weekend, Rick?

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. The creative Rick that I used to see is here but his spirit has gone very dark. I would be more comfortable with this is you just came out and said you dislike Latinos.

    Rick, are you applying for the resident ‘shock jock’ of Anti?

  16. notGregLetiecq

    You need help.

  17. Chris

    Why did you fail to mention that they are still at the 7-11? I’ve seen several sitting right at the door practically at the 7-11 and also under the 7-11 sign itself. So much for the work of ridding the 7-11 of them. Now, they’ve only moved about 200 yards. I do NOT condsider that “ridding the 7-11 of daylaborers”. I’m sure there are those that think a shift in their position in the Coverstone area is a “win”. I don’t want to see anyone “hanging out in that area.
    Eric & Annabel do films as their profession. Are you wishing you’d had chosen a different career path?
    You sound like a combination of people with those last posts, Rick.

  18. Ricardo Bentley,

    Or maybe I’ll call it Frank and me and it will have a simple plot – I’ll buy a house next to Franik Principi’s and start cramming illegal aliens into it. After a few months of living next to them, I’ll chronicle Principi’s political conversion into a rabid activist against illegal immigration, complete with a nervous breakdown by him at one of your parties.

    Lol, I had to laugh at this in spite of myself.

  19. Ricardo,

    This ones for you.

  20. Bring it On

    Went to the DMV today in Manassas where presumably everyone is legal, had a feeling there was probably too much diversity there for some of the HSM folks.

  21. Rick Bentley

    Thank you Mackie. Yes, in that style.

    And Moon-howler you’re on to something, Howard Stern makes my day and I listen to him every morning for about 4 hours.

    I don’t think my mood is darker. I think it’s just that my argumentive, eager-to-offend self pokes at liberal types here, whereas on the other board I’m more likely to poke at conservatives.

  22. Rick Bentley

    Chris I know they’re hanging out across the street now … even if this is all that happens, there is value in making them move, letting them know they’re not welcome.

    Eric and Annabel do amateur propoganda as their ostensible profession. I’m not hating. I’ll make my own major statement, after I raise some capital with the gang bang film.

  23. Rick Bentley

    For the record I have nothing against Latinos, but I am against the acceptance of mass amounts of unassimilated non-English speaking ones into our communities, for several reasons, to include lowering of American wages and standard of living, and perpetual overcrowding which is especially hard to combat when the overcrowdees are allowed to live without proof of ID and can claim they’re all related. It’s not Latino culture that I dislike, it’s the situation our corrupt elite have put us into – I won’t sit still for it, even if it means being called racist.

    But I’m not.

  24. Rick Bentley

    First sex scene takes place at an Immigration Lawyer’s office – standard stuff, “what would you do for this green card”.

    Next scene takes place on top of the dumpster at the Coverstone 7-11, every 5 minutes or so the cops drive by and the guys all zip up their pants and hide the woman, then the cops drive away and they get back to it, over and over. The proof so to speak is collected in a Slurpee or Big Gulp cup and then ingested.

    Third scene takes place under Fernandez’ sign on Liberty Avenue, and I claim it’s a metaphor for oppression, thereby protecting the tape as free speech.

    Fourth scene takes place in a Mexican restaurant and the proof is placed into the food being cooked, and then served to a Corey Stewart look-alike. So now I’m doubly protected as “satire”.

    Last scene a woman walks into a Manassas Park basement and starts having relations with each of the guys who live down there – all 24 of them.

    Tape finishes with a variation on an old racist joke “Unfortunately production was suspended when tragedy struck this production and an accident occurred, during which 22 people were injured, 5 fatally. Basically, the bed broke”.

  25. Fontbonne

    From upthread, re: Mr. Covington –

    I apologize for the foul and inappropriate language; I allowed emotion to get the better of me.

    However, I hold a great deal of disdain for him and I believe he makes inappropriate use of his position. My opinion is based on his words and actions. Many years ago, prior to his election, he stated it was his mission to rid PWC government of a particular staff member. Evidently this person, in the lawful execution of his duties with all due diligence, did something which angered and upset Mr. Covington. Recent actions bear out his intent and his attempts to unseat this individual. Covington is not so naive as to say anything in open session, but those who read between the lines hear his message loud and clear on particular topics.

  26. Chris


    I have a feeling they already know they are not welcome there. I really don’t think the needed some to be taking pictures to let them know they are not welcome there. So a shift in a few yards is an improvement? I don’t think so. An improvement would be for the area to be free of ALL those hanging for any and all purposes.

    Did you see either of the recent “screenings’? I didn’t see anything hateful coming from their mouths, but I sure her some nasty crap said by some of our leaders. I think you should form your OWN opinion, and quit drinking that kool-aid.

    Maybe you could join forces with some local yocals and make your own film. I have plenty of video and stills from the past few years of the area. You’ve looked at them I’m sure in my darker days on another blog where I was one of the most frequent posters. I shared “the honor” with “The Patriot” & “Dolph”. Dolph’s still around. What happened to the Patriot? Was SHE sent out to a greener pasture.

    I’ve been called a racist many times too, Rick. There will always be those that call us that unless we agree to open borders & amnesty for all. I will NEVER think like that.

  27. Red Dawn


    I would suggest a new twist, what is old is new again. 😉


  28. Chris

    Red Dawn,
    You and those youtubes. How do you do it? Did you catch this from yesterday? I know you will love it. Please, keep the tears to yourself. 😉
    Chris, 27. July 2008, 10:15
    I’m no fan of youtube. However, this is an amazing clip.

  29. Red Dawn


    I caught that and shared it with many it was beautiful.
    Tear jerking all the way!!!! xoxoxox

    As far as youtubes, some love it or hate it….tought poop, what would life be if we were all the same? LOL

    ( and sorry to ANYONE, if EVER I posted a youtube that offended or aggravated you 🙂 )

    From the beginning it was ALL in the name of FUN and trying to lighten things up ( yes, I understand humors vary)

  30. Chris

    Red Dawn,
    I’m in the middle when it comes to youtube, myself. I don’t love or hate them. But I did love that one yesterday. You need not apologize to me for expressing your thoughts/comments. I’ve never been offended in the least by any thing you’ve posted. There are MANY folks that post youtubes. I’ve always thought yours were for exactly the reasons you stated in your last sentence.

  31. Red Dawn


    Cheers! LOL and it all started when:

  32. Loudoun


    You obviously have your own opinion on the issue of illegal immigration – one with which I completely agree.

    This site is populated by a bunch of blow-hards who are anti-Corey, anti-John, anti-resolution, anti-Greg, and anti-HSM.

    Many here may not know – or simply forget – that Alanna, the administrator of this blog, was behind removestirrup.com and removestewart.com.

    I would ignore the comments about Kool Aid. The majority of posters on this site have a vendetta against one of the above persons/organization.

  33. Anon

    Loudon said: “This site is populated by a bunch of blow-hards who are anti-Corey, anti-John, anti-resolution, anti-Greg, and anti-HSM. ”

    That’s why they call it the “anti” site!

  34. Anon

    The only thing they are for is illegal immigration!

  35. Censored bybvbl

    This site is populated by a bunch of blow-hards who are anti-Corey, anti-John, anti-resolution, anti-Greg, and anti-HSM.

    Haha. Sounds like a good place to be…much better than the dark side.

  36. dakota

    Oh Greggie Oh Greggie how high shall I jump? Oh Greggie, Oh!

    This site is populated by a bunch of blow-hards who are anti-Corey, anti-John, anti-resolution, anti-Greg, and anti-HSM.

    And this is a bad thing? We rather like it. It beats hate-mongers who refuse to discuss any other point of view.

    We all know who Alanna is. She created a blog for those who had been censored. Thank you Oh Great Enlightener. Now answer this—-Who is Greg? Don’t forget who accused our police chief of treason.

  37. Moon-howler

    The real difference, Ms. Loudoun, is that you are allowed to post your remarks here. You know darn well that wouldn’t be permitted over on the dark screen. Those words would disappear faster than greased lightning on other blog.

    You should be thanking Alanna that she allows you to come here to insult her and let her know that she isn’t allowed to oppose her supervisor. You know, that American way?

    I also wonder if she would be afforded the same courtesy as has been afforded to you and your friends were she to venture on your turf?

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