Great article in the Washington Post concerning the new Virginia requirement and its comparison to Prince William.

Under the state law, local jails probably will spend a fraction of the $10.5 million Prince Willliam has budgeted over the next five years for the ICE partnership.

ICE cannot say how many illegal immigrants from a particular jurisdiction are being deported, only that it cannot remove as many as it would like because of budget limitations. So there are no statistics about what ultimately happens to the illegal immigrants who are reported to ICE — either by way of the new state law or through the federal program, which trains local officers to identify and detain undocumented suspects charged with crimes.

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  1. Moon-howler


    Well, someone did suggest he had a slight crush. Do you think that is the case?




  3. Michael

    Alanna 23:13

    Alanna, et al. I can’t always get to this post everyday to answer or provide a continuous debate, but I can assure you, if something needs to be said or challenged as truthful, I will return to it.

    I have an answer to your question Alanna, referencing my comment below.

    “You will not get this from the general public, or anyone on this blog who is heavily involved in fear and ethnic radicalism with a real desrie to undermine our legal system, promote anarchy, lawlessness and undermine DEMOCRACY as they put their own criminal element people into local and state government positions. This “illegal” growth will eventually corrupt the entire legal system in the same way it has been in these ethnic and religious class warring nations.

    Are you for real? Your suggestion that the Country would cease to exist if the illegals become legalized is the epitomy of fear-mongering.”

    My answer is YES, I am for real and NO your suggestion that I said “the Country would cease to exist if the illegals became legalized” is not true, but are your own words, which I take as a political character assasination and attempt to discredit my ethics, by putting words in my mouth that are actually yours.

    I stand by the words I said, but I do not endorse your “analysis” or interpretation, or restatement of my words as truthful.

    I am still trying to figure out what most of the people on this blog are fighting FOR, and what they are against. I believe some of you think you are fighting on the side of “good”, when in fact many of the actions taken and words indicate many of you are supporting lawlessness and in doing so ARE UNDERMINING democracy. Let me explain why.

    I clearly know what I am fighting for and its very simple and time tested. I am fighting for a standard of ETHICS. I am fighting against crime and corruption. I am fighting against deceit and political manipulation of the truth for ethnic, gender, religious and racial group political and personal gain. I am fighting to maintain democracy and prevent others from undermining it and destroying it AS THEY RISE TO POLITICAL POWER INSIDE radical political parties using a variety of POWER and CORRUPTION models, propoganda and media tools to further their own political survival.

    I am studying you and this blog and realizing that though some of what you do here is good, some is also very bad, and contributes to the problems I just identified above, whether you are doing it on purpose or not.

    Every political animal has an almost fanatical driving personal agenda, most of which is fueled by anger, and often hatred. I am trying to determine what is driving each of you on this blog in order to determine if your actions are a threat to our society or a help to it.

    In general the good things done here are an attempt as “Elena” says to “follow the golden rule”. That is a very good thing you do here, but sometimes it is applied in ignorance of evil and lawlessness, which you ignore at your own peril. The golden rule has one little flaw in it. If the people you apply it against are “good” people, then it has a good outcome. If the people you apply it to are “criminals” then they will destroy your society as they use your golden rule against you, because it strengthens them and allows them to operate without challenge or defeat by a force that is capable of defending good people from bad people.

    Do you know how the world’s most heineous people rise to power? I do. They circumvent law, and corrupt everyone around them. Rather than make this a lengthy single post, I’ll tell you what you need to be fighting, instead of supporting in the next few posts.

    It all starts with ETHICS.

  4. Michael

    Can anyone here tell me what is ethical about “illegal” immigration?

    I will not argue agaist mis-guided answers or beliefs that hide “illegal”
    immigration concepts, inside of “legal immigration” concepts, because “legal immigration” is ethical, and you may be surprised that I ALSO believe it is ethical and support it. “legal” immigration follows law, and that law was designed to protect the majority of the people from the minority of the people that would hurt them in hundreds of widely documented ways if they do not follow that law. That law IS ETHICAL when you consider ALL people’s needs the same, not just some small segment of a minority population that demands some other “right” to harm others by breaking that law.

    “illegal” immigrants are not innocents, they have broken law that hurts millions of other people in widely documented ways. If you apply the golden rule, to non-innocent people, you will support and endorse the destruction and suffering of millions of others who are harmed by that “illegal” action and you have not correctly applied the golden rule to the people who deserve it most, the “innocent” ones, and good ones, who are affected by the lawbreakers. You are not doing unto them as you would do unto yourself, you are hurting them, by supporting lawlessness.

    And here is another even more insidious problem you create when you support “illegal” immigration, corruption and crime, which I”ll discuss in the next post.

  5. Michael

    I llok at the history of the world a LOT, to gain insight into HOW small groups of individuals, inside political parties, bring down nations.

    The political mechansim most often used, is “crime and corruption”. They break laws. They rise to power when those laws are not enforced, that prevent them from using “crime and corruption” to gain political power inside of “radical” political parties.
    They FOOL the rest of you into voting for them, because you think they are good people, based on the WORDS they say, not on the dark and secret “DEEDS” they do, which you cannot see, or prove.

    Do you know how they start on this road to ultimate power to overthrow a nation?
    It only takes a FEW of them to pull it off. Do you know why you do not believe this can happen in the US? Because you have never seen how law enforcement stops it, before it gets too powerful, and so far none of them have been able to do it yet in the US. BUT they have done it in “Republics” and “Democracies” in other nations in history.

    It starts with a simple but powerful concept that they LACK ETHICS, the ability to determine right from wrong, good from bad. They play politics, use deceit and propaganda to create a personality facade around them that makes all their friends “involved” in their ideological vision, think they are GOOD people who deserve your political vote or party vote as they rise to power.

    The most heineous political dictators, kings and “socialist leaders” are almost always incredibly smart people, TOP leaders in their class in high school or college. BUT they lack ETHICS, are usually driven by anger, and LOVE lawlessness, corruption and crime’s ability to help them gain even more political power.

    At first they simply corrupt businesses, cause business leaders to break the law, circumvent the law, and PAY them to provide “protection” from their political enemies, and law enforcement. They funnel this money into the “political party” they belong to, IN ALMOST EVERY CASE IN HISTORY ALIGNED ALONG RACIAL, GENDER, RELIGIOUS, OR ETHNIC group political lines of POWER.

    When they get a large enough network, they take charge of local news media, putting out their own form of ideology for public consumption and recruiting. It only takes 3-5 of them as leaders of this party to keep these radical movements going for years, avoiding the police, avoiding detection of their “supporting” crimes that fund their political party efforts.

    Many of these groups today, now use the internet, rather than the newsletter to support their rise to political power, while they fund this effort with crime and corruption.

    At some point in their growth, they corrupt the local police and local government leaders, usually by payoff funded from other sources of crime and extortion. You can see the rise of this in your community, but you won’t know who the leaders doing the string pulling are, as they are secretly hidden behind many “layers” of personal friends, all committed to the party ideology. As they rise in power, at some point the most ruthless of them, take their political opponents out, first inside their own party, then in opposing parties, until only the most ruthless of them is left in central control of the radical party ideology and the direction it takes in society. Some of the most heineous of these individuals, pay others to kill and assassinate their political opponents, turning their opponents against each other, and selectively “ganging up on them politically”, until eliminated, then they change loyalties and attack the next most powerful opponent, with slander, character assassination, public lies, political alliances and ultimately death threats and execution, that rarely identifies them as the “instigator”.

    IF conditions are right, they can create a local coup, putting their own radical leaders into local, statre and evenfederal government positions. As soon as they are in a position to appoint people into government positions, they bring in their own loyal “friends”, in large enough numbers to sway the political balance of power in those governments or agencies, to furthur their own political group radical position in society. If they can take advantage of pople who are fighting poverty, they will. If they can take advantage of other militant groups they will. If the society is already politically “unstable and divided”, the “people” will rise up with the leadership of these ruthless people in a radical party, and take over a nation. They will do this with a corrupted political system, a corrupted vote, and even the “popular” vote, if they can hide enough of their crime and corruption, behind political propoganda, that elevates them to the status of “good” in the eyes of the people. All along they have undermined “democracy, by gathering votes using party loyalty, crime and corruption, to convince HUGE voting blocks of Racial GROUPS, Religious GROUPS, Gender GROUPS, and ETHNIC GROUPS, to vote in HUGE voting blocks, based on their race, gender, religioun or ethnicity loyalties, rather than a loyalty to the “issues” of GOOD or BAD politcal policy or LAW. Everyone in the voting community thinks they are GOOD leaders as long as they support their racial, gender, religious, or ethnic political group agendas. Once in power at this level they use a “secret police” to further eliminate all political opponents in the party, even using execution, as a means to purge the ranks.

    This is how nations are overthrown, and democracy is defeated, in socialist political ideology rooted in crime and corruption.

    If you are not fighting this with me, you simply are supporting your own ethnic, racial, religious, or ethnic group anger, or supporting lawlessness from the position of a fool.

  6. Michael

    Leila: 23:24

    You too are using words I did not say, that are your own, not mine to discredit my ethics.

    I have very specifically stated that the LWV uses and supports politcal policy that is significantly only concerned with women’s issues, rather than men’s issues equally.
    DEcause they refuse to condier all people equally, I define them as a political hate group, specifically hating men and men’s needs for equal treatment under the law. I can find legal position after legal position they support that harms men.

    I know you do not like this view, which brings me to question your own sense of fairness and equality under the law, as “selective” and “exclusive”.

  7. Michael

    This is something Leila, I have never said to my knowledge, it is what YOU say. Is is not what I believe, it is what the evidence of their politcial positions support regarding my description of the LWV above. I do not agree with yours.

    “One has to remember with Michael that in the past he has declared the League of Women Voters to be a radical, subversive organization. It is useful to keep this in mind.”

  8. Michael. You have literally posted a book’s worth of words on this blog.

  9. Leila

    Michael, I did not put quote marks around my phrases. However nothing you have said contradicts my characterization. You define the League as a hate group and you say they are only concerned with women’s issues. Could you offer any evidence at all to support that accusation? Because if you actually go to their website and read about all their activities and their positions, it doesn’t in the least resemble a group that focuses on women’s issues. None of their projects specify women’s issues. You appear to be focused on a name. It’s almost comical how literal and myopic you are based on a historical name.

    The organization came out of the suffrage movement in 1920 and it retained its original name. But apparently you never bothered to check what they actually do in American public life and what they have been known for for decades, which is things like voter registration drives and encouraging political participation.

    Please cite from the *current* LWV evidence that supports your contention that they focus nearly exclusively on women’s issues as you say and are a hate group. Evidence. From the present. Not that I think for one minute that they were a hate group in 1920 either. If you do, then apparently you think it was wrong for women to mobilize to obtain the right to vote, which was something denied them by force of law.

  10. Leila

    Here’s a hint Michael. This is the list of what the League defines as its current priority issues:

    Campaign Finance Reform
    Civil Liberties
    DC Voting Rights
    Election Administration
    Ethics and Lobbying Reform

  11. Moon-howler

    Michael, you are aware that women were disenfranchised from 1608 until 1921 in this country? Knowing this irrefutable fact, how can you possibly define LWV as a hate group?

    Why don’t we just say that the Declaration of Independence is a hate document since it say ‘all men are created equal?’ That certainly is identifying by gender.

    I honestly just believe that you are pissed off because white men no longer own all the marbles. I can’t think of another reason for your attitude.

  12. Alanna

    There should be a mechanism to catch somebody who attempts to use an alias regardless of status.

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