The Manassas Journal Messenger reports on the Friday night screening of the latest version of the 9500 Liberty screening.

According to the article,

The reaction to the film ran the gamut, after its showing Friday night at Trinity Episcopal Church in Manassas.

Chris Pannell, who left Help Save Manassas this spring, praised the video. Woodbridge Workers Committee Nancy Lyall enjoyed the film, but expressed her outrage at the resolution.

City Councilman Jonathan Way said the presentation was interesting but that he learned nothing new.

“It was far less contentious and argumentative than I thought it might have been,” Way said.

Conversely, Help Save Manassas member Maureen Wood said the video was one-sided, made Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey A. Stewart look like a fool and the filmmakers and she would never “see eye to eye on this issue.”

209 Thoughts to “MJM: Liberty Video Screening Draws Mixed Reviews”

  1. Moon-howler

    Just Cause-no not at all. We toss ideas around here. In fairness, people who live where bad things have happened are going to be more passionate than those who don’t have to deal with daily issues that impact their quality of life.

    I don’t think anyone here dismisses those things. In the first place, we certainly don’t all feel the same way. Lots of difference of opinion…I think though most of us want bad criminals off the street and we want to put much more of our resources into neighborhood services…where we do have some control.

    Stick around. It sounds like you have some good ideas. If you see both sides then it sounds like you are probably where you should be.

  2. Chris

    Just Cause,

    You’ve made a lot sense in your last posts. The biggest problem I see over the last year is the extremists were two colliding tidal waves and we in the middle got drowned out. I live in a hard hit neighborhood, and it does look better than this time last year. Over the past year I wrote about most of the things in my neighbohood that were bad. I try and not talk about the negative things, and try to accentuate the positive.

    I was under the impression you still lived in PWC. Is that not true? Wasn’t your neighborhood in PWC that the HOA didn’t allow any lawn furniture at all in the front yard or on the stoop? That still fires me up and it’s not my neighborhood.

    I’ve said this many times before when your “in the middle” or “on the fence” means you will have to take crap from both sides.

  3. Michael

    Moonhowler 23:12

    I will try, it is difficult to make complex and deeply dependant concepts short.

  4. Michael

    Leila 23:26,

    I believe we understand each other and agree on this now.

  5. Michael

    Good points JC.

  6. Red Dawn


    I read your response and agree in concept. However, the concept was thrown out the window due to the inaction of our Federal Government which leads to mistrust. I would say that our government has morally and ethically failed “we the people” and by doing so we may see a rise in RADICAL behavior or groups. I also see law/acts that have been recently passed that will also keep “we the people” silent and fearful of speaking out and used against US. This is why I ask, who is in control and what would the government have to do to gain the respect and confidence back?

    I am sorry to hear about your father and glad to hear he is doing better.

  7. Moon-howler

    Yes Michael, I hope your father is better also. How old is he and does he live locally so you don’t have to travel far to be at his side?

  8. NotGregLetiecq

    Red Dawn, don’t forget, there was a bipartisan deal on the table to fix the immigration system and avoid all this misery. But the same “RADICALS” that invaded our county with their hate and their email blasts used the same tricks to stop the bipartisan solution from going forward. The Fed’s basically did the same thing our local BOCS did. They caved to a frenzy of hate and hysteria propelled by automated emails, automated faxes, and people with loud voices and chemical imbalances making a lot of noise.

    I think the BOCS has learned its lesson. I think that Congress has too. Both Dems and Repubs are waiting for a new President though because Bush is too weak to support them and would probably help the other side rally up their hate juice.

  9. NotGregLetiecq

    Chris, you know, another way of looking at the two sides is that there is only one group of extremists, the Anti-immigrant Lobby. And it’s really a case of the interests of the Anti-immigrant Lobby vs. the interests of the general public AND the best intentions of our legislatures on the local and the federal level.

    You probably realized by now that the extremists on the other side are not organized, not effective, and are really only reacting indignantly as is their right to the fingers being pointed, the hate being foisted, and the police being told to “crack down” on their families and friends. Anyone would react that way. And Gospel Greg and the Anti-immigrant Lobby exploited this reaction to create a “them vs. us” scenario, and make it feel like a war was on. It was a trick to motivate an apathetic base of people who only get involved if they feel attacked.

    So both sides feel attacked. But only one side is really attacking. That’s my point.

    And they are not just attacking immigrants. These bad policies are hurting us all.

    It’s the Anti-immigrant Lobby vs. America as far as I’m concerned.

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