Deja Vu, PWConservative posts about his second encounter(in two months) with a hit & run driver and for the second time he didn’t call the cops. Just to clarify, I have never suggested that the police shouldn’t be summoned to investigate a car accident. If you have property damage and need a police report, call the police! In the same situation, I wouldn’t hesitate to call.

But ,oddly, PWConservative tries to blame me for giving him the “impression that the Gestapo had been going door to door dragging every single Hispanic off to a Deportation Camp.”

Anyway, It’s time to stop the fear mongering, Accusing Conservatives of Xenophobia while using fear tactics to advance a political agenda is not only hypocritical, But it’s also not that different from terrorism.

– Fear mongering? Really.

In both these cases the guys stopped the cars, inspected damage and presumably checked to see if you were alright. In the first incident, there was no damage, you neglected to mention whether or not that was the case this time? Anyways, if someone stops checks, looks etc… that doesn’t sound like the typical hit & run.

Anyways, for clarification, what I have said is the following:

  • Where’s the US’s accountability for this mess? Since we had the proverbial welcome mat out, didn’t enforce our own laws, allowed people to buy into the American Dream of homeownership, etc… Why now is it all the illegal immigrant’s fault? In fact, conceivably they are the only ones who have acted in their best self-interest which is 100% understandable.
  • In terms of the original adopted ‘Immigration Resolution’, the ‘probable cause’ portion whereby the police are filing forms with Immigration Customs Enforcement was a complete waste of time and resources considering they can’t get the worst of the worst out of the jails in a timely manner.
  • “Apparently the County’s resolution wasn’t as drastic as those on the left would have us believe.”

  • Quick refresher, at the introduction of the Resolution, they wanted to restrict park & library access which was the equivalent of the Gestapo.
  • PWC is only 1 out of 60 Counties to adopt the 287(g) and according to the understanding they are limited to 40 prisoners per month. Anybody up for the math on this one? But basically, it means your fender bender/illegal driver guy will never be one of the worst of the worst that ICE is interested in.
  • The resolution has caused people to leave the county, and that viewpoint is probably more promoted by HSM’ers in an attempt to try and convince people that the ‘problem’ is solved. In fact, they(HSM’ers) perhaps more than us have been touting this failure as a success. I’ll be the first to suggest that it’s not the success that it’s cracked up to be.
  • Just do me a favor, call the cops next time.

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    1. Censored bybvbl

      While the crowd may be just naive, I think that the “Filmmakers” are simply trying to put Hispanic Voters on the plantation.

      That whole essay is all over the place. Tighten it up, PWConservative. Choose a point and prove it.

      Sorry about your car. Do you have a cell phone with a camera? Take a pic of your car before the guy drives off if that happens again.

      I have to chuckle at the accusation of posters here being naive and of Eric and Annabel trying to put Hispanics voters on plantations. Are you writing this from lala-land?

    2. Why are we discussing this person? Sounds like he’s just mimicking his lying partisan heroes. I know of a parrot who can sound just like Bill O’Reily. Does that mean he should get a thread on a serious public forum?

    3. There is one truth in what he says, albeit unintended. Many Republicans are concerned about Hispanics voting. While I’m disgusted by the “plantation” reference, it is a fact that in coming elections, the Hispanic vote will matter more and more.

      My advice to those who are sticking with the Republican party through think and thin:

      Try to influence the party to reach out to the Hispanic population; instead of targeting them for political gain. There’s a reason why John McCain is leading your party. He’s not an immoral hate-monger. Take a page from his book and stop getting your base riled up about brown people voting. It’s their right. Face it.

    4. NotGregLetiecq


      Perhaps that was the Republican plan all along. Looking at demographic trends into the near future, if the Republicans didn’t do something to reverse the “browning of America,” they could no longer hold onto power by claiming “we are the party of wealthy and the Caucasians.”

      Actually, they never say “wealthy” directly. The coded language is for working class Caucasians. But the reality is the party panders to wealthy people who can contribute to their coffers. Then, they take the big bucks the oil companies and war profiteers give them and create dumb-ass commercials to fool working class whites into voting against their own economic interest.

      The grand strategy of claiming that Republicans are the party that will protect white Americans from that annoying Civil Rights Movement was Richard Nixon’s wonderful idea.

      It worked for a few decades. But now there are just too many people of color for that strategy to work. This Hispanic scapegoating attack is the last ditch effort of the extremist wing of the GOP.

      I hope the PWConservatives of the party drown out McCain and the rest of the progressive Republicans for another few election cycles. By then, the GOP will be in shambles.

      You go PWConservative!!!!

    5. Moon-howler

      I do not understand why PWConservative would deliberately lie like that. I believe most people on this blog would definitely suggest that he involve the police.

      I believe this person is very young and very immature. Perhaps he simply doesn’t know how to handle these things and it is easier to lash out at people he doesn’t know and has demonized based on information obtained by…taaaa DAAAHHHHH: The dark blog.

      One person has responded to his post, I am told. Three guesses who it is.

    6. NotGregLetiecq

      Trick is to guess which false moniker.

    7. Alanna

      Actually, PWConservative has had a more measured approach to illegal immigration. We’ll see …

    8. I will try to answer some of the questions raised

      I never specifically call anyone on this blog a terrorist, However I feel that Those on BOTH sides of the issue that try to frighten or “Terrorize” Immigrants (Legal and Illegal) are committing some form of terrorism, It is doing a great disservice to this country.

      As for my disdain for the directors of 1900Liberty, I Feel they abused people’s trust, They seemingly set out to be impartial and they turned out to be exactly the opposite, The way they have attacked those they interviewed with the pretense of fairness, cuts down on the candor and honesty thats so desperately needed in this debate. And quite frankly its a very shoddy way to go about a documentary.

      I Did not involve the Police because I didn’t feel that a dented bumper merited getting a man sent back to a third-world country.

      I Am simply angry that there are dangerous drivers on the road, Yes it was just a fender-bender, But it could have easily been a fatal head-on collision. This was preventable and I blame the hardnoses in the house of representatives for it.

      If the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill (That Bush and McCain supported) had passed, This man would have probably already have learned english and been thru drivers ed. There are lives at stake, We can either crackdown on illegal drivers or We can pass the CIR Bill, We should probably do both.
      Amnesty isn’t at odds with being a conservative, Ronald Reagan did it then, We should do it now, But Reform the system throughly so the next generation doesn’t have to deal with this.

    9. Moon-howler


      I am glad you were not seriously injured. I like your explanation here much better. I agree with you about the CIR Bill. It wasn’t perfect but it beats what we have now which is nothing but old laws that really don’t match our economic needs or our people needs.

      I disagree with you about 9500 Liberty. I honestly do not feel they set out to make people look bad. When you hear words come out of people’s mouths time and time again, not as sound bites, it is pretty hard to blame it on the film makers. I feel some of the folks have done it to themselves. Have you talked with them one on one? I think if you did this, you would see how fair they actually are. I don’t agree with them on everything but I would never accuse them of being unfair.

    10. PWConservative, if you think you’re helping Republicans by defending Letiecq and Stewart think again. They need to be made an example of so that Republicans stop going to the well of using prejudice for political gain. The party simply can’t afford to go down that road in the America we are becoming. Too many people, including many Caucasians, are just fed up with all forms of prejudice, and feel insulted by those who think differently of us.

      If the film screens again, you should see it, and, yeah, meet the filmmakers. You might still want to criticize the film, but you’d have more credibility having seen it, in my view.

    11. SecondAlamo

      So why aren’t you folks campaining for more ICE funding, since you like to give the impression that you’re not against enforcing the immigration laws? Case in point:

      “PWC is only 1 out of 60 Counties to adopt the 287(g) and according to the understanding they are limited to 40 prisoners per month. Anybody up for the math on this one? But basically, it means your fender bender/illegal driver guy will never be one of the worst of the worst that ICE is interested in.”

      Illegal driver means a driver who is illegal, law breaker, illegal alien, subject to law enforcement, ……… get it? We still get parking and speeding tickets don’t we?

    12. Alanna


      So why aren’t you folks campaining for more ICE funding, since you like to give the impression that you’re not against enforcing the immigration laws?

      I’d be in favor of a nationalized 287(g) program as part of a comprehensive immigration reform package that acknowledges our culpability in creating this problem. A plan which incorporates a requirement and a mechanism whereby the undocumented that meet certain standards can become legalized. I’d support employment verification and altering the 14th Amendment to disallow birthright Citizenship. However, apparently, we now have politics at play with these initiatives being used as bargaining chips. It would be better if the two sides would come together on this issue, find common ground and make a compromise.

    13. Emma

      I have to disagree here that Republicans “fear” the Hispanic vote. At least I don’t see a reason to “fear” them based on the LEGAL, law-abiding Hispanics I am acquainted with, many of whom are socially and politically conservative. They just happen to be the group du jour to pander to right now.

      The group to “fear” are the ones who have stolen identities and attempt to commit voter fraud, among other crimes.

    14. Moon-howler

      Alanna, even if common ground was found, and a compromise reached, there would be people out there denying it happened because they didn’t WIN. We saw that phenomena right here in PWC after the critical vote on funding when immigration status check moved from probable cause to post arrest.

      Rather than crowing about being able to compromise and find solutions that everyone could live with, Chairman Stewart tried to spin the story as a win for HIS side. I feel certain that was to keep the anti-illegal immigration contingency off his back.

    15. Moon-howler

      Michael, you just assassinated my character and I do not believe I assassinated yours. I said many of the women here feel you are biased against women. Notice, I did not say you were. I said many of us feel you are. That is our impression.
      Michael, you said

      You have painted the wrong picture of my position as usual, because it serves your character assassination methodology to discredit truths you don’t like about my comments about any “political group” you may prefer to support or associate with.

      I have never spoken to your character. The closest I have come is saying I expect you are a nice person.

      It is very difficult to evaluate something you haven’t seen. You might be surprised at what you find out. The ones posted here have just been teasers.

    16. Moon-howler

      Michael, I do not think you will see a pro-illegal position in any part of the film. What you will see how a minority attempted to set county policy according to the rules outlined by the anti immigration group, FAIR. You will not see any public hearings because there were none. You will not hear the word compromise. It wasn’t said, even though it ultimately happened. The side you align yourself with has not been honest and forthcoming nor have some of our supervisors.

      You will not see my personal opinion explored. I happen to think I am right and I would bet money on it, but it isn’t in the film.

    17. Moon-howler

      {{{{shrug}}}}} I tried. Michael, where are you?

    18. Red Dawn


      I believe if he were around he would respond. I hope everything is okay with his dad. My prayers go out to you Michael as they did when I read back your response to me on another thread. 🙂

    19. NotGregLeteicq

      Emma, don’t insult our intelligence. “Voter fraud” is a false notion used to create hate and hysteria toward minority communities who, to this day, are resented subconciously for even HAVING the right to vote in the first place. We are suffering through the worst administration in our nation’s history because of VOTER SUPPRESSION in Florida, documented in sworn testimony by the perpetrators. And you want us to freak out about the idea of “voter fraud” when you don’t have an actual case to point to? If “voter fraud” was a legitimate concern, in this case where Latinos are concerned, don’t you think there would at least be one example of where this happened in a state as big as Virginia?

      My theory is that, after Anti-Immigrant extremists decided to scapegoat and attack the Latino community to win the 2008 election for the Republicans, journalists started paying more attention to how they voted in the Democratic primary, in part to show the moderate Republicans that targeting Latinos for political gain was a dead end street that would end with a splat scheduled for early November. Who knows whether the Latino vote was really as important as the media made it out to be.

      McCain is not pandering to the Latino vote because he has always favored amnesty. Obama is not pandering because he himself is half Black and it is not in his nature to target minorities for political gain.

      Anyway, put your Republican scare tactics bag of tricks away when you post here. People on this blog are just too smart for that. Save it for the Low Information Republicans on the other blog.

    20. NotGregLetiecq

      PS: High Information Republicans, a.k.a. MODERATE REPUBLICANS are good people. We love you Alanna!

    21. Rick Bentley

      “Since we had the proverbial welcome mat out, didn’t enforce our own laws, allowed people to buy into the American Dream of homeownership, etc… Why now is it all the illegal immigrant’s fault? ”

      Well we are a nation of laws and we have allowed the wealthy to set the laws up so that the people reaping the profit off top are not able to be found liable – they hire using hole-ridden ID checks that Bush’s government provided for them and using subcontractors for jobs heavy on illegal workers. So unless and until we can refine those laws, it’s the illegal immigrant him and herself that we can get for the ID fraud being perpetrated and tax evasion and violating sovereignty.

      I’d like to change the laws and hold business owners and renters more accountable. And maybe they are – I do think that those victimized by illegal aliens have a good chance to win judgement against their employers sometimes. Meanwhile, the choice is between enforcing laws we do have (because McCain, Bush, Kennedy, Obama FAILED at Amnesty 2006 and Amnesty 2007) or not enforcing them. I choose to enforce them. As does America.

    22. Rick Bentley

      “after Anti-Immigrant extremists decided to scapegoat and attack the Latino community to win the 2008 election for the Republicans”

      Wow, you’re living in some alteranet universe. In this one, McCain panders to the Latino community non-stop and markets ads to them in Spanish.

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