5 Thoughts to “Barack Obama Forgot Latin America c/o McCain”

  1. El Guapo

    Anyone remember 1996? Bob Dole was so bitter about Clinton’s celebrity status. He looked like a jilted lover bad-mouthing the ex- who had hurt his feelings.

    This immature sniping by McCain has got to stop. He’s doing himself more harm than good. And he’s also harming the country. This “us vs. them” rhetoric has already polarized us.

  2. Leila

    The ad is very well made, but from what I have read on the news Latino voters are leaving the Republican Party in substantial numbers over the illegal immigration issue despite often having a lot in common over the so-called family issues. Somehow the Republicans don’t realize immigration is also a family issue. They are trying to woo them back and McCain aides admit as much. But I think he will have a problem since he already pandered to the base by backtracking on immigration and saying he wouldn’t even support the bill he himself recently sponsored. That’s a fairly clear demonstration of his integrity.

    He can’t win on this issue. He gets called all kinds of names over on BVBL and yet many Latino voters (even Cubans) are still backing off the GOP more than ever because its stands on immigration and other policies. The fact that the GOP managed to lose some Cuban support is extraordinary. But they deserve it after making ridiculous new restrictions on Cuban-Americans helping and visiting their families. Some of the policies show that they don’t understand the nature of extended families in the same way people in the anti-illegal immigration movement don’t.

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  4. There’s no significant difference between these 2 charlatans.

    They are both pigs of the farm. The pigs will always eat the cake amongst themselves. And we’re really just fighting over the crumbs. We’re so busy fighting one another over crumbs that we fail to realize that the cake itself belongs to us…in fact, we paid for it. The pigs are experts at casting illusions but they don’t have to work very hard because we want to be deceived.

    Nothing is going to change except that a few dollars that used to go for this…will go for that.

  5. Rick Bentley

    McCain and Bush before him are imbeciles. They consider it a big victory to get 30% of the Latino vote and pursue an Amnesty that will make their party a perpetual minority. can’t see the forest for the trees. Yes I believe it really is all about political gain rather than humanitarianism, and yes I believe they really are that stupid.

    If either candidate was in position to change up on the issue of illegal immigration they could win the election off of it.

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