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111 Thoughts to “Blog Rules”

  1. Chris

    I certainly don’t blame anyone thing, and agree with what you’ve said. I do think it’s important for people to know things were going down hill before the resolution. Many factors have taken a role in our economic situation in PWC. And the continual bashing of our local official, schools, etc. on bvbl DON’T help matters either. imho.

  2. Juturna

    I think the resolution has had an impact on opportunities… economic growth. But that can be opinion only as what did not happen is hard to measure.

    Weelll we are getting Covance – one more controversial issue for PWC. 🙁

  3. Elvis

    from what I heard at the economy night not much was mentioned about the recession, everything about the resolution and how it was the major hit to PWC economy. so I take issue with your statement elena. the whole save the economy thing was a big bash on the resolution, not much mentioned about how to recover the economy. I think the big boys in D.C. are going to have to figure that one out themselves.

  4. Censored bybvbl

    Elvis, the last economy night featured the footage of how the resolution came to be changed, so obviously, the resolution was central to the discussion.

  5. NotGregLetiecq

    So Emma, your response include the phrase “not to dodge the question” and yet….

    Let me put it even more simply. If you were a person who was represented by Corey Stewart, would you be less inclined to trust his word, knowing that he has been lying to you?

    And, given that he has been lying to you lately, does it make you question whether he was lying to you back in 2007 when we made a big decision (right or wrong, however you want to characterize it).

    The same applies for Gospel Greg. Lying in 2008. Does it make you wonder if he was lying in 2007? Does it cause you to reconsider views that may have been based in part on things this duo was saying in 2007?

  6. Johnson

    Thank you. I heard the crickets chirping after you made your point. You think before you speak.

  7. NotGregLetiecq

    Who is STW? Where did he/she speak?

  8. Emma

    Maybe I need for you to spell out exactly what you believe they were lying about, NGL. Otherwise, your question is full of assumptions based on your own bias. Again, those two individuals are not central to my thinking on these issues, so the connection is to specious for me to give you an answer that would satisfy you.

    Again, my feelings and opinions are based on what my neighborhood conditions have been like and how I see the illegal-immigration issue affecting my community and my country. They are not based on what you think I have been told to believe. So I guess I can say I don’t feel “lied to,” since I am quite capable of thinking for myself and don’t feel somehow victimized. The Washington Post and the MJM are frequently full of lies, but I still read them for the occasional pearls of truth (and the comics).

  9. NotGregLetiecq

    Emma, just go to the screening tomorrow so you’re no longer in the dark. Others have explained about the Blunder Twins on this blog. But you have to see it to believe it.

  10. NotGregLetiecq

    Thursday I mean.

  11. junkyard dog

    Emma, no one here can retell you about the lies. You have to see the film. There are so many lies out there, it would take too much time. This is one you are going to have to suck it up and go see for yourself.

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