25 Thoughts to “Star Trek suffers major setback due to immigration fiasco!”

  1. Alanna

    George Lopez had a funny joke saying, You know they didn’t plan on us(Latinos) being around in the future, all you have to do is just watch Star Trek.

    Don’t anybody get mad, it’s just a joke. 🙂

  2. Elena

    We all need to laugh, every once in awhile ;), its good for you health!

  3. Moon-howler

    I am just trying to guess the identity of the good captain. Could it be Captain Disaster?

  4. Rick Bentley

    What crap.

    You either respect nations having borders, or you don’t … I guess some of you don’t. How’s the weather in Utopia today?

  5. Older people will remember that Star Trek was ground breaking in casting women and people of different ethnic backgrounds in senior roles.
    Boldly going…

  6. Moon-howler

    Oh Rick, what a grouch!

    You have an unsecure border, three guesses what’s going to happen.

    Do you honestly think anyone is in favor of illegal immigration? Do you think that most ‘illegals’ would gladly change their status if given the opportunity?

  7. Elena

    I think that Rick just finds it easier to put people into us or them, “for illegal” vs “against illegal”. I am not for open borders, I am for knowing who is in our country, 100% agreed Rick.

  8. Elena

    What do you think about the other thread I posted, looking back at the history of immigration and socio-economic consequences?

  9. Rick Bentley

    You mean the one above this thread? i think it’s just blather, pseudo-intellectual stuff. It points at facets of history but ignores basic precepts of common sense. We cannot and should not take Mexico’s poor as our own unless and until it gets put to a fair vote and an informed national dialogue.

  10. Rick Bentley

    Imagine if you would that you and your family live out in the woods with just enough food to get by surrounded by 100 hungry people with no food. Now imagine that 15 of them walk into your house and take your food. (15% of Mexico’s working-age population is here illegally).

    When you see this, they start doing chores, sweeping and cleaning. But now there’s not enough food to feed your children. Do you :

    A. Say to them “Well I know you only did it because you were hungry. please don’t do it again because I need this food for my children”.

    B. Make them members of your family and give your children less.

    C. Pick up the nearest shotgun or 2 by 4 and provide everyone watching some disincentive to take your food.

    The correct answer is …

  11. Rick Bentley

    “But there analogy doesn’t hold because we have so much food”. Well here’s a better analogy.

    Imagine that there is a lot of food in your area, but the elitists who run local politics dole it out amongst themselves and give you just enough to live on, though even at that you are generally using credit card debt to have enough food to feed your family, and wage disparity with those elites who run your life (and own the credit card companies) is increasing. You are living hand-to-mouth and indebting your future for the privilege. The elites have let 100 very poor people into the woods around your house, because those poor people work cheaper than you and your friends would, and in fact are taking your jobs and lowering your wages. The elites have most of the food guarded by barbed wire, guard dogs, and armed guards, and refuse to share it with the poor people or with you. You have 90% of what you need to feed your family, and are borrowing at 19.9% interest to come up with the other 10%.

    Now imagine that 15 of those poorer people walk into your house and take your food. (15% of Mexico’s working-age population is here illegally). When you see this, they start doing chores, sweeping and cleaning. But now there’s not enough food to feed your children. Do you :

    A. Say to them “Well I know you only did it because you were hungry. Please don’t do it again because I need this food for my children”.

    B. Make them members of your family and give your children less.

    C. Pick up the nearest shotgun or 2 by 4 and provide everyone watching some disincentive to take your food.

    D. Complain and organize against the elites. Meanwhile, feed the poor people who do their chores.

    E. Complain and organize against the elites. Meanwhile, provide disincentive to the poor people to take your food.

    F. Hire the poor people to build a deck for your home and to do some odd jobs, even while borrowing money against your future to get by.

    The correct answer is … C or E depending on your mindset.

    If you said B, you are a pro-Amnesty type.

    If you said A, you have charitable impulses but probably to a fault.

    If you said D, I can’t fathom that.

    If you said F, you are like many Americans, short-sighted spoiled and rather stupid. You will be the death of this great nation.

  12. I’m with D. It would require us to divest in global capitalism, debase the elite oil executives, create a prohibition on oil then re-open and re-tool all the closed automobile factories and produce non-oil fueled vehicals, planes and other mechanics and sell the products to the rest of the world at honest prices. Our Image would be restored, jobs would be in over abundance, poverty would be marginalized and subsidized and of course the US would be a cleaner place…any factories we build in Mexico or any other foreign country would be forced to pay American wages or not be built at all.

    …But the Republicans say that is Socialism and it makes you poor.

  13. Rick Bentley

    Why would you divest in capitalism and think you could set an “honest price” better than the market?

    Why would you worry about re-tooling factories when we as yet have no alternative energy sources that COST LESS than oil?

    How do you think you can regulate wages overseas?

    No wonder you picked D. You prefer dreams to reality.

  14. Elvis

    if you gave all illegals the opportunity to either become citizens or just get a work visa, I would bet that 80-90 percent of them would take the visa because it’s “easier” they dont want to become citizens, they want to leech and send everything back to where their “real” home is.

    remember that guy who got caught boarding a plane with his entire life savings (50k I think)? besides being an idiot, he saved every penny of what he made in order to take it all back home. while I think his motives for supporting his family were good, what good is he providing to the U.S. economy..that money is going no where but to mexico (assuming they’ll give it back which thus far they have not)

    looking outside that story, if the guy was here that long to accumulate that much money working as a dishwasher dont you think he would have gained some other skills (like to read and write) and know how the systems of the country work (like the rules of taking transportation) and you would think he would have gained enough sense to know that transporting 50k in a duffle bag would not be safe.

    the guy had no intention of assimilation, you hear it all the time..illegals who are here for 20 years or more who cannot speak a lick of english and have to have their children (born here of course) translate for them. that’s just plain sad

    I hate to say it, but some people should be punished for being stupid.

    the long and short of it are that MOST illegals want nothing to do with becoming citizens, they want the path of least resistance for anything they do. In short they are just plain lazy.

  15. Moon-howler

    Elvis, if you knew how many people I have come in contact with in my life who never learned to read and write who have been in the country for generations, it might surprise you. If you do manual labor all day, studying at night seems pretty unimportant.

    Additionally, you can take any immigrant group at any time in history and say the same thing. Your less sophisticated people coming from the country side are just that: Less sophisticated and generally less educated.

    Some of the comments I read here make me think that some of the readers and posters here have not had much experience outside the socio-economic class to which they were born.

    Elvis, you mention being the son of an immigrant. I find it hard to believe you don’t know these things. Did your parents have a high level of education in the old country? That often makes a difference. I feel certain that Dr. Wernher von Braun probably knew English before emigrating to the United States. Not all of our immigrants have been of his stature and preeminence; in fact most have not.

  16. Moon-howler

    Illegals are lazy? You bitch if they want to work. You bitch if they don’t. If they try to get documented, you bitch. If they aren’t documented, you bitch. There is no winning.

    I have known almost none that I would categorize as lazy. Of course, I don’t know who is legal and who isn’t and neither does anyone else unless the person has been arrested.

    So let’s see, what logical conclusion can we now draw about the no win situation of being an undocumented worker in Prince William County or Manassas who just happens to be Latino?? Go ahead, say it for me.

  17. Moon-howler

    Elvis, you forgot to tell us how you enjoyed the film. Good, wasn’t it! How did you like the hatchet job done on Chief Deane further exposed?

    I thoroughly enjoyed myself tonight! Thought provoking questions asked too. I guess you missed those though.

  18. Leila

    Did Eric and Annabel say when the actual film will be completed? If it is true they are applying for Sundance, the very last deadline is next month and the festival is in January. Does that mean nobody in NoVA will get to see the actual film until after January?

  19. Elena

    Once again, you generalize to an entire group of people as being lazy, very prejudicial. But what you are really saying is that hispanic people are lazy. I also continue to find your labeling of other human beings as “illegals”, very offensive.

  20. TWINAD

    It’s pretty tough for “illegals” with a sixth grade education in their native language/country to come here and work 12 hour days and then take English classes at night when they are not fully literate in their own language. Does this make someone stupid?! English is considered one of the most difficult languages to master. The fact that someone has lived here for 10 or 20 years and has not had an opportunity to spend time in classes does not make them “stupid” in my book. Some people are book smart, others are street smart/technically smart. I know plenty of smart people with no common sense and vice versa.

    I noticed Elvis “attended” law school. No mention of graduation or passing the bar. Hm.

  21. Leila

    Sending remittances to relatives in one’s country of origin does not mean one doesn’t contribute to the economy here, as Twinad and others have already explained. Remittances are also not something that only illegal immigrants contribute. Legal resident immigrants and citizens also send remittances. Please Elvis, go down to Miami’s Little Havana, stand on a bench, and tell everyone you see there that they should not be sending any money to their relatives in Cuba. Or please, go to Arlington’s Eden shopping center and announce in your infinite wisdom that all the Vietnamese-Americans (legal residents or citizens) should never help family members back home. Just two examples. There are far more and include Indian immigrants, Middle Eastern immigrants, Korean, etc.
    The man Elvis wrote about was here 11 years working as a dishwater in Florida. He was Guatemalan, not Mexican, although once again Elvis assumes Mexican and never bothers to take 15 seconds with Google to check. It doesn’t surprise me he didn’t know the law about declaring anything over $10,000. Most Americans don’t travel out of the country and I am not sure if all would know this fact unless they read a customs card but it wouldn’t probably occur to most Americans to transport cash. The guy’s case is an anomaly in many ways. The fact he had saved everything to make one big splash was a terrible mistake. Elvis for some reason always uses a single instance to extrapolate to an entire population and label them stupid. Is this how he argues law? Does he argue law? He is very coy about the courthouse gig.

    Finally, what Moonhowler said. Elvis and his ilk bitch at cross purposes. I see nothing wrong with having work visas in a greatly expanded guest worker program. I don’t see a problem with having people here whose intention is temporary but who fill niches in particular sectors of the American economy. There are also many legal immigrants in this country who have not taken the step to become citizens yet have formed full lives here. It may be a foolish risk on their part given the protections of citizenship, it has resulted in deportations for relatively minor legal offenses, but it does not mean they aren’t attached to this society or don’t contribute.
    There even are (gasp) Americans who live and work legally in foreign countries who also haven’t asked to become citizens of their new homes. Imagine.

  22. Moon-howler

    Elvis is ignoring us because he doesn’t want to give us his review of the film. He got home way too early and started posting too early for us to believe he was there.

    Nice dodge, King of Croon, or was that Crock?

    Have you apologized to Alanna and Elena yet, Elvis, Jim or whatever your name is? Reminder, they have done nothing to you other than present a point of view unlike your own. They never called you any names or picked at you.

  23. El Guapo

    Listening to The Clash years ago helped me to take a step back and see the forest rather than just the trees. Sometimes it takes a song or a cartoon or Jon Stewart to help us do that.

  24. tickle_me_ELVIS

    moon howler is a f(expletive deleted)idiot,

    that’s an attack and a name calling. Calling people fat and stupid when they are is not. Get it straight.

    ( editors note: I took out the expletive. Elvis is now in going to be moderated and possibly banned, I am done with his bullying tactics)

  25. Slither hither

    I hope you enjoy your time out. Will you be performing “Jail House Rock” while in time out?
    Oh, you are the ONLY one in time out. You don’t have an audience there. And with any luck you won’t have us for an audience. I think all should ignore your ignorance.

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