9500Liberty Special Screening
Thursday August 7th • 6:30 PM
James J. McCoart Administration Building • Occoquan Room
1 County Complex Court • Woodbridge, VA

6:30 PM
Immigration Policy Change in Prince William County (6 minutes)
Followed by a 20 minute Q/A about PWC’s current immigration policy

7:00 PM
9500Liberty Special Screening August Update (80 minutes)
Followed by a one hour discussion and Q/A

Added scenes will include Chris Pannell, a former Help Save Manassas Executive Board Member, explaining why she left Help Save Manassas, the first "Save Prince William County’s Economy " Party, and Chief Deane’s official response to the Letiecq/Stewart charges of treason before the Board of Supervisors April 1, 2008.

144 Thoughts to “9500Liberty Screening at McCoart Tonight / Powerful Words Defend Marty Nohe”

  1. Elvis


    or one hell of a creative writer 🙂

  2. NotGregLeteicq

    Elvis, I’m not a dude by the way, and to answer your question: Alanna and Elena were active participants in our local government long before the Anti-immigrant Lobby arrived to stage a bloodless coup. They are leaders in a growing movement of citizens in this county who are getting more involved in the process. Protecting your government from the agenda of the Anti-immigrant Lobby is just one of the many things a responsible citizen has to do. If another Washington DC lobbying firm sends operatives here to, I don’t know, try to pass a gun restriction law or an anti-abortion law, the citizens who actually live here will need to stand up and make sure our county government is by and for the people.

    That’s all they did in the case of the Duecaster Disaster. And they will do so again if there is another lobbying group that comes in here.

    In the mean time, their interests will involve other issues, some related to the Duecaster Disaster, like our dwindling tax base, our real estate meltdown, our damaged economy, the budget for the next fiscal year and the tax hikes that will come with it. And they’ll be working to stop sewers and electrical lines tearing up our parks and opens spaces.

    The question is what will Tickle Me Elvis do when Lou Dobbs and Gosepl Greg tell you it’s time to hate a new ethnic minority instead of Hispanics? Will you drop all the racist propaganda that currently fills your head? Or will you just make room for a hundred good reasons to hate ________ people?

  3. Elvis

    nah…I dont hate anyone. I’m a lover not a fighter, however I honestly think these blog folks here will not stick around after their cause has gone to the wind. the proof is in the pudding, where were they 5-6 years ago when the economy was good? illegal immigrants were still taking a hit. were they protesting every illegal alien raid?

    seems like people who are “cause-heads” to me

  4. Elvis,

    Amnesty 2009 is on the way…

    Your cause is finished…

    Our county is perfect for immigrants. After Amnesty 2009 passes, they will come flooding back, except this time they’ll have rights.

    And there won’t be anything you can do about it.

    Why are you wasting your time?

  5. Censored bybvbl

    Mackie, and they may be back in the same neighborhoods since the value of the houses in some of these areas has dropped tremendously making them affordable again.

  6. Blogs weren’t too popular five or six years ago, a time when the Elvises of the county were keeping their resentment and mistrust of minorities to themsemves for fear of social censure. The advent of blogs with their anonymity in recent years, combined with patisan hate mongers who have unwisely and unfairly linked Republicanism with overt bigotry toward Hispanics, have created a perfect storm for the “normalization” of nativist bigotry.

    Alanna and Elena are using the same tool toward a completely different end. Elvis, as you retire to BVBL where you probably belong, consider that the general public, when given the opportunity to speak without partisan censorship as they have on this blog, categorically rejects bigotry in all forms, but particularly as the foundation for a political campaign or a legislative agenda.

    It was only on Gospel Greg’s carefully sculpted distortion of public opinion … only on a heavily censored blog that intentionally breeded hatred toward ethnic minorities, Hispanic in particular … that the world view that YOU have shamelessly expressed on this blog was able to flourish.

  7. Censored bybvbl

    WHWN, do you see the local Republican party being able to marginalize the wingnuts and take a more moderate stance? I see that the BOCS has already done so.

  8. Moon-howler

    Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tie a big red bow on the package and say ‘done deal!’
    That is wishful thinking. Elvis asks an important question in his good-bye gouge, probably unintentionally. Where were we all 5-6 years ago on immigration issues.

    You know, immigration isn’t a huge issue to me. I care much more about how people act than what their status is. What brought me here this point? Probably a sense of fair play and hearing ignorant claptrap like ‘illegal is illegal’ attempting to take the place of meaningful dialogue.

    I also hate seeing an individual or a group attempt a hostile take-over of my government using bully tactics. That is really what brought me around and what has kept me around. As I was reminded today, no one is in favor of illegal immigration. Most of us want to see solutions that have fiscal responsibility, human kindness, and bi-partisan efforts as components.

  9. NotGregLeteicq

    Well said Moon-howler and Mackie both!

    5 or 6 years from now we won’t be worried about immigration status at all.

    How many people still use the term “Freedom Fries” after all? Not many.

    There was a time when clones stood at attention and saluted the “Freedom Fries” flag. Where are those people today? Well, they’re probably standing and saluting the “Illegal is Illegal” flag. Tomorrow, where will they be? Who knows? Probably something against China. Another red scare but this time with brown people. But each time we see the hate mongers on parade, there are more people pointing and laughing, and less people joining in.

    (For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, when the French government pointed out the stupidity of invading and occupying Iraq as a reaction to Sept. 11th attacks, the hysterical and hateful war-mongers who controlled the Republican party at the time decided that we should hate France, hate French people, and hate all things French, including french fries! One Republican Congressman proposed the renaming of the french fries as Freedom Fries, and it lasted until after the 2004 election then faded away as “Illegal is illegal” became the new mantra for the captive and the cowardly.)

  10. Madam Mofo

    All day long I have waited to hear the HSM version of the film session. I guess they were speechless?

    Here is a wee bit o’ show n tell:

    There was a little bit of discomfort in the room when we talked about Chief Deane and the accusations of treason. One person (who identified as never having been an HSM member) defended the position that Chief Deane was guilty, not of treason, but of failing to communicate fully about his intention to go to the Hi-Mart meeting. Some people didn’t care much for that idea. There was some groaning and a lot of talking at once but I can’t remember what was said exactly. The person who was justifying the questioning of Chief Deane pointed out that the Hi-Mart meeting was not posted on the county website until the day of.

    There was also some confusion about how culpable HSM was in the attack on Chief Deane. I felt like the new material in the film with Chris clarified that some. She says that everyone on the leadership board of HSM discouraged Greg from speaking for them and for the entire membership in attacking Chief Deane. (I sure don’t recall seeing those board members defending Chief over on the dark screen)

    After the go-round about whether or not website timing vis a vis meeting is enough to warrant the sort of coordinated attack that took place, there seemed to be a general impression that certain people have no sense of contrition for the attack. Eric pointed out what Chris had said in the film and said, “Maureen, is Chief Deane a traitor to this country?” She said, “No” without hesitating if I recall correctly.

    Does anyone have anything to add?

  11. Still no update from the screening??? MH can you please fill us in. It’s obvious to me that Elvis is either house-bound or an intellectual coward. Either way, he wasn’t there last night. Can we get an update please?

    Censored, the extremists in the GOP have not given up … Especially not in Virginia. Don’t forget that Bob Marshall was nearly a candidate for U.S. Senate. It is not a given that the moderates will win. This is why I am disappointed that Tom Davis quit. The real war going on behind the scenes is the war for the candidates souls. GOP has some reel long shots who may be willing to make an Anti-Immigrant Lobby Hail Mary Pass .
    Mitt Romney tried it iin the primary. After Tancredo dropped out, Romney agreed to abandon his principles in exchange for the support of F.A.I.R. and the Anti-Immigrant Lobby.

    But it was of no use. Romney disgraced himself for nothing. This was a shocker to some but not to me. The Freedom Fries Republicans are only a small constituency group in the party. When Romney proved himself without spine or moral compass, he was cooked. But some in the party still cling to the foolish idea that Romney lost because he is Mormon or because the media is in love with McCain.

    Congressional candidates can afford to wait because the Freedom Fry voter is very easy to motivate in a short order. Most are waiting to see if they need this boost in order to win. Or, if they even have a chance to win.

    If neither of these circumstances exist, most candidates will bypass the Romney route and preserve their reputation.

  12. Thanks MH. That was delicious!

  13. Censored bybvbl

    “Freedom Fry voter”…haha. I love it!

  14. Moon-howler

    whwn, I can’t add much to what has already been said. I heard a few comments being made, and I thought some of the questions asked afterwards were obnoxious, but you probably saw me rolling my eyes. I do not believe that individual understands that anti is not an organization and it has no heirarchy. It is a blog.

    I don’t know how hsm people explain some of what they see. Of course, I am still stuck on the fact that they believed the horse doo about the resolution being strengthened, rather than neutered. Sadly, had the nastiness not been so prevalent and the bullying not been so rampant, many people could have worked together for the betterment of their neighborhoods.

  15. anon-100

    Madam Mofo,”(I sure don’t recall seeing those board members defending Chief over on the dark screen)”


    From the “dark screen”-Maureen Wood said on 27 Mar 2008 at 11:42 pm:
    I attended the meeting tonight and I thought Chief Deane did a very good job. When I have some more time I will update. Going to bed.
    —Anonymous said on 28 Mar 2008 at 12:03 am:
    Before people start jumping to all sorts of conclusions, keep in mind that we dont have any of Chairman Stuarts answers yet. For all we know Mexicans Without Borders invited both Chief Deane and the Mexican Consular to the same meeting, without any formal arraingements between the Chiefs office and the Mexican Govt.
    I am sure that the Chief will answer every one of the Chairmans questions.
    The Chief attends dozens of community meetings (I know, I have been to many of them) without running it by the Board of Supervisors or the county attorney.
    Remember, he was also more than happy to attend a Help Save Manassas meeting to answer questions there as well.
    —Anonymous said on 28 Mar 2008 at 12:03 am:
    Before people start jumping to all sorts of conclusions, keep in mind that we dont have any of Chairman Stuarts answers yet. For all we know Mexicans Without Borders invited both Chief Deane and the Mexican Consular to the same meeting, without any formal arraingements between the Chiefs office and the Mexican Govt.
    I am sure that the Chief will answer every one of the Chairmans questions.IThe Chief attends dozens of community meetings (I know, I have been to many of them) without running it by the Board of Supervisors or the county attorney.
    Remember, he was also more than happy to attend a Help Save Manassas meeting to answer questions there as well.
    —Maureen Wood said on 29 Mar 2008 at 7:50 pm:
    Lafayette- thought I already posted this, I must be getting old.

    I attended the meeting last night. I have some concerns about the Chief having a meeting with the Mexican Consul, but Chief Deane was impressive and above board last night. He did not placate the crowd there. He was honest and told them like it was.
    The question of the drunken driving road block came up and Deane told the crowd that if they are pulled over in this, and they don’t have a license, don’t speak English or they have questionable documents they WILL be asked their legal status.
    The crowd tried many times to corner Chief Deane into promising them something and he wouldn’t have any of it. He told them that there might even be certain circumstances that the police would question their legal status even when they are witnesses to a crime. That went over well with the crowd. (sarcasm)
    The Mexican Consul started the meeting off in Spanish when there were clearly many non-Hispanic’s in the group. The thing that disturbed me about this was, it was NEVER translated into English, so I have to wonder what he said to the crowd. This happened several times during the meeting.
    As for Chief Deane being against the resolutions implementation, he has NO option but to enforce it. He might not be happy about it but after hearing him speak last night, I do believe he WILL and that he will honestly put forth a concerted effort to enforce the “Rule of Law” resolution.
    I too have questions about Chief Deane’s dealings with the Mexican government but I am willing to reserve judgment until we get those answers.

  16. Anonymous

    How could you allow those things to be said about a man that won a human rights award in our County, a fellow co-worker who you had worked with over the years? To see him demonized, did you speak out for him as well?

  17. I have a problem with the “I only kinda attacked Chief Deane” argument and I have a difficult time having sypathy for anyone who played a role, big or small.

    The GregNcorey Show tried (and failed) to stir up anti-Mexican hatred a few days before the election. It had to do with some other Mexican official, I can’t recall precisely why he was a “threat to our soverignty.” This makes it clear that Greg and Corey see political opportunity in anti-Mexican hysteria and use every opportunity to stir it up. This goes back to the “Freedom Fry Voter” equation. Fear and hate are tremendous motivators. The GregNCorey Show staged this Anti-Mexican press conference 2 or 3 days before the election for a reason.

    I find fake outrage to be incredibly dishonest, because it preys upon people who trust you and are easily frightened or made to be angry. Greg seems to have such a warped mind that anything he perceives to be Mexican probably does make him angry. But Corey just takes Greg’s political advice (God knows why) and puts on a good performance of fake anger for a press conference, then goes home and forgets about it. What is incredibly unfair about this is that many of Corey’s supporters are Freedom Fry Voters who put their trust in him. These people become genuinely afraid and angry. That’s no way to live your life. I can understand doing it right before an election. It’s called GOTV if you’re a right wing extremist.

    But the attack on Chief Deane this past March was not for an election. It was an even sleazier motive for manipulating people. It was to discredit the bravest and truest public servent we have in Prince Willian County, BECAUSE he was brave and true enough to advise the Board on how best to protect the county’s interests, which have always run counter to the interests of Corey and Greg.

    So now you have these Freedom Fry Voters believing the attack on Chief Deane was somehow founded on something to legitimately fear. You can see from each of the comments shared by anon100 that these people were totally decieved. They were victimized by the basic assumption that there was any reason for Chairman Stewart to EVEN ask Greg Letiecq’s incredibly vapid and defamatory questions.

    If, to this day, you actually still believe there was anything to that attack other than a sleazy dirty political hit job, then you are either being taken advantage of by skillful manipulators, or you are one of the manipulators, trying to save face, or worse, trying to perpetuate the false premise that there was any legitimate reason to doubt Chief Deane.

    So this “I only sort of attacked Chief Deane” claim is moot if you ask me. It screams out that you are either a Freedom Fry Voter (easily manipulated by hate and fear), or you are in league with the manipulators and pretending to be that “concerned” amd to “wait for answers” you know very well should never have been asked.

    Either way my advice would be to shut up for a while and hope the community forgets that you took part in one of the most deceitful and vindictive political hatchet jobs in the history of this county. You failed. Your precious Resolution was castrated. And the Chief is more beloved and more influential than ever.

    There are few reasons to be proud of haing been manipulated, and less still to be proud of having helped to manipulate for political gain.

  18. If the Chief has been forced into this policy and someone asks him to meet with a group, he has the right (and obligation) to do so. He doesn’t have to ask Stewart’s permission. Stewart gladly met with German delegates without asking “permission” from anyone. I would suggest the State Department step in and put an end to any questionable international meetings. This is clearly not in the local governments’ job descriptions.

  19. Madam Mofo


    I mentally composed an answer for you as I read your remarks. I hadn’t seen whwn’s remarks. I can’t add much to his response but: Basically, ‘anonymous’ doesn’t jump out and grab me and shout ‘hsm board member!’ I am glad you spoke positively of the meeting you attended. That was brave and I know it isn’t always easy to do the right thing. I hope that Chris has paved the way for you all.

    If what she said is true about everyone being against the attack on Chief Deane, (and I have no reason to doubt her words) then I have to first ask why? If you felt a decent man was being unjustly assassinated, I would have expected a great outcry on the blog defending the chief. That is what I don’t recall seeing.

  20. Pax

    MM – “The blog” and HSM are not one and the same, though there are some crossovers.

  21. Jorge Pollo

    How can you really distinguish the two when they are both “led” by the same person?

  22. Elena

    What is the difference?

    Greg is the president of HSM and Greg is the blog adminstrator, although he did not send the letter to Craig Gearhart decrying Chief Deane’s actions as treason, he did send an e-mail “alert” /panic alert to its members, then he DID post the letter on BVBL, both actions are heinous in my mind.

  23. Chris

    Please, do tell. I would love to hear the difference.

  24. Madam Mofo

    Pax, nice try, no banana. You can say whatever you want. Doesn’t make it so.

    Bvbl is the talking head for HSM regardless of what its owner/leader says.

  25. Pax

    bvbl was around before hsm; hsm was organized by others, and gl was voted in as someone who would be effective. perhaps he has used his established blog to make announcements about hsm as well as other community news, but the blog does not speak for hsm, even though you may not like gl, some of the bloggers, hsm, or appreciate satire (in some cases). every hsm meeting that i have attended has been held, with gl presiding, in an informative, courteous, and rational manner. whatever you think of gl, he has been a tireless and effective leader, and re-elected.

  26. Moon-howler

    Yes, Pax, some of us have been to hsm meetings. Those of us who haven’t have seen some films of them. I don’t believe anyone is accusing them of biting the heads off of chickens, now are they?

    That really isn’t the point. The issue in question is: How closely related are hsm and bvbl? Same leader of both. Some hsm members probably don’t blog, some bloggers aren’t hsm members. So what. Key point: the leader is the same for both. What stays on the blog had better be the hsm party line unless the comments are needed to stimulate conversation.

    I am sure GL appreciates your loyalty. He seems to have lost of alot of his following lately. Document after document show him for the operative he is, in his attempt to maintain power and control over the political process. No one denies his talent and leadership; what many of us question is his ethics.

  27. Pax

    “What stays on the blog had better be the hsm party line unless the comments are needed to stimulate conversation.” this statement is illogical. there are comments from many sides and even some of the threads are not party-line with hsm. read the disclaimers. i think many of you just have issues with men in general – divorces, blended/broken families, etc.

  28. Censored bybvbl

    Pax, BVBL is an albatross around GL’s neck as long as he’s prez of HSM. But his ego is too big to take the necessary step of choosing one or the other. His reputation on BVBL besmirches HSM no matter how you’d like to spin it differently. And LOL at your statement about critics of his having issues with men!!! The issues aren’t those of divorce, blended/broken families. What a hoot! There may be an issue of his being a control freak who sends off the little women to do his dirty work though.

  29. Pax

    see? some comments are inserted “to stimulate conversation.” his loudest critics, pro-amnesty folks, do indeed have issues and appear a bit paranoid. antibvbl-ers are not any i’d look to for ethics. adios!

  30. Chris

    I guess you missed the meeting last summer where GL did NOT preside over. That was the most attended meeting in HSM’s history.
    Posters have problem with men here. hahaha
    You missed the point he leads both. Therefore, it causes confusion for those that are not in the know. I do know the difference between the two. You summed it up pretty good. Yes, GL inherited BVBL, and created HSM.
    I’m in tears over this one “blended family” now that’s spoken like a true illegal alien apologist”. What a joke. 😉

  31. Moon-howler

    Ah another drive-by, Censored. How are your issues with men doing today? Mine are fine. Let’s see, one husband, 2 kids, a boy and a girl. Married back when God was a child. Not too bad. Those issues are just doing fine.

    Bye Pax, (waving fondly) See you next time. Tell the lil woman (or man) hello for us.

    Meanwhile, I will be thinking about that pro-amnesty crap you folks keep hurling our way.
    $5000 fine = amnesty. yea right. I don’t think so! Turning my sarcasm button off now.

  32. Jorge Pollo

    It would seem if the are seperate then HSM would have it’s own blog.

  33. Censored bybvbl

    Moon-howler, I spent the entire morning and most of the afternoon with a man and didn’t kill him. We checked out the fishermen/fisherwomen/fisherkiddos at Fountainhead Park and contemplated buying a couple kayaks. Then we suffered through the traffic on Rt. 1 and ate at Tim’s Rivershore. We celebrated 37 years together last month. No problems here with men. I generally like them.

  34. NotGregLetiecq

    I have always had more guy friends than girl friends. But I will admit I have a strong preference for men who have evolved beyond the types of adolescent insecurities that drive them to sexism and/or being threatened by an empowered and intelligent woman.

    In my generation, most men get there by the time they graduate college. But given the role models available today, I have no patience for a guy who carries on with sexist insecurities into adulthood.

    I almost have more understanding for the old codgers who grew up before the 60’s.

    Racicm goes the same way. Popular with the older crowd but WAY uncool with the under 30 generation.

  35. Moon-howler

    Censored, that sounds like a fun afternoon. It was a gorgeous day. There aren’t too many like today in August. 37 years is quite an accomplishment–especially for someone who has trouble with men. tee hee.

  36. tickle_me_ELVIS


    the above link boils my blood when I read it and compare it to people like yourselves who condone criminal illegals living in our midst. I would pray that none of you have to experience crime perpetrated by an illegal alien to change your thoughts. the 287g program, the economy and the resolution are teaming up to rid our streets of these scumbags and everyone here is complaining about it? it boggles the mind.

  37. Jorge Pollo

    Did someone mumble something?

  38. Elena

    So people who are here, albeit undocumented, but working hard at multiple jobs, and hoping to give their children a better life are scumbags? I, along with many others here have never argued against the 287 g in the jails Elvis. However, since you clearly are unable to grasp the truth, the 287g in the jails was ALREADY in place, irregardless of the resolution. It is NOT a part of the resolution. Is that clear yet?

  39. Moon-howler

    Elena, I am all in favor of getting criminals off the street. I support the 287g program and always have. I guess next time I say it I will put the caps on and do an audio: you know, that multimodal approach. I believe the obtuseness on the part of some readers is selective, don’t you?

  40. NotGregLetiecq

    Elvis, you were so close to getting through an entire post without saying something ugly and hateful. Why do have to saboutage yourself?

    Oh, and you’ve got the cause and effect all mixed up on the economy in PWC going down the tubes. First the Resolution, then the immigrants left, THEN our economy tanked.

    Did you do get it wrong on purpose? Or are you drifting into your McCain years?

  41. Christine

    I wanted to applaud your efforts. I had the privilege of seeing 9500Liberty, and was so impressed by you. God bless.

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