Corey demonstrates, with no regrets, what kind of politican he has become.   Having no qualms about being labeled a bully, he says:

“I’m hard-charging. I don’t give ground. Once I set a course, I don’t fall back and I move ahead. You can call that bullying, but I call it effective leadership,” Stewart says.

Seriously, as the elected Chairman of a huge county in the Metro Region, you have no problem being recognized as a bully?

Is this what our democracy has been reduced to, bullying tactics, instead of thoughtful intelligent governance? I wonder how his fellow supervisors feel, being on the receiving end of a man bragging about pushing them around to meet his political needs? I feel especially angry right now because here I was, trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, pumping him up for his Rural Crescent vote, hoping he was refocusing on other pressing matters in the county, but I was wrong…..AGAIN.

I wonder, how exactly, as a local politician, will Corey “begin pushing for measures that make it easier for immigrants to come to the United States without breaking the law.”  Does this mean he will be spending even more time on Capitol Hill, focusing on immigration, instead of the myriad of serious issues facing our County? I for one am tired of being used as his stepping stone to bigger and better political offices.

I also noticed that an arm of FAIR, Center for Immigration Studies, is there to support Corey in his stance on illegal immigration, oh wait, that’s right, I mean immigration.  What an interesting contradiction, the people who provided most of the language template for our original immigration resolution, also want to cease ALL immigration, legal and otherwise while Corey supposedly wants to make legal immigration easier.  Poor Corey, he doesn’t even know how he has been duped by them. 

But supporters say Stewart is showing that local governments can do something about the issue.

“What Prince William County is doing is clearly registering at the national level,” says Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, a think tank promoting restrictions on illegal immigration. “You need to have somebody driving the bus, you need to have somebody leading on this issue, and that’s the role he’s playing. You have to have a catalyst.” 

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    Me too, Elena!

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    4 G’s, LOLOLOLOL. Very funny MH

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    You’re a genius. God, guns, gays and gringos. Brilliant.

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    Moon Howler’s gone from a f-ing idiot to a genious in less than a week. I wonder if Elvis’ Porsche can do that. 😉

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    Help Save Manassas is a 501c(4) not a 501c(3).

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