From FAIR’s website, where they once again accuse legal immigrants of causing economic hardship on localities. How did Corey allow himself to become a tool for this organization? So, if we believe Federation for American Immigration Reform(FAIR), then Corey’s own wife, who is a legal permanent resident is to blame for straining resources and causing sprawl!

Can you imagine these organizations like FAIR & Immigration Reform Law Institute(IRLI) claim to be for legal immigration but at the same time have their representatives write books like – “The Case Against Immigration” which is currently being hauked by Mark Krikorian from IRLI.

Listen, if you want to write a book like that fine, just don’t lie to me and tell me that you’re pro-immigrant!

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The northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. have become a hotbed of immigration reform activism in recent years. In 2006, the city of Herndon voted out of office all but one local official who had supported a day labor hiring site for illegal aliens. More recently, Prince William County has attracted national attention by instituting local immigration enforcement policies and cooperating closely with federal immigration authorities. A new report by the University of Virginia demonstrates why local residents are so concerned about mass immigration. The report finds that one in five northern Virginia residents is now foreign-born and statewide the immigrant population has doubled since 1980. This rapid influx of both government sanctioned and illegal immigrants has strained local resources and contributed to population driven sprawl in the region.

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  1. Red Dawn

    I say let Elvis reign and do it his way πŸ™‚

    Who are WE to say if it is wrong or right? πŸ™‚

  2. Moon-howler,

    Talk of the court house indeed! Thanks, Lucky Duck, for a much needed laugh.

    So a bunch of overly nosy people gossiping (and we all know how nasty gossip can get) about a deeply personal and private lifestyle choice is in your book ‘good for a laugh’….

    But if I link to some professionally produced comedy skits they are

    Not funny and not appropriate on so very many levels, IMHO.

    The only difference I can discern is that the comedy skits I linked to aren’t ‘good for a laugh’ at the expense of a real person…

  3. Censored bybvbl

    Elena, I don’t think Corey Stewart is letting the issue of immigration die down. From yesterday’s Examiner:

    While Stewart says he has no regrets about his tough line against illegals, he worries that it might be making legal immigrants feel unwelcome, too. He says he will begin pushing for measures that make it easier for immigrants to come to the United States without breaking the law.

    Stewart says he is confident his crusade against illegal immigration has made him a better public official.

    β€œI’m hard-charging. I don’t give ground. Once I set a course, I don’t fall back and I move ahead. You can call that bullying, but I call it effective leadership,” Stewart says.

  4. Red Dawn


    πŸ™‚ A Big Mac attack πŸ™‚

  5. Red Dawn

    INTENT, that is all I can say, INTENT

  6. Red Dawn,

    That was hilarious! Someday I’ll have the guts to order my sausage and egg biscuits with a tight rap.

    We must always strive to keep it real…even when keeping it real goes wrong…

  7. Lucky Duck

    Censored, that is a damning set of comments made by Stewart. He doesn’t care if he is thought of as a bully? What kind of image is that for him as a representative of the County?

    The best political minds realize you cannot win every time. There has to be a give and
    take with opposing viewpoints.

    What a fool he has become.

  8. Moon-howler


    Well, I do call it bullying and will continue to call it bullying. Nice he acknowledges some of us think that.

    Corey allowed an outside group to come in to OUR county and set policy. He can deny all he wants, but he hooked up with a group that is fundamentally against all immigration. How is he going to spin that one with the Examiner?

  9. Slither hither

    How can Corey spin that to his wife?

    Mackie & Red Dawn,
    You two need to get a “youtube chat room” for yourselves.

  10. Red Dawn


    CRISPY πŸ™‚

    Keep it real, is right. I believe it is the SECRET of life πŸ™‚

  11. Red Dawn

    opps…forgot he video Look at where it took him? πŸ™‚ Peace

  12. Red Dawn

    Slither hither,

    ANOTHER conspiracy,LOL! Wide open here with NOTHING to hide πŸ™‚ –EWWWWW and me being a girl could say I left myself wide open for the NASTY joke πŸ™‚ lol NOT!!!!!!!
    just giggles πŸ™‚

  13. Elena

    Once again, Corey proves me wrong. Thanks for the link Censored. I think I’ll make it a thread. Now he wants to have it both ways? Allow FAIR to dictate our county policy, allow a nativist to push through a new resolution with bullying tactics and Corey is proud of that stance? Not the guy I thought I knew. I really wish he would comment on FAIR’s new “outing” of its real intent, to curb all immigration. Why aren’t the reporters asking Corey about this hypocrisy?

  14. Moon-howler

    One interesting low-light that hopped out at me was the fact that Corey had told Dan Genz that the Immigration Resolution was strengthened on April 29, when in fact, it was neutered from its original form. So Corey is not only lying to his public here in PWC but also to the D.C. Examiner.

    He simply could not hide his ambitions.

  15. Red Dawn

    Here is a QUESTION that I would like to ask EVERYONE:

    What would change if Corey or Greg admit that they were wrong? Not so much if wrong but Misguided( I ask this with the theory that it was TWO separate agendas)

    If we get a sorry, what does that change? I only ask this because of Robb Pearson.

  16. Maybe Elvis is in the courthouse every day because he is always being sued?

  17. Red Dawn

    Corey was ambitious for another seat (GA)and fought hard to gain his current position- correct me if I am wrong and it back fired. Who pays who? Who lobbies for LOCAL to earmark for future, whatever? Still learning, so it is a vague question. I am just not that STUPID that I learned from a friend to “follow the money”

  18. Red Dawn

    That would be fun πŸ™‚

    If anyone has ever been to the court house in Fairfax, there was “courthouse Bob”
    I will see if I can dig an article that featured him πŸ™‚
    I remember seeing him everyday with his brief case ( I think patched with duct tape) suit and all taking a smoke break with all of us πŸ™‚ Chris? Where are you? What about the other dude that made it his passion to go thru all the records and FIND mistakes? A millionaire to boot?

  19. Chris

    OMG! I’d forgot about “courthouse Bob”. His famous last words “smoke ’em if ya got ’em”. I just talked to my other half who is at the Fairfax courthouse everyday. “Courthouse Bob” has not been around since the renovations began a few years back. He also said that “Crazy George” still surfaces from time to time. Did you know he used to own the “infamous purple house” in the City of Manassas?
    I’m glad to say we don’t have those types at PW courthouse. Well, perhaps Elvis she/he REALLY exists. πŸ˜‰

  20. Red Dawn


    Yes,I think George was his name.Purple house? be PRIVATE…H?
    This should just make our point, to NOT censor and let it be ( Beatles, video/song comes to mind, lol ) Anyway, ANYONE can be at the courthouse on a daily basis…..ANYONE. IT is public πŸ™‚ Cheers

  21. Chris

    Yes, George was his name and yes H.

  22. YOO HOO


    The video that THOUGHT I was leaving you at August 2008, 21:32
    Was a duplicate( of big mack attack) and this is what I mean to leave

    ugust 2008, 21:32

    testing….WEIRD IN SCRIPT….but supposed to be William Hung/she bangs…no talent but his heart showed and became an icon

  23. YOO HOO

    here it is..wgas πŸ™‚

  24. Moon-howler

    I expect John Steinbach is probably a much nicer person than I am. He appears to think of others long before he thinks of himself. But thanks, King. I take it in the spirit it was given and at the same time, recognize a person who seems to be a rather caring type guy. I don’t know Mr. Steinbach but he seems to be a decent sort from what others, both friend and foe, have said about him.

  25. John Steinbach strikes me as one of the original 60’s protesters. He’s great as far as I am concerned, though his methods are not mine.

  26. Elvis

    steinbach is a “power to the people” type guy, not a bad sort of chap but I dont agree with the way he plugs his pseudo-communist type views about the same as I dont think KG is being “blunt” or others think illegals should be given a pass. perception is each and every persons own reality. what others see is not necessarily what “you” see. damn, I’m thinking myself in circles thinking about it.

    I’ve actually met him once, during one of the rallies at the past. I dont support anyone, just happened to mosey on by while he was waving his fist and such. he truly believes what he’s talking about (even though I dont agree with him) and that’s to be respected for sure.

    as for Nancy Lyall, if anyone truly deserves contempt it’s her. un-articulate and she totally makes it tough for anyone to be won over to her “cause” whatever it may be. and that’s the problem with her group, what IS their cause? when you get down to the root of it, it’s amnesty for all and that just does not fly with the majority of american’s these days.

  27. Lucky Duck

    Mr. Steinbach is a nice enough guy. A true believer in open borders. In fact, during a conversation with him, he related that he does not believe in any national borders what so ever, that a person should be able to move about anywhere they wish to go. He said his belief grew out of working with migrant workers in his youth.

    Ms. Lyall did her constitutents a disfavor throughout the protest phase. She readily admitted that she had not prepared her group for the possible failure of their campaign. They had expected to show up in large numbers (and they did) and that their voices would be heard and counted but they were not and she stated that she hated to “see their hopes dashed”. She knew from the debate that it was a losing cause but in my opinion, she did not share those feelings with the masses.

  28. Moon-howler

    Elvis, This might come as a shock to you, but I pretty much agree with much that you have said. However, I disagree that Nancy Lyall is inarticulate. I might not like what she says but most of the time she says it well enough for me to grasp. I think as she become less relevant, she puts less thought into what she says.

    Lucky Duck, I agree with you also. I do not think that NL prepared her people, followers, for the disappointment that was to come. I felt she was out of touch and gave them false hopes. John Steinbach just comes across as a more genuine person who truly cares for human beings, regardless of how altruistic his endeavors are. NL appears to be in it for ‘the cause.’ I am not going to the wall on this, just offering up an opinion.

  29. FAIR has been consistent in its call for less overall immigration for nearly 30 years. We have always been forthright about both our intentions and motives. Read our website and make up your own mind. Corey Stewart follows his own drummer and certainly makes his own decisions independent of FAIR in any case.

    By the way, Mark Krikorian works for CIS, not IRLI.

    Dan Stein

  30. Slither hither

    BFD, Dan-o!
    What if Corey’s “drummer” a/k/a “puppeteer” a/k/a “handler” follows the gospel of FAIR?

  31. Slither hither

    Obey your master!

  32. Elena

    Hi Dan,
    Welcome to Anti. The point, is that Corey was totally unaware of who you or IRLI was in the beginning of this “experiment” in PWC. I wonder, had he known the full scope of your influence on immigration, would he still have been so likely to use this issue has his “winning” platform tool ? Many of us, once having done the most rudimentary of research, can see that all tentacles of anti-immigration rhetoric lead back to F.A.I.R. Center for Immigration Studies is another example of that tentacle. IRLI, CIS……they are both the same in my book. They are still beholden to F.A.I.R.

    But back to the subject at hand. To suggest that sprawl and lack of infrastructure is the fault of immigration is simply untrue. Strong labor markets, cheap land and rising housing costs are the cause of sprawl Dan. Poor land use decisions and planning are the cause of sprawl and burdens on local infrastructure. Maybe you should talk to the Coalition for Smart Growth to become better informed as to the causes of sprawl. The drop in interest rates allowed people to buy more for less (so to speak at least) and thus you saw a real estate boom that allowed sprawl to explode in the exurbs.

    I have a question for you. How is your organizations goal of controlling immigration any different from that of the immigration movement in the early 1920’s. During that time, there was a push to not only control the number of immigrants entering the U.S but also regulate immigrants from specific regions of Europe.

  33. Ivan

    It should be noted that the CIS is still part of John Tanton’s( founder of FAIR) network. If you work for an organization, chances are you share the same philosophy as the founder. By the way, I thought your “intentions and motives” were to keep the US population at a level in order to insure continued political dominance by “white America.”

  34. Elvis


    this is a feel good, I wanna hug moment! people actually agree with me. I totally agree, it was a lost cause to begin with. If ever a inopportune time to push that cause is this, during the falling economy with sept. 11th on peoples minds still illegal aliens getting amnesty and open borders is doomed to fail.

    I’m not a big believer in big johns ideals, I just think he’s a nice guy who actually believes what he’s talking about. believers in anything are few and far between these days.

  35. Elena

    I also forgot to mention, that as a founding member of the PWC chapter of Voters to Stop Sprawl, NO WHERE do we list immigration as a core reason for sprawl.

  36. I don’t get it. I read this blog and I get the sense that most of you don’t think this country should regulate immigration at all? Or that states and localities shouldn’t maintain policies that are consistent with the federal immigration scheme? I understand the need for hysterics — I guess (LOL) — but what this issue needs is reflection, not reflexes. Corey Stewart has just done what many other public spirited leaders would do: recognize the need for ensuring that taxpayer-funded services are reserved for those who have a right to be in the country. Is there something here that’s not clear, or do you all just think the nation state is antiquated and we shouldn’t bother with enforceable limits to immigration? πŸ™‚

    To Elena, I’d suggest you go back to your history a bit more to discover the role many labor unions and related American-worker interests had in demanding limits to immigration in the 1920s. What labor wanted was a need to limit immigration in order to obtain bargaining leverage. How can any union successfully strike for lower wages without limits to the labor supply? Check out the ILGWU resolutions dating back as early as 1905.

    Dan Stein

  37. Censored bybvbl

    Corey Stewart has just done what many other public spirited leaders would do: recognize the need for ensuring that taxpayer-funded services are reserved for those who have a right to be in the country.

    No. That isn’t what Corey Stewart has done. It may have been what he wanted to do. But in the end he wasted a lot of our tax dollars investigating keeping Seniors off the Bluebird bus and out of a few social programs that no one seems sure that illegal immigrants took advantage of. The fact that county staff even investigated the possibility of keeping immigrants off of our roads and preventing them from accessing the PWC website is ludicrous! The 287(g) program was already in use at the jail.

    Don’t put words in people’s mouths by implying that no one wants immigration regulated. Most people here merely want a realistic solution to dealing with the people who are already here. They’re not going to “self-deport” and we’re not going to round up 10-15,000,000 people.

    Your organization with its email loop, GregL, Corey, John Stirrup, Robert Duecaster, and HSM are responsible for the drain on our county’s finances at a time when we can least afford the debt – to say nothing of the negative image given the county. How about you and your organization ponying up the money we’ve had to spend to pursue this folly?

  38. […] Stewart’s Wife Strains Resources and Causes Sprawl at Anti-BVBL. This post asks the quintessential question for supposed pro-legal immigration anti-”illegal” immigration groups. How can you be pro-immigrant when all you do is badmouth immigrants and provide no solutions to make the immigration system more positive? I think we know the answer. […]

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