After a 4 month hiatus, a Summer edition of the Help Save Manassas – Frontline newsletter is now available, entitled – Prince William: An Oasis in the Desert. Obviously, the HSM camp suffers from hallucinations where the mantra about the ‘Rule of Law’ Resolution aka the Immigration Resolution abound and where the resolution is both working well but yet not working at all.

Interestingly, some of the regular names including Steve Thomas no longer appear and there’s no mention of his whereabouts. We do learn that both Greg Letiecq and Dan Arnold of the nightmarish – Cultural Chaos fiasco of the March edition have both been ‘re-elected’.

We also learn that after exhausting local businesses, the ‘Do the Right Thing’ pledge has now ‘expanded’ their reach to areas such as Stafford & Spottslyvannia. One needs to ask whether or not local businesses are being deceived into pledging their allegiance to HSM?

The zeros and heroes section seems to be repeated from past editions.

And then there’s the ‘Crime Prevention’ Team which perhaps has replaced the Special Ops group? According to the newsletter the police department believes the Crime Prevention Team is a ‘valuable resource’. Surely if the police felt such a ‘team’ of local citizens was needed they would have requested volunteers. Instead, Letiecq and cohorts have most likely put the police in the undesirable position of having to mediate any incidents that could result by having this antagonist force thrust themselves into this situation.

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  1. Censored bybvbl

    Chris, that’s the impression I’ve gotten – a small number of complaints when you look at the entire county. And some crowded homes really are filled with related people. Imagine that! One house near my walking partner has had between eleven and fourteen people and about seven cars. But the people are all related.

    Do you know if NS is counting legitimate, founded complaints when they give a percentage of overcrowded units or are they just looking at the number of complaints called in (many of them false or about houses which don’t fit the definition of overcrowded) and basing their percentage on those received complaints/overall number of housing units?

  2. Thanks for the morning humor.

    Elvis has become just another “internet wacko” in my mind. I’m not sure I believe he works in the courthouse. How would he have such constant access to the computer if that were so? Or does the courthouse allow such things as blogging on and off all day long?

    Elvis is apparently incredibly bored out of his wits and likes to stir things up.

    Yes, offensive and bigoted and a number of annoying things, but he doesn’t seem like a real person to me at all. Too many inconsistencies. Probably more than one person using the same screen name. More than one wacko having fun with dear old “Elvis.”

  3. Mackie, if you aren’t fond of real cops, the HSM Cop-Impersonators must be a real hoot for you! 🙂

  4. Jedi Master Yoda

    Elvis has crossed over. He has found a new home where much love is shown to him.

    We must find a replacement for him!

  5. Slither hither

    Fear not! I’m sure the understudies will fill in.

  6. kgotthardt,

    Mackie, if you aren’t fond of real cops, the HSM Cop-Impersonators must be a real hoot for you!

    My comments about police abuse may have been very emotional but as I’ve said many times I wholeheartedly support cops who do their jobs and do not violate their oaths to the constitution. I recognize that it isn’t an easy thing to do and requires many judgment calls. As I’ve stated many times, I do support law enforcement. I would be the first to try and offer any useful information to help catch any criminals in the community.

    However, we can’t turn a blind eye when our public servants commit abuse. That goes for all our public servants all the way up to the big cheese himself, the President. We should strive to ensure that justice applies equally to all of us. A community where justice applies to all is a harmonious and happy community and it IS possible.

    Here is a the first part of an excellent interview with the police chief of Austin, Art Acevedo, who I support and admire for his openness and desire to create a community where justice reigns. This guy is a great guy and has some really great ideas about how to bring a community together.

  7. chris c

    If they investigate an overcrowding complaint they really should take the time to investigate id’s of all the adults.

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