46 Thoughts to “Patrolling with the Mounted Police”

  1. Dolph

    My favorite cops! What a great video.

    I have all the respect in the world for this unit. There could be no better PR for any police department. As PWC becomes more urban, this unit is not only needed but should grow larger. Great partnering with the National Park Service to utilize the horses for free. Their horses get used and our equestrian unit does police work.

    This program is another example of Chief Deane’s innovativeness. Beyond initial training, this program appears to be self supporting. Horses can go places engined transportation cannot go. Horses are great for crowd control and for searching the outback for things or people needing to be found.

    Hail to the Chief and hail to the horse women of Prince William County.

  2. Chris

    HorsegirlTV, I love it!

    I’ve seen the Equestrian Unit in Lake Ridge along the parkway, at the mall, at the fair, and a couple of times in Coverstone too. Perhaps, the HSM Crime Prevention Team can parter up with this elite unit of women.

    It’s amazing to see citizens of all ages, and walks of life enjoying the horses, and getting to communicate with a police officer up close and personal. This is community outreach at it’s finest.

  3. Wendy

    Considering the program is funded by donations, it’s a good deal for the community.

  4. If you criticize the empty suit, George Bush, you end up on the terrorist watch list.


    Do not be fooled.

    This will in no way end under Obama.

  5. Moon-howler

    Apparently there are some over on the place of the dark screen that have a short memory. Some of them are getting lax with the facts.

    A. Greg says it was unauthorized. Not true. Maybe this was before he moved here?!!

    BOCS Resolution 05-158 (2/15/05) Authorized the Chief to initiate Mounted Unit. Voting aye: Barg, Connaughton, Covington, Nohe, Stewart and Stirrup. Voting Nay: Caddigan Absent from Vote: Jenkins.

    Greg L said on 20 Aug 2008 at 10:29 pm: Maybe they are, and maybe they’re not. The problem is we just don’t know. Chief Deane authorized this program and made a long-term commitment to funding it without any apparent review or oversight from the Board of Supervisors. Was this the highest public safety priority at the time? Is this the best use of taxpayer funds?

    B. Stirrup is one of the biggest supporters:

    BOCS Resolution 07-149 (2/20/07) Authorized transfer of $1,100 from Gainesville Magisterial District to County Police Mounted Unit. Voting Aye: Barg, Caddigan, Covington, Jenkins, May, Nohe, Stewart and Stirrup

    Come to Anti for the facts. Go to the dark screen for sensationalism and speculation!

  6. Wendy

    Thank you Moon Howler. I was searching the silly County website for this information. (that is an IMPOSSIBLE website). I did recall Stirrups invovlement. Isn’t he a pal of BVBL? Also, no jurisdiction could implement a program like this involving another federal agency without BOCS knowledge and endorsement. Apparently Greg thinks our Police Chief thinks like he does?!

    Anyway, thanks for the facts, if I feel like watching some hysterical men bobble about I’ll head on over to ‘the dark screen’ !!!!

  7. Moon-howler


    Someone told me Supervisor Stirrup was a member of HSM. I do not know if he blogs. I doubt if she would know that bit of info. I expect they all read all the local blogs though.

    I don’t know why anyone would accuse Chief Deane of trying to pull something like an equestrian unit over on the BOCS. Not authorized? So I can see it now: John Jenkins driving past McCoart Building and he sees 4 women, all wearing PWC police uniforms, riding horses. Hmmm…they look like our cops…..That just isn’t something one can hide.

    Newcomers to our community often spout misinformation. In this case, I believe it was intentional rather than being a new kid on the block. There have been many attempts by those with an agenda to attempt to mislead,

  8. Wendy

    Why would anyone who claims to care for this community think that lying or deliberately attempting to mislead folks would be a contribution?

    I guess there is a personal agenda at work here…… Well, we don’t like them in Washington and we shouldn’t accept them in our town.

    Guess those questions are rhetorical.

  9. Elena

    great detective work, thanks for sharing the truth!. Too bad the people on the dark screen don’t bother to do their own research, insted, they gobble up Greg’s lies like sweet candy.

  10. Moon-howler

    It must be a regular feeding frenzy there. Lies, gimme them lies!!!

  11. Juturna

    Yes, second here. Good job MH. Elena – facts are unfortunately boring……

  12. Madam Mofo

    ho ho hee hee Elvis might be trashing the Anti blog and the Anti folks but he sounds like an Anti-blogger. I guess he caught that bit using his head from us. You won’t last long over there Elvis. Not with that reasonable attitude.

    (blowing kisses at Elvis)

  13. Juturna

    Yes, I saw that. Folks, Elvis is saying that the Mounted Unit provides a community service ON BVBL. Is he next to be banned?? Will his posts be blocked?? Stay tuned… only time will tell if we will get our own little Tickle Me back……

  14. Marie

    The women cops are getting trashed on the dark side. What is with them? If you go over read Just Cause’s remarks. Loved them.

    Great idea, a mounted unit. Great PR. Great for kids and the community to get to know and trust police officers. Chief Deane gets my applaud.

  15. I remember when the article came out about that partnership. It was in Bull Run Observer and I believe Potomac News as well. I actually wanted to do volunteer work with their horses but it didn’t happen. I wanted to brush them at least 🙂 I don’t ride.

    Cops on horses are cool. It’s those cops on bicycles that always seem a little….I don’t know….emasculated somehow?

    The Park should get some of those horses and a garbage truck out to the Stewart Hill trails. There are a couple of sites out there that scream drinking parties and trash dump. Some of the scrap metal has been out there for years. And there’s a whole hill of trash that has never been removed. Yes, I wrote to them already because I love the park.

  16. Marie, DO post us JC’s remark over here for those of us who cannot bear the DARK SIDE (or who have been booted out).

  17. Juturna

    Just Cause said on 21 Aug 2008 at 1:59 pm:
    To the self-loathing degenerates who posted today, this thoughts for you:

    “When you exercise your freedom to express yourself at the lowest level, you ultimately condemn yourself to live at that level”

    I don’t think it was blocked because I don’t think they understand it.

  18. Juturna

    JC – why on earth are the dark side people saying this was done without proper approval? Any insight?

  19. Ah! Thanks for the posting. I’m not sure what JC was referring to (I assume the allegation that the mounted police wasn’t approved?) but it does seem a little intellectual for the “Duh we hate Hispanics” crowd. 🙂

  20. Chris

    Great post by Just Cause.

    Why someone that claims to be a “community leader” would post such blatant lies is beyond me. Of course, an “all girl” unit will defamed by the black velvets. Someone needs to remind them all for their sake that their mothers were pro-life and gave them life to act like horse’s asses.

    Now, how about that “deadbeat dad” with a debt of $99,000.00 in back child support. That’s outstanding news. I know the Sherrif’s department can’t track down one dead beat in this county to the tune of $55,000. Please, don’t tell me I’m the only one that noticed that find.Yet, is sorry butt had money so he could soak up the suds. I would also, like to point out that one dead beat’s debt is two thirds of the cost to fund the Manassas Senior Day Care Center. Just trying to put the numbers into real perspective here. Which is something that can’t be said of bvbl and it’s blogmeister or should I say spinmeister.

  21. Mom

    “Of course, an “all girl” unit will defamed by the black velvets.”

    True, but only a symptom of a larger issue their fearless leader has with the thin blue line in general. He/they seem to have it out for every department in the county and don’t pass up any opportunities to blast each and every one of them, regardless the veracity (or more often the lack thereof) of the underlying facts. A trip through the archives will reveal sniping at PWC, Manassas, Manassas Park, Haymarket, Dumfries and the ABC, revolving around everything from ICE, corruption, gun rights, alleged abuse of power, etc., etc. etc.

    One might suspect that fearless leader has a bit of an issue with authority or a closet desire to be BATMAN (but that Robin thing might turn some of his less enlightened droogies against him, given those alternate lifestyle questions surrounding the Boy Wonder).

  22. Moon-howler


    I cannot argue with a word you have said. I am howling with laughter over the Batman/Robin analogy.

    Let’s think of who the natural Boy Wonder could be in the small circle of Red or the black velvets.

  23. Michael

    I assume its not an all girl unit by design, that would be violating equal opportunity employment laws. Maybe they are the only ones who spend money (or their parents money) learning to ride horses?

  24. Michael

    I think police exposure by horse or by bycicle is a very good thing, especially in parks and recreational areas. Walking the streets downtown or patrolling our neighborhoods looking for people committing crimes (one would ponder the ratio of this to looking for speeding tickets to make the department more money), is even better.

  25. Mom

    Corey would be the natural (I suspect that tight fitting spandex secretly appeals to him) can’t you just imagine him saying:

    “Holy Banana Republic Batman, looks like you got yourself another one of those dirty Hispanics, err, uhh, I mean cut him loose Greg, that’s Commerce Secretary Gutierrez. My apologies sir”.

    But alas, he has put on more than a few stone in recent months and the combination of he and the spandex suits brings on visions of two bulldogs in a bag.

  26. Moon-howler

    Michael, you make a good point. While women aren’t the only ones who ride horses, most of the people I knew who took formal lessons were girls. I have to confess to spending my parents’ money taking lessons myself.

  27. Moon-howler

    LOL LOL LOL Stop!!! Uncle!!!! …errrr…MOM…. I can’t take it any more. HOWWWWWLLLLLLLLing with laughter.

  28. OMG MOM!!!!!!!! The HORROR! The HORROR! 🙂

  29. Chris

    Many thanks for the much needed laugh.
    In all seriousness you’ve made some very valid points regarding the archives. That’s one memory lane I don’t care to take a stroll down anytime soon.

  30. Marie

    My sides are splitting with laughter.

    Thanks for posting Just Cause’s comments for kgotthardt. I was out this afternoon and just saw her request.

  31. I’ve done a number of searches on the PWC website. It’s hard to get the information you need. One wonders if the archives are hidden or removed. I couldn’t find the original version of the resolution, for example, when I searched for it.

  32. Slither hither

    For all you spandex lovers!
    Marie- I hope your sides have recovered for this one. 😉

  33. BVBLWatch

    elvis may have said some kind things about the horse squad on BVBL, but he is busy slinging his usual insults. He claims he will not be returning to this blog.

    There’s this bridge property in Brooklyn.

  34. Jake the Snake

    Oh Slither! I cannot believe you did that. I am going to split a gut. Talk about a fearless leader. I hope those 2 ‘dancers’ don’t trip.

  35. Bring it On


  36. Chris

    Slither you deserve a Gold medal for that post. I’m in tears over that one. Thanks.

  37. Here’s a vid on how Portleand, Oregon is handling the day laborer question.

    I think PWC might be able to learn a thing or two.

  38. Just Cause

    actually kgottard, I posted that comment because what the “men” were doing on the “other” side was aiming cheap shots at women. Knocking a female for doing a job she loves todo. Taking something positive from and trying to spin a negative..basically belittling women who are in authority.. Most of the “good ole boys” do not like women who are in a position of authority, they feel intimidated, threatened…their testosteron just wont allow it..so instead of taking it like a Gentleman, the ole ballers banned together and decided to go all postal..err poster.. I just wanted to give them a dose of estrogen…

  39. Elena

    Good job Just Cause, I think their belittling of women is just representative of a larger character flaw regarding anyone who does not fall into their good ole boy club.

  40. Elena

    STOP, that is not nice to the the women of gymnatstics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  41. Chris

    Just Cause,
    Good for you. They need a daily dose of estrogen. I’m glad your comments stayed up there. My comments when calling the men out for their behavior were DELETED. It’s nice to see not all with opposing views get their comments deleted.

  42. Moon-howler

    And you did a great job, Just Cause. Many thanks! I would also say you have the situation summed up exactly on belittling women.

    I would like to think Slither Hither’s addition to the Olympics is tit for tat with the Judy Feder mockery.

  43. Jorge Pollo

    Dedicated to those black velvets who need a good dose of raging estrogen!

  44. Juturna

    Elena I think you just insulted the ‘good ole boys’ – seriously.

  45. Jake the Snake

    jorge pollo,

    Yes, it is hard for them to be humble. That is why some of the over the top comments are made, don’t you think?

  46. Elena

    I hope so Juturna, their methodolgy is for neandrathals!

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