Funny letter to the editor today from Chairman Stewart accusing Fairfax Supervisor Connolly of attacking 11th Congressional District candidate Keith Fimian over his religious beliefs. In part it says,

As a devout Catholic, I am troubled to see this. As an American, and a constituent of the 11th District, I am incensed. It was almost half a century ago that the same bigoted attacks were made on President John F. Kennedy.

How Chairman Stewart is able to recongnize these as bigoted attacks when he’s been unable to recognize bigoted attacks in the past is beyond me.

109 Thoughts to “Funny letter to the editor in the MJM by Corey Stewart”

  1. Juturna

    I never said antthing about illegal immigration and being devout??!! Ykes you need a lawyer here to post!??
    What I said and meant was clear and simple and had everything to do with character and nothing to do with his politics.
    You are putting words in my mouth. Play fair or play alone.

  2. Moon-howler


    I am so glad you have many lawyers in your family. It sounds like you need a brigade of them just to post here with the ‘word twisters’ doing drive bys here.

    I sure hope you feel singled out because I believe you were. (rolling eyes).

  3. Juturna

    No kidding…. Oh well, I’ve said all along people have to come here legally. Not sure why that is being thrown at me. I’ve said all along, I don’t like Stewarts style or his approach – to just about anything!!

    Why on earth would I make digs at the Catholic Church????!!!! Went to Catholic schools Prek-grad, son PreK-8th…. (won’t go into our Public School experience) I’ve said all along I’m a Catholic?!

    I simply don’t like people claiming to be devout. Not something you claim… Maybe my lingusitics or ethics brain is claiming too much space..

  4. Moon-howler

    Juturna, I agree with you. People don’t use the term ‘devout’ about themselves.

    I guess you can just add one more person to your ignore list. It isnt worth the trouble responding to a drive by.

  5. Michael

    LOL, I’m sure I’m only going to get this all by myself (humor me), but my “dot” was a browser test that isn’t working correclty under refresh.

    I just realized that poor “dot” could be mistaken as a “driveby”…creating some poor anti-dot heated response. LOL2…

    Calling it an evening, I’m starting to see humor where it shouldn’t be.

  6. Moon-howler

    Michael, just so you aren’t calling yourself a black speck, I am just fine with your dot. 😉

  7. Elena

    Poor Richared,
    I agree with your comment that a rapid demographic change must be dealt with in a coherent thoughtful manner. That approach did not happen in PWC. I wonder what models are out there that DID work, that brought the community together, and dealt with the socio-economic concerns in a holistic productive approach.

  8. Johnson

    I guess that anyone who disagrees with a liberal is a bigot, right? Way to keep an open mind.

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