I did watch Palin speak last night and had to laugh out loud when her youngest daughter licked her hand and then proceeded to slick down her baby brother’s hair. I also cringed when the father handed the infant to her to hold because she appears to be maybe 6 years old.

Oh, and on bvbl.net today we find this little gem.

anon143 said on 4 Sep 2008 at 1:42 pm:
“My reference was to the rumor, widely believed in Alaska, that Sarah Palin’s baby with Down’s Syndrome was actually born of her daughter”

As far as the rumor, it is Sarah’s baby. She started leaking ambionic (sp) fluid, which caused the downs syndrom. She has even gone as far as to say that she would take a DNA test, or whatever kind of test, to prove it is her child. Come down off that limb, Rick!

News Flash: Leaking amniotic fluid does not cause Down’s Syndrome, it’s a chromosomal abnormality which actually can be detected fairly early in pregnancy.

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  1. anon

    I thought the same thing when he handed the baby over, but sometimes Dads are more casual about things like that. A mom would have made the sister sit on a couch and piled pillows all around her before she let her hold the baby, instructing her the entire time on how to hold the head properly.

    I was impressed with the speech and think she is very authentic. I also have 5 kids, so after hearing her story, I feel kind of lazy.

  2. Elena

    Wow, someone actually believes that Downs Syndrome is caused by amniotic fluid leaking? I hope someone on BVBL corrected that misinformation.

  3. NotGregLetiecq

    I thought Palin came across like Ann Coulter disguised as a woman.

  4. Moon-howler

    Amazing. A mother saying she would take a DNA test to prove it is her child. Ok. Now there’s a first. Is anon 143 just goofy or what? Leaking amneonic causes Downs Syndrome. Ok. ARRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH. i knew there was galloping ignorance over there but this takes the cake.

    As for Sarah Palin, I would have liked her better before the barbing and zingers started. I think maybe she thinks she is running for president. All her comments were about Obama, not Biden. First Dude is a hottie, however. <----gotta keep up that gay man image for the idiot squad.

  5. NotGregLetiecq

    Palin was downright hateful, and she enjoyed it way too much. That plays well on right wing talk radio, but not very well with the average American.

  6. Soy C*****


    Hateful??? Ahhh, one of those who looks for “hate” and “racism” everywhere. I wonder what would happen if you actually came face to face with real hate. You’d probably mess yourself.

  7. IVAN

    In the end, people vote for the name at top of the ticket.

  8. Marie

    Sarah Palin is an intelligent and accomplished woman. I think all of us will agree on that. I wish her speech would have focused more on the issues rather than throwing darts at the opposition.

    It appears on face value that she is against raising taxes and was against the bridge to nowhere. What she failed to tell us she took that earmarked money. She used it to build the infrasture in Alaska. Not a bad us for the money but she should have been upfront about it. Yes, she did cut property taxes but she imposed a sales tax. So, I am not so sure she really cut taxes.

    Yes, in the end people do vote for the name on the top of the ticket but I am not so sure about this election.

  9. Bring it On

    Palin might be part of an Alaskan Reconquista movement to secede from the US.

    Here’s the story.

    Sarah Palin’s ties to Alaskan Independence Party are played down.


  10. hello

    I think she did a great job with her speech for someone from a small town one day and then speaking as the VP canidate at the RNC the next. I don’t think that her speech was hateful, sure, there were a few jabs in the but hateful… sorry, downright hateful? Did I miss something, can someone provide an example of something “downright hateful” she said?

  11. Moon-howler

    I don’t know that I would describe her speech as hateful.

    I found it to be more barbed and taking great joy in doing one or two line zingers. I would have preferred to hear her ideas for change rather than barbed remarks at Obama. I tend to find a barrage of comments like that tiresome and devisive.

    Bear in mind, I am not necessarily an Obama supporter. However, if I were a party faithful Republican, I would have probably had greater appreciation for her sense of humor and for her speech.

    Isn’t she running against Joe Biden rather than Obama?

  12. hello

    I agree Moon-howler, I would have liked to hear more about her ideas rather than how McCain is different than Obama with the jabs mixed in. However, to say that it was “downright hateful” is odd. I’m still waiting for NGL to provide a “downright hateful” statement from her speech. However, the fact that white people creep NGL out may explain why he/she feels that way.

  13. DB

    I found Palin to be both antagonistic and smug. I think that what she has to go thru as a mother is what many have to..yet we do not parade our children on TV and say this is my child/family. No most of do this in private, we work with DSS as needed. We apply for TANF or Medicaid as needed. Some may think she is great b/c she is open with her family issues. Maybe in the US that may work, but Asia? The Middle East? The world does not live in a vacuum. Our focus has and does move outside our country. We do NOT need a vice pres canidate with pictures that even evangelicals can’t explain or rationalize. Kudos to her for being her own person, but I would never run for VP b/c I remember those pictures I took in college.

  14. Moon-howler

    DB, I found her antagonistic and smug also. I couldn’t think of the words I wanted to use. You have done it.

    Many American women and men face her trials and tribulations daily with much less support. I don’t think we offer her up as ‘the great white hope.’

  15. Moon-howler

    DB, that pic of Gov. Palin is morphed. The face is hers but not the body.

  16. Bob Danson

    As a non American but an American liker, it is perhaps inappropriate for me to comment here but honestly your decisions (votes) do have an affect on us Europeans. Mrs Palin seems to be a strange choice because arent you actually voting, with a high probability, that she will be your President if Mr Mcain falls off his perch. Would you be happy to have this lady as your President ? I watched the VP debate and her competency level was worrying although she did seem to come across as the girl next door very well. But she isnt is she?
    Honestly it matters to us over here.

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