CNN cameras catch John Stirrup emphatically cheering on John McCain

Sitting on the floor in my room, folding clothes while I watch John McCain give his speech, the CNN camera pans the audience, lo and behold, I see John Stirrup cheering and waving his sign around. Within several mintues I see him again, only this a much closer shot! Now, what I am wondering, does he react with such demonstrative support when John McCain addresses the plight of immigrants or the story of hispanic migrant workers and their families, and ultimately the bond that ties us all together, our common bond of humanity.

I found this most recent article from Fox news on John McCains immigration plan, his new focus on securing the border and the tight rope he walks in appealing to Hispanics while not alienating his base.

ST. PAUL — For most voters, immigration reform has taken a backseat to the economy and the war in Iraq.

But the controversial issue could re-emerge in the fall as John McCain and Barack Obama court Hispanic voters, who could make the difference in battleground states such as Nevada, New Mexico, Florida and Colorado, where many of Latino voters are concentrated.

McCain vowed this summer that if elected he would prioritize reforming immigration laws to include a pathway to citizenship for illegal residents.

As senator, his immigration reform efforts failed last year when Congress shot down a comprehensive bill he co-sponsored that included a guest worker program. After that, McCain narrowed his position, saying the U.S. must secure its borders before changing the system.

Immigration reform represents a political landmine for Republicans who want to appeal to Hispanics, an increasingly powerful electorate, and hold on to its base supporters, many whose position against illegal immigration is viewed by Hispanics as discriminatory.