Apparently Virgil likes to incessantly repeat the phrase ‘anchor baby’. For those who don’t know Virgil Goode is from Franklin County, Virginia and is running a re-election campaign for the 5th Congressional District.

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  1. How did I know this weasel would be attracted to any issue that allowed him to express his bigotry openly? This is the same man who freaked out about Congressman Keith Ellison swearing in on the Koran. Virgil Goode is of the three biggest disgraces of modern day Virginia.

  2. hello

    I’ve never cared for the term “anchor baby”, it is insulting.

  3. DiversityGal


    I agree with you. Every time I hear the phrase, I feel so awful inside. It is so disrespectful and dehumanizing to refer to someone that way. It indicates that a child’s mere existence is offensive to the one who uses the term.

  4. Elena

    There is common ground to be found, I am a firm believe that to solve problems, you start with a common positive and work your way towards resolving the harder issues.

  5. Rick Bentley

    The term may be iunsulting. But the reality of rewarding people for transgressing is one that infuriates many Americans and is creating chaos.

    We ARE moving towards a society of haves and have-nots and illegal immigration IS helping to drive this.

  6. Elena

    No Rick, I believe it’s the Republican Party that is promoting the have and have nots. Sorry to all you Republicans, but that is the way I see it.

  7. Nice find Alanna.

    What kind of a man picks on little babies?

  8. It’s amazing how republicans like this and their supporters can’t see the long term damage they are doing to their own party. Here is a grown man proudly referring to little babies in a way that makes them sound like the babies of animals. Words like these lead to actions that leave wounds. Wounds that leave scars which last a lifetime.

    Did you hear the almost violent tone in the outburst of cheering at the end?

  9. Moon-howler

    The ‘anchor babies’ (shudder) are just as much a citizen as I am. There is something about the arrogance and name-calling that I find repugnant.

    Does anyone else find the Republican obsession with the sanctity of life a little hypocritical when they utter the words ‘anchor baby’ in the next breath? No, it isn’t just Republicans who do this. Virgil Goode used to be a Democrat, not too many years ago. I am sure if the expression ‘anchor baby’ were in vogue back in the 90’s, he would have been saying it then too.

  10. Moon-howler

    No Mackie, I paused the video and never went back to it. It was disgusting and I couldn’t hear the weather channel. Virgil Goode has become sort of a mini-Marshall. If I don’t get back to it, I am going to take your word for it. I can only imagine.

  11. Chris

    What would you expect from the “Moonshine Capital of the Commonwealth”? 😉

  12. Alanna

    Very true, Chris. We actually spent quite a bit of time in Franklin County at Smith Mountain Lake where we heard the largest still ever found by ATF was found there. I did a quick search on the subject and immediately found this very interesting article –

    From what I hear moonshine is still a thriving business in that part of the state.

  13. Rick Bentley

    “No Rick, I believe it’s the Republican Party that is promoting the have and have nots.”

    The Democratic Party is way into Amnesty and continued influx of Latino voters, I mean non-white voters, I mean likely Democratic votes. It rather obviously undercuts every effort they’ve ever made towards wage equality, job security, dignity in labor, minimum standards of living for those in poverty, improved education for our (i.e. CITIZENS’) children, and improved access to health care. Every single one, rather obviously.

  14. Juturna

    I would relax, no one born north of Richmond could possibly understand what he is saying. He has a limited audience.

  15. Chris

    Thanks for the article. A few years back Channel 5 sent Will Thomas down there to do a report on the business. I still laugh about him doing the report he was very young and seemed very out of his element shall we say.
    There’s a huge amount of money being lost to the tax free business of moonshine. I think it’s still a thriving business throughout. It’s still going on in parts of WVA too.

  16. Elena

    Arent the republicans the “pro-life”, the moment of conception a life is a life party? So I am wondering, how does this belittling of life, the reduction to an “anchor baby”, co-exist with a “pro-life” platform?

  17. Juturna


    I have been chastised for pointing out the double speak of the Republican party. That is my complete issue with Pallin. Her speak and the results. I was told to get off it here on this blog.

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Again, these men that are soooooo pro life only feel that way until they leave the womb. They then think they are fair game for attack. You have to respect life post-womb as well.

  18. Moon-howler

    Juturna, Well put. Who told you to get it off here on this blog? I missed that.

    I don’t think you chastise well. Keep talking. Thanks for sticking up for ‘cradle to grave’ life.

  19. Marie

    Chris-I have to say your comment at 8:36 this morning has me in stitches. Yes, Elena the ATF still has lots of business in Franklin County. My friend chases moonshiners all the time.

    On the subject of “anchor babies”-This is a term I abhor.

    The law that guarantees citizenship to American-born children is sometimes called the Citizenship Clause, and it is found in the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution. The Amendment was included to ensure that the descendants of former slaves would be considered full American citizens, and it seemed sensible to extend that right to other American-born children as well. Despite extensive lobbying by people opposed to the 14th Amendment, it is unlikely to be struck down, as amendments are notoriously difficult to remove from the American Constitution. This difficulty is built in by design, to ensure that changing political climates and moods do not have a permanent impact on American life without a substantial amount of effort from Congress.

  20. Marie

    Sorry, that was Alanna who was in Franklin County, not Elena.

    I am sure you all took notices that Mr. Goode only referred to Mexicans, Guatemalans and El Savadorians as having “anchor babies” (shudder). That just goes to show me what a true bigot he really is, since there are many more undocumented immigrants living in the US and they are from ALL over the world.

  21. The sad thing about the Goode creep is that he doesn’t need to be a bigot to win in his district. He just has to be a notch to the right of his challenger. He acts like a bigot because he is one. That’s why, in my view, he’s more of a disgrace to Virginia than Corey Stewart. I think Corey Stewart talks the way he does because he’s seduced by the attention he’s been getting in return.

    Stirrup, who I’d rank number three in the biggest disgraces to Virginia sweepstakes, I can’t quite figure.

    But if he is a bigot, he is not as bad as Goode.

  22. Juturna

    Agree WHWN. Stewart is all about Stewart. He is an opportunist.
    Stirrup has an agenda that scares me.

  23. NotGregLetiecq

    Hey! This is awesome. We found a politician who is more of a disgrace than Stewart and Stirrup! It’s true, Goode does seem creepier than the two of them put together. Makes me want to vomit.

  24. TH

    You are wrong about something. It is wrong to assume that you have to wait for amnesty to turn all Hispanics to vote Democrat. Do you think that all these “anchor babies’ will forget what the Republican party is doing to their parents? Do you think that they will forget the fear they face now? You forget that they are Americans now and that they will voting in about 10-12 years. It won’t be about a balkanized country but a place in which those kids will exercise their rights.

  25. Leo

    Whether Mr. Goode is a Republican or was a Democratic is a disgrace to our country to have a politician like Mr. Goode, is a shame an embarrassment, disrespectful and dehumanizing man

    You are right TH, all this children will not forget what the Republican party is doing to their parents. They will not forget the fear they face now. Americans don’t forget that all this so called “anchor babies” are American born citizens, they have equal protection under law, all rights U.S.A has to it’s people.The law that guarantees citizenship to American-born children, it is found in the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution. Not only will they be voting in about 10-12 years. You will see this kidds working in Government.

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