The Board will have both a 2:oopm & 7:30pm session today. The main items on the agenda are the 2008 Citizens Satisfaction Survey Results and the Illegal Immigration Status report.

Here’s the agenda for the meeting.

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  1. Chris

    I posted this on the first thread, but I think it really needs to be on this BOS thread. Here’s some clarification. Mr L’s spoke twice last night, once at Citizens’ Time, and then for a Public Hearing.
    Chris, 11. September 2008, 1:41
    Mr. L spoke at Citizens’ Time, and then a second time for a Public Hearing regarding zoning of Orchard Glen. While speaking regarding the property which is on Coverstone Drive(new part). He started out by saying “Glad I decided to hang today for a little while”. Then he went to on to say that this property was near a Day Labor Site, with graffit, trash, and soiled diapers. He then proceeded to say they had offered to volunteer for the Clean Community Council to clean this property up. He said the CCC told them only the police could abate graffiti. Then onto say he’d talked to a friend that’s a PWPD officer, and happens to be a member of the GA. I don’t know why he just didn’t go ahead and all out drop Jackson’s name. Anyways, he said “what would help this property would be some barbed wire and machine gun turrets”. So, I was being a smart a$$ by saying get your bullet proof vest on.

    Then Mr. Duecaster spoke regarding the property as well, and he said he used to walk his doberman with a loaded gun. Now, he doesn’t walk with a loaded gun. He agreed the with the barbed wire concept and thought the last comment was a bit overstated regarding the machine guns. But he certainly took exception to Mr. L’s machine gun comment.

    I hope this helps. Sorry, for the long version. I don’t think everyone understood Mr. L spoke two times last night once at Citizens’ Time & then for a Public Hearing.

  2. Fontbonne

    “Does the County charge anything for a FOIA search? I think other jurisdictions often charge per page plus staff time based on lowest clerk’s salary if the cost is over a certain amount ($20?)”

    Yes, exactly.

    “I wonder if FOIA’s requests could also apply these fees”

    Just about any citizen request for information from the government is, technically, covered under FOIA.

    ” I guess that he was thinking of limiting the actual size of a house in order to cut the number of occupants. Good luck with that”

    Lord above. If so, hahahahahah. The developers in this County have an iron grip on the, er, tender parts (and I don’t mean brains) of Stewart, Stirrup, and Covington. Good luck with that, indeed.

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