According to the Washington Post, Stirrup apparently has learned little from Stewart’s ‘list of questions’ to Chief Deane and has decided to yet again venture down the path of most likely forwarding an email from a constituent to a county employee as if it was their own. In this instance Stirrup sent an email not to Chief Deane but to the County Executive demanding answers to a list of about 24 questions. But this time the accusations don’t involve a treasonous meeting between the police chief and the Mexican Consulate but rather if county employees ‘violated the public’ trust by providing the 9500Liberty Film Crew ‘privileged treatment’.

In response, County Executive responded:

Gerhart delivered his response yesterday. No security footage was provided, he indicated, and the filmmakers had not received any privileged treatment. He said staff members’ behavior had been “upstanding and forthright.”

Byler and Park are members of the media, Gerhart wrote. “Our commitment to upholding the public trust requests all County government staff to provide our citizens and the media with all requested public records provided such record is not exempt from disclosure.”

33 Thoughts to “WP: Film Crew Not a Hit With Supervisor”

  1. IVAN

    I wonder what Mr. Stirrup’s definition of “public trust” really is. He must of heard about the 9500 Liberty video and how it portrayed both he and Corey. It appears that someone is getting under someone’s skin.

  2. Fontbonne

    So much for freedom of speech and transparency of government. This guy, and Corey, are a disgrace to the Republican party. Attacking staff is truly, truly foul.

  3. Madam Mofo

    This article sickens me. How DARE Mr. Stirrup demand that an employee with the stature of Craig Gerhart answer him within 24 hours, like our CXO is some errant school boy or a scullery maid. Just who does Stirrup think he is?

    Where did he get those emails? Let’s try this scenario, the FOIA queen got them, did the research because she is so bored and can’t fit in another shopping trip, and turned over the information to her little lapdog. The lapdog took off his convention stomping collar and in the twinkling of an eye, became a mighty pitbull who tore into our CXO.

    Back on you leash Mr. Stirrup. Back on your leash. You have made a fool of yourself.

  4. Censored bybvbl

    Craig Gerhart is a plus, plus, plus for PWC. We’re lucky to have him. We’re lucky to have most PWC employees. On the other hand, John Stirrup….


    The nerve of those film makers trying to get facts! Well, there were plenty of FACTS outlined at yesterday’s meeting. I noticed none of them, including that only 1.6% of arrests in PWC in the first 6 months of the years were “illegals,” have yet to be posted at BVBL! Wow!

    When the general public wakes up to the reality of what HSM and G, C and J have done and seen it for what it really was…may the fallout begin!

  6. Moon-howler

    I expect the next step will be to try to have the 9500 filmmakers banned from county property, sort of like what happens on the dark screened place. Isn’t Mr. Stirrup a member of the order of the Red Circle?

  7. Elena

    We should have named this thread:

    John “Mcarthy” Stirrup !

  8. IVAN

    MH, I think it’s now called The Order of the Red Dot.”

  9. Oh and HSM/GL/Duecaster haven’t been played to as favorites and allowed access to everything and anything including the authority of the BOCS?

    Stirrup, go back to whence you came.

    Oh that’s right. You came from a “sanctuary city.”

    Guess you’ll just have to move out of OUR county.

  10. And yes, Stirrup is a red-dot-racist.

  11. NotGregLetiecq

    The Order of the Red Speck is behind this, I can smell it. If Stirrup were thinking for himself he would have known how foolish this would make him look.

    An elected official should not be bunching up his panties over something like this. Nay, I suspect it is citizens with panties bunched up, i.e. The Order of the Red Speck resentful that 9500 Liberty exposed them for what they are, using the office of the Gainesville Supervisor to lash out in frustration.

    They somehow convinced Stirrup that the region would NOT be laughing at him if he went public with this. They should have omitted the “not.”

  12. Moon-howler

    He looks not only foolish but also like he is bullying employs of the BOCS. I am speechless that he would talk to the CXO that way. Of course, I was speechless that Corey spoke to Chief Deane the way he did when he sent over those 20 questions for him to answer on a dime.

    I thought these kinds of things were handled in executive session with the county attorney present? It sounds like these bullies think they are running the entire show rather than being 1/8th of the show.

    What is it with these questions the snoopervisors come up with? Who is writing these questions? I have narrowed the field down to 2 people.

    Ivan, sorry, I just can’t get that circle image out of my head. Keep reminding me.

  13. I posted this on the WaPo comments page to explain to non PWC residents what’s really going on:

    I have seen the hour long film that Stirrup is so worried about. He doesn’t look that bad in it. It’s Corey Stewart who looks bad because he’s caught lying several times, and everything else he does is disgraceful in other ways. He tells a convention full of right wing extremists that the Immigration Policy will be neutered “over my dead body,” and then two days later he votes with the majority to do just that. Then he tries to beat his chest over an embarrassing defeat, and actually succeeds in getting the press to believe him because no one in the government knows how to respond without calling him a liar!

    Worst of all, he tries to trick Supervisor Frank Principi into voting against his own proposal in order to make it easier to fool the public into thinking a defeat for Stewart is actually a victory.

    Stirrup doesn’t seem to know about any of this. He seems bored in the movie, not really interested in defending his buddy/Chairman in his hour of need.

    But Stirrup doesn’t look like an a-hole in the film. Stewart does, thanks to his own public statements and the filmmakers contrasting them with more respectable interview subjects like Chief Deane and Supervisor Marty Nohe.

  14. Fontbonne

    what someone ought to do is FOIA Stirrup’s e-mail correspondence from the past month. That may prove interesting.

  15. anonymous1

    Ah, CitizenTom, did Letiecq just compare the County Executive to Putin?

    Zhurnalistskoye Prikrytiye: A Thin Excuse For Craig Gerhart
    By Greg L | 10 September 2008 | Prince William County | No Comments

    What if Prince William County employees have held discussions with operatives who work with the Obama campaign about obtaining reviewing videos from public meetings and footage from security cameras installed in the McCoart Center regarding residents who expressed an opinion during citizen’s time that these folks who work with the Obama campaign don’t agree with, and did this during working hours? What if Prince William County Employees consulted with these campaign operatives, suggesting specific clips that may be of interest, evaluating how they may be used so they could further a political effort, and providing feedback on the draft work products? What if these County Employees provided taxpayer-owned resources to these Obama campaign operatives so it would be easier for them to do their jobs?

    Would any of this bother you? Is it OK for public employees to assist in political intelligence operations targeting county residents?

    Prince William County Executive Craig Gerhart apparently thinks all of this is fine, as long as you can call the campaign operatives “journalists”. It’s a page out of Vladimir Putin’s KGB, right here in Prince William County…

    Stay tuned.

  16. Fontbonne

    “What if Prince William County employees have held discussions with operatives who work with the Obama campaign about obtaining reviewing videos from public meetings and footage from security cameras installed in the McCoart Center regarding residents who expressed an opinion during citizen’s time that these folks who work with the Obama campaign don’t agree with, and did this during working hours? ”

    Barely comprehensible. Also, absurd. Another embarassment to Republicans.

  17. Ed

    Eric and Annabel are not members of the media, Mr. Gerhart. They are active participants in the debate, not unbiased reporters of the debate.

  18. Fontbonne

    Parse away. The fact remains that the footage from the Board meetings and from the security cameras are subject to FOIA. There is nothing untoward about releasing the material to anyone who asks.

  19. IVAN

    Apparently, having Stirrup backing him up has given G.L. the courage to go after Eric and Annabel. Kinda like when he had Corey and FAIR standing behind him gave him the courage to go after Chief Deane.

  20. NotGregLetiecq


    it is exactly like the Chief Deane attack, only less hypocritical. The guilt by association for the “Chief Deane Must Go” attack that TOTALLY BLEW UP IN THEIR FACES” was, quite simply, the very racist idea that anyone from Mexico, of Mexican ancestry, or representing Mexico’s government must be evil, odious, and politically untouchable.

    But, it was less hypocritical because Greg is not Mexican.

    In this case, the reason Gospel Greg (through John Stirrup) is attacking Craig Gerhart is is, uh, what exactly. I think Eric and Annabel are Asian of some kind but their citizenship papers check out as I recall.

    They report to the public about the BOCS? Kind of like Gospel Greg, right? Except they don’t lie like Greg, they tell the truth? Is that the problem? Cooperating with the county government? Kind of like Corey Stewart cooperating with Gospel Greg and providing inter-office emails with which to attack Chief Dean on Greg’s blog?

    How dumb must these minions feel that they have to get mad every time Gospel Greg tells them to. Doesn’t it ever get tiring, Mr. Ed? Or do you like having that invisible string tied to your upper lip when you talk?

  21. NotGregLetiecq

    Wait! I meant MORE hypocritical!!!!

  22. Moon-howler


    Yea, they are the media, by anyone’s definition. You must have a not so hidden agenda otherwise youi wouldn’t be questioning their credentials or their vocation.

    Why do you object to our collective journey down the slippery slope of the Immigration Resolution being documented? I have found it very informative. And no one can make you look like a fool. You can only do that to yourself.

  23. Chester the Molester

    Bet if the film crew came in from EWT, Focus on the Family, or the Christian Broadcasting Network, McStirrup would be falling all over his own ass welcoming them in, rather than talking to the CXO like he is a dog.

    Bet that Gospel Greg wouldn’t be snarling and whining, mewling and puking over on the black velvet screen about Eric and Annabel doing subversive things like documenting government at work.

    Why am I thinking of McCarthyism at the moment? Help me figure this one out. Let’s get rid of the communication department. That will teach them to be cooperative with media organizations! The shame of it all, lending a power cord that belongs to the taxpayers.

  24. Fontbonne

    The modus operandi for Stewart, Stirrup, and Covington is clear. They attack staff (Police, the development agencies, and now Communications) as a means to rid themselves of Craig Gerhart. They are dancing on a very, very fine line. Not one of them is man enough simply to ask for his resignation.

  25. Ishimoto Sakamuera

    I can see the Diamajin rising from his slumber, awakened by all of your jibber and gnashing of teeth. Be warned. When you rouse the Diamajin, he will react with furious anger.

  26. Elena

    Now YOU are silly 🙂

    If anyone is gnashing his teeth, I think it’s you. Take your godzilla character impersonation and go away now. Put cartoon network back on, your mommy is calling you to come in for dinner 🙂

  27. Elena

    Greg has, once again, demonstrated that he is completely paranoid. What, pray tell, does Obama care about PWC immigration resolution or PWC politics. Once again, Narcisisim races its head! Talk about unrealistic view of ones importance!

  28. Interesting. So this fake outrage is Greg talking using Stirrup as a puppet? That makes sense. As dull-witted as Stirrup is, I’ve never seen a video where he looks like more of an ass than Corey, least of all in the long form documentation I summarized above.

    (Stirrup actually looks quite reasonable, and is even at times confounded by Corey’s irrational behavior, refusing to come out of hiding for 2 hours after he knows he’s lost and his Resolution has been castrated, it is Stirrup who finally goes into the back room and says, “C’mon pal, the game is up, time to face the music.”)

    And since Corey seems to enjoy feigning outrage over something that is completely innocuous, I was confused when I saw this came from Stirrup.

    But this actually makes perfect sense if both the Chief Deane attack and the County Executive/9500 Liberty attack come from the same puppeteer: good ole’ Gospel Greg Letiecq.

    Perhaps Greg is using Stirrup this time to spread the publicly humiliating loss of credibility equally between his two puppets. Stirrup has a lot of catching up to do in my humble opinion.

  29. In this day and age of blogging, we are ALL in the media and can request as much information as we want. Stirrup, Stewart, and the other hiders-of-the-truth don’t like freedom of any press because they HAVE something to hide.

  30. NotGregLetiecq

    Great point, kgotthardt!

    Also, Gospel Greg and company’s only chance of winning a debate on the immigration issue is if THEY control all the “information” that gets out. They are intimidated by anyone who will stand up to them, and they are enraged by anyone who contradicts the lies they expect the press to print without fact checking.

    Rest assured, they had a different interpretation of the data that Chief Deane and the Citizens Satisfaction Survey people presented, but they were not able to dupe the Post into printing it.

    So they lash out at the communications department and C.E. Gerhart. It’s classic sore loser behavior.

  31. Jedi Master Yoda

    Ishimoto Sakamuera aka Greggie or Greggie clone,

    You never know who is reading your threats.

    Shudder shudder!!

  32. Marie

    You know what? If Mr. Stirrup is a public servant. He was elected by the people, therefore, his policies and what he says and what he does are under public scrutiny. If he does not like the heat then he needs to get out of the kitchen.

    Lashing out at staff and Mr. Gerhart only proves to me that Mr. Stirrup does not want the public eye on him.

  33. I love how Greg Letiecq/John Stirrup are so intimidated by these two filmmakers because they are Obama supporters. Little do they know their real obstacles to the Anti-Immigrant agenda are McCain Republicans, who can no longer stomach bigotry as part of the party platform (and will head them off at the pass every time) both locally and nationally.

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