Chairman Stewart is scheduled to speak in Washington today on “The Toll of Illegal Alien Criminals on American Families.” Here’s my advise, stay home. He has zero knowledge on the subject, he officially is not speaking officially on behalf of the County but rather has made it known that he will be expressing his own opinion. Frankly, I would be better qualified to speak on this matter than he, so who invited him to speak on the matter? Well, the whole ‘Hold Their Feet to the Fire’ campaign held this week was coordinated by Federation for American Immigration Reform(FAIR). Surprise, surprise.

My recommendation for everyone else, is to visit this new application at America’s Voice ( and send emails to our elected officials.

For the truth on immigrants and crime, read this press release:

Immigration Policy Center(IPC)
…providing factual information about immigration and immigrants in the United States.

For Immediate Release:

Congressional Event Perpetuates Myth of Immigrant Criminality
Crime forum overlaps with restrictionist organization’s lobby days

September 10, 2008

Washington, DC- Tomorrow morning, Republican members of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration are regrettably perpetuating the persistent myth of immigrant criminality with their forum on “The Toll of Illegal Alien Criminals on American Families.” Lamar Smith (R-Texas) and Steve King (R-Iowa) are spearheading tomorrow’s conversation.

Numerous studies by independent researchers and government commissions over the past 100 years have consistently found that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than the native-born. This holds true for both legal immigrants and the undocumented, regardless of their country of origin or level of education.

It’s not likely a coincidence that Smith and King’s forum is happening during the same week that the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is lobbying Congress, demanding an impractical and hateful agenda of mass deportations, worksite raids, and other expensive and ultimately ineffective approaches as part of their “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” gathering. The Republican forum is even featuring some of the same witnesses who participated in FAIR’s rally this afternoon.

It is disappointing to see law makers Smith and King–along with their fellow congressmen Darrell Issa (R-CA), Brian Bilbray (R-CA), and Duncan Hunter (R-CA) who attended FAIR’s rally today–tarnish the Republican brand by supporting the agenda of FAIR, an organization designated a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It is especially troubling to see law-makers exploit the pain of the victims of these terrible crimes to promote their political motives. There is no doubt that dangerous criminals must be punished, and that immigrants who are dangerous criminals should not be allowed to enter the US or should be deported if they already are here. But exploiting the profound painful loss of crime victims to spread the myth that immigrants are criminals is irresponsible and disingenuous.

Fact Sheet from the Immigration Policy Center:

“From Anecdotes to Evidence: Setting the Record Straight on Immigrants and Crime” (Washington, DC: September 2008).

89 Thoughts to “Stewart Scheduled to Speak about Immigration Today in DC”

  1. Michael

    What is broken is the “perception” of wrong doing by different politically active ethnic groups, not the law. It is the “perception” of wrong that is false and not the LAW that is false, and is the reason why you “Believe” the law is broken when it is not. The law is the same for everyone, there is a legal process for immigration, and a group of people who are “illegally” breaking that process are lawbreakers who do not deserve special consideration or a different LAW. We have work visas, student visas and quotas, AND skill requirements based on EQUITABLE law.

    That system is not broken. It is the PEOPLE who are racists who are BROKEN.

    What is broken is that people are such racists today, specifically supporting only their own gender, racial, ethnic or religious interests that they advocate the “LAW” is broken, because it does not specifically HELP their ethnic group interests.

    They scream racism and that the law is broken, when it is not. They are the racists and the lawbreakers because of their own political hatred and BELIEF of “unfairness” that they impose on all others not of their ethnic group.

    THE LAW is FAIR and EQUITABLE for all. The quota is fair and equitable for all. How it goes up or down is a national policy decision. Once set that quota is LEGAL.

  2. Elena

    “The immediate object of the League is to stop, by appeals to reason and conscience and, if necessary, by appeals to law, the defamation of the Jewish people. Its ultimate purpose is to secure justice and fair treatment to all citizens alike and to put an end forever to unjust and unfair discrimination against and ridicule of any sect or body of citizens.”

    ADL Charter October 1913

    For all citizens Michael, not just one sect. Are you so naive to believe that equality exists in this utopia world you have created in your own head Michael?

  3. Is John Jenkins a racist???

    I’m watching the BOCS reruns and he only seems to speak up when weighing in on issues that relate to immigration.

    Some lady is making a presentation about house overcrowding convictions going down drastically. Jenkins seems to think there aren’t enough house overcrowding convictions. He said:

    Every time we turn around we find that there is some obstacle thrown in front of enforcement.
    When you see 6 vans in front of a house, I know, and the citizens who have to live in that environment know, that violations are occuring, 3 cases are too few for a county the size of PWC.

    So it’s not enough for this guy that we’ve engaged in ethnic cleansing under the color of the law. He won’t be happy until

    His reference to 6 vans outside a home is a thinly veiled reference to working class immigrants.

    And I wonder.

    I wonder…would this good ol’ boy be whooping his rebel yell if the 6 vans were replaced with 6 pickup trucks, with gun racks, confederate flags, and stickers saying ‘Sons of the South’?

  4. Chris

    Here’s an article that will be in tomorrow’s MJM, and just put on line. It looks like Corey was on Rush Limbaugh today too.

  5. Red Dawn


    OFF subject of what you were talking about BUT NO SH^T, what was her point? DUH! lol

    “Some lady is making a presentation about house overcrowding convictions going down drastically”

  6. Michael

    Elena you are naive if you think that ANY mission statement that a specific ethnic chartered political group “the jewish people in this case” will not be “racists” themselves in pursuit of laws that benefit only them.

    My point is WHAT law is targeting this group so MUCH in America today that they need a special Legal entity focused only on them to protect them? What LAW are they not protected by?

    They form groups like this because they are racists themselves and hate anyone who is not Jewish. That is why they persue law that benefits only them and despise laws that are EQUALLY enforced on all other “individuals”, including them, the same.

    That is also why they are at war in the rest of the world with the Muslims of the rest of the world. A LOT of jewish people hate muslims (especially politically) and that alone makes them a “hate” group. Do you think that hate is going away just because they formed the ADL? Muslims hate jews, they have the Arab league, equally hateful politcally motivated to pass law just for them.

    ALL of these groups “HATE” somebody or they would not form these political groups along ethnic, gender, racial or ethnic political lines.

    When the LAW id the SAME for ALL of THEM there is NO INJUSTICE, only the Perception of INJUSTICE created by their own hatred for others.

    YOU WILL NEVER GET THIS WILL YOU? as you gullibly believe all of these “groups” politically crafted mission statements. You have only to look at their actions to see who they TARGET as the subject of thier hatred.

    You seem to think that a gender, ethnic, racial, or religious group can only PROTECT ITSELF by forming a group aligned along Ethnic or religious attributes? Equitalble law protects them, what law today is not equal for all jewish people in this nation?

    Take a good look around at the reality of the rest of the world, where these groups operate as they please. That is where you will find where their true hatred lies, not in the mask they put on as they manipulate US law for their own politically covert benefit.

  7. Michael

    Equality exists in the LAW Elena, nowhere else. If you think it exists anywhere else you are misled. Inequality can only be corrected with LAW that is EQUAL for all individuals, not just laws for these ethnic, gender, racial and religious groups.

    These groups are obsolete and have become “racists” themselves in today’s legal climate.

  8. Alanna

    What a second, what about the law where an African American equals 2/3rds of a person is that equality? or that excluded woman from voting that wasn’t equality and the list goes on. Tell me how do you advocate changing a law without suggesting that it is somehow flawed?

  9. Michael

    Alanna, get out of the past and into the present. All of these laws have been changed a long time ago, yet people still scream racism. Why? Because they themselves are racists and want more than the EQUALITY of the LAW. Your argument and “perception” is a “belief” and is irrelevant in today’s society. It only promotes more hatred and more mis-information that makes racially motivated groups, like the NAACP even more motivated with political hatred for all others not like themselves or belonging to their racial, gender, religious or ethnic group. THE LAW was made equal a long time ago, it is STILL equal. The problem is you are clinging like everyone else to a perception of injustice rather than REAL injustice. This is why you are wrong and your politcal beliefs against others are not justified, and in fact cause a lot of harm to the MAJORITY of a Democracy and a majority rule of law.

    You and everyone else need to start think about how EQUITABLE LAW is applied equally to “individuals” before you can claim ANY right to wrong-doing or injustice. If no laws are broken, you are simply encouraging people to be bitter racists.

  10. Slither hither

    Forget about Micheal for a minute, and check your email. 🙂

  11. Michael

    You have to first PROVE a LAW is flawed, by proving it is not EQUITABLE to ALL “individuals” that is how. You don’t form politcal gender, racial, ethnic and religious hate groups.

    It is the “individual” you have to account to under common law, not a group, everything else is RACISM.

    That is why “numerical balancing” and “quotas” are ILLEGAL. They cannot be EQUITABLY applied to ALL individuals THE SAME.

    None of you understand this, and this is why you are WRONG.

  12. Michael

    Sorry, I would love to continue, but I have to go.

  13. NotGregLetiecq

    Okay, so I’ve read everything on this thread except the Michael posts.

    Who else will admit to reaching for the scroll button?

  14. Chris

    I’ll come clean and admit to the scroll button.

  15. Moon-howler

    The Anti-Defamation League was founded in 1913 “to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all.” Now the nation’s premier civil rights/human relations agency, ADL fights anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry, defends democratic ideals and protects civil rights for all.

    Michael, notice that in addition to stopping defamation of Jewish people, it protects civil rights for ALL. Are you denying that the Jewish people might have cause for attempting to protect themselves? Please tell me no. I beg of you.

    Additionally, unless you are looking at county numbers that were handed out last night, don’t start acting like someone is trying to cook the books. If Superintendent Pete Meletis says that 48 illegal immigrants were hauled away by ICE, only to return and be arrested again, I believe him. That is raw data and I see no reason for him to lie about this phenomena.

    Please don’t try to argue with those of us who are in possession of the data. And yes, Corey is lying. He needs to use the same numbers that the ADC and the PWPD uses. He can’t go pulling numbers out of his ears.

    I don’t mind someone disagreeing with me. I mind them lying to prove their point. That is my fight with these jokers. In fact, I am all in favor of 287g at the ADC. There is a point where we could find common ground. But oh no…..many from the circle club and the 2 politicians try to put their own spin on things and make false statements. I won’t agree with lies.

  16. Moon-howler

    Michael, what is your opinion of the Nuremburg Laws? Do you think they were fair and equitable to everyone? Do you think they could ever be enacted here?

    How about the many Jim Crow laws that were part of state and local government all over the south? Were they fair and equitable?

    How about the various laws on the books banning contraception until they were overturned by Griswald vs Connecticut? Any thoughts on those?

    Just because something is a law doesn’t make it good.

  17. Moon-howler

    John Jenkins is not a racist.

    Those work vans are not supposed to be in neighborhoods unless they are providing services. When 6 are parked in front of one house, it is a pretty good indication that too many adults might live in that house. Not an absolute, but a good indication.

    Come on Mackie, plenty of people drive work vans who are not Latino. Remember the sniper days when we were all looking for a white van with a white man in it? There must have been 10,000 sightings a day.

  18. Alanna

    I believe the law is flawed because it doesn’t treat people who entered the Country at the same time in the same manner. I believe it’s flawed because someone who overstays their visa is not treated in the same way as other ‘illegals’ even though ‘illegal is illegal’. I believe it is flawed because we haven’t had real enforcement of it and now because of 9/11 and a weakening economy have decided to enforce. I could go on and on. But just because you don’t believe it is flawed means that I can’t speak on the issue.

  19. Yeah, I do scroll through Michael’s posts, but I do enjoy the ones that begin with Michael and a comma. They are hilarious!

    Did any one see Sarah Palin trying out for Dick Cheney Part 2?

  20. SecondAlamo

    What in the world would make you folks happy? I don’t think you could collectively decide what that is. Surely it can’t be to let anyone in the world just walk into our country and make demands of us. I hope you haven’t sold us out to that extent. Unless you have a problem with us even being or remaining a country that enforces or is allowed to enforce laws with defined consequences, then I really have a hard time figuring you out. What is your cause? At least the county has clearly stated theirs!

  21. You know what would make me happy SA?

    1. Continue neighborhood code enforcement.
    2. Continue neighborhood clean-ups.
    3. Listen to people’s neighborhood concerns and get them fixed.
    4. Let ICE do their job and attack the rest of the issues federally.
    5. Remove Stirrup, Stewart, HSM Members, FAIR Freaks and their cronies from out county government. They are LIARS and they have screwed us financially, socially, and image-wise.
    6. Return PWC to a place of peace and prosperity, not a place of fear, hate and demise.
    7. Invest in and enhance what’s good about PWC: libraries, parks, schools, etc. Help human services help those who really need it. Get the sick, disabled, mentally ill, and elderly the help they need instead of chasing around immigrants and wasing our MONEY.

    THAT’S what would make me happy.

  22. Michael, you are in the same boat as Stirrup, Stewart, HSM Members, their hate cronies and lie perpetuators: You most likely have never worked side-by-side with the immigrant community. You most likely have never been friends with an immigrant. You most likely have no persoal connections with them. You might not even have any other experience outside of what HSM/GL/RD/Stirrup and Stewart communicate with you.

    Until you do, then I don’t find your “everyone cries racist” comments credible. Until you walk in someone else’s shoes, I suggest you take your ethnocentric, limited perspective elsewhere. I don’t care how much you have traveled around the world. You can travel around the whole world with your eyes shut, as you obvioulsy have done.

    I don’t dismiss your posts, but you give me COMPLETE and UTTER HUEVA.

  23. “Equality exists in the LAW Elena, nowhere else. ”

    BS, Micahel. In this country, you get as much justice as you can afford. Immigrants can’t afford it. Neither can many of us. Quality under the law is a myth and you know damn well that not everyone is treated equally which is why we have had to have protected groups because idiots discriminate on a day-to-day basis, in the jusice system, and in government.

    So if you want to stop the government having to protect certain minorities etc. you should work to fight racism OUTSIDE of government. Do some good and don’t just sit on your butt arguing abstract philosophy that doesn’t do concrete crap for our society.

  24. BTW, I’m bitchy this morning. But that doesn’t mean you should dismiss what I’m saying.

  25. Tall Jenkins to invest in affordable house, stop supportin foreclosures, and walk the walk instead of talking the talk. Maybe that will solve his damn van problem.

    Or maybe he should just buy a white van himself. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

    Nah. White vans aren’t classy enough for some people, are they? White vans symbolize physical labor, hard work that involves struggle……you know….that blue collar stuff that armchair coaches love to avoid.

  26. Soy C*******

    Blowhards is the kindest way I can think of to put it.

  27. Hey INFO, then move to NC….they love hate groups there. Go look at the distribution of hate groups and see for yourself. Go look at how they persecute college students who don’t look “American” to them.

  28. Moon-howler,

    One thing that worries me is John Jenkin’s propensity to constantly complain about issues linked to immigration.

    Why is he constantly complaining about lack enforcement?

    After all the crap that has happened in the county, you’d think that this guy would give the immigrants a break now. Maybe there is house overcrowding going on, but there’s no reason why John boy Jenkins can’t pursue the issue very quietly instead of whooping his rebel yell and waving the battle flag every chance he gets.

    He makes references in his complaints about how ‘his consituents’ have identified house overcrowding. It would be interesting to do a demographic study of who John boy Jenkins considers ‘his constituents’ to be. What about those constituents who can’t give him their opinion because their english is limited? Has this son of the south ever tried to learn spanish or a foreign language that his constituents might speak in order to reach out to them?

    Why doesn’t John boy Jenkins ever say positive things about immigrants?

  29. Moon-howler

    KG, You might be bitchy but that is a pretty decent laundry list you put up.

    SA, you can’t just have a few people coming in and taking over the political thought and the body politic in an area. Don’t give me the bull about the majority of the residents. It is that. Bull. The majority of the residents don’t know what they want. They got stirred up by those with a political agenda. People are putting down the kool aid though and thinking for themselves. And that disturbs some who are used to having the power.

  30. Moon-howler

    You all will have to ask John himself. I do know that his wife Ernestine and he have always been well liked by minorities and that they are both color blind. I would suggest that John Jenkins is looking at behavior rather than race. Ask yourself why a white southern good ole boy would continually be reelected for several decades in a diverse area like Dale City. He must be doing something right.

    There are immigrant concerns. We cannot just pretend they don’t exist. The sooner the problems are solved, the sooner our community can return to normal. We can choose to ignore issues, and then groups like the Order of the Red Circle gain power because residents are upset. Or we can address behaviors now in a logical, decent way, get them handled, residents won’t be upset for long, and groups like HSM don’t get a foothold.

    Probably a trip over to Dale City on the 4th of July for the parade might illustrate how much he is revered by his constituents.

  31. Moon-howler

    Government links found on MAGIC. Here is the link:

    Here is a link to every aspect of government.

    Descriptor from the website (their words not mine):

    MAGIC, the Management and Government Information Center, is located at the Chinn Park Regional Library in Prince William, VA. MAGIC is your source for information relating to Manassas, Manassas Park, Prince William County, Virginia and the United States. Our information service and collection is available to citizens, local government employees and elected officials.

    Directory of Government Officials
    Directory of City and Town Officials

    They Represent You 2008 is a publication of the Prince William Area League of Women Voters. Some of this information may have changed since its publication. For updated information, please contact MAGIC 703-792-4880.

    The MAGIC collection includes:

    Codes of Prince William County
    and the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park

    Code of Virginia

    Virginia Administrative Code

    Virginia Register of Regulations

    Code of the United States

    Federal Register

    Code of Federal Regulations

    Congressional Record

    Information files pertaining to the local jurisdictions and the state of Virginia

    Local newspaper articles pertaining to the local jurisdictions are filed by subject

    Periodicals of interest to management and local Government issues

  32. Moon-howler

    The streaming video of the 9/9/08 BOCS meeting is available now.

    It is over 5 hours long. You have been warned. 😉

  33. Chris

    John Jenkins probably has the best idea of who his constituents are. Mr. Jenkins didn’t just land here in the last 7-8 years like these right wingers have. Mr. Jenkins lives in Dale City for crying out loud. He lives in the “thick of it”. The Jenkins have always made themselves available and accessible to the public for DECADES! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, DECADES, not just over a handful of years. He lives in an older established neighborhood. He doesn’t live in the quiet “rural cresent” or in a newer planned community setting. Mr. Jenkins is committed and dedicated to this county. He’s not here for his own political gain and/or agenda.

  34. Chris

    Thanks. Corey’s remarks about the legal status our about an hour into. Then you can zoom down to 7:30 Citizens’ Time(#12) for Mr. L’s suggestions. Then for the totally wacked machine gun turrets comments go to the Public Hearing for the evening(#13). Mr. L and Mr. D spoke on Orhard Glen Public Hearing.
    I’m still shaking my head at that machine gun turrets comment for a solution to a vacant property.

  35. Chris,

    You sound like a campaign ad. I think John ‘Man of the People’ Jenkins can pursue house overcrowding issues if he wants but he ought to go about it more quietly. There is a reason why you need a court order to enter a house. He should show much more reverence for that bright line than he does. Instead, he talks about these constitutional protections like they were obstacles. And by talking that way, so publicly, he encourages other people to think that way. Some people will take their cue off a leader who says the necessity of a court order is a hassle. It is not a hassle. It is a bulwark of our freedom.

  36. Chris

    Say what you will. Campaign ad, my ass. You know we do NOT and will NOT ever agree on zoning type issues. Clearly, you’ve never had to live with some of the issues that have/are destroying our communities. You remind me too much of Micheal when it comes to things.

    I am all for a court order to enter one’s house. However, you may fail to realize that many citizens actually let inspectors and others in when asked. It’s been said at BOS meetings by Neighborhood Services they do get the cooperation of residents.

  37. I just watched Greg at Citizen’s Time at the streaming video linked above.

    To my horror, he began by directly referencing Jenkin’s comments about overcrowding. This is EXACTLY why Jenkins should shut his fat mouth on this issue. He gave Greg an opening and ammunition to boot. Now Greg wants to pass a law that limits the number of adults in a house based on square footage.

    If Jenkins had kept his mouth shut, Greg would have been forced to have his moronic ideas stand on their own. Now he can say he’s only trying to fix a problem IDENTIFIED by the BOCS.

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