Nativist Letiecq Attempts to Intimidate Numerous Members of PWC Community

Just days after Help Save Manassas was classified as “an extremist organization that employs hateful rhetoric” by the Anti-Defamation League, the man responsible for earning this classification for his followers has sunk to a new low.

A private email I wrote eleven days ago found its way to Greg Letiecq, who has posted a new thread on his blog intending to intimidate and persecute, not only me, but everyone who was on the email list.

In it, I questioned the judgment of Gainesville District Supervisor John Stirrup, who tomorrow will ask his fellow Supervisors to vote to approve his appointment of Robert Duecaster to the Prince William County Strategic Goals Task Force. I have made no secret of my feelings about Duecaster’s racist writings, or his infamous outbursts before our Board of Supervisors (see previous thread). But now Letiecq is trying to intimidate and defame those who received the email (many of whom did not respond).

Supervisor Stirrup’s apparent trust in Duecaster — the only man in this county who has personally threatened the Board of Supervisors with more hatred and rage than Letiecq himself — is just one symptom of the toxicification of Prince William County at the hands of Letiecq, his blog, and his extremist organization. The Center for American Progress has documented how intimidation and incitement of racial conflict are common methods of attack for anti-immigrant organizations.

The persecution began last year, targeting the Hispanic community, though often worded to focus on “illegal” immigrants rather than the Hispanic community in general. But it did not stop when many members of the Hispanic community left the county. It did not stop when our county’s Citizen Satisfaction Survey revealed that both the Hispanic and the African American communities have lost trust in county government and the police force.

For more than a year, Letiecq has been targeting anyone who dares to oppose his relentless attempts to dominate our county government by exploiting his influence over Supervisor Stirrup and Chairman Corey Stewart. Now, he is not only targeting those who criticize him, he is targeting anyone who associates with his critics, or thinks about joining them.

Letiecq has made a habit of attacking me. But he knows I am not intimidated. He knows I will stand up to him.

Many of the those who received my personal email have not criticized Letiecq or taken any action to challenge his greed for power. By publishing their names without permission and “identifying” them, he has violated their privacy in a despicable attempt to make them appear guilty of some infraction, and bully them into silence.

I for one am not afraid of Greg Letiecq’s Neo-McCarthyism. And I am not afraid to say I oppose the appointment of Robert Duecaster to our county’s Strategic Goals Task Force. But more importantly, I oppose the persecution tactics Letiecq has employed to unduly influence this county government, its leaders, and its citizens.

P.S. Question for Greg Letiecq: Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

204 Thoughts to “Witch-Hunt in Prince William”

  1. Censored bybvbl

    ” Except that the majority of the residents don’t see a small amount of recidivism as worth chucking the entire effort.”

    Is that the royal majority? What majority are you talking about? How do you know that it’s a “small amount” of recidivism? You have no idea how many people have been deported and returned or just been turned loose to begin with. And you don’t know how many of those have committed further crimes but haven’t been caught. The statistics aren’t there. The PWC police and Board as well as ICE doesn’t know, but you do?

  2. Emma

    How many people stood up at Citizen’s Time today to complain about the 1.6%, besides Elena?

    Seriously, not a trick question.

  3. Moon-howler

    How does anyone complain about the 1.6%? Emma, you can do better than that in your attempt to have the last word. I might ask you why you weren’t there cheering for it. Now wouldn’t I sound rather foolish?

    I think as we prioritize as a county, we fall back on data to make future decisions. You will continue to hear and see the number as citizens interested in how county resources are spent and in county policy step forward.

  4. NotGregLetiecq

    Talking about crime statistics was a suggestion the anonymous posters were giving to the brave souls who spoke under their real names. The idea was to speak the Supervisors’ language. Their job is to use tax payer money wisely, and give us the most return for our hard work and for our trust in them. They remember quite well that they were told over and over again, “These people commit lots of crime, lots and lots of crime, we don’t know how much because there are no statistics but believe me lots!”

    If that lie had been true, one could make the argument that the 11.6 million dollars they are spending is worth it. It makes us safer. But the hard truth is, and the Supervisors (except for Greg’s Errand Boys) know it. Actually, I think one of the Letiecq Errand Boys knows it too but he is trapped into lying about it).

    But it was Duecaster who overshadowed and rightly he should have. Supervisors already knew the statistics, now that they are finally in, proved that they jumped into a pool with no water in it off the high dive because the Anti-immigrant Lobby had everyone in hysteria over false accusations.

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