NotGregLetiecq, 16. September 2008, 18:33:

Okay. So. Is anyone else watching this? The Supervisors voted 5 to 3 in favor of a motion by Frank Principi to add a discussion of Stirrup’s Duecaster appointment to the topics to discuss for closed session.

Those in favor: Principi, Caddigan, May, Jenkens, and Nohe.

Those opposed: Greg Letiecq’s Errand Boys, Covington

There had been a discussion about a DVD submitted into the record by Eric Byler, of the 9500Liberty You Tube channel, but I am unclear about whether or not they agreed at the time to watch it in closed session.

When the Board reconvened about 90 minutes later, the other appointments all passed unanimously except for Supervisor Nohe abstaining on the vote to confirm Supervisor May’s appointment, Kris Nohe (his wife) to the same Human Services committee for which Robert Duecaster was about to see a vote. When Chairman Stewart introduced the Duecaster appointment, there was a long discussion. Jenkins said he hadn’t had the opportunity to view the video embedded above.

So, he asked that the vote be delayed until the Board could see it privately.

Supervisor Stirrup responded that there was prejudice in the video (I believe he meant prejudice AGAINST Duecaster, ironically enough).

Supervisor Principi said, “I’m in the same boat” with Supervisor Jenkins, and that he was torn between following the usual procedure (my phrasing) and using his vote to express his concern about a man whose “reputation precedes him.”

Chairman Stewart said they should not watch the video before voting because 9500Liberty was “against the Board’s Resolution” (not exactly true but okay).

Supervisor Principi said we don’t need to watch someone else’s interpretation, we have our own footage from Channel 23’s coverage of Citizens’ Time. He said we can ask our communications department to edit the same three speeches together from their own footage. He repeated the request that the vote be delayed until such time as a Channel 23 version of the same events could be produced for the Board’s edification.

Supervisor Caddigan said she planned to vote against the appointment. She said she had not heard about any of this beforehand, and felt uncomfortable voting in the affirmative if she was being denied the opportunity to see the video. She said she was disturbed by some of the Duecaster quotes that were read to her at Citizens’ Time.

Supervisor Nohe said that while he was disturbed by the comments of Mr. Duecaster, which he called “deeply offensive to me,” he was going to vote yes out of respect to Supervisor Stirrup, not out of respect toward his appointment.

Chairman Stewart said that he doubted whether the Duecaster quotes were accurate. It seemed to me that it was in Stewart’s power to deny the Board an opportunity to see the DVD, and it was in his power to force a vote.

They then voted, as RobbPearson reported on the previous thread:

FOR Duecaster’s appointment:

AGAINST Duecaster’s appointment:

After the vote, Supervisor Jenkins said this is the first time he had ever been denied the opportunity to see information pertinent to a vote. Because he had been contacted by so many concerned citizens, he asked County Attorney Horton if, now that the DVD was in the public record, would it be made available to citizens. The answer was yes.

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  1. Rick Bentley

    I’d prefer that we give Americans first dib at those jobs before we import more poor people. i’d prefer to lift our people out of poverty first.

    I do actually favor more temporary visas. And not for family members, just for workers.

    FortKnocks, the second great depression? Hardly. And don’t try to convince me that our farms would shut down. migrant workers on farms is one thing. A construction industry and fast food and other service industries hiring illegal workers is another.

  2. Fontbonne

    “One of the county employees GL is after on bvbl is a rabid Republican conservative.”


  3. Alanna

    Also, real quick. If we have proved that enforcement works, wouldn’t that indicate that our lack of enforcement was the problem and not the fact that we previously offered amnesty? Let me explain a little more, if we had actually enforced our laws then we wouldn’t be facing this situation again. So, it’s not the amnesty that’s at fault but our lack of enforcement?

  4. Marie

    If we want Americans to have first dibs on jobs then maybe big corporations should quit outsourcing American jobs to foreign countries.

  5. Rick Bentley

    “if we had actually enforced our laws then we wouldn’t be facing this situation again. So, it’s not the amnesty that’s at fault but our lack of enforcement?”

    Yeah, sure. So if we don’t go enforcement-first then we can only expect a huge influx.

  6. Rick Bentley

    McCain speaks in terms of “sealing the border” rather than a doable goal such as requiring US employers to use e-verify and to not employ illegal workers.

  7. Rick Bentley

    “maybe big corporations should quit outsourcing American jobs to foreign countries”

    Totally agree. we need to stop giving tax breaks to employers who outsource. Clinton did this, Obama explicitly favors this – tax breaks for those who create AMERICAN jobs, not just for everyone. It worked swimmingly in the 1990s.

  8. NotGregLetiecq

    Yeah, who is the rabid Republican conservative Gospel Boy is after?

  9. NotGregLetiecq

    I have no respect for people who have no respect for Chief Deane. That is basically saying you have no respect for Prince William County, its laws, and the just enforcement of its laws without political agenda.

  10. Censored bybvbl

    I found Corey Stewart’s “warning” to the BOCS yesterday about an email campaign targeting Duecaster hilarious. This from a guy who supports the hatemonger who bragged of generating a morass of FAIR inspired emails and faxes to sway the Board’s vote last year. At least the current emails were from constituents.

    I have to say I’m disappointed in Marty’s vote although his wife will probably do an admirable job on the task force. At some point the ethics and reputation of a potential appointee should trump “you support my nominee and I’ll support yours and we won’t mess with tradition”. A nominee with Duecaster’s baggage has no place on the task force. David Duke’s image was dressed up too – blow-dried hair and a suit – but he remained the same white Knight. To borrow a current phrase – “you can’t put lipstick on a pig”. Er…”it’s like trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”. Oops! I’m gonna get castigated by the McCain campaign. Who said it first? How’s about “gold-plating a tin can”?

  11. NotGregLetiecq

    What warning? You mean when he said “pay no attention to the citizens not being funding by a hate group, only pay attention to the ones that ARE funded by a hate group and thusly will vote for me come election time?”

  12. NotGregLetiecq

    I was talking about Censored’s reference to a Corey Stewart “warning.” Did you really use that word. How dumb. He’s on tape bragging that he sent out a mass email to the entire county asking them to lobby his own fellow board members, and Katherine called him on it three days later. That should have been in the movie by the way. Katherine you are the greatest!!!!!

  13. The Real Kris Nohe, 17. September 2008, 11:08
    LMAO! 🙂

    It’s not that I don’t think she will do a good job. It’s more like I don’t think it’s appropriate. How can you have someone suggesting policy to her own husband? It just doesn’t sit right with me. And it DOES make me wonder if Marty voted “yes” out of respect for Stirrup because his wife was up for appointment. It just doesn’t look good even if it’s fine.

  14. Well golleeeeeee, NGL. I’m blushing. 🙂

  15. Warning? I thought it was okay to speak up when you find politicians and public officials sickening. Huh.

    Then again, Corey was the “one minute man” last year.

    He loves to ask the timer guy at the BOCS meetings if the timer is on when I get up there. I saved him the trouble yesterday and asked myself.

    Go ahead and try to shut me up Corey. It just makes YOU look like a Pinko.

  16. Fontbonne

    While I am disappointed in Mr. Nohe, I’m going to have to give him a pass on this one. He’s a good guy and he has a good heart…he made a mistake. I have a distinct feeling this is not the end of the Duecaster issue and he (Mr. Nohe) may yet surprise us.

    And not for anything, but how come us* conservative Republicans are always rabid?! Do I seem rabid to you all? (My opinions of Wally Covington notwithstanding. (g))

    *yes, I am a conservative Republican. I am, however, not a xenophobic hatemonger. Contrary to certain factions of the local Republican party may think, it is not actually a requirement for membership.

  17. Assaulted by the blue light gang for having self respect.

  18. NotGregLetiecq

    E tu, Fontbonne? I am gaining new faith in Conservative Republicans!

    And falling in love again with PWC.

  19. NotGregLetiecq

    I think we are misinterpreting the word “warning.” I think Corey was saying I warn you that 9500 Liberty is against this Board’s policy. I think that’s what he said. But anyway, it was not that he was threatening his fellow Board members. Nay, he uses Gospel Greg to do that.

    Would anyone care to make a list of Gospel Greg’s targets over the past year? Watch your spelling.

  20. Fear Not

    Extend the list further back than a year and you’ll get an even better list.

  21. Emma

    EricByler, 16. September 2008, 21:38
    I will be calling Frank, Maureen, and Mr. Jenkins tomorrow to thank them. I feel really good about this.

    By the way, Elena, the video you posted is slightly different from the one the Supervisors got. The one they got has no cutaways to Supervisors listening.

    And all this time Eric has been hailed here as a celebrated filmmaker (he has a Wikipedia entry!) who is objectively documenting the “immigration” debate in PWC.

    I think this posting pretty much shreds that “objectivity” to pieces. What a joke.

  22. Fontbonne


    ha! Yes. Just call me the black sheep of my FDR-Democrat family. Listen, all political factions have their lunatics. I certainly wouldn’t lump most of the folks on this board with the likes of Code Pink or the RNC Welcoming Committee. Intelligent people of good will can always either find common ground, or agree to disagree in a civil manner.

  23. Moon-howler

    Slowpoke, English is the official language of Virginia. Since PWC is part of VA, I think we are included. It doesn’t mean we must exclusively speak English.

    When you have x dollars to spend, most police officers chose ‘more officers’ as opposed to cameras. PWCPD, in the past, chose to hire more officers. When their jobs were redefined, the choices changed. I continue to have respect for Chief Deane.

  24. Leila

    Emma, obviously you can challenge Byler’s objectivity but what is this fixation you have with a Wikipedia entry? Are you really suggesting all the information on Byler’s list of filmmaking credits can’t be confirmed through other sources if you had any doubts? Why do you continue to suggest that Byler’s having a Wikipedia entry is the only source of knowledge about him? He has films you could rent instantly, Variety, NYT, SF Chronicle, and other reviews you could read, award nominations and wins you could look up. Yet you continue to harp in a giddy manner on Wikipedia as though his record were in question. Why be so petty?

    I don’t know that Eric Byler is “celebrated” as you state, but I do certainly know that he isn’t an unknown director for those who pay any attention to independent filmmaking. I guess that isn’t you, and it doesn’t need to be. Everyone has their realms of knowledge. But why you think because you have no interest or knowledge of that world that it means that it doesn’t exist really baffles me.

    Do you make the same claim about all the other people in the arts or other fields who have Wikipedia entries but who you hadn’t heard of before?

  25. Emma

    I’m well aware if his other work. But all this time you all have defended him as factually documenting the debate from both sides. I think it’s very clear now that that is a lie, and that he definitely has an allegiance to the pro-illegal-immigrant side. That makes a lot of things much clearer.

  26. Moon-howler

    How is it clear Emma? Enough drive by remarks. Prove that Eric has not been factual.

    What is the pro-illegal immigrant side? Why must everything be a ‘side’ in your mind?

    How can Eric not be factual? Do you thin he morphed Dr. D’s head onto someone else’s body and lip synched? He documented what was out there. The end.

    I will continue to wait for Chris’ apology and for you to offer proof that Eric has not been factual.

  27. Leila

    Emma, reread my first line. My post was NOT about your challenge to his objectivity, it was about your attempt to continue for the umpteenth time to suggest he was not an established filmmaker and to do it in the most petty bizarre way by harping on a Wikipedia entry as though that were the only source of information about his work.

    But to take what you say above, I would imagine that the finished film will factually document the debate from both sides. Ie. I think he and Park will present people arguing both sides even if the film ends up having a political point of view that you will disagree with. Byler is not a journalist. He has no obligation to hide his personal political point of view. Perhaps you could give some examples of recent documentary filmmaking on political topics that are without a political point of view. I won’t hold my breath.

    Do you really suppose that this film will not include Greg L., Robert D., Corey S., and others expressing their arguments given the footage the filmmakers have? Do you suppose someone forced Greg to express his creative biblical interpretations and don fatigues on patrol, or forced Duecaster to use the extreme language and gestures of his (ahem) oratory? I would assume that kind of baroque theater will be included along with the less flamboyant discussion of FAIR staffers and BOS members.

    I guess we all have to wait and see what the film will be like. I assume it will be nothing like the compilations some people have already watched. I say that out of cinematic judgment, not political judgment.

  28. NotGregLetiecq

    Emma you are so funny about that wiki entry. The way it works is that lots of people contribute to wiki and experts say it is actually more accurate as a result than an encyclopedia.

    But why do you try to apply a word like “objective” as a criticism of someone who makes his living as an artist? A better way to criticize an artist is to say he’s derivative (that means he copied someone else’s work). Or he’s too commercial (that means he’s trying to make money and has no inner voice). You could even say his films are boring, no explanation necessary. “I feel asleep” is what I say about star-driven action movies, and I usually do!

    In this case, what you’re mad about is that the videos document things that are true, but you wish they weren’t. The things that come back to bite Corey Stewart in the butt are not Eric’s fault because they WERE actually said by Corey. It’s not an optical illusion.

    If you sit and watch the film he made about the policy change, all it shows is what happened with the policy change. Help Save Manassas people were there and they had no complaints, at least none about things in the movie that were not true.

    So until you see one of his movies, I guess you’re going to keep on harping on this wiki thing, which really means what? That it only lists his good reviews and not his bad reviews? Then go find a bad review. There’s a site called Rotten Tomatoes and one of his films has as many bad reviews as good ones.

  29. NotGregLetiecq

    *** fell asleep, not “feel” asleep

  30. Elena

    YOu have been duped by Greg and his rants. You have fallen for the oldest trick in the book, create sides so that people feel they must choose a side and thus accuse the other of being their “enemy.” I am not pro-illegal Emma, in fact, I don’t know one person who say they are pro-illegal. I am pro thoughtful discussion without de-humanizing another group of people. I am pro remember we are all G-d’s children. I am pro be sympthetic to others

  31. Well said Elena!

    Emma, what would you do if Greg suddenly told you that the anti-immigrant side was the “enemy?” Would you leap to the other side in order to NOT be the “enemy?”

    Or, would you ask yourself why there has to be two sides zero intelligent deliberation?

  32. Moon Howler – Yes Marty is not a worm, but he is an opportunist and a coward. When he goes out to meet with groups he makes minority communities think he understands what they’re talking about. He does this by REPEATING the “concerns” that he has heard. It ends there because he wants it both ways. Saying he understands and then actually voting as though he understood are two different things. His efforts at moderation are superficial.

    Elena – Yes you are right when you say “A closer look at the public record reveals that some of these supposedly mainstream organizations have disturbing links…”
    There are more links than we realize and it lurks just below the surface waiting for the right climate that will nurture it.

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