Nativist Republican Operative Greg Letiecq Continues His Witch-Hunt in a Desperate Attempt to Distract the Public from the Reality of the Immigration Resolution’s Disastrous Failure.

As national economic news worsens, Prince William County residents are coping with the an $11 Million Dollar “Immigration” policy that is hampering our local economy at a time when we can least afford it. Add to this the fact that last Tuesday’s highly anticipated Immigration Report from Chief Deane revealed some shocking indicators of how poorly our local “Immigration” policy is serving us. Trust and confidence in our county government and our police force are at all time lows according to our Citizen Satisfaction Survey. And, only 1.6% of the crime committed in Prince William County is committed by undocumented individuals. And, as shown in an earlier thread, in return for our $11 Million Dollar “Immigration” policy, we are seeing many of those we do apprehend return to the county after a brief trip through our federal system.

Perhaps this is the reason Greg Letiecq is pretending to be outraged about Liz Barnes and Craig Gerhart receiving a salary, and Eric Byler, an award-winning filmmaker, not receiving a salary as a VOLUNTEER for the Obama campaign (one among millions of Obama volunteers across the country).

His whining about Byler’s weekend volunteer activities is truly laughable.  Long before he earned himself a place in the halls of nativist fame, Greg was known in the county as a conservative Republican operative.  On his blog, he is trying to create a faux scandal over the entirely appropriate actions of some of the best civil servants in our county to try to distract us from the real scandal.

Here’s the real scandal: an extremist, nativist, hate group — led by Republican operatives — posing as a grassroots “issue advocacy” organization used insidious tactics to ram through our county an economically disastrous and racist policy with “help” from FAIR, a national organization classified as a hate group by Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center.  Surveys and reports about the Prince William experiment — more are forthcoming from think tanks and universities — are confronting us with that reality.  And Greg is waving his arms in desperation “don’t look there…look over here!” It’s a pitiful sight.

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  1. Censored bybvbl

    Well, this seals the deal for me…no more votes for Republicans at the local level either. Dems or third party only from here on out. If a nominee as repugnant as Duecaster can be voted in, who’s next? Maybe David Duke will move here to fill a slot.

    Stewart’s playing stupid when it comes to “Advocator”.

  2. Robb Pearson

    If I caught it correctly . . .

    FOR Duecaster’s appointment:

    AGAINST Duecaster’s appointment:

    What I found disconcerting was Nohe’s remarks that though he found Duecaster’s public comments unacceptable, he voted for the appointment out of professional courtesy to Mr. Stirrup.

    Principi and Jenkins, being somewhat aware of the unsavory history relating Duecaster’s extremist sentiments, wanted to take time to review documentation so as to make a more informed decision on the appointment. Caddigan was in alignment with Principi and Jenkins and took a courageous stand in the face of Stewart’s obstinacy and obtuseness during the discussion.

  3. NotGregLetiecq

    Aag. 5 to 3. Too much drama. I’m going out.

  4. Chris

    I always thought at a local level the party affiltiaion didn’t matter much. I don’t think it should. I would think no matter what party you were from you would have the geniune concern of your jurisdication in mind. Well, when some have clearly migrated to this county strictly to futher their personal/political agendena and nothing more. What are we really left to think. Only, because they knew they did NOT have a snow ball’s chance in hell of advancing their political career living in Fairfax County.

  5. Elena

    I am working on a new thread to announce. Don’t forget, everyone else was a unanimous, at least there was alot of discussion surrounding Duecasters appointment. The newspapers will do the rest. Our voices were at least heard, and now are a part of the public record, that ,in and of itself, is very important!

  6. Elena

    Very accurate summary Robb, thank you.

  7. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Thanks for the update….I couldn’t catch the meeting!

    Oh, and I suppose I would be remiss if I didn’t mention….

    Nyah, Nyah, Hyah!!

  8. Robb Pearson


    Yes, the fact that Duecaster’s appointment (1) was discussed at length in closed session, and (2) was the only appointment made without unanimous consent, speaks volumes. It also demonstrates the ethical and moral divide that exists not only on the BOCS, but also within PWC.

    And it’s finally time to break down that divide.

  9. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Nyah, that is.

  10. Censored bybvbl

    Chris, what concerns me is that it appears that there is no new low to which they will not go. At some point, a person should follow the old Nancy Reagan advice of “just say ‘no'”.

  11. Censored bybvbl

    I’ve no doubt that the other committee members can make mincemeat of Duecaster, but why expose everyone to ptomaine?

  12. Chris

    Just say no. Maybe, Channel 23 or Channel 37(V-FIOS) could air a PSA. 😉
    This is just one appointment of some 80+ Committees within in the county. The county website states they have almost 600 volunteers for these various committees. One appointment is really small potatoes in the grand scheme of things.
    Here’s a list of the Committees.

  13. It’s unconscionable that someone who has made the statements Duecaster has, would receive an appointment.

    Marty Nohe’s empty excuse is pathetic. He seemed like one of the good guys, but this betrayal lays bare how far he will compromise his ideals. He was afraid of being the vote that embarrassed the top republican in PWC.

    Marty Nohe, you pathetic worm, I spit on you.

  14. ShellyB

    Elena created a new thread about the Duecaster vote.

  15. Chris,

    I hear what you’re saying but I disagree.

    Symbols matter. They matter a great deal. Symbols inspire people to action. People hold onto their symbols when the times are rough. They emotionally invest in their symbols. That is why Osama Bin Laden chose the Twin Towers, Pentagon, and Capitol Building on 9-11. He burned a hole into us with our own symbols of economic, military, and political power.

    In 1941 the Japanese made sneak attack and sunk most of our pacific fleet. The country was devastated and the outlook for the navy was grim. But in 1942 Roosevelt approved a near suicide attack on the Japanese mainland called the Doolittle Raid. The attack accomplished nothing militarily. But stateside, it restored confidence and hope. It served as an outlet for the savage rage that was bottled up in the country.

  16. Chris

    What? You disagree with me? Say it isn’t so. 🙂
    I hear ya too, Mackie.
    Maybe, you missed on a prior thread where I said ultimately the board will do what it wants to do. These committees are for guidance, they are not setting anything into stone.

  17. Moon-howler

    Perhaps the most digusting part of this entire episode was Corey Stewart playing stupid about what was said and what not was said. Blog? what blog? He knew darn well what Mr. Duecaster has said both on the black screen and in front of him. He chose to act like he didn’t know. I know better.

    John Stirrup knows also, but he chose to give the people of PWC, except his red circle buds, the finger.

  18. Republican Operative?
    In case you missed it Lecticq blasted McCain, Thats not something Republicans do.

  19. Alanna

    Answer me this please, why did they keep him in the party? He has bad-mouthed other Republicans even actively supported a Democrat and in my opinion is a political liability but yet they decided to keep him. WHY?

  20. No One in Particular

    Lectiecq is a tool

  21. NoOneinParticular

    I’m in moderation?

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