National Survey Mirrors Results of Low Satisfaction Survey Results Among Latinos/African Americans in PWC

This is a new survey, conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center. Clearly, the results reflect the feelings of the minority communities in Prince William County. How should we react to improve the negative perception of the people in our community? The amendment to the resolution on April 29th was a critical change, but more must be done. The split vote approval of the appointment of Robert Duecaster, although not necessarily a “win”, at least demonstrated that there are four Supervisors who find his language and mission offensive. This is progress.

Hispanics See Their Situation in U.S. Deteriorating; Oppose Key Immigration Enforcement Measures. WASHINGTON – Half (50%) of all Latinos say that the situation of Latinos in this country is worse now than it was a year ago, according to a new nationwide survey of 2,015 Hispanic adults conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center. These increasingly downbeat assessments come at a time when the Hispanic community in this country has been hit hard by rising unemployment and stepped-up immigration enforcement.

In the survey, nearly one-in-ten Hispanic adults report that in the past year the police or other authorities have stopped them and asked them about their immigration status. Latinos say they are experiencing other difficulties because of their ethnicity. One-in-seven (15%) say that they have had trouble in the past year finding or keeping a job because they are Latino. One-in-ten (10%) report the same about finding or keeping housing. On the question of immigration enforcement, Latinos disapprove of five key enforcement measures asked about in this survey–and generally do so by lopsided margins.

The report also explores how Latinos rate the political parties and their presidential candidates on immigration and Hispanic concerns. The report, 2008 National Survey of Latinos: Hispanics See Their Situation in U.S. Deteriorating; Oppose Key Immigration Enforcement Measures, is available on the Center’s website, Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew Research Center, is anon-partisan, non-advocacy research organization based in Washington,D.C. and is funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts