This is a new survey, conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center. Clearly, the results reflect the feelings of the minority communities in Prince William County. How should we react to improve the negative perception of the people in our community? The amendment to the resolution on April 29th was a critical change, but more must be done. The split vote approval of the appointment of Robert Duecaster, although not necessarily a “win”, at least demonstrated that there are four Supervisors who find his language and mission offensive. This is progress.

Hispanics See Their Situation in U.S. Deteriorating; Oppose Key Immigration Enforcement Measures. WASHINGTON – Half (50%) of all Latinos say that the situation of Latinos in this country is worse now than it was a year ago, according to a new nationwide survey of 2,015 Hispanic adults conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center. These increasingly downbeat assessments come at a time when the Hispanic community in this country has been hit hard by rising unemployment and stepped-up immigration enforcement.

In the survey, nearly one-in-ten Hispanic adults report that in the past year the police or other authorities have stopped them and asked them about their immigration status. Latinos say they are experiencing other difficulties because of their ethnicity. One-in-seven (15%) say that they have had trouble in the past year finding or keeping a job because they are Latino. One-in-ten (10%) report the same about finding or keeping housing. On the question of immigration enforcement, Latinos disapprove of five key enforcement measures asked about in this survey–and generally do so by lopsided margins.

The report also explores how Latinos rate the political parties and their presidential candidates on immigration and Hispanic concerns. The report, 2008 National Survey of Latinos: Hispanics See Their Situation in U.S. Deteriorating; Oppose Key Immigration Enforcement Measures, is available on the Center’s website, Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew Research Center, is anon-partisan, non-advocacy research organization based in Washington,D.C. and is funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts


85 Thoughts to “National Survey Mirrors Results of Low Satisfaction Survey Results Among Latinos/African Americans in PWC”

  1. Elena

    Excuse me AWC,
    Do you really believe that people like us on ANTI are leading this country “down a path of ruin” because we believe immigration and its reform are complicated issues? I find this obesession with immigration being the “downfall” of our country incredibly misguided considering the biggest bail out of wall street since the depression is occuring right now! You want to talk about the decline of America? How about the decline of its ENTIRE economy, NOT because of “illegals” but because of corporate greed, because of de-regulation, because of a federal reserve chairman, not interested in fixing the problem, but just offering a payout to the fat cat execs and NOTHING to the poor schmuck who, albeit should have been smarter, is going to lose their home to foreclosure, left out to hang in the breeze.

  2. If you read that last sentence carefully, Elena, you will notice that is not at all what I’m implying…you just don’t have that kind of power. Obviously, I’m referring to those who do.

  3. Perhaps you should pay a visit to my blog some time and check out some of the postings…they may prove enlightening.

  4. A PW County Resident

    I am curious why a growing number of people seem to be obsessed with trying to figure out the identity of others on blogs. Does it really matter? Opinions are opinions and they have no greater or lesser weight if you know who the other person is.

    I myself am nobody but a person who has many conflicts over the immigration issue and probably will continue to change my opinions as I learn more facts. I am happy that that I will probably change positions on the issue from time to time as I believe that my opinions are merely in the formative stage. I do know that I will continue to point out when people use a slanted message as fact rather than just a glorified opinion.

    I can venture to say that I know who none of you are and it doesn’t change my perception of your opinions.

    Is this just another way of demonizing people (and it is truly done on both boards)?

  5. That’s exactly what it is, A PW County Resident, and an attempt to intimidate people into giving up who they really are. Childish, huh?

  6. DiversityGal


    I find it more than a little arrogant of you to suggest that you (or people like you in select ways) hold some sort of monopoly on patriotism and the study of history. Please show some respect for citizens of this country; you are certainly not the patriotism police. You say that everyone is putting their own spin on the “foundations of this nation;” is this not what you are doing by suggesting that only you and like-minded or like-aged people can truly relate to said foundations?

    I am quite sure that both Mackie, KG, and countless members of the “younger generation” (as you have termed them) value freedom, liberty, rights, the Constitution, and courage. I have read many passages by both Mackie and KG that would indicate they hold such things dear:

    “I believe all human beings have the potential for good and that hatred has no place in our world or our government…I believe illegal immigration is harmful to our nation and that we need a federal solution, not a gushing, bleeding bandaid which is what we have in this county.” – KG

    “But too many of those poor are minorities! They have no voices. This is a contradiction to your own argument. Everyone deserves a voice.” – KG

    “The eyes of the nation are upon our county, whether we realize it or not, whether we want it or not. We almost won an important symbolic battle tonight. We almost got back a piece of our county’s soul.” – Mackie

    “I have worked with immigrants, low income folks, people from the “hood” and everyone else. I won’t let whole populations of people–immigrant or otherwise–be put in front of the hatred that Duecaster and his buds spout off.” – KG

    “Symbols matter. They matter a great deal. Symbols inspire people to action. People hold onto their symbols when the times are rough. They emotionally invest in their symbols. That is why Osama Bin Laden chose the Twin Towers, Pentagon, and Capitol Building on 9-11. He burned a hole into us with our own symbols of economic, military, and political power.” – Mackie

    Just as I would feel about anyone else in this world, I don’t always agree with every single statement made by either KG or Mackie. They do have some thought-provoking things to say, and I am glad they bring those things to the table.

    However, you do not have the right to hold up the measuring stick to KG and Mackie, and tell them their beliefs don’t measure up to your interpretation of how a patriot should think. KG and Mackie both talk about standing up for the RIGHTS of those who are oppressed or disfranchised. You may not agree with what they are saying, but make no mistake…I think they are saying it because they love this country and want it to be the best it can be.

  7. Elena

    Who is doing that PW County Resident? Tom Kopko made a statement, that PWC was the “second alamo”. However, having said that, if indeed SA is Tom Kopko, and he wants be “anonymous” here, he has that right. WHWN, can you add to this topic.

    Your statement could be taken in many different levels. If you say it is our elected leaders that are taking us down a path of ruin, then you should say that more specifically, as to avoid confusion. However, I still stick to the foundation of my statement, we are facing a REAL crisis and it ISN’T because of illegal immigrants.

  8. SecondAlamo

    Heck I tell WHWN constantly that I’m NOT Tom Kopko, but he insists that I am and then goes and spends countless keystrokes showing his ignorance. I’ll gladly bet him any amount of money (if it is enough to be meaningful) that I’m not. I’ll arrange a public meeting, and someone here can hold the money as arbiter. Knowing the mind set here unfortunately, he would probably say I was a stand-in. Oh well, I guess he’ll just have to live with his delusion, or until he can get help. Actually, without giving away my personal email information Alanna has my permission to tell everyone that I’m someone other than TK. I had to sign up for this blog as you all did.

  9. SecondAlamo

    BTW, I came up with the ‘Second Alamo’ nickname on my own. If TK referred to second alamo, then it was just a coincidence. WHWN has referred to ‘illegal immigrants’ many times does that make him Greg L? Same logic, different person.

  10. My comment, DiversityGal, was in direct response to kgotthardt’s comment at 7:24, “AW, tell me you aren’t using the Civil War as an example of American values?” The entire exchange is a difference of OPINION regarding historical perspective. And yes, your generation was taught a different history from mine. I know from my children’s textbooks that less and less time or textbook space has been allowed students from the 80’s through today to American historical FACT, particularly of those early centuries in our history, and far more to political correctness and modern U.S. history. My opinion is not a negative reflection on anyone’s patriotism…it’s a negative reflection on what they have been taught.

    In addition, it started out with Mackie’s comment that family comes before country and THAT is the American way. If it is, it’s not reflected in actual U.S. history.

  11. –Everyone wants to put their own spin on it, to suit themselves and their narrow viewpoints. It’s that “ME” generation attitude.-

    LOL! Yeah, okay. And if you have ever read deconstructive theory or any other literary/history theory, you would understand that the way we read history is not only personal but in the context of sociology and culture. You can’t look at history in a vacuum which is what you are doing. Do families differ? Sure. But this has nothing to do with your original premise that Americans put country first over family. Sorry…weak argument at best.

    Second, do you think for a moment that if I were part of any “ME” generation that you so nicely stereotype I would be doing volunteer work and sticking my neck out to help save this county from ruining ITSELF via breaking our budget and spreading hatred? Come on PW. How narrow-minded are you? Or are you the only sacrificing savior out there?

    Apparently, you have a problem with anyone younger than you participating in how their LIVES are affected by THEIR govenment, which amounts to age discrimination on your part. It’s really too bad you feel you can dismiss anyone under the age of 40 so easily.

  12. Sensitive, aren’t we? I’m not dismissing you, I’m merely disagreeing with you. If my argument is weak, then enlighten me…don’t merely go on the attack. I’ve been known to admit I’m wrong. By the way, I don’t know why you are attacking PW…I’m the one who made the comment.

  13. No not sensitive at all, AW. I didn’t mean PW. Typo.

    I’d love to discuss history with you more when I have time. And analyzing your comments is hardly an attack. You put them out there, so you should expect a valid (logical) response which is when you say “we” the younger generation don’t “know” history and are part of the “ME” generation, you commit logical fallacy of stereotyping. Would you like me to generalize you and call you an old fart? But I have more respect for the elderly than that….which is more than we can say for Corey Stewart who axes programs for the elderly. He’s pretty young. Perhaps you can put him into your category of the “ME” generation. He would better fit the bill.

  14. A PW County Resident

    KG, was your comment aimed at me? Please let me know what you meant by the comment? What part of my comment was narrow-minded and where I have indicated that I am anything like a savior.

  15. A PW County Resident

    Sorry, our comments passed in the mail.

  16. “Perhaps you can put him into your category of the “ME” generation. He would better fit the bill.”

    I do. 😉

  17. DiversityGal


    You said:

    “If you are a citizen of this country, it comes with responsibility…something the attitude displayed by people like Mackie, and you, and of course those leading us down the path to ruin seem to care little about.”

    I interpreted your comments to suggest that Mackie and KG cared little about the ideals you had described earlier in your post. In any case, you seem to be saying that Mackie, KG, and myself have gone through an inferior education to your own. I don’t share your opinion, and once again, I find it to be arrogant.

    On education…perhaps you should consult the history/social studies VA SOLs, and teachers of history K-12 about your claims. In schools today, the textbook is just one of many tools (research, period fiction/nonfiction books, guest speakers, live field trips, virtual field trips, narratives, webquests, etc.) used to teach history; it is not the end-all-be-all, and should not be used as your gauge of what is truly taught in the classroom.

    As far as the loyalty to family and to country stuff…you are right, there is an historical precedent of putting country before family. However, it would be ridiculous to suggest that the American way is to put country before family or family before country. Indeed, I don’t think most Americans have or should be called upon to make that choice. Just as we can’t ignore the times that families have been divided over their beliefs, we can’t just ignore the fact that most Americans feel strong familial ties, and that they would go above and beyond for their family members.

  18. Anonymous

    A PW County Resident, 21. September 2008, 8:23
    I am curious why a growing number of people seem to be obsessed with trying to figure out the identity of others on blogs. Does it really matter? Opinions are opinions and they have no greater or lesser weight if you know who the other person is.

    It does NOT matter one iota who one is. All opinions matter, but only when all are willing to hear all opinions, and NOT discount them because they are not the same as yours.

  19. “However, it would be ridiculous to suggest that the American way is to put country before family or family before country.”

    Thank you for making my point.

  20. In many ways, “Second Alamo” and Tom Kopko are both emblems for a problem we need to address in the PWC Republican party, and the Republican party as a whole. Both, whether they are the same or no, are too smart to be racists, but have taken concrete action to foment racism for political gain.

    I fight against the real Tom Kopko in real life.

    And on this blog, I fight against “Second Alamo.”

    If it makes everyone uncomfortable, I’ll stop blurring the two. Please reread my post above and focus on the message rather than the emblem of that message.

  21. Moon-howler

    Second Alamo is entitled to discuss his opinions. While I often (but not always) disagree with him, I have always found him to be polite and to have something to say other than dropping the usual meaningless sound bites like so many people do.

    SecondAlamo has been with us since the beginning. I prefer to try to find common ground with everyone rather than keep things in a constant case of turmoil and dissention.

  22. Alanna

    Don’t you know that we all are ‘Nancy Lyall’. 🙂

  23. Leila

    Ah, like Spartacus! Thanks Alanna. Do I still get the car?

  24. A PW County Resident

    Who is Nancy Lyall?

  25. Moon-howler

    A PW Co activist who is a director or something with Mexicans Without Borders.

  26. A PW County Resident

    Thanks, MH

  27. Twisted Sister

    Interesting analysis on the dark screen about why the route 1 corridor is Frank and Hilda’s fault. Get out much? WHERE do these people come from? GG must be making up these characters

  28. DiversityGal

    Nancy Lyall used to have a position in Prince William County Schools, I believe. She worked with the multicultural department, and was very good at her job. She co-taught an interesting course in diversity for educators.

  29. –KG, was your comment aimed at me? Please let me know what you meant by the comment? What part of my comment was narrow-minded and where I have indicated that I am anything like a savior.–

    PW, I meant AW. I was in a hurry this morning and made muchos typos. Sorry.

  30. For anyone interested, I have continued the historical discussion on family vs. country in the Civil War on my blog.

  31. NotGregLetiecq

    Nancy Lyall is a good person and a courageous person. She stood up to Gospel Greg when no one else was, and those few others who dared all backed down. We weren’t yet accustomed to living in the culture of hate that he has created.

    Now we are more accustomed to it, and more people have stood up. Even some of the Supervisors are standing up, so this is a different climate. Not a culture of hate. But a county struggling to overcome the pitfalls of becoming a culture of hate for a short while.

    I think we are coming out of it. But my point was supposed to be this:

    Nancy would be just another voice of reason if she hadn’t been the first and only voice for so long.

    The fact that she was alone, and none of us were backing her made it easy for Gospel Greg to slander her, say all this dumb shit that she’s a terrorist and a socialist.

    The only people who still believe that are the low information voter types: the eight or so people who still read Greg’s blog. The rest of us hear Nancy’s name and remember a time when we ourselves were too chickenshit to stick our necks out. I feel ashamed of that. But I’m also reminded of Nancy’s courage.

  32. I really don’t think Nancy is THAT radical, but some people do because she’s associated with MWB. She is the antithesis of chickenshit for sure!! Even if you dislike her, you have to admire her courage, particularly as a woman who has confronted the Dark Lord himself!

  33. NotGregLetiecq

    Yeah, I’ve always said the name was just a bad idea. Gospel Greg and Corey Stewart went after religions leaders like they are communist informants and/or terrorist spies, of course he’s going to get the hate machine revved up with a name like Mexicans Without Borders.

  34. Dime

    Nancy Lyall is a good person and a courageous person. A “voice of reason” lol, rotflmao “Mexicans without Borders” is the biggest hate group know in PWC.

    thanks for the laugh !!!!!

    Resolution supporter, against illegal aliens, voter

  35. NotGregLetiecq, 22. September 2008, 16:50

    “Yeah, I’ve always said the name was just a bad idea.”

    Why? It precisely reflects their goals, so I would think it a very appropriate name.

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