Illegal immigrants Rounded Up in Culpeper

From the MJM

Published: September 23, 2008

About 40 law enforcement officers gathered in Culpeper early this morning for a county-wide sweep for illegal immigrants.

Town, county, state and federal officers with Immigration and Customs Enforcement met around 3:30 a.m. at the Culpeper Police Department, where they organized into several teams.
Following a briefing, the teams gathered for final last-minute preparations on Cameron Street before beginning the sweep around 5 a.m. Some of the teams got into unmarked SUVs, while others drove unmarked sedans, accompanied by local officers in marked patrol cars.

Sources say about 25 people were targeted in the sweep. The outcome of the joint initiative was not immediately known.

Town spokesman Wally Bunker said the results of the sweep will be discussed at a 1 p.m. press conference at the Commonwealth’s Attorneys office.

Officials said the sweep was meant to target three categories of people – those who had returned to the U.S. illegally after being deported, suspected or known gang members, and those who have very frequent but minor involvement with the law.

Now what is all THIS about? It sounds like a collective effort of the Culpeper Sherif’s Dept, the VA State Police and ICE to round up illegal immigrants. Since when is this done? Some folks must be in a state of Nirvana tonight. Others are probably very sad if their family members are gone.

Facts please.

Economic Fix: Buy Out, Bail Out or Must Fix?

Several threads showed people asking for a dedicated thread on the economic crisis we are in. Bear Sterns is gone. Lehman Brothers is gone. AIG was saved. Who will be left standing? Will CEOs keep bringing in their huge 20 million dollar salaries on your tax dollar? Are people profiting on the losses of others?

What happens if the government does nothing? Is the Senate mistreating public servants like Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson or Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke? Does the Senate not get it or are they just grand-standing for political reasons?

You asked for it, you got it. All Pearls of wisdom go here.

PWC & Immigration Study Circle Information

> From – The Center for Voter Deliberation of Northern Virginia

A reminder: You are invited to an information meeting on Study Circles on immigration in the Prince William County area. The meeting is Saturday September 27, from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m., at the George Mason University Prince William campus, in the Bull Run Building, Room 130 (1st floor). Parking is available in the King Lot.

Register, or just to learn more

GMU/PW campus map

Study Circles are facilitated community conversations that help us better understand all sides of the immigration issue, build relationships across groups, and develop action plans and policies based on common ground.

We believe the community needs a respectful, honest and productive conversation about immigration. We hope you can join us at GMU/PW on September 27.


Charvis Campbell
George Mason University – Prince William

Beth Offenbacker & Bill Corbett
Center for Voter Deliberation of Northern Virginia

To read the full press release, visit –

Quick Note: The Study Circles are Confidential and WILL NOT BE FILMED.

City Brings Home Three State Neighborhood Awards

A Special Congratulations to Cindy Brookshire

For immediate release

Contact: Kisha Wilson-Sogunro
Neighborhood Services Coordinator

City of Manassas

City Brings Home Three State Neighborhood Awards

MANASSAS, VA – The City of Manassas, one of its neighborhood organizations and a local youth have won three state neighborhood awards. They are:

State Neighborhood Youth Individual Effort of the Year

Michael Sensale, Cannon Ridge Community

State Neighborhood Youth Group Effort of the Year

Week of Hope Program, City of Manassas Neighborhood Services

State Neighborhood Project of the Year

Weems Neighborhood Watch/Week of Hope Cleanup

The awards were presented on Saturday, September 20 at the 9th annual Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference, held at the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner.

The City of Manassas has been stepping up efforts to build strong neighborhoods and increase civic involvement since it hired Kisha Wilson-Sogunro as Neighborhood Services Coordinator in November 2006. Sogunro has put her extensive knowledge to work addressing critical needs in the community,

“This was truly a city government-citizen group partnership,” said Cindy Brookshire, whose project had the support of more than a dozen Weems Neighborhood Watch members to organize a four-day cleanup of Landgreen Street, where Manassas Cab Company driver Khawaja Ahmed was murdered in February 2008. More than 30 youth and adult church volunteers, including the general manager of the cab company, worked with Watch members to fill four City trucks with trash and yard waste, mow 12 lawns, haul away a trailer load of hazardous household waste (used motor oil, paint, car batteries, TV and computer monitors), reinstall a mailbox and spread a truckload of mulch. They ended their labors with an ice cream “party in the park” at Byrd Park. “Our Neighborhood Watch could not have pulled this project together without the encouragement of Officer Scott Stallard of the City of Manassas Police Department, Kisha’s in-field guidance of the Week of Hope volunteers, and the Public Works Department, which supplied us with courtesy trucks, wheelbarrows and other tools we needed to get the job done. I’m grateful to the City and to the church youth for their help in our crime prevention and community building efforts.”

The City is planning to host its own Neighborhood Conference on Saturday, November 15 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Carteret Mortgage Branch Boys & Girls Club on Dean Drive, complete with workshops, a marketplace of exhibits, a block party lunch with “divine desserts” from local churches and their own Best of Neighborhood award winners.

To register for the City’s Second Annual Neighborhood Conference, go to