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A reminder: You are invited to an information meeting on Study Circles on immigration in the Prince William County area. The meeting is Saturday September 27, from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m., at the George Mason University Prince William campus, in the Bull Run Building, Room 130 (1st floor). Parking is available in the King Lot.

Register, or just to learn more

GMU/PW campus map

Study Circles are facilitated community conversations that help us better understand all sides of the immigration issue, build relationships across groups, and develop action plans and policies based on common ground.

We believe the community needs a respectful, honest and productive conversation about immigration. We hope you can join us at GMU/PW on September 27.


Charvis Campbell
George Mason University – Prince William

Beth Offenbacker & Bill Corbett
Center for Voter Deliberation of Northern Virginia

To read the full press release, visit – http://www.citizensovereignty.com/princewilliam/PressRelease9-14-8.pdf.

Quick Note: The Study Circles are Confidential and WILL NOT BE FILMED.

29 Thoughts to “PWC & Immigration Study Circle Information”

  1. Good opportunity to hear EVERYONE’S ideas once these circles start.

  2. Moon-howler

    Some people don’t want to work with others. They prefer the bully pulpit.

    Chris tried to reach out to others. Not only was her message disregarded and ridiculed, it was taken down.

    It is much easier for some ignoramous to tell others what happens in the study circles than it is to find out for yourself. bok bok bok.

    Hats off to Chris for trying.

  3. Marie

    Where is Chris? Hey, Chris if you check in I wanted to let you know that I plan to attend and I hope to see you there.

  4. Yeah, GL “repelled” Unity’s invite to this event. GL has a certain amount of anti-intellectualism happening in his head. I’m not into academic snobberty, but I think this is great; something like this is meant for everyone to truly and respectfully discuss the issue. GL is scared his tactics won’t hold up to logic and decency.

  5. ShellyB

    The event might not be filmed, but that doesn’t mean the Order of the Red Circle won’t be there to write down names and report on anyone who dares to speak against their anointed leaders. How can we speak on this issue in public without being at risk of Red Scare / Red Circle attacks?

  6. Mando

    @ ShellyB

    You can’t. The order of the Red Circle sees all and knows all. Like Santa.

  7. Moon-howler

    Red Circle attacks come in many forms, ShellyB. Cuidado!

  8. Rick Bentley

    The time for deliberation or sitting around in a circle listening to exhibitionists talk hoping for “consensus” is long past.

  9. Mando

    Waitaminute… Santa wears red. RED! GL’s power knows no limits. He’s even infiltrated the north pole and our happiest childhood memories! SCARY!!!

  10. Censored bybvbl

    Ha ha. The devil wears red also and has infiltrated the Christmas parade.

  11. ShellyB

    Mando and Rick (is that your real name?) …

    You miss my point, simply because no one on the fiscal responsibility and sound policy side of this argument talks about guns and pitchforks and retaliation for having a different opinion.

    No one in the county government tries to intimidate people into not speaking out in what is supposed to be a democracy. We are above such tactics.

    But you probably like the fact that our government has been infected by hate-driven bullies, and you probably like the economic and social impact of the bad policy that has resulted.

    This shows that the hate has taken a deeper toll on you than on most people in this county. I feel deeply sad for you.

  12. NotGregLetiecq

    If I wasn’t mistaken, the Church Lady from Saturday Night Live made a special appearance at Citizens Time last night, pointed to a political cartoon and and said…..

    ” S A T A N !”

    ShellyB, the Red Circle fools can’t touch you. The people they try hardest to intimidate simply are NOT backing down. You really aren’t being fair to yourself if you let fear that your name might end up on the smelly bathroom wall (Greg’s blog) stop you from attending this meeting.

    Don’t you realize that only a handful of people go into the smelly bathroom and read the toilet stalls as if they are the word of God. All three of them showed up at Citizens’ Time last night. The rest of the county considers Greg’s blog a laughing stalk, a spectacle.

    Greg’s blog is like a circus with no acrobats, only freak shows.

  13. Mando


    I’m with you. I see residents cowering at the mere whisper of the name Letiecq all the time!

    And God forbid – DO NOT say Letiecq three times while in a dark room in front of a mirror! I hear that a flaming pitchfork will appear in the mirror and, as if driven by ghostly hands, is thrust at you!

  14. Mando

    “ShellyB, the Red Circle fools can’t touch you.”

    NGL! ShellyB has been programmed by those that run and contribute to this blog to fear The Letiecq! What are you trying to do???

    I think you ARE GregLetiecq! GET YE BACK LETIECQ! Back to your vile black screen!

  15. Mando, you’re a goofball. Actually, I like it. It’s an amusing switch.

    Seriously, why don’t you and Rick go to some of these things? You obviously think it’s important. And you like to get your point across. You have brains and can communicate I am sure. And like me you might even be a little better behaved in public 🙂

    Rick, we need to talk about making this community a viable place to live and how to fix this issue at the national level. The resolution is here and in place. No one is arguing that. But what’s next?

  16. Moon-howler

    All of you, stop it! I am hysterical. The mere mention of Church Lady just gets me going.

  17. NotGregLetiecq

    Thanks Jorge, I actually watched the whole darn thing just to get to the dance she does at the end. I agree with our local Chuch Lady, political cartoons and Jimmy Swaggart are both the work of Satan (echo echo echo).

  18. NotGregLetiecq

    Mando, really now, would the REAL Gospel Greg call his loyal servant Allison Kipp “our local Church Lady?”

  19. NotGregLetiecq

    Moon-Howler! Look it’s a cartoon, with Satan (echo echo echo echo)!!!

  20. Moon-howler

    NGL, is that you, SATAN {{{ECHO echo echo}}}????


  21. Chris

    I’m glad to hear you will be there.
    I wish people would take the time see that this is an INFORMATIONAL meeting. I was really amazed at the varying points of views. I’ve said many times before the “human factor” seems to get left out all too often. We as humans are multifaceted. For the most part those that have been the most vocal in the debate(locally) only know a facet or two at best of others. This is a problem. We only know some through the words at Citizens’ Time, on blogs, or newspaper articles, etc.. However, there is way more to than those things to people. There were a few there were pretty convinced I was a “racist” at first, and once they’d heard me speak they realized I was not at all. It didn’t take long to establish one bit of common ground and that was what was best for our county and two cities(there was nobody from Manassas Park). That is a starting point. Of course, we all have different ideas on how to achieve this. To move forward in a postive manner we must ALL work together and NOT against one another.

    We do need to take the time to LISTEN to those with opposing views. I do have to wonder are some really that afraid of learning another point of view. I do still believe all are doing what they feel is right.

  22. Red Dawn

    “We do need to take the time to LISTEN to those with opposing views. I do have to wonder are some really that afraid of learning another point of view.”


    “I do still believe all are doing what they feel is right.”

    Yes but there is a difference in the approach. Some are just down right nasty as in MEAN spirited-no sense of humor- ATTACKING the messenger NOT the message.

    Like this 😉

  23. Moon-howler

    I have always found that discovering what my presumed enemies really thought, past the sound bites, was the best way for them to stop being my enemies.

    We might never see eye to eye but we stopped hating each other, and hate is so energy consuming.

    Chris, you should receive huge kudos for your efforts here. You have all my respect for your efforts. I hope others feel the same way.

  24. Red Dawn

    Tell ya what Moon-howler,

    With the economic crisis and no promise of tomorrow,…. no matter how hard you worked or climbed the ladder, or operated YOUR own business…LEGALLLY, these uncertain times show, we are not in control or better than anyone else.
    I said on another thread that people need to quit fighting and start finding dance partners…as we may all be dancing in the street with no where to run.. now, pass the sugar 🙂


  25. Rick Bentley

    Not hate ShelleyB but the anger is deep that my country selectively enforces laws and sits on their hands when my neighborhood becomes unsafe, and that this supposedly fair nation lets its leaders enforce two sets of laws (1 for English speakers, 2 for Spanish-only speakers).

    “To move forward in a postive manner we must ALL work together and NOT against one another. ” Totally disagree. We will never all agree on this issue in a positive or any other manner. One side will have to inflict their will on the other. And I feel the pro-Amnesty crowd has inflicted their will on America for too long.

    “We do need to take the time to LISTEN to those with opposing views.” i’ve heard it, from every perspective. I’ve had it crammed down my throat and I see it being indoctrinated into our children. *”Spanish Day” in 1st grade at Mullen Elementary – let’s all watch “Finding Nemo” in Spanish – explain that one to me!). I try to be very tolerant and to see both sides of issues, but on the issue of illegal immigration in my community, I slant as far as I can towards “Roll up the red carpet”. To me the only debate should be what level of pain or discomfort to inflict on illegal immigrants – is it right to pick up day laborers and drive them 15 miles and then throw them out of your truck? Would it be right to report parents for deportation when they enroll their kids for school? Things like workplace raids and Rule of Law are no-brainers to me.

  26. Jorge Pollo

    That anger will only land you in an early grave, Ricky.

  27. Censored bybvbl

    Rick, if you want to make it sound as though you’re looking at a situation unbiasedly and want to apply the same rules to everyone, take a drive down Morningside Drive and tell me which house stands out as a pigpen. I’ll give you a hint that it’s occupied by whites who think the laws don’t apply to them. Two sets of laws – one for the average citizen who will willingly obey them and then another set for those people that think they’re the exception and give their neighbors the middle finger.

  28. Moon-howler

    Rick, I have new neighbors who block people’s driveways and when asked to move, they tell the asker to go f-themselves. Their kids have trashed the front yard with millions of toys and they have a bunch of junk cars. They shot illegal fireworks onto everyone’s roofs and trees. They make me angry. They don’t speak Spanish. They speak illiterate redneck English.

    I like my hispanic neighbors. None of us like the new pwt ones. They aren’t illegal, I am sure. I guess because they are white and I am white, I can say what I want without appearing prejudice. How about my hispanic neighbors? I guess they appear racist if they grouse and carry on.

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