Apparently Gainesville Supervisor – John Stirrup made an appearance in your town to spread outright lies. One has to wonder what his true motivation is in perpetuating the lies. Corey apparently has delusions that he could conceivably become LutentHere in PWC we have had a tumultuous time since the initial adoption of our ‘Immigration Resolution’ which most likely is now being marketed as ‘The Rule of Law Resolution’.

Not having been there but having heard Stirrup’s on a couple of occasions, these facts might give you a more balanced observation of what has occurred here in PWC.

PWC County Schools has 700 fewer ESOL students
** Yes, and some neighboring jurisdictions have had a greater percentage drops than PWC without implementing any policy.

Crime Statistics dropped 20%
** Actually, the crime rate has been dropping over the past 4 years, each year by approximately 20% even during the timeframe where we had the influx of illegals.

Hospitals are less overcrowded
** Actually, emergency room visits have remained at the same levels but we have had about 500 less uninsured births combined with losses in L&D nurses.

What I’m sure he didn’t mention.
1. We have DOUBLE the foreclosure rates of surrounding jurisdictions that supposedly have MORE of an illegal problem than we do.
2. We have lost 25-40% of our home values, again this is DOUBLE the losses of surrounding counties
3. Our program has only identified 1.6% of those arrested as ILLEGALS
4. We have had to cut vital services to fund this program like our Senior Citizen Day Center, no new tiles in our libraries, close a health clinic, and the list goes on and on…
5. According to our County’s ‘Citizen Satisfaction Survey’, minorities including Blacks now have the lowest confidence ever recorded in our Police Department which ALSO has been cut for next year. How convenient.
6. 5% of those handed over to ICE have ended up being RE-ARRESTED in our community which makes you wonder where the other 95% really are. I suspect the majority of them were simply released by ICE and are back on our streets.

Obviously, John is now taking talking points from Corey as they try to convince the residents of Durham, North Carolina to follow in their ill-conceived footsteps. Funny how he outright LIES about emergency room visits even after receiving a report to the contrary. And, again, those crime stats being touted as if they actually had some sort of significance. John you are a DESPICABLE LIAR.

55 Thoughts to “Gainesville Supervisor Stirrup Continues the Lies”

  1. Former COM employee

    MH, still haven’t provided any evidence. I agree with red dawn though, there may be no way to prove it. But I can tell you this from my experiences, it is more likely the door is broken, they keep it open because of kids or they are just to lazy to open the door and ensure it closes tightly, not because they have rooms for rent.

  2. Alanna

    This whole screen door thing is an urban myth. They hang up a sign in the local Hispanic stores advertising a room for rent.

  3. Moon-howler

    In the case I am thinking of, I know the former owner of the house. The door was in perfectly good working order. Ordinarily I wouldn’t be such a know-it-all but that is the method this man used to advertise. That man is gone now. There is another house I am familiar with. I don’t know how he advertises but it is not with a screen door. Judging from who lives there, I would say not in Hispanic stores because it is the most ethnically diverse house I have ever seen.

    None of these houses have been problematic to my knowledge. No bad neighbors. The landlords, in each case, laid down rules and have made everyone stick to being a good neighbor.

    Censored, I think beer might be the new sign in my neighborhood also. Explain to me how that works. I see lots of working coolers on front porches as I cruise the ‘hood. The replacement neighbors have been far more of a pain than the old neighbors.

  4. Censored bybvbl

    The way it worked seemed to be that you sat on the front porch with your cooler and people of like appetite started to gather. (Or you could make enough beer-induced noise to attract them.) Then from the crowd of regulars, someone would get the bright idea that if you shared the house that would free up more money for beer which in turn would round up even more roommates.

  5. Moon-howler


    Hell of a plan!! What a concept. I know of 2 places where that plan apparently is in place. You can see one of them driving the Strasburg connection. Man, the neighborhood sure must be improving. Another one like that just foreclosed over on Lomond. Guess it wasn’t such a hot plan for them.

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