41 Thoughts to “The Silent Virginia Senate Race”

  1. Information Only..

    VoteMatch Quiz
    Select the set of candidates, then answer the 20 questions, and you’ll get compared to those candidates.

  2. NotGregLetiecq

    Moon-howler! Great job with the photos! What’s up with the invisible Senate race? It’s called a 30 point lead with 5 weeks to go. No one has ever made up such a lead in the history of time! And what do you expect? You have one of the most successful and most popular Governors in recent times against one of the least successful and least popular Governors in recent times. And the one who completely failed at his job belongs to the party of Bush/McCain.

  3. Wendy

    Warner self made millionaire and doesn’t waste his money? Guess RPV decided not to waste theirs either.

    Less wasteful is move in right direction for this country.

  4. IVAN

    Gilmore is poling in the low 30% range. This has been a no contest since day one. Maybe if Bob Marshall had… no nevermind.

  5. Cindy B

    Former Commonwealth of Virginia Governor and Current candidate for the U.S. Senate Mark Warner will be the featured speaker at a special Insight Series Luncheon, Tuesday, Oct. 7th, 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (Registration is 10:45-11:10 a.m.) at the Best Western Battlefield Inn
    10820 Balls Ford Rd., Manassas. Cost to attend is $25 prepaid or $30 at the door/billed. PLEASE RESPOND to Cathy Gilbert-Silva at (703) 368-6600 ext. 10 or email cgilbertsilva@pwcgmcc.org (Prince William County Greater Manassas Chamber of Commerce).

  6. Free Lunchers will vote Gilmore
    Theocrats will write in Marshall
    Fiscal Conservatives will vote Warner
    Democrats will vote Warner
    Liberals will vote Warner
    Environmentalists will split between Warner (Greens) and Parker (Indie Greens)
    Constitutionalists will vote Warner

    This one has been such a foregone conclusion that the Republicans did not even bother to run anyone decent in the Primary.

  7. Info Only, I didn’t get any quiz about Gilmore and Warner.

    Can anyone tell me what a “populist” is?

  8. Oh I see it. I’m a moderate that leans left when it comes to accepting people. But I’m a “hard core” conservative in the other areas. I’m not a “hard core” liberal in ANY area! LOL! But then again, I knew that.

  9. According to my test results, I should vote for Gilmore.

  10. Bring it On


    Please don’t.

  11. Information Only..

    Bring it On,
    I’ll second that!

  12. Alanna

    I took the quiz and interestingly they suggest I oppose the deceased Senator Paul Wellstone from Minnesota. I doubt it’s worth my energy to oppose a dead man but otherwise it game me these interesting results.

    It gave me ten to support:
    Jim Bunning – Republican Jr Senator (KY)
    Susan Collins – Republican Jr Senator (ME)
    Jim Jeffords – Republican Jr Senator (VT)
    Richard Lugar – Republican Sr Senator (IN)
    Gordon Harold Smith – Republican Jr Senator (OR)
    Lindsey Graham – Republican Jr Senator (SC)
    Chuck Grassley – Republican Sr Senator (IA)
    Kay Bailey Hutchison – Republican Jr Senator (TX)
    Wayne Allard – Republican Jr Senator (CO)
    Trent Lott – Republican Jr Senator (MS)

    and Ten to Oppose

    Jean Carnahan – Former Democratic Jr Senator (MO)
    Frank Lautenberg – Democratic Sr Senator (NJ)
    Patrick Leahy – Democratic Sr Senator (VT)
    John Rockefeller – Democratic Jr Senator (WV)
    Chris Dodd – Democratic Sr Senator (CT)
    Paul Sarbanes – Democratic Sr Senator (MD)
    Carl Levin – Democratic Sr Senator (MI)
    Tom Harkin – Democratic Jr Senator (IA)
    Paul Wellstone – Former Democratic Sr Senator (MN)
    Daniel Akaka – – Democratic Jr Senator (HI)

  13. Okay, tell me why not to vote Gilmore. Convince me.

  14. Alanna, so much for the stupid “Those Anti-BVBL are all raging libs” myth.

    Are we really Socialist Republican Fat Broads instead?

  15. Censored bybvbl

    Haha . Surprise! I’m a hard core liberal. I also note that the quiz is outdated.

  16. TWINAD


    Me too (Hard Core Lib, that is)! And, alas, I align with John Kerry…oh, the missed opportunity!

  17. Hey rage on Comrades!! 🙂

  18. ShellyB

    I think Warner vs. Gilmore on the ticket is a big advantage for Obama in several ways. For one thing, there will be an extra boost of enthusiasm for Obama coming from more conservative voters who are willing to put the well-being of the Commonwealth ahead of party affiliation. And, since a Senator also is involved in national policy, voters in Virginia are already thinking about higher priorities than partisanship when they go to the polls, which creates even more of an opening for Obama in a state with a tradition of voting Republican.

    Many of the Republicans I talk to cannot give me one good reason to vote for McCain/Palin other than that they have always voted Republican in the past, and still see Democrats as “the enemy.” But they admit they like Obama and the are hopeful that his vision of the future can come true.

    Ideologically, many are not happy with McCain. So what’s stopping them from going with Obama’s vision of future? It’s the habit of voting Republican out of party loyalty. But they will already be crossing over to vote for Mark Warner, so in Virginia, this partisan barrier is less than in other states where there is not such an obvious choice such as Warner vs. Gilmore.

  19. Censored bybvbl

    ShellyB, as an Independent, it’s a mystery to me. I pick and chose among the offerings of the two major parties and any other available choices. I cannot fathom being tied to one party’s candidates – even if they suck. It boggles my mind.

  20. Moon-howler

    I think Alanna and Kgottardt seriously need to worry.

    I kept getting everyone but the VA senators.

    I cannot be catagorized. I am all over the chart. It either means I am an independently thinking person or schizophrenic or both.

  21. LOL! Hey, being independent is awesome. So what if it confuses people? All the better.

    I had to scroll down to see my matches and use process of elimination. Since I didn’t match Warner, I had to assume I more matched Gilmore.

    Tell me why I should be scared, MH.

  22. ShellyB

    Censored, I married into a family of die-hard Republicans. For the past 12 years I had actually pulled a little away from my Democratic roots, but in the past 2 years, my husband has pulled toward where your are sitting: the best candidate regardless of party. But there are many people in this county who put party first no matter who the candidates are. I think Gilmore will get a lot of votes out of this county, to be honest. I have spoken to several people who still think Palin is a good choice for V.P.! It’s preferable to them to be stubborn than to admit they jumped to the wrong conclusion (that she was the perfect choice) out of partisan blindness!

  23. ShellyB

    Katherine, that video was terrifying. My fingers are shaking as I type this.

  24. I know. It’s propoganda but it’s based in truth which is even more frightening.

    We cannot have a war monger for a president IMHO.

  25. Lucky Duck

    Gilmore was a disaster as Governor. I go for the best candidate regardless of party and I would be hard pressed to find what’s good about Gilmore. Years after his term ended, I am still paying a car tax…which of course, was the exact tax his great promise to Virginians was to eliminate. He left us in a financial mess.

    Don’t even get me started on his almost criminal insertion into the Hugh Finn case. Are Republicans supposed to be for less government? What happened in this case.

    Gilmore is, was and always will be, a loser and stain on Virginia.

  26. Ah, well now we’re getting somewhere, Lucky. Didn’t know that annoying sticker was his fault.

    Tell us about Hugh.

  27. Chris

    You can be categorized. Click on the Political Philosophy. It will declare you a moderate of sort. It said I was Moderate Libertarian Conservative.

  28. Chris

    Here’s an article on Hugh Finn and his passing. He was at Annaburg Manor and had been on a “feeding tube”. This was our area’s Terry Schiavo case.
    Here’s a little something our then Governor Gilmore did. This might help convince you not to vote for him. I am a firm believer in Living Wills and not living because of a machine and/or feeding tube.

    “The decision by his wife, Michele, to remove his feeding tube set off a family battle that escalated into a public war as Finn’s parents and brothers tried to stop her in court. Last week, Virginia Gov. James S. Gilmore III (R) took the extraordinary step of intervening personally and was rebuffed by the Virginia Supreme Court.”

  29. info

    Two Northern Virginia counties that took highly publicized stances against illegal immigration saw their number of foreign-born residents decline last year, while one of their neighbors saw its immigrant population go up.

  30. “Moderate Libertarian Conservative.”

    LOL! I love it.

  31. Oh good LORD, Chris! How horrible!!! And imagine the audacity of a govornor stepping in???

    Guess this was before my time here. I was in CO Springs reeling from Columbine in 1998.

    Yes, living wills please!

    For the record, I don’t want to be kept on a machine for more than two months. Please pull the plug! You all read it here and now. Did you hear that Kaine?

  32. Chris

    It was ugly around here. They were holding candlelight prayer vigils out in front of the the nursing home and Caton Merchant house.

    There are lots of articles regarding Hugh Finn. I thought this one summed it up from start to finish best.

    Pull the plug, here too! I believe all should make their wishes know to their family members, and appoint a STRONG person to act on your behalf. Living Wills and Do Not Resuscitate Orders are a must.

  33. DiversityGal

    TWINAD and Censored,

    I’m there with ya…hard-core liberal…but I already knew that going into the quiz.


    That film was SUPER-SCARY! I am destined for bad dreams tonight. If that dude gets elected…I shudder to think.


    I am also for living wills. What a mess!

  34. Elena

    Lucky Duck,
    Tell us how you really feel about Gilmore! 🙂

    Agree, agree, agree on all points

  35. Moon-howler

    Bob Marshall was also very involved in the Hugh Finn case.

    Chris, Moderate Libertarian Conservative? That sounds like something else I recently heard.

  36. Chris

    Please, just take the quiz it will pigeon hole you somewhere. You might be a Moderate Libertarian Liberal. Political Philosophy part of the quiz. I can’t wait to hear where you fit in.

    Oh, Delegate Marshall’s mentioned in the time line too. They didn’t leave him out. Just for you(from the article)
    August: Michele Finn’s sister calls Virginia Del. Robert G. Marshall (R-Prince William), asking him to intervene. Through Marshall’s efforts, state begins investigation of the case.

  37. I can’t believe the sister called Marshall in the first place. How horrible! Legally, what did the state have to do with ANY of this anyway? Was it that there was no living will? Wouldn’t there have to be some kind of court injunction or something?

  38. Lucky Duck

    Sorry Elena if I was too blunt about GIlmore, but I have a really negative feeling about a politician who promises to do ONE thing…in fact, basis his entire run on one promise and then fails to fulfill that promise (the car tax) and then does not admit his failure but rather blames others. And then to show the nerve of coming back to these same voters and asking for another chance.

    Gilmore was careless and inappropriate when he intervened in the Finn case. It was simply none of the State’s business nor was it HIS business to get involved. It went against every Republican principle of less government that there is.

    I hope he gets clobbered and then fades away but he won’t, he has lived off of the public money for a long time and has gotten used to it.

  39. I love the titles that quiz gives us. It reminds me of the Meyers Briggs where you are never really sure what the results mean.

    Are you a liberal conservative libertarian moderate with a touch of angst?

    Are you just confused?

  40. chris c

    On the brighter side Gilmore left office with a surplus and was still easily better than the current sitting Governor Kaine.

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