Final Obama Campaign Stop: Manassas,Virginia!!!

Holy Bat Crap!

It looks like it all winds up right here, right under our noses. Yes, Virginia, our votes count.
A good friend just beeped me this news alert which I will post as is, since it is the middle of the night.

Posted at 10:33 PM ET, 10/30/2008
Obama Will End Campaign in Northern Virginia
Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama announced tonight his final event of the campaign will take place Monday evening in Northern Virginia.

Obama plans to hold a large rally in or near Manassas Park, although an exact location has yet to be determined.

Obama’s decision to end his 20-month campaign in Virginia is yet another sign that he views Virginia, which last voted for a Democratic presidential nominee in 1964, as a crucial battleground. Obama has made 10 stops in Virginia since June, when he kicked off his general election campaign with stops in Bristol and at Nissan Pavilion near Manassas.

Considering Obama has drawn crowds that exceed 100,000, Monday night’s rally could be a massive affair, although its unclear if the campaign can find a large venue in that part of Prince William County.

Posted by Tim Craig
Washington Post

All Eyes are on the PWC Budget

The BOCS Halloween Financial Retreat begins today. Instead of going to some swanky place to convene, to their credit, the PWC BOCS are staying put and doing their work right at County Complex.

Their task is daunting. Running a county on a $190 million dollar shortfall is not for the faint of heart nor for one with a personal agenda. Pre-released agenda documents pretty much spelled out how dire the situation is.

At root of the financial problem is the huge, disproportionate amount of foreclosures in PWC. Each foreclosure lowers the property values of the houses around it. Many people have seen an almost 50% drop in the value of their home in the past 2 years.

The loss of value of the homes naturally changes the property tax assessments. As if things weren’t bad enough, sales tax receipts have dropped for 5 months in a row. The county is hurting.

Each county department was directed to create a budget with 10%, 20%, and 30% cuts. Looking through the documents, there were some extremely severe cuts. All eyes will be on the public safety departments first.

According to the Washington Post:

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Foreclosure Phenomenon in Prince William County

Prince William County Supervisors need to account for this phenomenon. What is the difference between the Counties? What accounts for this horrific occurrence of foreclosures which will most likely have lingering effects for a decade? Plain and simple, it’s the immigration resolution. The sooner Supervisors recognize this fact the faster we could turn this thing around. They have the power to stop the hemorrhaging but will they act on it? Do they prefer to see property values decline, real estate assessments plummet and the County’s budget completely destroyed? Perhaps so.

In my opinion, a more prudent course of action would be to not give anybody further reason to abandon a home. There’s never been a complete cost benefit analysis and it’s becoming pretty evident that any perceived savings from drops in ESoL enrollment have been more than off-set by devastating losses in our residential real estate market. These losses are causing extreme economic hardship among home owners who planned to use their home equity to finance their kid’s education, retirement or financing for business operations. Eventually, we will hit rock bottom but at what cost?

BOCS Halloween Retreat: October 31, 2008

The BOCS agenda contains some very sobering cuts in the way the county does business. It is painful to read and if the budget shortfall is the worst case scenario, services in Prince William County will be severely curtailed.

Examples of a 33% cut would be no proactive police patrols. There would only be officers to react to serious crime. Forget that ounce of prevention adage that Chief Deane has always subscribed to. To put it bluntly, we won’t have enough police officers on the street. Period.

Fire and rescue fares no better. Promises were made to this department after the death of one of their firemen. It doesn’t look like those promises will be kept. There simply isn’t enough money to fund what was promised.

This agenda contains some heavy duty reading and it isn’t always easy to understand the implications without explanation. It would behoove all citizens of Prince William to familiarize them with the belt strangling situation we are in.

It appears that worst case scenario was created for each of the departments. Now, will all departments lose 30% of their revenue? Probably not. Historically, the more critical areas like police, fire and rescue, and other agencies that deal with public safety would take less of a hit than other departments that might be considered more of a luxury.

On the other hand, about a month ago, we lost 5 police positions due to an earlier budget cut and no one even batted an eye. The supervisors didn’t so much as blink and I only saw one letter to the editor about it. It seems bizarre that a community that was once ready to have its police force out nabbing ‘illegal aliens’ somehow didn’t seem to care that we were not replacing officers. There was no community hue and cry.

The link to the financial retreat agenda is above. When you get to the supervisor page, click right after CURRENT AGENDA. Scary stuff folks. The second ‘view’ is easier to read because it is from a power point presentation.

The McCain/Palin Rift Continues

You don’t have to be a Republican to feel the internal strife between the McCain people and the Palin people. Many blogs around the nation are commenting on the rising tensions between the 2 encampments.

The McCainites feel Palin is a loose cannon and want to rein her in. The Palinites feel that she was sabotaged at every turn, from her initial introduction to the shopping spree that she had nothing to do with, according to her.

From the Washington Post (E. J. Dionne’ Blog):

It’s hard to believe that the infighting in the Republican camp is so fierce with a week still left to go until Election Day. The battle between the camps of John McCain and Sarah Palin is something to behold. McCain’s loyalists are clearly trying to shift some of the blame for the ticket’s troubles to Palin, and Palin’s people are fighting back. In today’s Post, Dana Milbank cites this astonishing quotation that a McCain adviser offered CNN: “She does not have any relationships of trust with any of us, her family or anyone else. Also, she is playing for her own future and sees herself as the next leader of the party.” The McCain adviser also described Palin as “a diva.” Palin in the meantime is reported to be furious about how the McCain campaign botched the roll-out of her candidacy. She feels a need to defend herself, particularly against charges stemming from the Republican National Committee’s high-end shopping spree on her behalf. Since I thought from the beginning that the choice of Palin was a mistake I’m not surprised that it’s all come to grief for both of them. Palin is certainly right that the McCain campaign’s too obvious fear of letting her off on her own did her image no good….

Now it’s your turn. Who is to blame? Has Palin been short-changed or is she a prima donna? Has McCain been set back by Palin? Has she hurt or helped the ticket?

What do the folks on Anti think?

The Voices of Virginia

How do Virginians typically see this Election 2008? The Washington Post interviewed a cross-section of Virginians at the Virginia State Fair, an annual event that traditionally takes place in the last week of September and runs into the first week of October.

Not surprisingly, many different people, in all walks of life, from all areas of Virginia, voiced an opinion.

With one week to go before the election, the surrogates are swarming all over the state. The party faithful and the stand-ins are out en mass trying to carry the candidates’ messages. The candidates, all 4 of them in fact, have visited the Old Dominion multiple times. How will it all end this November 4th?

The last time Virginia voted Democratic, as a state, was for LBJ in 1964. Will it return to being a blue state, after 44 years or will it continue down the red path? Do ordinary people care that much about party affiliation except during a presidential election? Can Virginia even consider itself a red state with 2 Democratic senators and a Democrat for governor?

Virginia Election Statistics: The New Battleground

Just released on Fox News:

Obama has visited Virginia 28 times since January 2007.

Between October 7 and October 13, Obama spent $3.9 MILLION on Virginia ads.

Hampton Roads is home to 50,000 vets.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post has examined the influence of the military on Hampton Roads and thus, on Virginia. There are some very different views out there, as you will see viewing “God, Guns, and Guts, Pts. 1 & 2.”

God, Guns, and Guts Part 1 looks at the military’s devotion to the Republican Party and to one of their own– navy flier and former POW John McCain.

God, Guns and Guts Part 2 shows that not all military personnel falls in to the traditional stereotype of voting Republican. Many of these military folks and vets want NO parts of the ‘Maverick.’ They unequivocally support Barack Obama.

Counting Children in Frederick

Our neighbors to the north in Frederick, Maryland are encountering some of the same type of ‘Help Save’ maniacs that we saw here last year. Thankfully their elected board has yet to adopt any of the hair brain schemes proposed by their HSM – Help Save Maryland which is currently trying to convince Frederick officials to order a head count of students ‘legality’.

Unfortunately, this video can’t be embedded but it’s worth the look.

And, thank God for people like Vanessa Rinni Lopez who confront the hate-mongers and tell it like it is.

BOCS Chairman Stewart Not Too Happy With McCain Rally

According to the Gainesville-Times, Corey Stewart is not too happy with the McCain Campaign because Senator McCain did not address the immigration issue. McCain supports a pathway to citizenship and co-sponsored an Immigration Reform bill in 2007 which went down in defeat.

Apparently, Corey Stewart felt that the McCain Campaign dissed him and his fellow Republican leaders at the October 18 rally at the County Complex:

…Stewart resented what he perceived as the McCain camp’s attempt to distance itself from the county’s crackdown.
“We had no real place other than getting introduced through a long line of people,” Stewart said of his fellow Republican county supervisors, referring to an honorees list read by Clerk of the Circuit Court Michele McQuigg.
Though she had asked the audience to hold their applause until the end, Stewart’s name was the only one cheered after she read it.
“I don’t feel that proper protocol was respected, and I think that’s going to hurt him, frankly. The local Republicans know how to win elections here,” said Stewart.
“I’m very, very disappointed in McCain’s campaign here,” he added.

Earlier in the week Stewart bragged that he has practically begged the McCain campaign to come to Prince William County. The Gainesville-Times further elaborates on the immigration issue in Prince William County and how it relates to Stewart.

One issue noticeably absent from Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain’s speech to supporters in Prince William on Saturday was illegal immigration.
Unlike the majority of the Republican base, McCain has supported a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.
So for him to stop in the county that was the national hotbed for illegal immigration controversy just last year and not talk about the issue troubled of Board of County Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart (R).

Stewart complained :

“But I think that clearly McCain’s campaign has tried to distance itself on Prince William County’s local crackdown on illegal immigration,” he said. “And I think that’s a blunder. And I use that word very strongly and I mean it.”

In order to connect with the crowd on illegal immigration, “All he had to say was ‘Protect the borders’ and unlike [Democratic president nominee Sen.] Barack Obama, he does not favor workforce rights and giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. That’s all he had to say,”

Does this mean that Corey is going to just get angry and support Obama? Somehow I can’t see that happening. What I do see here is a sore loser. I wonder what he thinks about the campaign choosing Tito the Builder over him?

Did Corey think the McCain Rally was his very own little pep rally, just for him and his buds? Let’s hope Corey doesn’t trip over his lip.

Tito the Builder: Tito Introduces Governor Palin in Leesburg

It is rather neat that a Prince William County immigrant was chosen to introduce the Republican Candidate for Vice President of the United States. Only in America. Gov. Palin now mentions Tito in most of her speeches, including the out of state rallies like Kissimmee, Florida.

The next video continues with the one showed on the previous thread. Tito the Builder very eloquently introduces the candidate and gives us a little biographical glimpse of our Prince William Icon.

Has the local media overlooked the national attention Tito the Builder is getting? I thought surely some of the other blogs would pick up on his recent fame.

Tito the Builder Part 2

Sarah Palin is stumping in Leesburg with Woodbridge’s very own Tito the Builder on her right. Is this the Republicans’ new ‘right hand man?’

They are up chanting ‘Use your brain, Vote McCain.’
Now they are chanting ‘I am Joe, I am Joe!’ Don’t they know their man Tito is right there?

Tito has been recognized and introduced. He is now the the topic of conversation. Sarah Palin tells his story. Tito Tito Tito! Tito says he was born in Colombia but made in the USA. He owns a small construction company. Tito really lives in Woodbridge so he is our own homegrown icon.

He is truly the Republican icon now. He remained on the stage with Sarah Palin throughout the speech.

Live from Leesburg….

2 PM
Addendum…make that A-ddendum. Tito also warmed up the crowd at the Leesburg rally this morning. He introduced Sarah Palin and First Dude to the enthusiastic crowd of cheering supporters.

Tito the Builder has risen in the ranks from outside the McCoart Building to introducing the Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States. Si se puedo! Amazing that Tito was chosen for this honor rather than the BOCS chair who purportedly
brought the McCain/Palin Campaign to Prince William County.

You betcha!

Check out the job done by Tito!

Candidates Return to Virginia This Week

Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama will return to Virginia Tuesday, October 28. He will hold rallies at Harbor Park Stadium in Norfolk and James Madison University in Harrisonburg. This will be the candidate’s 9th trip to Virginia since he secured his party’s nomination.

Change We Need Rally
with Barack Obama

James Madison University
Convocation Center
Harrisonburg, VA 22807
Tuesday, October 28th
Doors Open: 3:15 p.m.
Program Begins: 5:15 p.m.


The event is free and open to the public. Tickets are not required; however an RSVP is strongly encouraged. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
For security reasons, do not bring bags and limit personal belongings. No signs or banners permitted.

Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin will appear in Leesburg today. She will also hold rallies in Fredericksburg and Roanoke. Tickets can be picked up on line or at Victory Centers throughout the state.

Tickets and Information:

The attention and the wooing from the candidates are just amazing after being ignored for so many years.

The New PWC Hero: Tito the Builder

It looks like there is a new Republican working class hero: Tito the Builder. His name comes up now in all the Republican speeches and has been a rallying cry all week.

He is almost a home grown hero, discovered right here in Prince William County last weekend during the McCain rally.

The irony is staggering. Tito the Builder is actually Tito Munoz, we assume from Prince William County. Tito came to the rally dressed for the part of new Republican icon. The irony? Tito is an immigrant from Colombia. I guess he doesn’t know that Corey Stewart and John Stirrup belong to this same Republican party as Senator McCain?

According to Trailhead, the campaign blog in Slate:

Munoz showed up at a McCain rally in Woodbridge, Va. last weekend dressed in a yellow hardhat and orange surveyor vest, decked out in McCain-Palin flair and sporting a sign that read “Construction Worker for McCain-Palin” on one side and “Media—Tell the Whole Story!” on the other. During McCain’s stump speech, Munoz was behind the candidate, alongside “Phil the Bricklayer” and “Rose the Teacher.”

The video shows a verbal argument, mainly aimed at the press and led by Tito the Builder. It is hard to believe all this was going on in Prince William County. Expect to see Tito as the new mascot for HSM.

Hit it, Tito!

Some of this stuff you just can’t make up.

[sarcasm button on]

Folks Just Need to Behave!

Today’s MJM is just full of stories about misbehavior and vandalism– basically, people not having respect for other people’s property or other people’s opinions. Major vandalism happened in the Virginia Oaks neighborhood in Gainesville, where spray paint was used to write all sorts of unattractive epithets about Senator McCain on people’s homes. The vandals also spray painted Target, Giant and Best Buy in the nearby shopping center.

Back in Manassas, the vandalism went the other way(see picture above):

Residents in and around the city on Friday lamented that this year’s presidential race has drawn such passion that placards are being destroyed or snatched from yards under the cover of night.
Charlotte Boynton, who’s lived at the corner of Fairview Avenue and Tudor Lane in Ma-nassas for the better part of three decades, erected a handmade sign bearing the message, “Real patriots do not steal signs,” after thieves swiped an Obama-Biden sign from her front lawn.
A Quaker, Boynton had previously put up an anti-Iraq war sign that stated, “War is not the answer.” It fared better than the Democratic candidates’ sign, which she noticed Monday was missing.

Is this vile behavior just kids doing a little pre-Halloween vandalism or is this nastiness rooted in partisanship? I would like to think it is just kids out who need far more supervision. Surely adults don’t think this is the way Americans act or that their candidate will fare a bit better by stealing a yard sign.