57 Thoughts to “Bailout Bill Blowout”

  1. “So while the you-can’t-fire-me dynamic in government is perhaps one extreme, ruthless corporate America is another. What I wouldn’t give for some balance: functional government and ethical capitalism!”

    K, I’m stunned…I agree with you 100%! Who says people can’t find common ground?!

  2. Hee heeee, AW…..(enter Looney Toon voices) “It CAN HAPPEN HERE!”

  3. Chris

    Common ground can be found. Here’s living proof. It’s a shame NOT ALL are willing to even attempt to find common ground. Good for you both.

  4. Moon-howler

    I agree, Chris. Many people have flat out rejected any attempt they might find common ground.

    For those who are totally disgusted with the fat cats who got free…


    This article represents those who were simply above it all. I am not sure they even broke the law. There is something wrong when there is so much discrepancy between the middle class and the wealthy.

    There was something wrong also when we look back at the 9-11 pay-off.

    The settlement for family members of those killed who were the fat cats was in the millions. The garage workers, restaurant folks, and the secretaries survivors got far less. I have always felt this was wrong.

    It makes me ask why I was surprised at all of it going to hell in a hand-bucket. They had that sense of entitlement then and now.

  5. Chris, yeah, it’s a good thing. Like I said, if we don’t all pull together on this one, it won’t matter who is in our country because our own government is going to bankrupt it anyway.

    Incidentally, I don’t think AW and I really had any big conflict until I accused her of blowing smoke out her ass one day 🙂 Then she said I was rude to which I responded pretty much, “Too Bad” which is the response I always give because I know my pattern:

    1. First time, I’m nice and logical.
    2. Second time, I’m blunt and logical.
    3. Third time, I’m blunter (or rude, depending on how you interpret it) and logical but I expect people to refer back to the two other two damn times I’ve been NICE and LOGICAL but got IGNORED!


  6. What even more fun, MH, is the way banks who use student loans are now getting handouts, and still without student having any consumer protections. You can foreclose on a home and leave it behind you. You can NEVER leave student debt behind you and the law lets them do it.

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