According to the Potomac News/Journal Messenger, there was an attempted robbery at a local store where one of the thieves was wielding a pair of scissors, but luckily for the business owner, she was armed with a handgun. Ergo handgun beats scissors.

One of the would-be robbers immediately ran out of the store, located on PR Business Center Drive. A second robber, who wielded the scissors, tried to run out of the store but tripped on a clothes rack and fell. He finally crawled out the front door.

And the second rule the robber forgot? – Don’t run with scissors in your hand.

7 Thoughts to “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Gun….Gun Wins”

  1. LOL! Thanks, Alanna, for the great story!

  2. SecondAlamo

    All 3 robbers were described as Latino, just to throw an immigration slant to the story. Times must be bad when robbers can’t even afford 1 knife between the 3 of them!

  3. Thanks for pointing that out SA.

    However, you’ve managed to mix Latinos and Immigration issues once again.

    What kind of “slant” is that?

  4. Moon-howler

    Good job Alanna. You made a ho hum story very entertaining. They did sound like the keystone cops.

    SA, coming to your defense again….that was cute. I do hope that you take note that we don’t always talk about immigration.

    Do you think HSM is going to take credit for the poor state of affairs in the robbery department?

  5. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Good story, but you forgot to spin it to be radically anti-second-amendment. We’ll forgive you and give you another shot.

  6. Alanna

    I’m not anti-second amendment.

  7. Elena

    Hmm, I was wondering that too KG. I wonder if they had been described as some other ethnicity, if SA would have mentioned that attribute?

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