13 Thoughts to “GUILTY”

  1. Moon-howler

    13 years to the day since he was aquitted for murder. I guess what they say about 13 being an unlucky number is true for OJ.

    Good. He is a worthless POS.

  2. Chris

    It’s about time.
    He deserves EVERYTHING he gets. I hope he’s in the “general population” and not kept away from his new “big house” mates.

  3. It was almost impossible for this man to get a fair trial.

    Good. He is a worthless POS.

    It’s about time.
    He deserves EVERYTHING he gets.

    Are you sure you’re not punishing him for a crime he was acquitted of?

    The heart of our justice system is innocent until proven guilty.

  4. Chris

    No, I’m not. He went in with his armed posse and proved himself to be the true thug he is. I didn’t mention anything about the trial thirteen years ago. I was only talking about the trial he’d just been found guilty in. He got his day and court, and jury of his “peers” found him guilty. I’m sure they’ve already filed for an appeal, and then wasting more tax dollars on another trial. A second trail would probably result in another guilty finding.

    I am firm believer in innocent until proven guilty. I’ve always hated seeing stories convicted people before they’ve even gone to trial.

    I’m total agreement on almost impossible for The Juice to get a fair trial. However, this is always true in a high profile case or case involving a high profile/celebrity type status.

  5. The prosecutor’s office was probably salivating at the mouth over this. They buy, sell, and trade in our freedom. We’re just commodities to them. Did OJ really commit those murders 13 years ago? I don’t know. But I’ll gladly face a street criminal than the alternative…at least with the street criminal, I’ve got a chance if I’m quick and alert enough.


  6. Robb Pearson

    I have no doubt he received a fair trial in this case. The jury deliberated for thirteen hours. Such a long time for deliberation infers the jurors did their jobs faithfully and without undue prejudice.

    The ultimate fairness of this case will be seen on December 5 when he receives his sentencing.

  7. It’s funny, bankers just robbed the whole country at the point of a (gun)recession. They robbed us all right on national tv. They committed economic terrorism by threatening us with a depression.

    They should be indicted by a grand jury.

    But instead they get off scott free and more wealthy with our money. And someone like OJ who robbed others at the point of a gun, get put away possibly for life.

    The american dollar is on it’s way to collapse and then we’ll have hyperinflation. Most americans will be wiped out. It’s only a matter of time. Dump your dollars (no matter the penalty) and buy gold and silver while there’s still time. Already, worldwide stocks of gold are running thin. And this government is likely to outlaw the purchase of gold to keep you enslaved into their central banking system. FDR did it.

  8. NotGregLetiecq

    Simpson’s conviction and incarceration is a reminder of and a long awaited farewell to another America, where a hyper focus on issues of race and racism clouded issues of justice, even on a national scale. Justice should be blind and must be blind in the 21st century. Let’s hope our new Justice Department will work to put us back on that path after 8 years of shameless miscarriage of justice and abuse of power.

  9. Rick Bentley

    NGL it would be nice if white America could collectively stop raging about the OJ case.

    But I don’t really know what you’re talking about on a national level. You want crack legalized or something?

  10. SecondAlamo

    Speaking of the old OJ case. I love it when the police department was made to look like a bunch of bumbling idiots by the defense, and yet the defense claims that these same idiots pulled off the perfect frame up of OJ. The more amazing thing is the jury bought it!

  11. Mackie, OJ is a rich thug. Thugs should go to jail.

    White collar criminals “murder” people’s entire lives and whole countries through theft and through systematically reducing our quality of life.

    OJ should go away. But white collar criminals should be put away for life after being stripped of every penny and asset they have.

  12. Moon-howler

    Have the Goldmans or the Browns gotten one penny of the money awarded to them by a civil court? The answer is probably NO. I don’t really care if OJ was found not guilty. If you believe that, I have a bridge for sale. Perhaps a better test is, do you have a daughter? Would you want your daughter to marry OJ? Funny how everyone clams up on that question.

    Kgottardt is right. OJ is a rich thug. He deserves whatever he gets. And he was found guilty by a jury of his peers. Boo Hoo Hoo. He just didn’t get off this time, and I say that without apology. Racism my ass.

  13. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    One would think after getting away with murder, the guy would keep his nose clean? What does that say about recidivism? (I may have spelled that wrong)

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