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  1. Moon-howler

    Off topic:

    Last night I got a very disturbing email from a friend from out of town. She had attended the VOICE meeting in Dumfries and went on and on telling me how rude Corey Stewart was and how he did not fall into the esprit de corps of the regional group.

    Who knows more and who attended from this blog? How much more must we be embarrassed?

  2. Wish I could have been there but a sudden and urgent family situation came up.

    It’s time to get Corey and CLAN out. We can do this.

    We need some lawyers to bring up charges of insttituionalized racism that has been brought into our county government. We must have some willing attorneys from the NAACP or another such noble group.

  3. Dime


    When you have no other agurement, call someone a racist. Stewart only said that theer is more than enough housing in PWC so why send tax payer money to build more. Is you hated through Stewart blinded you to this fact? And don’t come back with ” well he caused the housing problem”. He did not !!! Its the banks and lending companies that loaned to risky buyers.

    The NAACP is not noble. The NCCAP is only interested in promoting blacks at the expense of all other races. Now thats called racism.

    We should support Americans. Not African Americans, Hispanic Americans and not European Americans. Simply, AMERICANS !!!


  4. LOL! Okay, Dime. I will be sure to pass your sentiments on to the NAACP.

  5. BTW, I don’t hate Corey Stewart, John Stirrup and their CLAN. I just want them the hell out of our county government.

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