Tomorrow, Monday, October 6 is the deadline for registering to vote in this year’s presidential election. If you are uncertain if you are registered, you can check it out by going to:

Last year I got a false negative, but it never hurts to check this out.

If you aren’t registered to vote, the Virginia State Board of Elections has all the information about how to do it. Requirements don’t seem that stringent.

If you don’t vote, no one is going to listen to you bitch about the outcome.

11 Thoughts to “Voter Registration Deadline: Monday. October 6.”

  1. DB

    I work with a young lady who registered to vote last year. She is so excited to actually get a chance to vote during this election, however she was not quite sure how elections work outside high school. She asked me if she got to vote for a president that she wanted, and a vice president that she wanted. I explained to her that the pres and VP vote went together, and there were not seperate ballots for pres and VP. She is so afraid of not knowing what to do. I assured her that the touch screens were pretty user friendly, and there were people there to help her if she wasn’t sure how to work the machine. She is pretty confident about whom she wants to vote for presedential-wise, but I did tell her that besides the presidential candidates, there would be others to vote for. Her reaction was “There are other people running? For what? I’m so confused!” Maybe high schools should do a better job at explaining to their students about the election process before they register them to vote.

  2. Marie

    When the young lady gets to the polling place she can ask an officer of election for some guidance. There are always people there to help first time voters and explain the process.

  3. Moon-howler

    That is sort of amazing. I always thought the high schools did a pretty good job of educating kids and getting them involved in the election process. Did she go to high school around here?

  4. Voting is an illusion, or more likely, a placebo. The ruling elite will still do what they want.

  5. Moon-howler

    Mackie, rare as it might be, I am going to agree with you. 2000 taught me that.

  6. DB

    yes MH she went here OHS, and she registered there last year. No mackie I haven’t even bothered to let her know about the popular vote and HOW IT CAN LOSE. I’m not going to tell this child her vote is an illusion. I’m going to let this girl do what she wants, she will just either rejoice, accept, or be really pissed as to where her voted landed later. I am jaded, sure, but I will not drag her here.

  7. Marie

    Have to defend OHS. My grandson graduated from there last year and was registered to vote during his senior year. He told me that he learned exactly what to do in order to cast a vote and how the ballot is arranged. It may be that his government class did a better job. Who is to say.

  8. Please don’t spread the myth our votes are illusions. If more people voted and protested, votes would mean more and more. For now, they DO still mean something (except in Florida of course). But we want them to send a clear message: clean up your acts or be VOTED OUT.

  9. Moon-howler


    I think all the local govt classes get kids registered to vote if they are old enough and are citizens. Extra credit is give for doing so in some classes as is working the polls.

    I always felt the local high schools did a good job with that. It is probably like everything else, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.

    I have a very close friend who doesn’t vote. Isn’t even registered. Every year I remind her, nag her, to no avail.

  10. DB

    I just want to say KG that I have NOT nor will I spread any rumors about the popular vote to any young voters. I think that it is awesome that she WANTS to vote! Her mother on the other hand has been legal in this country for 17 years and has never registered or voted, and this trully upsets my friend.

  11. Moon-howler

    DB, is the mother a citizen?

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