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V.O.I.C.E. Questions and Fairfax County Vice Chair Sharon Bulova’s answers

Prince William County Chairman Corey Stewart’s answers:

Arlington County Chairman J. Walter Tejada’s answers followed by Alexandria Mayor William Euille:

Former Governor and 2008 Virginia Senate candidate Mark Warner’s answers:

NOTE: Below is the text of the original thread, written without the advantage of having video.

Thousands met yesterday afternoon at First Mt. Zion Baptist Church near Dumfries for the first meeting of VOICE, the Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement. This group’s goal is to provide more affordable housing, strengthen education for people who want to learn English and provide affordable dental care. Leaders from all over Northern Virginia also attended this gathering in addition to the religious representatives. Our own Corey Stewart attended.

A friend who attended emailed me the following account:

Corey Stewart was so incredibly inappropriate and disrespectful. There was a huge crowd, filling the entire auditorium and an overflow room, blacks, whites, latinos, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Unitarians, probably the largest, most diverse group ever gathered in northern Virginia. After all the inspirational speeches, they asked each elected official to come to the front and say if they would work together with VOICE on each of their 3 goals of securing funding for affordable housing, funding for ESL and citizenship classes, and funding for dental care. Sharon Bulova, vice Chair of Fairfax County went first, and she said Fairfax is committed to working in these issues. Corey went next. Not only did he say No he wouldn’t commit, he did it in such an abrasive way that completely negated the value of all these people who want to work for social justice. He said he knew he was in the lion’s den, and gave a long explanation about the economic crisis in PWC. But even if his county cannot commit at this time to increase funding for these issues, he could have at least acknowledged that the issues are important to the interfaith group. He was speaking as if he enjoyed being contrary and divisive.

Here is the most unbelievable part. At the end, they asked him (as all of the officials) if he would commit to meet with them in January to discuss their progress. He said yes, if they still wanted to talk to him. But he also said one issue that he would be willing to work with them on is ending “the scourge of abortion”, as THAT’s something people need to work on. , It was soooo out of line. There was shocked silence and some booing and hissing. They cut him off, and thanked him for coming, knowing that it must have been hard for him to be there.

Apart from Corey’s bewildering behavior, it was an exciting kickoff for this group, and I hope they keep the momentum going.

By the way, there were at least 4 other PW supervisors there. I wonder what they thought about what Corey Stewart said on behalf of Prince William County.

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98 Thoughts to “Mark Warner, Corey Stewart, Walter Tejada, Sharon Bulova, Mayor Euille at V.O.I.C.E. — Guess Which One Made A Fool of Himself”

  1. Dime


    More attacks. Little mind, can’t read, more productive. I am hurt. NOT!!!

    Of course you want to hog the blog. You post here constantly. You are just like all the others without a leg to stand on. Personal attacks only make you look sill, petty and inmature. You hate Stewart thats why you can not post without mentioning him. Let go of the hate


  2. Jorge Pollo

    Just why in the world do we need a Chairman at large?

    Every resident already has representation. I seriously doubt these days most want to Corey to be a second voice, or as it turns out to be the “mouth piece” for the county. Without a Chairman there would be a cool $400,000.00 from his discretionary funds, and then his salary. I’m not sure what the Chairman gets paid for his position.

  3. Fear Not

    The district supervisors make just under $40,000, and the chair makes marginally more. The position is considered part-time.

  4. NotGregLetiecq

    Dime, there are only three or four Greg Letiecq clones left in PWC. Which one are you? Nice regurgitated talking points. NOT!

  5. Dime


    Which are you? Pot or Kettle?

    Truth hurts doesn’t. Stewart speaks the truth and KATIE Girl can not handle it.

    Greg Letiecq clones? Maybe you should change you handle, maybe you are the clone.


  6. Jorge Pollo

    Fear Not,
    Thank you for the information. I thought the supervisors made about $36-$38K. Yeah, that’s a decent wage for a part-time gig. I’m glad some are willing to do this job.
    Good one.

  7. NotGregLetiecq

    Dime, come up with an original idea, and THEN try to separate yourself from Greg Letiecq. It’s not enough to stick your head in the sand and repeat the same crap.

    Me? I stopped reading his blog as soon as this one popped up, just like most people who used to read BVBL.

  8. Don’t worry about Dime. There’s someone out there for everyone, right?

    On to a better topic, Citizen Tom thinks if we paid these people more, we’d get better quality leaders at the local and state level (at least that’s what I gathered from his comments one day). My response was I would gladly pay more for honesty, integrity, care about the community, quality, etc. but we can’t BUY those qualities.

    So what do you all think? Would a higher salary increase the quality of our local politicians? Or would it at least encourage middle class people to run for office instead of rich folks like Corey who think they are above everyone else and don’t have to consider the “masses”?

  9. NotGregLetiecq

    Interesting equation, Katherine. If we had budgeted 11 million dollars for Supervisors’ pay and avoided having Corey Stewart carpetbag his way to our county, we’d have broken even if not come out ahead.

  10. Dime


    Don’t cry guys.

    You finally got something right Katie, there is someone for everybody. You are a case study for that one. Go write another poem about peace and love. Yeah, that will help.

    By the way, my wife is brown. She emmigated legally and hates the fact that so many are here illegally. Feels its not fair to her who worked hard to do it the right way.

    I think I know why you hate Stewart so much. By arresting illegal aliens, it effects your ESOL enrollment and your pocket book.


  11. Red Dawn

    I don’t understand this whole concept to tell you the truth.

    In my HEART, I love the idea of the religions coming together to share a common bond of good but there will ALWAYS be conflict because, what is COMMON is the GOOD.

    To throw politics in this coming together only adds to the CONFLICT.

    Throw me under the bus, but if you look at the WORLD and all of the political and religious conflict do you really expect a group( with good intention) to change what has existed through TIME? Thousands of years? Someone would have to give and who and what moral standards/FAITH would that be?

    AND as far as Corey,it hasn’t changed my opinion-only added to my ASSumption of self FUTURE promotion ( no doing current job) of his political career.

    “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? ” Matthew 16:26

  12. Red Dawn

    I will take exception to what I said that Corey is NOT doing his CURRENT job. There is nothing wrong with one striving for something better while living in the moment. I take that back.

  13. Moon-howler

    Do we need a chair at large? Think how much we would save by doing away with that position. Actually, it would probably be wise to redistrict the existing magisterial districts since the populations have changed so much. Just a thought.

  14. Dime, I’m so glad your wife is brown. Thank you for sharing. It’s not really relevent, however. Whether she feels “oppressed” or not, racism doesn’t belong in our government. And no matter what anyone feels about the immigration issue, PWC has handled it poorly.

    Not sure what you mean about MY pocket book, but I can assure you, anyone who works is ESOL is hardly getting rich off immigrants. In fact, people like me who work with real human beings often have difficulty making ends meet. We’re not in it for the money, obviously, nor are we IN the money.

    You really should look into your anger issues, Dime.

    Now again, back to better topics brought up by logical, informed human beings:

    What is the difference between a Chair and a Chair at Large, MH?

  15. Red Dawn


    I am ANGRY,lol( I guess that would make me HYSTERICAL if I can say both in one sentence ( as fragmented it maybe, lol)

    That is a good question but how much money would WE all save IF our government listened to the people. Unfortunately, this has changed too. Especially in the last 2/3 weeks…

    The constitution……..going, going…..

  16. — don’t understand this whole concept to tell you the truth.

    In my HEART, I love the idea of the religions coming together to share a common bond of good but there will ALWAYS be conflict because, what is COMMON is the GOOD.

    To throw politics in this coming together only adds to the CONFLICT.–

    Okay, Red, I can tell you because while I couldn’t make the meeting Sunday, I’ve been involved in VOICE.

    This is about religious communities acting on their faith to help those in need (which includes probably 2/3 of the population, given the issues they are addressing).

    Politics enters it because politicians are the ones who can push programs through, no matter where the funding comes from.

    VOICE is telling leaders, “LOOK! This is what we the people need from you. If you can’t help us get it (or won’t help, in Corey’s case), you will be voted out. We have a VOICE.”

    These groups are connected in that their relgious beliefs tell them it’s not okay to trod upon the oppressed, to ignore the poor and disenfranchised, or to be selfish. This is a way to get things done by gathering people who share this very important value.

    Does that make sense?

  17. “Actually, it would probably be wise to redistrict the existing magisterial districts since the populations have changed so much.”

    There’s talk about adding new ones because of all the growth, particularly out my way. Problem? It’s expensive. Another problem? Can you imagine adding yet ANOTHER BOCS member when the few we have don’t seem to be managing well already with their esteemed Chair and VICE?

  18. Red Dawn

    “The constitution……..going, going…..”

    Damn/dang/darn 🙂 , if this were in the form of a QUESTION, I guess the answer would be to the HIGHEST BIDDER! What a shame! I didn’t even laugh at myself on that one 🙁

  19. Tired of Liars

    Just wondering – in your own blog, you lament about being out of work. How is that possible if you work with ESOL? Oh, that’s right – you got fired from PWCS because you don’t have a teaching degree. Then again, if my spouse had a cushy government job and I could “work” at home like you do (read: blog all day and eat ho-ho’s while e-mailing the BOCS about what a bunch of racists they are), I’d lie about what I do, too. Of course, living in Sheffield Manor where I have a lovely HOA, pool and a safe neighborhood, I’d have to find a cause de jur like you do.

    I’ve found that people who say “there’s just too much I do to list” don’t have anything to do. They can’t make up anything about their “volunteer” and “work”, so they say “well, I just have too much list!!”

    For someone who calls racist all the time, when someone comes out like Rick Bentley who has said his wife is African American or Dime who has said his wife is a legal immigrant, you say it doesn’t matter. Yet you didn’t hesitate to call Dime a racist before. Seems like YOU’RE the racist.

    Please, do us all a favor – get a job. Since you love working with people that are here illegally, get out of the house and go work at McDonalds. Do something instead of just blogging about it.

    And stop passing yourself off as someone who works in education – your own resume states that you work for some idiot fake college in Colorado – hardly working day in and day out as a teacher. And teaching night school for one semester before getting fired doesn’t count.

    It’s funny that

  20. Red Dawn

    Sista KG,

    “Does that make sense?” TOTALLY! However, this concept is not new, just a different approach…this is what I meant about COMMON GOOD but there will always be CONFLICT due to religious/or non and political belief.

    I APPRECIATE the WILL of good, as I always TRY to look at everything with the optimistic view even though, the rose colored glasses have been KNOCKED off my face for years now.

    I don’t know if there is a DIFFERENCE between try and try again or doing the same thing over and expecting different results..are ya with me…can I get a witness?~! LOL

    Okay, on a joking note….I feel compelled to celebrate someone’s retirement…gosh darn it…ONE way or the other – future or it WAS just around the corner…..

    They can’t take away a GIGGLE

  21. Well, I heard VOICE (or the IAF) was the same organization Obama started with to do community organizing (not here, obvioulsy). And you can see he got somewhere even if he doesn’t win the election. I think VOICE is one route to making a difference. There are others and there MUST be others in order to get things done. The idea is to keep hammering at these so-called leaders until they get a clue there are hundreds of thousands of people demanding justice. And when leaders like Corey systematically dismiss huge groups like these, then leaders like Corey will be OUT. Grass roots does work. The League of Women Voters is grassroots. So is the NAACP, I believe. Sista Dawn, viva la revolucion! Hee hee! 🙂

  22. Chris

    Redistricting wouldn’t be expensive. The districts are very disproportionate when it comes to the number of residents. The Gainesville district has over 72,000 residents roughly, and I think other districts have that many. I could be wrong. Does anyone have the numbers on the residents per district.
    I also, take exception to the fact that the largest district gets the same amount of discretionary funds as those much smaller. The discretionary funds should be based on population and not per district.

  23. Red Dawn


    I got the term I was looking for -MICRO management!

  24. Chris

    Sorry. I meant to say I *DON’T* think other districts have that many residents.

  25. Red Dawn

    Sista Dawn, viva la revolucion!

    LOL, Ron Paul! 🙂 WHY did this man not make it as a choice? ( insert conspiracy theme)

    This is the only one, that I would have…cough…cough….given myself to with my FIRST presidential vote! I love this dude, so FAR and all along with in the last year and a half of being in puberty…LOL, ewwwwwwwwwwwww ( bad joke-all the way around)

  26. Chris, I don’t know if they plan to redistrict PWC but I do know they are doing it for the GA/Richmond Delegates soon. We need to get a fair plan going on that. If we succeed, we would have a better chance of translating it into our county.

  27. DiversityGal

    Tired of people referring to ESOL students as just numbers or money…These are really wonderful, hungry-to-learn kids. Teachers who work with ANY students don’t see them as money for their pocketbooks. Indeed, you are not well-compensated in the profession, so you better love it.

    The teachers I know (ESOL specialists, classroom teachers, etc.) care about ESOL students as people. They see them and appreciate them for what they are. There are some challenges, but that comes with almost every child in the age of differentiated instruction. They don’t walk around bitterly labeling them “anchor babies,” nor do they pray for more ESOL students so that they can have more money. RIDICULOUS to think that they would!

    You want the truth about the way things work now? ESOL teachers, like LD teachers, are being used as more of a support for classroom teachers now. When I say that, I mean that there is a lot of inclusion and co-teaching going on. Actually, ESOL and LD teachers don’t ONLY help students on their own caseloads. They are regularly present in the general classroom setting, and routinely help out other students in the class that might need help. Teamwork…together everyone achieves more:)

    Maybe a survey should be done of the people who actually work with the students. I would venture to say that you will find the majority of educators believe in the benefits of the program, and aren’t upset each time they encounter a student who is not yet proficient. ESOL also gives kids a chance to learn what being a citizen is about, and to have some chance in hell to catch up.

    This is not the olden days, people. Kids are constantly tested within an inch of their lives; they are not going to just magically learn the language and perform overnight without assistance in today’s classrooms. If you believe that, you have a lot to learn about language instruction and also the current state of education. If you demand No Child Left Behind (or complain about standards for educators/not enough accountabillity), you sure as hell better find a way to fund it. If children (the future of this country, for crying out loud), in general, are important to you, then act like it.

    “Education, then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men — the balance wheel of the social machinery.” – Horace Mann

    So you have to ask yourself…Do you want all children to grow into adults who have a chance in this American life…or is it that you just think that the fluent kids, raised by English-only speakers, are the only ones that really matter?

    OOO…Mercy Me! Sorry for the rant…lemme calm down a bit…

    In any case, ESOL does not necessarily equal illegal. Therefore, its general enrollment stats are not an accurate, sufficient, or valid measurement of anti-illegal immigration initiatives. Trying to use general enrollment stats indicates to the public that there is a problem with ANYONE, legal residents included, not having a full command of English upon entry into the country. Correct me if I am wrong, but this bias is not the image that Stewart wants to portray, right? If so, he has a lot of explaining to do.

  28. LOL! Red, you can give yourself to whomever you wish. It’s a free country (kind of).

    Chris, I was saying ADDING magesterial districts would be expensive.

    So would redistricting in general. Because you know the BOCS would BS it for years before reaching a sane decision. And they’d hire some Duecaster-esque type to lead the citizen committee….without any qualification checks. Meeting after meeting after meeting…..

  29. Awesome, informed rant, DG!!! You are SO right. And yeah, I’m sick of that “all your students are illegals” crap. What it comes down to is discrimination against anyone who doesn’t speak English. People like that just use the “illegal” thing to thinly veil their discomfort and dislike of others who speak different languages.

  30. I gotta go. Going to a writers’ group so I can, you know, write useless poetry about peace love and happiness? I’m dedicating my next poem to Dime.

  31. Chris

    K- I understood you saying adding districts. I was merely adding a more economical suggestion. Don’t let Red Dawn get you so fired up. 😉

  32. redawn


    I am fired up…pissed off! lol…I have BEEN trying to respond to your comment and cannot get thru…. testing

  33. redawn

    I see my post….

    I wanted to respond to you about redistricting. I have a link that I thought was amusing to say the LEAST! lol

    I am having trouble posting the link.

    I will try key words, look it up:

    AmEx rates credit risk by where you live and shop 0 The article headline found on MSN dot com

  34. Chris

    I see you with my own two eyes.

  35. Red Dawn

    GOOD, go fish….LOL

  36. Chris

    Red Dawn,
    I heard the story reported on the local news. I think it was on Channel 4. UFB!

  37. Red Dawn


    UFB! is right!

    Another song. ( YOUR favorite, lol…It’s been a MYSTERY, why something good can hurt so bad…

    BUT while we TRY to SEE…. ( reverse lyrics) They are the ones who make the rules and get BAILED out only to be free and change them again…F”ers! lol -Hysterical…oh snap, that is another song 🙂 Where is Willy Nelson, he even proposed a solution instead of the bail out -Farm Aid…laughable, NOW when that is not a NEW concept..take about promoting LOCAL consumption and going organic and Green…save the greenbacks ( dollars and farms!)

  38. Red Dawn

    JOKE on me…I am not democratic…lol
    I just liked the message of questioning the truth and not from something that MOST have ON in our house and that is a TV…get out and search 😉

  39. Madam MoFo

    The elusive,” playing innocent on anti,” erudite Emma strikes again as her real self, a black velvet.

    She is outraged that VOICE wants to do things in the community and calls them ‘out-of-touch idiots.’ Emma must have missed reading about the soup lines during the great depression. Charity and helping others survives even during a depression or recession.

  40. SecondAlamo

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the government’s push to lower requirements for home mortgages to effect ‘affordable housing’ what got the nation into the mess we are in? In an effort to help those who couldn’t ‘afford’ a home we went and gave them one (no money down, no credit checks) that they then left the banks holding. It’s always the same, no good deed will ever go unpunished. I believe in giving the little guy an opportunity, but not just handing it to the little guy. The great social welfare programs brought in the 60’s is proof that even well intentioned programs can lead to disaster, as is the ‘affordable mortgage/housing’ push today. Bottom line, if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it, and don’t take financial advice from people who drive cars that cost half as much as their homes!

  41. Red Dawn


    I agree with all the above but in humor , there is always someone to BLAME….

    blame the baby daddy for leaving or the sugar daddy for spoiling….

  42. Moon-howler

    Does anyone know if Manassas Park and Manassas City were invited to participate in the VOICE gathering? Were they invited and declined particpation or were they not invited?

  43. Moon-howler

    SA, I don’t think anything was said by VOICE about home ownership. But poor people do need a place to live that they can afford. Often these are rentals. Having said that, many places come to mind.

    I am not sure what VOICE was actually looking for, as a stated goal. However, I know that there are ways to say no and there are ways NOT to say no. All government help does not have to be in the form of a hand out. Donating meeting space, directing people to where affordable housing might be, volunteerism, are all ways of helping. The questions were very general. (will you help….?) He would have easily said yes yes yes and then qualified with it won’t be money because we have severe budget issues.

    Corey needs to project that Prince William County is not a mean-spirited, redneck county and that we welcome all people. The only No, yes, No out there doesn’t project that image.

  44. Guns of Love


    I don’t think that any elected officials from Manassas City or Manassas Park (or Fairfax City) were specifically invited to the VOICE gathering.

  45. Moon-howler

    Guns, Perhaps they should have been and will be in the future. Housing, speaking English and dental health cross over jurisdictional boundaries. Thanks for that information though.

  46. Milt Lindner

    Define your acronyms! What in F—‘s name is BVBL?

  47. Monic

    You have all drank the Kool-Aid.

    Todos tomaremos Kool – Aid

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