8.3 Trillion Dollars Lost Since A Year Ago

The stock market tanked again today. People are scared. Trading was heavy as people tried to scoop up bargains.

According to the NY Times:

Stocks Plunge Again in Last Hour, Dow Below 8,600

A late-day decline once again pushed stock markets down
sharply Thursday. The Dow Jones industrial average declined
about 7.3 percent or 678.91 points on the day to close at
8,579.19, about 40 percent below its peak close of 14,164.53,
exactly a year ago. The broader Standard & Poor’s 500-stock
index was down nearly 7.6 percent on Thursday

These are scary times. We are at a 40% correction at the moment. Today was the biggest percent drop since the crash of 1987.

Guess Who Called Northern Virginia’s Religious Community “Communists”

This is who was attacked as a “Communist clique” …

This is who did the attacking:

Which version of Faith do you prefer?

These are two fairly different versions of religion which seem to be in sharp contrast to each other. The second video is a convoluted version of Christianity which endorses a ‘Send them Back with Love’ approach which appears quite different than the atmosphere that was evident at the recent VOICE (Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement) event.

Here is one of the many offensive comments on a recent Greg Letiecq attack:

Bolstered by communists from Arlington and Alexandria, the large crowd asked Prince William County Chairman Corey Stewart to provide more “affordable housing”, more ESOL classes, and taxpayer-subsidized dental care.

Do you see Communists in this video?