Sorry for the date change, but now we will party on Friday, October 17th at Giuseppes!


15120 Washington Street

Haymarket, VA

28 Thoughts to “DATE CHANGE for Economic Party! October 17th, Friday, at Giuspeppe’s”

  1. NotGregLetiecq

    Yay! That’s a better night for me.

  2. Moon-howler

    I believe it suits everyone better. We can call it the Day After Party.

  3. DiversityGal

    Unfortunately, I can’t come on October 17th. I am already booked for another function. Moon-howler…please give everyone some anti-BVBL love on my behalf, and drink one for me. I’ll be with you in spirit!

  4. IVAN

    See you all there. This will really be a Happy Hour.

  5. NotGregLetiecq

    You know Ivan, you’re right. This will be the happiest hour yet for these parties. Am I wrong or is this the most optimistic mood for a diverse and inclusive Virginia since the birth of AntiBVBL?

  6. Moon-howler

    There certainly have been some birth pangs since we began. Diversity Gal, I surely will. I am sorry you won’t be able to make it. Ivan and NGL, I will miss not having the Andes Band there. Too bad we can’t book them. They were fun. I liked listening to whoever that was ‘playing the hooves.’ Goat hooves that is.

  7. ShellyB

    I agree NGL and Ivan. The future looks brighter now than any time since you guys started. The arrival of VOICE seals the deal. NoVa will never again be an anti-immigrant hater’s paradise. Thank you Anti’s for standing tall and keeping the faith until reinforcements arrived. Future so bright…

  8. info

    County attorney: Illegal immigrants generating large crime numbers
    Illegal immigrants account for one-third of the drug convictions; 44 percent of forgery convictions and 20 percent of the felony DUI convictions in the Phoenix area

  9. Drug charges are BS. Addiction isn’t a crime.

    When prosecutors say they will get tough on drugs, that’s code speak to the voting public that ‘we will crack down on blacks and hispanics’. The whole drug war is a legal way to persecute minorities for the sake of votes.

    Funny how you rarely hear about all the convictions of the white collar consumers of illegal drugs. People like the lawyers, doctors, businessmen and women, judges, journalists, etc.

    You see, no one is afraid of them.

  10. NotGregLetiecq

    A sure sign that it’s time for Red Dawn to post the “Future So Bright” song:

    HSM hanger-on-ers are reduced to pathetic Hate Bunny “info” droppings with bogus propaganda fit for the hate mob echo chamber and nowhere else. Only now, the mob has moved on to current targets for hating, and the echo chamber has no one left to do the echoing.

    Celebrate good times, it’s a celebration. How far we’ve come in a year. Congrats Alanna, Elena, and M-H. You’re our heroes.

  11. Red Dawn

    “A sure sign that it’s time for Red Dawn to post the “Future So Bright” song:”

    I APPRECIATE that YOU APPRECIATE my spins…but NO, that would not be my choice at this TIME of our FUTURE looking BRIGHT. I know that I have done my part to HOPE so 🙂

    I choose this one 🙂 CHEERS 🙂

  12. NotGregLetiecq

    Red Dawn, you’re my hero too. (=

  13. NotGregLetiecq

    Mackie, excellent point about white collar drug abuse. Rich and famous sometimes overdose, otherwise we don’t hear a single thing about it. When will what is “newsworthy” stop being defined by what most scares white people about people of color?

  14. Red Dawn

    Mackie,I heart u! You have taught me so much and I glad you brought up whtie collar vs/blue collar

    I am a tough chick ( independent) BUT I ALWAYS admired my husband for the WORK he does and this economic crisis has even made me giggle, in the sense, that if we are to go through depression times, I would rather have a stinky sweaty, tool belt ( he doesn’t wear one) vs. a white collar tell someone to go the FAX/coffee or COORDINATE how to get in touch with MY husband….LOL

    I am sorry!!!! It kills me, as a white collar worker-I hear this shit….

    I have to play this for my baby :

  15. NotGregLetiecq

    Red Dawn, this is truly a cultural exchange. I had never listened to a song by Faith or by Mr. McGraw.

  16. Red Dawn


    I have had enough of MYSELF!

    I will now be posting as : hooked on phonics with ADD&HEART:)

    I think that says it all 🙂

  17. Red Dawn


    Really? Does that mean you liked it? I have PLENTY more.(artist/songs/style)

    This is WHY I throw out ( as annoying as it maybe) videos….MUSIC IS THE UNIVERSAL language 🙂

  18. Red Dawn


    I am going back outside to a bonfire and country air.
    I have to you some more songs to study in this ‘cultural war’ lol

  19. Moon-howler

    Info, if we are going to get the daily news drop, how about something relevant. Have you been to Phoenix? It is nothing like Manassas and its demographics are far different.

    What do you think of those recently released PWCSB numbers?
    ESOL numbers aren’t even a good indicator of who is legal and who isn’t. A fairly good number of students are Asian or Middle Eastern or other non-Latino cultures. If they were all Latino, it still wouldn’t indicate legal vs illegal.

  20. Moon-howler

    NGL, you are kidding, right? re: Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

  21. Marie

    I am bummed that I can not attend the next Economy Gig. Friday is Osbourn’s Homecoming and 25th class reunion for the 1983 class. My niece, who graduated in 1983, will be here from CA for the class reunion.

    I will catch you all the next time. Have fun!!

  22. NotGregLetiecq

    Yes it’s true, I have never been a fan of country music. But I did indeed enjoy the Faith/McGraw song. If I come across it on the radio, I’ll listen to country, but I never actually know who I’m listening to.

  23. Moon-howler

    NGL, Well that’s a fair assessment of the situation. I probably don’t know either half the time.

    Marie, You will be missed. We will just have to do them more frequently.

  24. Moon-howler

    I think many of us will be bemoaning our own economic situation at the party.

    While Emma doesn’t give the chosen establishment 4 whisks, a good time should be had by all. Perhaps Giuseppes will spruce things up knowing she will be in attendance.

  25. Cindy B

    I hope to drop by Giuseppes and meet you all Friday night – the first Prince William Study Study Circle on Immigration starts at GMU-Prince William campus the next day, October 18 from 9:30 am to 11:30 am., and it does feel good to stop and give thanks. Thanks for letting me post about them here, and thanks so much for posting the VOICE videos and keeping an open local blog.

    DH and I stopped at Giuseppes’ today on our way back to Manassas from being out of town — thought we’d try it since you posted about it. It was great food, great service, and enjoyed sitting outside on the porch.

  26. james

    I have a simple question; being a new person here what exactly is accomplished at an “economic party” fundraisers and such? Do you hold a raffle or something to help out local programs like senior centers and such things? Is there any semblance behind the ethnic identity of the food as the only reason I ask is that I read through the blog and noticed that previous places were of mexican food. Just curious as much of the topics here are centered on ESOL and immigration issues of which I am very much concerned about.

  27. Elena

    Hi James,
    An economic party is just a way for us to support local businesses in the community. In the beginning they were primarily businesses hit hard by the sudden departure of many latinino’s, although not all were necessarily owned by Latino’s. Now, given the state of the economy, every business is impacted. Getting together also provides people an opportunity to meet each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

  28. james

    why thank you very much for that kind answer, it is very much appreciated. I’m sure you are doing some fine work with those parties. I was just curious

    thank you very much


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