Dow 9,387.61 +936.42 (11.08%)
Nasdaq 1,844.25 +194.74 (11.81%)
S&P 500 1,003.32 +104.10 (11.58%)

Wow! What a day. We needed this. Is the stock market giving the finger to the economic crisis, sort of like it gave the finger to 9/11?

No, we aren’t out of the woods yet. The stock market is a reaction and a prediction of what investors think will be happening in the future. However, let’s hope the bottom is in the past and we are on an upwards climb and today’s rally was a sign of good things to come on the financial horizon.

[Update: Today was the largest single-day gain ever for the Dow]

9 Thoughts to “Charging Bulls, at Least for the Day: The Stock Market Rallies”

  1. IVAN

    Wow, that Bailout Bill really worked. The Wall Street crowd is calling tomorrow “turn around Tuesday”. I don’t know what that means. I guess we’ll have to wait to see what happens.

  2. Ishimoto Sakamuera

    Greg and HSM are behind this. I tell you, They have their hands in everything.

  3. Rat's Ass Ralph

    Another stupid comment from the huffing sulphur dragon, IS.

  4. What happens when an addict in withdrawal is given a small fix? They get high.

    Eventually the high wears off. And they crash even harder.

  5. We need more judges like this.

  6. DB

    My mother lost $70,000 in her matching annuity in the past two weeks. For 25 years, that would be TWENTY-FIVE years she put in hundreds of dollars, and she was matched by her employer. Every raise she put in into the matching annuity program. She put each and every scrap of her pay into the program. The matching annuity is a supplement to her pension. Now she as a 62 year old woman has to work another 10 years to make up her losses.

  7. Sorry to hear about that DB. It’s a crime. No less a crime than if someone held her up at gunpoint. But because the criminals wear suits and not baggy pants, and because they sport PDAs and not tattoos, and because they have titles of office instead of aliases…

  8. Moon-howler


    It is going to come back. No need to push the panic button. She made a good bit of it back today, I am sure. She is lucky she has a pension and supplemental retirement. Most people don’t have the pension which will pay her nicely. She will also have social security. Even with those losses, she is in an enviable position compared to many people her age.

    Chin up!

  9. DB

    My dad told her the same thing…you have time yet to recoup your losses. Her response: “I’m 63 years old and NOW I have to work 20 more years? What will I care about money when I’m 82?”

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