Now, its bad enough that this country is dealing with an economic crisis, enveloped in global ramifications, but then, to top it off, you have this Republican GOP yahoo feeding the flames of ignorance and hatred, and it makes one wonder, how BAD can Prince William County look?  This article in Time magazine allows us a glimpse into the local strategy of the McCain campaign and it isn’t a pretty sight.

In response to this outrageous comment by Jeff Frederick, John McCain’s tepid response is incredibly disappointing. I wonder, in what “context” would comparing Senator Obama to Osama Bin Laden EVER be acceptable?


If John McCainis as serious as he says about running a “respectful” campaign against an opponent he considers “a decent person,” word hasn’t yet trickled down to his newly opened storefront field office in Gainesville, Virginia.

No Democratic presidential candidate has carried Virginia since 1964, and most election years both campaigns pretty much ignore the state. This time, however, McCain is running behind Barack Obama in statewide polls, thanks in large part to the head start he got on the ground there. “We haven’t seen a race like this in Virginia — ever,” said state GOP Chairman Jeffrey M. Frederick. “The last time was 40 years ago, and they didn’t run races like this.”

Indeed, Frederick, a 33-year-old state legislator, hadn’t even been born yet. But earlier this year Frederick unseated a moderate 71-year-old former lieutenant governor (who also happens to be Jenna Bush’s father-in-law) to become head of the Virginia GOP, promising “bold new leadership” for a state party recently on the decline.

The McCain campaign invited me to visit Frederick and the Gainesville operation on Saturday morning, to get a first-hand glimpse of its ground game in Prince William County, Virginia, a fast-growing area about 30 miles from Washington, D.C.

With so much at stake, and time running short, Frederick did not feel he had the luxury of subtlety. He climbed atop a folding chair to give 30 campaign volunteers who were about to go canvassing door to door their talking points — for instance, the connection between Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden: “Both have friends that bombed the Pentagon,” he said. “That is scary.” It is also not exactly true — though that distorted reference to Obama’s controversial association with William Ayers, a former 60s radical, was enough to get the volunteers stoked. “And he won’t salute the flag,” one woman added, repeating another myth about Obama. She was quickly topped by a man who called out, “We don’t even know where Senator Obama was really born.” Actually, we do; it’s Hawaii.


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  1. hello

    Moon-howler – a thousand apologies, I must have missed where you pointed out that McCain corrected the supporter who called Obama Arab. I also totally agree with you that Obama is not a terrorist, does he have some somewhat shady relationships in his past… sure, but being (kinda) linked to Ayers makes him anywhere close to being a terrorist. Along those same lines is that he is not an American, he isn’t patriotic, he is a Muslim, so on and so on. I think McCain will lose this election if some of things are allowed to continue.

  2. hello

    Censored, I never used a broad brush, I said “some regular posters”. It’s was more of an pin stripe brush.

  3. Red Dawn

    Oh snap, I am back on the conspiracy thrill….

    If Obama has SOME sort of connection to a terrorist ( which, I say is total HYPE-if-Ayers is allowed to teach in a university) I have to ask, WHY are millions of Americans on a terror watch list-including journalist, etc., but yet someone with QUESTIONABLE ties can run for president?

    I don’t know if I am on a watch list, as I haven’t flown in a long time but I hear ( will find the sources to back it up) that people are SHOCKED that they are detained and cannot fly.

  4. NotGregLetiecq

    I love it. Partisans like “Hello” is mad about McCain’s campaign taking heat for rally supporters yelling “kill him” and “off with his head” based on the idea that McCain can’t be blamed for the logical extension of his campaign’s strategy to paint Obama as ethnic, “not like us,” a traitor, and a “terrorist.”

    Then they turn around and try to attack all participants on this blog for addressing parallels in PWC to other periods of history that involved scapegoating and ethnic targeting.

    There is no equivalence between racism and addressing racism. There is no equivalence between implicitly encouraging hateful sentiments that could lead to violence, and voicing concern about such tactics. There is no equivalence between using prejudice for electioneering purposes and decrying this tactic.

    “Hello” you are barking up the wrong tree. The only logical argument you could make to justify this “otherizing” using the politics of ethnic resentment is this: “It is so important that McCain win that any tactics and any means necessary must be used.” And then you’d need to tell us why.

  5. Moon-howler

    In reality, I don’t think that we look at the full resume and bio of those we come into contact with in the political world or in our professional world. On the other hand, even if we know, what do we do about it if that is what the job requires.

    Example coming up here….years ago my husband worked for a solar energy company as a liason between the feds and the R & D folks. Tom Hayden, former husband of Jane Fonda, associate if not one of the Chicago 7, Vietnam sympathizer, etc, was a elected a board member of this solar group.

    My husband hated everything Tom Hayden stood for. However, he had to be in the room with him and be respectful when he went to board meetings.

    Did he come home and yell, holler, and carry on like a mad man about the
    ‘commie $%^&*()_#$%^&* jerk?’ You had better believe it. Does that association exclude my husband from public office or even doing business with some depts of the govt? nope.

    Ayers is an old hippy. Much ado about nothing now. Old news. Let’s go after the real terrorists. Same with Keating. He is a million year old crook. Bad judgement. Which of us haven’t had it at one time or another.

  6. hello

    First of all NGL, I don’t put much stock in someone like yourself saying about the RNC that “seeing so many white people cheering creeped you out”. Second of all, I’m not a republican (as I stated before), if you would read before you speak you would have also read that I don’t agree with any of the slander Obama has gotten and that idiot’s like the ones yelling out stupid things at the McCain rallies only damages McCains chances of winning. I stated that I totally disagreed with Fredericks comments about Obama as well, the point of my first comment is that some people do it here and nobody has a problem with it, however, when something is said about Obama an entire thread is dedicated to it.

    Wow, maybe read some of my comments before you bash me, huh…

  7. Red Dawn

    FULL of TYPOS but I posted this on BVBL ( open thread)

    LOL, NGL-I see we are both using the wrong tree analogy! Anyway:
    26. Red Dawn said on 14 Oct 2008 at 7:38 pm:


    “I was royally upset when my HELOC was closed and AMEX gave me an actual credit limit (where none existed before) even with a stellar credit rating!”

    Let’s see if Greg lets me post this comment in response to you.

    As far as AMEX, this article shows how much WE are not in control.
    Stellar credit? Where YOU live and shop? Bail out for WHO?

    The reason, I ask IF Greg will let this post show, is because I say when it comes to blaming illegals, it’s the WRONG TREE!!!!!-it is a branch or a TWIG.
    The focus of the blame iswhy (some/most) on this blog want to advocate that a person (s) are considered an apologist when THEY recognize that there is a broken system( STOP, right there!-just a recognization.

    The Fed. Gov.,is who have not done anything about this for decades and IN REAL TIME are they not going to do anything about it but act as a pissed off parent- sick of sibling rivalry and say EVERYONE is grounded ( instead of them taking blame too)

    There is NO money. I have not heard YET of a limit on a HELOC or credit card that has been taken back/lowered but DUH! SHUT off the valve-that would be a common sense move,* until NOW, that we have SOCIALIZED the banking system.

    Show me where they have already done that?-lowered a credi limit with stellar credit.
    ALL I hear is print, print and encouraging MORE LOANS ( loan=you don’t HAVE the money) and spending!

    I heard we (US) have committed ourselves to endless cash ( let me find the article) and yet with a pact that NO other COUNTRY shall benefit over another…sounds like a NWO ( financial) to me.

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  8. hello

    great point Moon-howler…

  9. Red Dawn

    “In reality, I don’t think that we look at the full resume and bio of those we come into contact with in the political world or in our professional world. On the other hand, even if we know, what do we do about it if that is what the job requires.”

    Kevin Bacon has already described this in SIX DEGREES OF SPEPEATION.


    EVERYONE CUT LOOSE…kick of your (SUNDAY/potical BS..I mean shoes 😉

    We are all defiante and want to be RIGHT! LOL

  10. Censored bybvbl

    Red Dawn, I think several months ago the WaPo had an article in the real estate section about home equity lines of credit being frozen because appraisals had fallen. I tried to find it and couldn’t. Here’s something similar from the Chicago Tribune:,0,1932993.story

  11. NotGregLetiecq

    Hello, I’m glad you too are seperating yourself from the Republican extremists and the McCain mob/campaign. But in your rush to criticize people who participate in this blog, you are drawing false comparisons. You may no longer have very much much in common with the “Party First” Republicans currently seizing control of the state and national GOP, but in this regard you are two peas in a pod.

  12. Pardon Me

    Ok, ok, could we just take a deep breath….. Perhaps the word hypocrite was too strong. How about critical? And please, do I have to validate the word with the time, date and thread?? Just look over the words that WE ALL USE ON BOTH sites, and actually around our society! Not to put blame anywhere as we ALL make choices to speak out or not. BUT…..we’ve all been encouraged to ‘express ourselves’ for quite sometime now. Some are more graceful than others. And perhaps those who are being critized as “right-wingers”, “bigots”,”Yahoos”,”mobs”,”extremists” and on and on are in great need of being heard and understood. It is obvious to me that things in life are becoming more difficult to cope with. Nothing is simple. One must be proficient in everything and at all times or else you get hammered. Could we just ALL stop?? People process information on different levels. We are not all at the same stage of development and we often become impatient with each other. Must we ALL continue on this ‘slam and dunk’ style of reacting to each other?? Hey, there are a large number of folks on this planet who are very, very angry,very, very frustrated,very, very fed up and alot more. Seeking out the ‘peaceful’ and attempting to live peaceably as best as one can is no easy feat!! Information flows faster than ever and so do the unintented consequences. Agreed, we don’t all think with the same capacity. Some have been SO conditioned to simply follow the leader that they are blindly unaware they are not thinking on their own. And when one does, they are often ‘thrown out’ as they were rubbish. Why?? Because their personal view, and perhaps based on inaccurate information, is rejected. People internalize this to be a rejection of them as people. Doesn’t everyone of us want a sense of belonging? Some people lack the skill and confidence of actually thinking for themselves. A lifetime of being beat down will do that. What if we tried to lift up those who are weak instead of labeling them? I’m not dismissing the fact that cruelty is not a form of evil. It is. But beating them to death has negative impact on the whole bunch.
    Honestly, there are too many fights out in the public arena when they need to resolved behind closed doors. When did we stop dealing with each other one to one?? And if we are not able to persuade that one, go bring another, and another and another until that one is won? MANY issues are dividing us. Disagreeing is taken as if it were a personal assault these days. Not everyone in my circles think as I do. Do your circles all think the same way? And aren’t the differences we have supposed to be something we can just let be expressed without retaliation?? What I learned in my ‘time outs’ was how quite silence is. It made me feel uncomfortable. My Dad said it was supposed to because I could see myself as I really was and could choose to change my behavior or become a bigger beast! Ya gotta love a straight talking Dad. Silence is a great calmer-downer AND often the one who put the foot in the mouth now can hear his own words. Can’t we just accept the things we cannot change about others and change the things we can about oursleves?? People suffer from human conditions all over the world. Let’s not allow our ‘tarnished’ image of where we live become so personal that we feel so embarrassed. Are any of us parents? Have any of our children done things and said things that were totally embarrassing and humiliating to us as parents? If we are honest, we would all say resoundingly, yes. Well, when someone does something stupid, or says something careless, he owns that. It would be totally wonderful to hear us ALL admit our faults to each other so real healing can begin, What others say in reality has no reflection on me or you. It’s called personal responsibility. We all come to our own conclusions and often shoot ourselves in doing so. There is no cure for saving us from ourselves. Children and adults have something inherently in common. They both tend to act something out without taking a breath in between and sadly without thinking it completely through. I often say if someone who should no better and doesn’t behave as if they did, maybe they got stuck somewhere! There are people who react and others who respond. There are plenty of very intelligent, matured adults who simply have poor management of their own tempers. I could be wrong, but, perhaps today people are in search of others who possess grace under fire because it helps them to get more grounded themselves. In that respect, we are all leaders in some way. And lest we forget, we are all human with flaws. It would help me out to get a lift when I am feeling down to not get a bigger foot kicking at me. I seldom post on any blogs. It is TOO exhausting. It is very combative. I just sit back and read what people are thinking, trying to feel what people are feeling and hope more good rubs off on me and ultimately out from me! We ALL have something good to give to one another. Could we please start with ourselves and the words that come out of our mouths? This is not a lecture, please don’t allow perception to take us there. These are words from heart to heart in hopes that the junk that clogs ALL of us from time to time just drains out. Thank you ALL for your thoughtful contributions here today. I must now myself go off and ponder your words and my own.

    Elena, thank you for sharing the Hebrew translation for Barack. How beautiful the word ‘blessed’ is! It means happy. And as a new Mommy, I know how a new baby looks as I gaze upon this sweet, fragile, serene(when asleep) human gift that is so trusting. It would be interesting to learn ‘how’ Barack got the name he was given. If I ever find out, I’ll share it with you.

  13. Red Dawn

    SCRATCH the last video…I type in key words but my a.d.d. could not stand it..LOL

    try this one 😉 LOL

  14. Red Dawn


    I thought I had responded back to you and put up a video about the Edgar Allen Poe ( the above SCRATCH post at 20:26)

    Censored, I don’t know what happened but a nut shell, thank you for posting the article about HELOC’s. Common sense would show the reason for doing such in a downturn based on appraisals vs. a credit card. Where did my post go?? lol, I hope it was not on Perez Hilton-NOW that would be funny, under the right (irony)topic…lol

  15. Moon-howler

    I am not quite sure what a party first republican is. I don’t think there are many of those in PW Co. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

  16. Elena

    Here is a reasoned response to the thread.

    independent thinker, 19. March 2008, 21:58
    Say What and Big Dog and others,
    My parents are Jewish, I was raised Jewish, I know all about being called a kike or having someone make jokes about jews and then turning to me and say “oh, but YOU are different, we don’t mean YOU”. I went to Israel when I was sixteen for the summer, something all jewish kids are urged to do. I remember sitting in a circle, with all the other American kids that I was on the trip with, and being part of a discussion about the holocaust and it’s lesson for all of us. The lesson is that it can happen anywhere with anyone. For Jewish people, Israel is a safe haven, so that , if there were ever another holocaust, we would have a place to go, NEVER again would we be slaughtered because no one was willing to take us in.

    Say What, do you believe the Anti-Defamation League is anti-semetic?

    Do you believe the Southern Poverty Law Center is anti-semetic?

    Do I believe that hispanics are going to be taken away in cattle cars and slaughtered like animals, no, of course not. Do I believe that hate is growing towards hispanics because of rhetoric like Greg and his blog postings? YES! Am I thankful that I don’t look hispanic, actually no, I’d love to be asked for my documentation, I’d have a great story for the media. The point Admin is making is that there is a sect of people who will be singled out and asked to prove that they are here legally and I am pretty sure they will look latino.

    I don’t believe the PWC police are the gestapo, but I believe that they have been given an all encompassing mandate to root out those “illegals”. Corey has led the county into a cave of intolerance, division, and fear and I will continue to speak out against it.

    end quote.


    Now clearly, the thread topic was not seriously comparing the PWCPD to the gestapo, but, you have to put this in context for the time period. At that point, the PWCPD only needed probable cause which had NO real definition,i.e., the reason it was later amended to the current resolution. Simply speaking spanish could have been enough “probable cause” to ask someone to prove their legal status. If I were latino, I might have felt compelled to carry legal documentation to prove my status. Had the original resolution passed, the one that Duecaster crafted, EVERY citizen, no matter what, prior to any arrest or altercation with the police, if their legal status was in question, would have been required to prove their legality. Now THAT is teetering on the edge of a police state by my standard.

  17. Red Dawn

    ESOL thread on BVBL:

    As we all know posts stay or go….I hate the idea that with FACTS PROVEN, it can STILL be questioned ( if not NOW…it has!) CHECK, CHECK!
    49. Red Dawn said on 14 Oct 2008 at 8:55 pm:

    I AGREE and share concern with FormerCOMemployee:

    “Actually Emma, I am totally serious concerning my question. I don’t always carry my wallet, am I going to be arrested for not having an ID? Why is that such a silly question and make me an illegal alien apologist?”

    EXACTLY, be careful of what you wish for. And I am NOT talking about SNITCHES get stitches, that would be, ummm so middle school and not the SERIOUS unintended consequence of what could happen…. but FOR EVERYONE to have to live without FREEDOM , AND THE LIVES lost that HAVE fought for this trading of p&j sandwiches for spam argument!

    For all of this IS trivial/trying to figure out how I can be a ‘grown up’.. call on your neighbor(s)/NARK.( old fart-chip on your shoulder,other EXAMPLES apply HERE! LOL)….. BUT I could NOT WAIT to GROW UP and have FREEDOM to do what the other jackaboo’s ( history repeating itself shit’s played out.

    What was that game Russian roulette?

    I am sorry( just a little bit) if you really think you are being patriotic to say, STOP and ID them ALL!!!!

    Did I leave anything out?

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  18. Elena

    HI Pardon Me,
    You made some excellent points. I think that is what I love about Obama, he makes me think that we can all rise above the discourse and find solutions together. He has shown grace under fire, an attribute that I most surely do not possess, I admit that flaw, among many others I have. It is easy to forget, we all struggle, in one way or another, through this brief period on Earth that G-d has given us. I admit, my flaw is forgiveness of others. It is hard for me to be forgiving of someone like Jeff Frederick, who holds such power in his hands, that could be used for real positive change, and instead, he uses it to propogate unwarranted fear about Barack Obama.

    I honestly worry that were Barack Obama to win this election, there could be such an outcry, that violence may erupt from a small minority of people, people who believe that Obama is some sort of link to a “terrorist cell”. Seeds of hate only lead tdown paths that hurt us all.

    Thanks again Pardon for your thoughtful post. I too will ponder 🙂

  19. Red Dawn

    the check, check is, Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful..LOL just kidding…but able WITH CENSORSHIP to post on the other site-which can lead to the ASSUMPTION that I play both sides! IF you believed that,then you have no arguement against ALL the posters on the otheside and can’t take it literal… and for those of you who thought I was playing both sides …KNOWING,I am posting to ALL, all the time…. bite me as the blog master of the other likes to say bite me! LOL

    NO love lost….just substitute cathy for greg…LOL

    I was HERE before HIM…lol

    I am just being ME from all the arguments that I grew up with pride STILL trying to defend! LOL

  20. Red Dawn

    I feel better NOW.

    I got that OFF my chest! We have all in this time period made friends or email buddies and out of RESPECT that can hamper feelings. sigh….


    PASS the ICE CREAM, nothin’ like a Bitch huntin’ for chocolate…LOL

    I guess I ruined Sarah’s chances…LOL….NOW, that is funny! MULTI-tasking….

  21. redawn

    ACTUALLY, it felt good to get that off my chest ( no wild hairs grown as I like to drink STRONG coffee-it must be a myth, lol)

    I take the CRUTCH back that I used PMS as a POWER or EXCUSE.

    🙂 LOL, I just finally had enough and as nice and mean as I can be….. I am just a BITCH! 🙂


    in moderation againg..does that PROVE,I’m a Bitch? LOL

    persistance=bitch if you are a female? LOL

  22. A PW County Resident

    Hmmm, and where did this come from? Can’t be from a liberal place could it, because they are so perfect?? Everyone wants to hold John McCain responsible for everything that a conservative does, is the same true for Mr. Obama?

    Got it from aol by the way.

  23. redawn

    Sexism, racism OR patriotism…they are all tools of MONEY.

  24. Leila

    PWCounty Resident, did AOL really have a report on this just now? I mean the lewd painting as a news story is over two weeks old! I guess AOL is living up to its reputation.

    Let’s have some parallelism please. A single dive bar in Chicago with a predilection for hanging nude pictures on its walls placed a picture of Gov. Palin above the bar in which she is wearing slightly less than in her pageant parade and is holding a gun. The latter point makes the image similar to the flag bikini photoshopped picture posted with glee on BVBL. If I recall correctly, the latter generated enthusiastic comments from various BVBL men.

    Bad taste, both images.

    However, I don’t see much parallel between the decision of a single bar to do this and a high GOP official in Va, Jeff Frederick, comparing Obama to Osama bin Laden and thus inciting people to hatred. I don’t see much parallel in this bar’s decision and what has happened at official rallies for Palin and McCain where a handful (unfortunately growing) of GOP supporters shout to kill Obama and behead him and call him a terrorist and a traitor. I wish I could say that Palin objected to such shouts, but she didn’t. It appears that she just continued speaking in that godawful voice of hers, you betcha. McCain eventually did eventually object in his usual lackluster fashion, but certainly not the first time it happened. The point is the threat of harm to Obama from the incitements of the GOP campaign is very real. Jeff Frederick should be ashamed of himself. If the GOP candidates are so vastly superior, let them win this election on the issues.

    For those curious about the nekkid painting, look at:

  25. Red Dawn

    After surfing the net ( found some more scary stuff) I have to play something peaceful as it( self admitted- I am the cause) scared the sh7t out me.

    Welcome to HOPE ( when I thought we were ALL living on a prayer- ) that OUR Government will not back down on the PROMISE that there was NO other option and as SOCIALISTIC as it seems, it’s NOT! ( walks like a , smells like a. it’s prolly a….)

    LOL….even Donald Trump said it SOUNDS like SOCIALISM but makes HIM very, very happy…
    The only right thing to do is:


  26. Elena

    Took the words write out of my mouth! There is no relationship between the actions of the GOP leader in VA and some random bar.

  27. Red Dawn

    Posted on BVBL 1st thread about a revolution ( NEW one)Ron Paul where are ya? Anyway, just as I suspected ( AFTER MANY,MANY.MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY,MANY,MANY,MANY ATTEMPTS to post after being deleted….just like my friend CHRIS, WE ATTEMPTED and tried and tried again. We recognized our hometown was NOT the same as many of you posters that have lived here LONGER than US!!!

    We just, as YOU(all) lol, tried to preserve the love….

    Here is the post on BVBL ( an no duh, doubt.,…I was in moderation)
    When I post on both blogs, ummm. duh, I am speaking to ALL. So if the get the fuck out applies…..get on with it 🙂

    I am truly ASHAMED that I jumped on YOUR bandwagon. ( that old saying too good to be TRUE)

    I have given EVERY ounce of ME to preserve ( DEFEND) the reputation of PWC.

    I MOVED away even tried to escape(maybe -…unconsciousness but NEVER forgot the lessons learned in PWC to be PROUD of a HOMETOWN.

    TRUTH be told, it was a BAD reputation all along-considered rednecks., etc. We will forever be on the upswings. I am getting to old(not, that is just so middle school) to kick anyone’s ass. So I ask nicely, just get the fuck out as LEGAL citizen! Thank you! 😉

    Do you know the TRUE meaning of REDNECK?

    I know the answer to that and it is NO!

    IF you ever needed ANY help, you would find a redneck. You are just to busy fucking everything else up so we ALL hate each other.


    Red Dawn
    P.S when things get real bad, come on over red rover, we get pissed but we FORGIVE-other cheek

  28. NotGregLetiecq

    M-H, “Party First” Republicans is just another word for partisan Republicans. I use “Party First” as a reference to the Orwellian campaign slogan McCain and Palin are employing as they travel the swing states begging voters to decide our future based on racial division, hate, and fear; rather than the issues and the challenges we face together as one people.

    This tactic is anything but “Country First.” So I came up with “Country First” to unscrew the Orwellian screw.

  29. SecondAlamo

    If you folks are so fired up, and that’s an understatement, then what was your reaction when your heard the words of Rev. Jeremiah Wright? I’d have to say his racist outlook pretty much balances anything that Jeff Frederick said in terms of bad taste, or did you all just forget that connection to Obama? Be careful what you wish for! His historical relationships still make me uneasy. Speaking of uneasy, how’s that Acorn investigation going?

  30. Leila

    SecondAlamo, I wasn’t aware that Rev. Wright was an official of the Democratic party making comments about an opposing party’s candidate in the middle of a campaign that appear designed to incite hatred and possibly violence against him. You really don’t see a difference?

    Jeff Frederick’s comments are not about bad taste. When you have rallies in which a growing number of people are yelling “kill him, off with his head, traitor, terrorist,” then it appears rather incongruous that an official of the GOP would want to fan the flames of those kind of sentiments no matter how far behind they are in the polls.

    People on anti have objected to Rev. Wright. MoonHowler did it quite recently, or are you just conveniently forgetting that? Obama repudiated Wright in a forceful way the GOP has never repudiated the constant Muslim baiting, red baiting, violent rhetoric, and coded and uncoded race baiting that has occurred against Obama by GOP politicians and supporters. I’ll say it again, if you think the GOP is better, then win the election on the issues.

    As for ACORN, I hope anyone who has been involved in voter fraud will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. That goes for ACORN and that goes for the attempts at intimidation and misinformation directed at voters that the GOP favors since they aren’t usually into mass voter registration drives given the fact it rarely benefits them. Exceptions are made of course for presumed enclaves such as Liberty University.

  31. Moon-howler

    Thanks Leila. Yes, I have expressed concerns over Rev. Wright on several occassions. I feel his rhetoric is unacceptable and it has given me misgivings about Obama all along.

    Having said that, I will also have to add, as much as I have misgivings over Rev. Wright, these misgivings pale in comparison to my misgivings over the nastiness I have heard in the background being shouted about ‘Kill him.’ ‘terrorist,’ and those sorts of things. I was weighing my misgivings fairly equally between the 2 candidates until McCain selected Palin as his running mate.

    Palin is simply not a qualified candidate for VP. She might talk a good pep rally but she lacks serious credentials and knowledge for any office that might lead to president of a country that leads the free world.

    I feel I have no choice but to support Obama.

  32. Moon-howler

    ‘Enough is Enough with Frederick’ is a good opinion piece by local democrat Pete Frisbie in today’s MJM or whatever its new name is.

    Characters like Frederick make me ashamed to admit I live in Prince William County, especially after a year of Corey Stewart’s antics and falsehoods. Now I get to be ashamed of living in Virginia. My ancestors would be rolling over in their graves.

    Thanks to Pete for speaking out as a local Prince William County leader on the embarrassing statements made by Jeff Frederick.

  33. –KG,

    PASS the ICE CREAM, nothin’ like a Bitch huntin’ for chocolate…LOL–

    Hee heee! Here’s to PMS and any old reason to be bitchy. Why the hell NOT??? 🙂

  34. NotGregLetiecq

    Leila, someone writing Mickey Mouse is a long way from “voter fraud.” Acorn hired and trained like thousands of people to get people registered legally. But they paid them with quotas that caused some to write Micky Mouse instead of doing all the work they agreed to do. This is unfortunate but not newsworthy. It’s not news to me that some people slack off on the job. Sometimes I take long lunch breaks to write on this blog. That’s my boss’ business, not Faux News.

    In this case the victim of “fraud” was Acorn, not white conservatives. It’s not like someone with an I.D. that says Mickey Mouse is going to show up on election day to vote!

    By law, Acorn is required to turn in any and all registration forms that are completed, even if it looks like they are suspect. So, they flagged the ones they thought were suspect so officials could weed them out.

    Sound like a brown people conspiracy to you? Of course not. But the McCain campaign saw an opportunity to create more hate, fear, and paranoia because Acorn focuses on registering people in urban areas where there are many people of color. The idea of people of color voting may frustrate “Party First” Republicans, but it is not a crime, and if you really believe in the promise of equality, Acorn’s work should not upset you any more than any other voter registration drive.

  35. Leila

    NGL, maybe you might want to reread my post before making the assumptions you are making. I’m gobsmacked, as the Brits say. I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, but a sympathizer with white conservatives hasn’t been one of them. I am a big fan of voter-registration drives, particularly those targeted at poor people and at minority populations, both of which are underrepresented at the ballot box. However, Acorn is not doing anyone who cares about those neglected voices any favors if it doesn’t police the people it hires.

    And frankly, I don’t agree that it is not newsworthy even if I think that the McCain campaign has shamelessly exploited and mischaracterized what happened. I would want to know if something similar was done by a right-wing group. The Mickey Mouse thing isn’t the issue. The issue is creating a situation where the GOP in the given local areas will have an excuse to intimidate voters who fit the profile of those Acorn was pursuing. Even if the vast majority of those Acorn registered were legit, that does not excuse making stuff up.

    This election is a deadly serious matter. I don’t find the notion of slackers helpful. I don’t appreciate liberal or lefty f*&$-ups on these matters that open the door to abuse by the other side, like rabid Republicans cornering Hispanic voters in Nevada. Finally, not all states require ID to vote. I want the registration process to be clean so the voting and ballot counting process can be clean. I am not a lawyer, but I would be surprised if making up information on voter registration documents isn’t covered by fraud laws. However I don’t know.

    But if you care about minority voters, which I believe you do, why aren’t you demanding that Acorn be above reproach? By the way, NPR’s Morning Edition today did an interesting story on Acorn’s work over the years and also had a clip of John McCain speaking to an Acorn gathering when they were his allies in the immigration bill he once supported.

    Listen here:

  36. Frederick’s comments were true, Get over it.

  37. Moon-howler

    Leila, I agree with you 100%. You, as always, bring sense of style to anti. Your research is impeccable.

    PWConservative, I expect better out of you.

  38. Not Me, Bubba

    PWConservative – your blog is friggin hillarious. I’ve not seen such conservative paranoia and immagination in a long time….well at least since 2004. Truly comic gold.

    …and I love the scenario you dreamed up in your head on how and who “stole” the McCain Country sign. Maybe it was a huge truckload of Rethugs who stole the Obama sign from Peter Farrel’s Sportscar Salesplace (complete with skidmarks and chains)…JUST like you described for those who stole the McCain sign. No proof – just immagination. Anywho, keep the humor coming!

  39. Curious Resident

    McCain will be speaking at a rally right behind the McCoart Building. This is ground zero for all of the ugliness that has occurred in PWC the past 2 years.

    What do you think he should say?

  40. NotGregLetiecq

    Leila I wasn’t going after you at all. I know and admire your voice and perspective a lot. I was only differing with one point which was conceeding the McCain talking point that any “voter fraud” had occurred.
    By the time I got to my second sentence I was focused on the tactic and had forgotten about you.
    NotMe Bubba, I agree that PWCon is hilarious. I think I recall he is a teenager though so let’s try to laugh with kindness.

  41. Someone in the comments section said maybe Williams slashed his own sign and left himself a note. Interesting theory, eh?

  42. Not Me, Bubba


    “NotMe Bubba, I agree that PWCon is hilarious. I think I recall he is a teenager though so let’s try to laugh with kindness.”

    LOL…okay. I’ll chalk it up to youthful naievete and inexperience. The kid’s got spunk, that’s for sure.

  43. Moon-howler

    Curious Resident,

    Interesting question. I hadn’t even thought of the irony. Wow! Ground zero for all the ugliness. From what I have read, I expect Senator McCain’s own party will be the ones giving him hell. I feel like he is walking into the proverbial lions’ den.

    I believe he should once again tell the anti-immigration people why he sponsored the bill he did–in his own words so they can hear it with their own 2 years rather than through the filter of Lou Dobbs or NumbersUSA.

    Perhaps he should advise those in his party to clean up their act. I do believe he is a decent person.

  44. Curious Resident

    He is also appearing nearly one year to the day that the resolution was first passed. This should be getting more attention.

  45. Moon-howler

    I hope McCain doesn’t even bring it up. It serves no purpose–especially for him.

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