The appointment of Robert Duecaster, although narrowly approved by a 5-3 vote, only sets the example of legitimizing the extreme rhetoric surrounding immigration and the primary target, Hispanics.  Although there are some that will dismiss the findings of the Southern Poverty Law Center, can they also ignore the Anti Defamation League? Mr. Duecaster has every right under the constitution to express his feelings towards Latinos as “invaders” and that the invasion is being “funded by foreign governments”. Mr. Duecaster states that he has a message for the current President of Mexico, that “citizens do not want this internationalization”. Mr. Duecaster never points out any other ethnic groups in has diatribe on april 29th except Latinos when referring to illegal immigration. I have included only a partial part of this most recent piece written by SPLC, please click on the link to read it in its entirety.

Robert L. Duecaster helps lead a nativist extremist group and regularly makes defamatory comments about Catholics, Muslims and undocumented immigrants, calling the latter in an October 2007 blog post “an invasion of parasites set on reducing this country to the levels of their own.”

But all that didn’t stop the Prince William (Va.) Board of County Supervisors from appointing him to a committee that will influence county decision making on human services policy and budget priorities. After a closed-door discussion, the board voted 5-3 on Sept. 16 to approve Duecaster’s nomination to the Human Services Strategic Goals Task Force, which will develop a roadmap for the next four years of human services planning.

Duecaster is secretary of Help Save Manassas, an anti-immigration group that has spawned other “Help Save” chapters in Virginia and Maryland. In 2007, he helped author a local ordinance aimed at denying county services to undocumented immigrants and empowering local police to enforce federal immigration law. County officials later softened the ordinance because of concerns that it could lead to racial profiling.

Duecaster is known for his inflammatory remarks. “This country is being invaded no less than if hordes of armed people came across its borders,” he said during an October 2007 county supervisors meeting. “This invasion is not armed, but they’ve got weapons. The weapons that they use are their anchor babies. … This invasion is being funded by foreign governments.” He offered another dire warning to the supervisors in April 2008: “You’re at an historic crossroad today. You can fund and continue to enforce the rule of law resolution or you can let it go by the wayside and watch this county and the rest of this region degenerate into a third world slum.”

Duecaster, a 57-year-old lawyer, was nominated to the human services task force by County Supervisor John T. Stirrup Jr., who said criticisms of Duecaster’s appointment amounted to “character assassination.” In a recent interviewwith The Washington Post, Duecaster didn’t retract any of his controversial past statements. “At the time the comments were made, we were living in a threatening and inflammatory environment,” he said, adding that he hoped to serve “the interest of legal residents of this county.”

Duecaster has been even more flagrant in his remarks under cover of a pseudonym, according to the Post, which reported that on Black Velvet Bruce Li, the blog of Help Save Manassas founder Greg Letiecq, Duecaster has postedblatantly bigoted comments using the screen name “Advocator.”

In January 2008, Advocator called for an investigation into “whether or not illegal aliens have a preferred breeding season.” In April, he responded to a comment someone had posted using the pseudonym “Truth” with this gem: “An’ thass right, Trufe, I am bitching about ESOL [English for Speakers of Other Languages] as classes. Those anchor babies be costing me money.”

13 Thoughts to “Southern Poverty Law Center includes Robert Duecaster and Help Save Manassas on their Hate Watch Blog”

  1. Moon-howler

    This kind of notoriety could not be good for anyone who works with the public. Fortunately for some in HSM, they have not been named as an active hate group or at least I didn’t see that group on the map. I did see vdare which some woman quotes over there all the time. I wonder if she knows she is quoting a hate group? Maybe ‘info’ could take that bit of info back to her.

    What is the difference between being on the map and being on the watch list? I don’t know much about SPLC.

  2. NotGregLetiecq

    Again, these are things that most people know (unless they are Gospel Greg indoctrinated and/or not paying attention to their surroundings).

    But the sad thing is that once again a few loose cannons are making the bad reputation stick. I guess it’s the job of org’s like SPLC to point out the negatives of having hate groups infiltrate county governments. The media can’t do it because they feel it’s their duty to give equal play to both hate groups and normal people. That means not mentioning that the hate groups are hate groups. If they did that, the equal play thing would be out of balance. And better to be “balanced” than accurate, unfortunately. By avoiding accurate portrayal of Help Save Manassas and FAIR as hate groups, the media fails in two regards: the reader doesn’t see the problem clearly, and the reader doesn’t see the progress we’ve made in the past year, which is remarkable.

    If the media could find a way to tell the whole story, perhaps SPLC and ADL and Center For American Progress wouldn’t have to focus on the negative.

  3. Wow. Glad SPLC did this.

    When is Wally Covington going to open his eyes and stop nuzzling up to Stewart and Stirrup? Wally, you’re now an accomplice.

  4. “Hatewatch is written by the staff of the Intelligence Report, an investigative magazine published by the Alabama-based civil rights group Southern Poverty Law Center.” That’s what it says on the blog, MH.

  5. Alanna

    Yes, they called last week asking for a quote.

  6. Moon-howler

    Maybe I should subscribe just to stay on top of things.

  7. Bobby Duecaster has finally made his mark.

  8. Not Me, Bubba


    Who’s next?

  9. BVBL Reports

    Another brain fart from Duecaster –

    Advocator said on 14 Oct 2008 at 9:10 am:

    Back to your original question about why the failure to produce a license does not result in arrest – it’s supposedly is a matter of officer “discretion,” which means the police do exactly what Chief Deane wants done. The Chief sacrifices yours and my safety in order to curry favor with the Illegal Invader community and their traitorous supporters.

    ESOL numbers are, in the venacular of the bidness, a shibboleth. The numbers the BOE should be collecting, and would be if they had a spine, are numbers of students who cannot produce a U.S. issued birth certificate (or equivalent) or a valid visa. The Libtards will claim this collection of data is illegal under the Plyler SCOTUS case. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only thing that case says is that we must educate the little illegal darlings. But the Libtards and their lackey media have said so many times that it is illegal to collect that data, that everyone accepts it as the truth. Even BoE member Grant Lattin, who, as a lawyer, should know better. The Board should be collecting this information so that it can apply for federal assistance for educating a large percentage of children who are only in our County because of the federal government’s mal-, mis-, and non-feasance in protecting our national borders. We should not have to pay for the federal government’s failures.

  10. Libtards, eh? Well, add making fun of retarded people to Duecaster’s list of hatred and meanness.

    Yeah, folks. Let’s put this guy in charge of the county. Never mind that’s it’s illegal to ask for children’s documentation.

    Wally Covington, are you LISTENING YET????

  11. Not Me, Bubba

    Good Lord, did he really say all that?

    “Back to your original question about why the failure to produce a license does not result in arrest – it’s supposedly is a matter of officer “discretion,” which means the police do exactly what Chief Deane wants done. The Chief sacrifices yours and my safety in order to curry favor with the Illegal Invader community and their traitorous supporters. ”

    Good grief…lie much?

    Libtards? Seriously! This person demonstrates all the eloquence, wit and brevity of a bag of hammers. A “compassionate Conservative” I am sure. It’s bad enough we’ve had 8 years of Bush-Cheney rule….I think they’ve spawned a plethora of micro-government cretins. The Hydra must be stopped…

  12. Keep talking, Duecaster. You’re building the bars to your own political prison which is where you belong.

  13. For those who don’t get the above metaphor: Duecaster is caging himself in.

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