Today’s Washington Post reports that County Executive Craig S. Gerhart has warned that budget cuts in Prince William County are unavoidable because of the massive decline in house values. Each department head has been told to slash their budget by a third.

Not every department can take this kind of hit. According to Gerhart,

“The request was not meant to suggest an across-the-board reduction but to identify the potential impact of severe budget cuts.”

Shortfall amounts are unknown at this point in time but more financial information should be available within the next month or so since PWC supervisors hold their annual financial retreat.
Naturally Corey Stewart weighed in:

“It’s going to be ugly,” said Corey A. Stewart (R-At Large), board chairman. “We are going to balance this budget through cuts, not tax increases.”

What happened to all those people who said they would gladly have their taxes increased to rid PWC of the ‘illegals’? What happened to those massive savings that were always brought up by the anti-immigration folks when those of us here brought up the fact that our county could not afford THE RESOLUTION? Savings were supposed to come from all over the place, especially from the schools. (See ESOL Thread below)

It’s time for all those folks to pony up and help us through this deficit. I sure would not want to admit that I had helped contribute to this local financial mess.

86 Thoughts to “Prince William County Warns Big Service Cuts Are Likely”

  1. PollyAnna

    Posting as Pinko,

    “Finding solutions. Actually, I commend them for cleaning.”

    What you may not know is HSM members comprise PWC, City of Manassas and Manassas Park and are working together to clean up all 3 communities. Would you consider including yourself as a viable part of the solution? And yes, perhaps it will serve to fill a job lost due to budget cuts but hey, what do all volunteers do everywhere but fill in the gap by meeting the needs that cannot be meet with a paying position. Just give Darlin a call at the PWC Clean Community office.

    This could be an opportunity for everyone to unite in a common goal. Afterall, no one wants to live in a rundown, trashed covered community. Working together could be the beginning of healing??? The step towards reconciliation??? Give peace a chance!!

  2. Moon-howler

    Many people serve the community in many different ways. Most people do things complement their talents and strengths.

  3. Slither Hither

    Give peace a chance! Boy, you must not have cleared that with your “leader”.

    Right, would HSM welcome ALL wanting to help the cause? You know HSM can only participate in things that they feel they can control. Good Lord, not everybody needs some “talking head” to tell them what to do.

    Would there be “background check” of sorts like Marie had done on her?

  4. PollyAnna


    I would agree that many people serve the community in many different ways. I would disagree that “most people do things complement their talents and strengths.” There are many jobs that just need to be done. Picking up a broom to sweep up trash is fitting for all talents and strengths. Some may feel their talents and strengths are above doing this simple task. A good president of his company understands his domestic workers when he himself has had to do their simple, but valuable jobs.

    It’s all about solutions. Working together to find them and working together to implement them!

  5. Mando


    They don’t want solutions here.

  6. Censored bybvbl

    So, PollyAnna, can we assume that you’re going to be attending Saturday’s study circle at George Mason – you know, adding your voice to that of community members searching for solutions?

    It’s good that HSM members are cleaning up the community – they’ve done enough to crap it up – and waste our tax dollars.

  7. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Jorge Pollo,

    Is that what they’re doing???? “Traveling Abroad”?? Remind me to ask the guys in front of 7-11 if they’re “on holiday”. Traveling Abroad….that’s a good one!

  8. Censored bybvbl

    Slowpoke, somehow I think that if you ended up in the emergency room in France or Finland , you’d be one of those irate Americans who would demand that everyone speak English. Even here in the States, you can whine, whine, whine about speaking English only, but you’re NEVER going to be able to enforce your agenda. The more you whine, the more pathetic you seem. “Ooh, that guy said a word in Spanish. I’m feeling threatened.” Pathetic.

  9. Jorge Pollo

    I asked the question of you. If YOU were traveling outside of the US. I really didn’t think you were that slow that you needed what traveling abroad meant.

    So you can reread.
    I must ask you this. Let’s say YOU are traveling abroad and heaven forbid you become ill or inadvertently break a law and YOU don’t speak the language.

  10. Jorge Pollo

    Hola! Do you feel threatened by that?

  11. Censored bybvbl

    Jorge Pollo, nope, I don’t feel skeered.

  12. Censored bybvbl

    Off topic, does anyone see this move as having much of an impact on overcrowding in PWC? The limitation appears to be on the number of ADULTS in a certain size home. Could have no impact on school population.

  13. Jorge Pollo

    Did you hear? That they will lie about their ages to overcrowd and to get a “world class education” for free. Oh, the spin to come of this article in the dark dungeon.

  14. Censored bybvbl

    Jorge Pollo, I saw that. Someone will take what Rick said about shaving their arms and legs to appear younger as truth. Many dervishes are whirling over at the dark screen.

  15. PollyAnna


    Thank you for your consolation!

  16. PollyAnna

    Slither Hither,

    Would it be possible to separate the “who” from the what? I am my own person. I have little regard for power-hungry monarchists. At some point it would be a good thing for all of us to get over our anger that is turning bitter and be willing to work together on efforts that will build community.

    I would hope if one was willing to give themselves and their time to a clean up effort, that would be enough! The only criteria for participation that I’m aware of is each individual has to file out a PWCCC Volunteer Partner form. HSM “talking heads” are not in control of this program nor do they control how it operates.

    Please, enough of the paranoia. You do not know me nor do you know my associations.
    Just because I took one step forward to bring an idea like seeking peace, you slap me into a corner and assume I’m some sort of spy. These tactics are as violent as what you accuse others of doing. It is non-productive and solutions will never be found with that kind of thinking. So let me repeat myself……….let’s give peace a chance!

  17. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    I speak German and took French in high school and college, so I’m not in too bad a shape where I travel to. What the heck am I doing in Finland? By the way, The last time YOU were in Sweden, Finland, or Norway, did you notice how many folks speak English? Practically everyone. Anyway, in the immortal words of Obama, Merci Beaucoup!

  18. PollyAnna


    What time is the Saturday study circle at George Mason? I would gladly welcome an opportunity to add my voice along with community members to find solutions. Would you mind sending me some pertinent information? Thank you.

    Now, was it necesssary to add the pot-shot about why it was good that HSM members are cleaning up the community? How useful is the language “they’ve done enough to crap it up – and waste our tax dollars”? Our communities have been on decline for quite some time. Many of them are in need of TLC! Some neighborhoods are aged and have not had the care needed. There is plenty of blame to go around. Could we just try to not continue to accuse and blame? Someone has to be the bigger guy and stop fanning the flames of contention. Who will it be??

  19. Moon-howler

    A little late for that, Polly. An attempt was made to find common ground. The person making the attempt was discredited and insulted.

    Perhaps everyone should just do what suits them. Surely you can accept that. After all, why would the anti crowd be stupid enough to be goaded into a clean up party by a stranger? Obviously, you like the HSM way of serving the community.

    Should I assume the email address you logged in with works? I can send you the Saturday information. I am sure several of the bloggers here look forward to seeing you again. Just let me know.

  20. Censored bybvbl


    And you won’t be able to sit silently – they’ll expect a bit of participation.

  21. Slither Hither

    No paranoia here, dear! I don’t know you and or your associations, and you don’t know me either. I don’t think you’re a spy. Gee whiz, get over yourself.

    Of course the county wouldn’t have HSM be in charge it’s their program. I do say good for them and their efforts with the Clean Community Council.

  22. Alanna


    It might be prudent to read the writing on the wall. In fact, I have heard that bookies are paying out on the Presidential election bets. There will be a Democratic Congress, most likely a fillabuster proof Democratic Senate (ie 60 Democratic Senators) and a Democrat in the Whitehouse. The ‘Employment Verification’ aka e-verify has only been renewed into March of ’09, a bargaining chip presumably to bring Republicans to the table which at this point might not even be required in order to pass legislation. I’m guessing we will have to re-evaluate this resolution in the first or second quarter of next year.

  23. Moon-howler

    It will be very important for the Democrats to be on their best behavior and do well for the country. There will be no forgiveness. No one to blame.

  24. Chris

    Good for you for posting that link.

    Remember how I got my invitation deleted from bvbl, and then a whole thread was dedicated to “I keep getting these email to participate in these circles”.

    Please, come join us this Saturday from 9:30-11:30 am. All sides are represented, and the folks of HSM should be there. However, HSM’s president would rather bash the study circles. Hopefully, you are more open minded and will attend.

  25. Moon-howler


    I have given your post some thought. You are free to disagree with me all you want. I don’t see picking up a broom as being a talent. It is just one of those things people do because it needs to be done.

    Let me put it this way: you seem to know too much about the composition of HSM to be just a casual drop by. Regardless of who you are, in reality, don’t you feel it is rather presumptuous to come by a blog where you are not a regular poster and insist that people get out a broom and sweep?

    Contrast what you know about HSM people to those here on this blog. How do you know who does what on this blog? You don’t. If you want to know, ask people. They might tell you if they feel like sharing.

    On the other hand, if people want to do nothing for their community, I won’t stand in judgement of them. I need to worry about what I do or don’t do not what others do or don’t do.

    With the current economic crisis and the national negative attention PWC and the cities have received because of policies pushed into law by HSM, , I understand very well why HSM feels the need to be seen as a community service organization. Projecting that image might help to undo some of the damage that has been done this area. It might also detract from making the hall of shame with SPLC and the ADL. Its worth a try and the clean up projects are something positive, rather than negative, towards the community.

  26. Mando

    “It might also detract from making the hall of shame with SPLC and the ADL.”

    Nice spin! As if the opinion of psuedo-political hack organizations matter… You should’ve thrown in the MWB.

  27. Moon-howler

    Mando, those organizations might mean nothing to you but other folks consider them when hiring, nominating for positions, security clearances, promotions and other oddities that advance people in life.

    ADL has been protecting all citizens, to the best of its ability, for a century. That is nothing to sneeze at. SPLC is younger, but no less forceful when the evaluating issues and individuals where bias and civil rights are concerned.

    Why would I throw in MWB? That is a totally different kind of organization and one that carries no national weight in evaluating defamation issues. I don’t know that mwc is even a relevant organization now. Didn’t they disband?

  28. Moon-howler

    And before any of the black velvets ask, no, to my knowledge, Nancy L does not post here. If she does, she does without the knowledge of any administrator on this blog.
    And no, Leila is not Nancy L. Leila is Leila. Think of the song, rather than the riduclous speculation I keep hearing about over there on the dark screen.

    I am curious why anyone cares. Have they nothing better to do?

  29. Not Me, Bubba


    “I speak German and took French in high school and college, so I’m not in too bad a shape where I travel to. What the heck am I doing in Finland? By the way, The last time YOU were in Sweden, Finland, or Norway, did you notice how many folks speak English? Practically everyone. Anyway, in the immortal words of Obama, Merci Beaucoup!”

    Ich kann auch Deutsch, aber die Europeaner lernen Englisch, auch wie ihre Sprache, als sie jung sind. Hier in den Vereinigen Staaten, lernen amerikanishen Kinder keine Fremdesprachen. Vielleicht sollen Sie einen Land in Asia (Vielleicht China..) besuchen und finden sie wie viele Leute Englisch koennen.

    Et si tu prefere, je peux parle en Francais aussi….

    You’re not the only polyglot here – but you are perhaps the only one who cannot see the need for a translator.

  30. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    I never even came close to implying that I was the only polyglot here, so THAT point only demonstrates how you lefties look for badness everywhere. I didn’t mention Asia because frankly, the US doesn’t have many friends there, from a technology and business standpoint. I wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to travel there, God knows, but I wouldn’t spend my own money on it. Now if I DID go to a particular Asian nation, I would at least use some language tools to make sure I could express my basic needs without a translator. Scene: man hops into the hospital on one leg, the other torn off with blood pouring out…..Oh NO, I don’t know how to tell the hospital staff what the problem is!! I need a translator! Oh, and if I were going to a country with intention to stay forever (not just “on holiday”), I would learn the language. Good immigrants do learn the language. Those who are too lazy, don’t care about the country they’re moving to, or are just here to send money back to their country, why bother learning the language when the fools will spend their own money to provide translation services for everything!

    PS: You forgot the T in Vereinigten Staaten (picky, picky)

  31. Not Me, Bubba

    “I never even came close to implying that I was the only polyglot here, so THAT point only demonstrates how you lefties look for badness everywhere.”

    Yes, yes…I am sure you posted that with the purest of intentions to awe us all with your language expertice. And teh US does have friends in Asia – Japan, S. Korea, Thailand, Phillipines….I suggest you expand your horizons.

    “Now if I DID go to a particular Asian nation, I would at least use some language tools to make sure I could express my basic needs without a translator.”

    So you plan on memorizing medical and legal phrases to get by in case you get in an accident or detained? LOL…. I am sure it is up there on a travellers list to memorize “I’m having a heart attack” in Mandarin.

    But just for giggles, just suppose those english speaking people in Finland, France, Germany, etc – REFUSE to speak with you. As one who studied on the border of the US and Canada/Quebec – the Quebecois can be QUITE determined to not speak any english at all- even if they can. So, where would that leave you, if you had no translator and couldn’t parle francais?

    “Oh, and if I were going to a country with intention to stay forever (not just “on holiday”), I would learn the language. Good immigrants do learn the language. ”

    Do you know that the window to learn languages is in one’s prime infantile years? After age 5 language is established in one’s mind and it is quite difficult to learn another – especially if you have no exposure to foreign languages. It is why many American children perform so poorly in foreighn language classes if the ONLY language they have been exposed to is English. As a polyglot, this is known from your teachings…

    Are some lazy? Sure. But there is a learning curve too…

    “why bother learning the language when the fools will spend their own money to provide translation services for everything! ”

    What other things in daily life provide translators?

  32. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    I admit, you’re wearing me down, Bubba. I’m losing interest. But OK.

    Yes, we have friends in Asia, to be sure. We also have enemies… but from a business perspective, Asia keeps to themselves for the most part…the technology boom in Asia hasn’t translated into business for the Western world…they tend to develop their own products. I’m sure you’ll come back with “I invented all technology and own Siemens and that’s not true”. Expand your horizons??? Yeah, Yeah, Yeah “I look down upon you, knave, from my lofty perch” Merci Beaucoup! I hope to be as broad, and, well, just so super as you someday.

    Accident, detained, medical, legal, etc. etc. What in God’s name do you do in other countries, anyway? I’ve traveled quite a bit and managed to always get back in one piece…but then again, I try hard not to break laws.

    The “just for giggles” thing…..well, we could easily weave 1000 pages of intricate scenarios and say “what would you do then, smarty-pants?” How about “What if aliens from Jupiter came here and captured you? and you couldn’t parlez Jupisch? Wouldn’t you need a translator? Yes, I’d need a translator and I’d sure be eating crow then, huh?
    And yes, French-speakers get rather snobish about their language, but you know, I can’t say as I blame them. Have you met many who would refuse to speak English even if they knew how in the event of a dire emergency? I know you’re dying, and I understand what you’re saying, but I’m so stuck-up about my French, that I’m going to pretend I don’t know you’re having a heart-attack. Unlikely.

    5 years old, window of language, etc. Yeah, and? Look around, dude….it’s not a learning curve issue. Other things that require translators? If I hadn’t mentioned it, I don’t know. I’d like to know how much the county spends on translation services. It may be next to nothing, as someone said, maybe their all volunteers. I truly don’t know, but would like to know. Just as with the McCain / Pork thing, yeah, 81 billion in pork is a drop in the bucket compared to the annual Federal budget, but I’d still like to see that 81 billion saved.

    All of that having been said, I’m done with this thread, but I think you’d be a very interesting person to know. I wish I had more polyglot friends (few opportunities to practice German here). Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go brag about my polyglot capabilities over on the “Dancing with the Stars” forum. bis bald!

  33. Slowpoke Rodriguez


  34. Starryflights

    PollyAnna, 16. October 2008, 13:08

    “-everybody has been scared off by the BVBL crowd.”

    How do you know this? Would you share the facts that substantiate your comment?


    Look around your neighborhood. How many empty homes do you see?

  35. Moon-howler

    So did Pollyanna go to the circle group?

  36. Moon-howler

    Hellloooo out there. Did Pollyanna attend the circle meeting last Saturday?

    Do I detect a pattern here? Let’s see, I am thinking of 4 people. Shall I start narrowing it down?

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