By special request, the third and last presidential debate: Who won, who made good points?
Is there anyone out there still undecided?

We have spent a lot of time here discussing hate speech and behavior. How did the candidates do addressing these issues?

Pontificate please.

70 Thoughts to “The Third Great Debate: McCain/Obama”

  1. DG, glad you like Bill the Cat 🙂 I remember reading that stuff way back when Dukakis was running and laughing my butt off! The strange thing is, if you look at the diction, labels and issues, nothing has changed all that much.

  2. Michael, those were great summaries and analyses!

  3. Leila

    Not me, Bubba, I’m coming late, as usual, to this party but thank you very much for making the points you did about the Rust Belt. They needed to be said.

  4. SecondAlamo

    Oooooooooooh! Conspiracy theories. Joe the Plumber is a plant……. and I guess we paid Rev. White to say those things, and we planted those bogus voter registration forms in the Acorn files! Rats, you got us! We just can’t seem to keep any inside secrets from you liberals any more.

  5. SecondAlamo

    ‘White’ it’s a play on words don’t you know ; )

  6. SA, is any African American with the last name Brown also a play on words?

    There are histories associated with our last names. In the case of African Americans, these histories can stem back to slavery and abolition. Prior to abolition, slaves were often denied last names all together, or their masters named them. This withholding of names propagated the dehumanization of the slaves.

  7. Not Me, Bubba


    YOu want someone to say something positive about McCain? I can muster up one and only one good thing about him.

    His resistance to teh Ethanol lobby/the Corn-agriculture lobby. Ethanol isn’t the magical elixir of energy we have all been led to believe. Using it instead of gas will cause food shortages, AND NOT reduce the pollution levels. In fact heavy usage of ethanol causes ozone buildups that would rival any red-air quality day in July on 66. Ethanol is a helpful PART of our energy crisis – but it is NOT teh solution.

    That being said, the ethanol/corn lobby has a lot – and I mean A LOT of pull in Washington. Money is FUNNELLED into their pet causes when research shows ethanol is NOT cost effective and will siphon food from our food supply. The cost to build an ethanol plant is in the billions, and the yield of output for ethanol compared to gasoline is minimal. An oil well may yield 5 million barrels of oil (for example)…an ethanol plant may yield only 500K barrels of ethanol. Quite a difference – not to mention the land needed to grow enough corn to make ethanol….take the state of texas and cover it in corn and you’re only a 1/4 (at most) of the way there to cover our nation’s energy needs for 3-4 months. Quite a few lies in the ethanol lobby and nobody wants to talk about it because in truth – if people knew how dire our energy situation is they would freaking PANIC. But McCain has the gall to stand up to them and say, NO you cannot have all this money to fund your product because we KNOW it is only a PART of the solution, not the magic bullet that will save us all.

    But, aside from that….that’s all I can say about McCain that is good. Happy now?

  8. Not Me, Bubba

    “Oooooooooooh! Conspiracy theories. Joe the Plumber is a plant……. and I guess we paid Rev. White to say those things, and we planted those bogus voter registration forms in the Acorn files! Rats, you got us! We just can’t seem to keep any inside secrets from you liberals any more.”

    He may/may not be a plant…but don’t you think it is a little strange he be given all the press he has for “pressing Obama” in light of his background?

    People thought Watergate was ridiculous too…until the truth reared its ugly head.

    Plenty of Black Swans out there….

  9. Censored bybvbl

    I certainly wouldn’t rule out Joe the Plumber being a plant. He conveniently appeared and he’s conveniently been mentioned far too many times by McCain. I could understand mentioning him once as an example of both sides’ tax plans but the sheer number of repetitions of his name by McCain makes me believe that he was a planned part of McCain of Many Mansions’ appeal to the average Joe.

  10. Moon-howler

    SA, You are sure grouchy this morning. Are you a McCain supporter? How do you feel about immigration not even being discussed in any of the debates or by Wolf and Feder?

  11. Not Me, Bubba

    Nobody’s going to touch immigration with a 50 ft. electrified cattle prod this election…especially Feder and Wolf…. PWC is just a wee sensitive on that right now and neither side will address it and come out a winner.

  12. Firedancer

    And nothing will ever get solved because the country really is ambivalent.

  13. A PW County Resident

    Plant or not, does it change what Mr. Obama said?

  14. SecondAlamo


    I’m a USA supporter, so whoever is going to be the most supportive of this nation is the one I want as president. I can’t say I’m that pleased with either choice, but as I’ve said, I’m leery of the associations that Obama has had in the past and possibly even those in the present. Commander in Chief seems like a position best suited to someone who has served his country. I’m also hung up on this ‘big business as the enemy’ line of Obama’s. If he doesn’t want our jobs going overseas, then don’t increase business expenses. Businesses go overseas to reduce expenses. Give business an incentive to keep jobs here instead of burdening them with more taxes. Businesses have to pay tax on their inventories, and so where do you think they are going to start keeping their inventories? Once they move their inventories then the manufacturing will move as well. Goodbye jobs!

  15. DB

    Are my mom and I the ONLY people who heard McCain state that his running mate had an “autistic” child when in fact Trig exhibits down syndrome? How is she an expert in the realm of special needs when she is many years shy of her first child study/eligibility meeting? How can she possibly understand? Her child is not yet in school. I could name a good 10 parents with special needs children who have run the special ed obstacle course who have significantly MORE experience in the realm of disabilities than Palin has now. In two to five years, Palin will trully understand the process. Right now, she’s not got a clue.

  16. Michael

    Yes, Elena I did see it. More proof to me that Obama is the lessor of the evils. Neither candidate is going to fix the US economy or the problems of Illegal immigration over the past 25 years that contributed to the collapse of the economy, gangs and loss of ethics in political advocacy. Obama is the more ethically motivated (with the exception of selective campaign ethics and pro warfare patriotism of McCain) and the more intelligent of the two candidates.

    He gets my vote as a republican voting cross party because the republicans today are run by and dominated by religious fanatical candidates who divide the country into gender, ethnic, racial and religious political groups (so do liberal radicals, but Obama is not one of them), and have allowed this to happen over the past 8 years of failed leadership to preserve and unite a common America.

    When we get new Republican leadership (by ousting the religious fanatics from government in the next series of elections) that can focus on individuals and fundamental financial ethics and government, rather than ethnic and religious political groups, then I will vote Republican again.

  17. Michael

    Religion is a private matter of individuals. I do not trust religious fanatics involved in government, as they are typically oppressive, and hate more than tolerate others than those religious people who are not involved in government. A non-fanatical and loving religious person does not typically get involved in government, and if they do they are not typically oppressive and angry at those who are different. The Republican party is dominated by Christians who are angry and hate others not like themselves.

  18. Michael

    I do not hate Illegal people. I simply see the damage and destruction “illegal” people cause as a result of their choice to break law. The problem needs to be stopped by strong ethnic and a sense of lawfulness, to stop gangs, crimes and “illegal” immigrant activity of all kinds, including Identity theft, financial fraud (which caused a collapse of the economy over 25 years of illegal immigration and continued 8A poverty) and non-citizen voting.

  19. Michael

    Sorry, “ethics”, not “ethnic”. Ethnic and religious political alignment is the problem and reason for the US decline as a world leader.

  20. Moon-howler


    I heard him say autism many times. Clueless. He obviously doesn’t know the difference in autism and downs syndrome. And I agree, she is a neophyte in the special needs department.

    What I find rather interesting also is the pandering to parents of special needs children. McCains acts like this is an educationally neglected group. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    I feel like that baby is being paraded around as an election ploy. I hope I am wrong.

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