Come help out a local restaurant, Giuseppe’s in Haymarket, enjoy great Italian food. Let’s come to together and talk about how far we have journeyed from October 17th, 2007.

15120 Washington Street

Haymarket, VA

7:30 p.m.

37 Thoughts to “Economic Party!!!! Come to Guispeppe’s in Haymarket Oct. 17th”

  1. Just Cause

    DO NOT EAT THE SHRIMP ALFREDO!!! You will choke on it, they leave the tails on the shrimp that is mixed up in the sauce and noodles..The ONLY thing I recommend is the pizza..I have ate there 3 times and everytime sucked..but the last time not as bad cause all I had was pizza…

  2. Alanna

    It’s been quite a year. I look forward to seeing everybody there.

  3. info

    High Rate of H-1B Visa Fraud
    A study finds that 13% of the visa petitions for U.S. employers to bring in skilled foreign workers are fraudulent

  4. info

    Republican Jim Gilmore “‘The most important thing is to secure our borders. And, we must insist our immigration laws be enforced. ‘Illegal immigration is costing Virginia taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars each year and Congress needs to mandate the enforcement of our immigration laws”

    Democrat Mark Warner “‘Finally, for those in the country illegally, blanket amnesty isn’t an option. Anyone who has broken the law should be immediately deported. ”

  5. Enough with the INFO/BAD FOOD crew, okay?

    Just go to the party and enjoy. I’ll be thinking about y’all as I listen to a Committee 100 debate (already committed to that event).

  6. Rat's Ass Ralph

    Try drinking if the food doesn’t suit ya. Lot’s of folks says its pretty good out there.

  7. ShellyB

    Egglplant parm. is great. And yes, they do have a bar.

  8. Witness Too

    Now that the rest of the nation has followed Prince William County’s economic lead, you might need to throw a few more parties.

    Hey, I wonder if PWC will be the first into the recession and the first out?

  9. Guerita

    I personally want to thank the ladies in charge of this blog for providing busy people like myself with updated and truthful information. The year of 2007 was not a good year for PWC and the scourge of this resolution continues.

    For info 10,
    anytime you see an immigrant in a bank cashing a paycheck, and most who have permanent jobs are paid with a check – taxes FICA, social security, and medicare are being taken out. They will never see this money come back to them.

    I’m looking forward to eggplant parm. I don’t really care if it sucks or not.

  10. Moon-howler

    And Guerita, we look forward to seeing you.

  11. james

    hope you all have a good time, I cannot make this get together. I’ll try the next one. How bout a good mexican restauraunt. I’ll have to agree these poor souls need all the help they can get. with the resolution and everything else going on I’m wondering how these people are even staying afloat. My personal opinion is that we need to grant amnesty and just flat out open the borders up.

  12. James, that’s a bit extreme, don’t you think? Don’t get me wrong. I think we need to support these folks as much as we can! And I want to work out something reasonable so the people here can be here legally (and stop being persecuted). But making that leap to open borders is more than just a flight of faith–it’s probably certain death at this point in our country. We can’t even deal with what we have on our plates now!

  13. ShellyB

    “Open borders” is just the only way they can convince themselves they are right about something. Nevermind hat no one is advocating for that, if they say that’s what there against, suddenly they are right about an issue they are completely out of touch about.

  14. Moon-howler

    I don’t know a soul in favor of open borders. I also don’t see Mexicans as ‘poor souls.’ That seems so colonial and condescending.

  15. Elena

    Ditto Moon-Howler!

    BTW, kids and I had a very nice time at Giuseppes, thanks to all for sharing good food and good conversation!

  16. Elena

    Welcome Guerita!

  17. Cindy B

    I also enjoyed meeting you all upstairs at Giuseppe’s. The minestrone soup was wonderful. Thanks for the advice on encouraging youth participation in Prince William Study Circles.

  18. NotGregLetiecq

    Sorry I missed it everyone.

    I have a sinking feeling that “James” will soon post something insanely “communist” sounding, and then Gospel Greg will slurp it up and lactate it on to his own blog as an example of how everyone who posts on AntiBVBL is a “communist.”

    James, I hope I’m wrong and please forgive me if I am. But you do sound a lot like one of the Gospel Greg clones trying to create a scarecrow argument parody of those who oppose xenophobia and bad policy (a.k.a. The Immigration Resolution).

    We’ve had a few of those float through here, only to then post something really nutty for the purposes of BVBL propaganda. The fact that they make up reasons to be outraged says a lot about the current state of right wing extremist politics: they are flat out of ideas.

  19. james


    that’s not me. I’m all for allowing a total amnesty. For me and my immigrant wife that should be the only way at this point. what are we going to do, send everyone back and then allow them in again? that does not seem right. As for the open borders, maybe I should have explained that statement. Open borders to me is more of a lightening on the standards than a free-for-all welcome invitation. I know not of this Gospel Greg person although someone posted a video of him. I think it sad that for all the few posts I have made on this blog in the last few days that I’m already being persecuted myself in the image of a person I do not even know. If this is the nature of this blog then I will just find somewhere else to go if that’s ok with everyone else as I’m not like that. I would hope that educated people can have intelligent conversation without resorting to pull-down arguments like that NotGreg person above resorted to.

    have a very good day

  20. NotGregLetiecq

    James, I’m sorry. But I don’t buy it. You are creating a fiction here and I just don’t buy it. Call it persecution if you like. But speaking as one blogger who has been here from almost the beginning, I just don’t believe the character you’ve created here.

  21. Bring it On

    Yeah, my crap detector has sounded as well. We’ll see where this one leads, probably another set-up like Gloria Megia(sp?) or the other ‘HSM extermination’ comment that immediately gets posted on BVBL and then mentioned at the Supervisor’s meeting.

    These people are pathetic, their bad behavior is so transparent. Do they realize they are the laughing stock of the County?

  22. NotGregLetiecq

    This is what they are reduced to. But James, again, I apologize if you are really as goofy as you sound. In that case, you may want to read up on the issue. Find out who this Gospel Greg person is. Find out who FAIR is. Learn about the history of hate groups, and how they have been on the rise in recent years thanks to the “illegal immigration” issue. If you are really as dumb as you sound, but you want to criticize the anti-immigrant lobby, then you should learn about them first.

  23. james

    Thank you all,

    I’ll move somewhere else. A person who i know at work mentioned this blog to me being as how I waited several years to bring my wife here from Greece (not to mention myself working on visas here in the capital) I find the customs here quite odd. In my country we welcomed people into our household and took some time to make up our minds on how we treated them. I guess it is quite different here in this country, I’m coming to find that people here are not so different after all. I love the United States and for what it stands, however sometimes the people are a bit difficult to adjust too. Back in my country we worked on love and understanding. The customs here are quite different. I find very much hate and it’s disturbing to see in a country that my family has chosen to adopt.

    I’m saddened by the fact that some of you outright choose to attack me and my beliefs. Yet when I look through the blog I find many people outright advocating intelligent and intellectual conversation. However, I’m not finding that here and thus I choose to go elsewhere.

    Fine regards,

    James Papadakis

  24. NotGregLetiecq

    James, to explain further, there was this one cat who came on here calling himself “Leaving Point of the Woods.” He had the same IP address as Gospel Greg Letiecq but that didn’t mean anything for certain. Pretty soon, the same IP address starts leaving quasi-racist comments and “Leaving Point of the Woods” starts arguing with himself!

    Next thing we know, he leaves some kind of really outrageous “communist” or other “ist” comment and seconds later it gets posted on Greg Letiecq’s blog as an example of how all of us are bad people.

    You sound like “Leaving Point of the Woods,” only less sophisticated. That guy had me going!

  25. I suggest we take James at his word and just discuss. He’s not being offensive, after all.

  26. james

    Being as that I still have not figured out who this greg person is I think it safe to say I am not in communications with such a person. Before I depart I only have a question to ask: what has made people everywhere so hateful? I know immigration is a large issue, but why does it have to be so? I know I waited for quite a while to obtain my visa and such. My wife waited 18 months to obtain hers. Although we do not plan to obtain citizenship we may choose to do so in the future. It is comments like those above that make me question myself at times on whether I will choose to make the decision to become a citizen here. I will say that the U.S. has provided good fortunes to my family. More so than I would obtain in Mykonos where the job market revolves around tourism and Information Technology jobs are scarce.

    Fine Regards! and have a great sabbath tomorrow

  27. –what has made people everywhere so hateful?–

    James, people hate for any number of reasons. One reason is that they have been taught to hate. Another reason is that they are scared. In this case, people like Greg (Letiecq….look him up and go read BVBL for an eyeful), Robert Duecaster and John Stirrup fear their properity and status will be reduced because minorities have moved in legally and otherwise. They have other fears as well, such as their neighborhoods decaying, crime rising, and “general lawlessness” that is easier to pin on “illegals” than to sort out real solutions. Fear brings on hatred. So does anger, and people whose neighborhoods have decayed have reason to be angry–but they don’t have reason to be hateful or blame “illegals” for every problem in their neighborhoods.

    Anyway, that’s my partial analysis. Get rid of fear and anger, increase education, you can help eradicate hatred.

  28. Incidentally, James, please don’t use blogs as the deciding factor on whether or not to pursue citizenship! My God, if I did that, I would defect right now! 🙂

  29. james

    Thank you for the excellent dissertation. I’m not completely in the know since I have recently moved here from D.C. I have not been to the BVBL place yet, I dont get on the internet much unless i am working. I have not made any current plans to pursue citizenship, however it may be an option later. I already have attended classes and have learned much and of course I do speak and write clear english, greek, french and castillian spanish. In fact I have routinely obtained scores of 80 percent or higher on the practice citizenship tests I was given. I will likely make a decision in the next few years, depending on how things change for the better (hopefully) or worse. I’m watching the years after this presidential election closely to see if things change on the immigration front. If I have issues getting another visa renewal then my mind may be made up for me so I have to be ready at a moments notice to file my citizenship application.

  30. Yes, if there’s anything that should make the determination for you, it should be how the next administration handles the mess we are in!

    You sound incredible talented! WOW is all I can say. I can barely manage English with a little Spanish. Learning languages truly is an art and talent–it’s not easy, no matter what people would like to say in order to back up their bigotry against non-native speakers.

  31. james

    Interestingly enough, if you travel in Europe you’ll see that most children are indoctrinated in multiple languages from their early years on, the school systems in Greece are very similar. I do not see that here in America for some reason, it’s more of an “option” than a requirement. It is one reason why I enrolled my two children in an international school versus a public institution. They are learning Arabic and Mandarin as their languages and they both already speak English and Greek Fluently. We usually speak mostly English at home and about the town. Many people do not even realize that English is not our first language. If anyone is truly talented it would be my wife, she works as a contract translator for the state department and she is a polyglot, speaking multiple languages much better than I can. She can easily shift between them without problem.

  32. All I can say again is WOW! And would you please as the State Department to do something about the racists in our government?

  33. NotGregLetiecq

    James. You can post here all you like. I’d prefer if you were upfront with us. But you can pretend to be for “open borders” if you like.

    No one has responded to that because it really isn’t an option, certainly not in the post 9/11 era. This is a democracy and it’s highly unlikely that the majority of Americans, or the majority of our Congress would go for your grand idea.

    Since you seem to be bent on finding a reason to complain, why don’t you go to BVBL and talk about “open borders” and sympathy for Mexican restaurants and see how politely you are received. My guess is that you’d have much to complain about then. But my gut tells me you are already quite familiar with the environment over there.

  34. Moon-howler

    I don’t think you will find anyone here in favor of open borders but I would be interested in why you think they are a good idea. I think they would endanger my country.

  35. james

    have a fine day folks,

    I’ll be posting here no further. It seems like many people are upset about newcomers here so I’ll find somewhere else to spend my internet time. all I can say is “wow” myself at the treatment that I have sustained here for one simple comment that was taken out of complete context.

  36. NotGregLetiecq

    “James,” if you still want to participate here, just make up another identity and be a little less satirical in how you present him/her.

  37. James

    out of my curiosity, what information do you really need to know? Would you prefer that I offer the proper identification? work or home telephone number? Do I need to take a polygraph examination? Or maybe immigration papers? I assure you I have all and if you offer the proper reasons and need I would most happily afford them too you as I would the proper authorities. I’m overly curious now about what the requirements are but since I will not be posting longer it does not matter to me. It just seems to me that there is an inside group that is to be trusted, however new comers are castigated until they leave. Not that I owe anyone an explanation, but a woman I work with at my firm mentioned this website and thought that I should take a look. I must inform her that maybe when viewed the site it was less hostile. It would seem I really dont need to speak here as others have already spoken for me!

    again, have a fine sabbath day! it is honestly too nice to be inside today, most beautiful outside with the leaves changing. I’m actually going back to re-reading some of Virgil. Excellent poet by the way and if you have not read you are really missing out.

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