Will the ‘Real Virginia’ Please Stand Up?

Talk about gaffes. McCain’s adviser Nancy Pfotenhauer told viewers that McCain had a good chance of taking Virginia because of his support in ‘Real Virginia,’ rather than Northern Virginia. MSNBC host Kevin Cork gave her every chance to get off the ledge. The lady blew her chance.

You just have to see this one. A picture is worth a thousand words:

ABC news for entire story

Ugly in America


Don’t say it doesn’t exist. See it with your own 2 eyes. What amazes me is that some people feel this is an ok way to talk in public. We all know of people who say things like this in private, but public? Is that what makes this so different?

Most people don’t feel many of these behaviors are appropriate. Was John Murtha right or was he out of line? He said that Western Pennsylvania was a racist area. Then he backed off a bit, and said that some of the older people were.

Should we expect Prince William to have this kind of performance tomorrow? Absolutely not. Prince William County, despite our rather tumultuous past year, is better than this!

America has a ways to go, it seems. A long way to go. Seeing something like this sort of leaves a person speechless.

[Disclaimer: This activity was outside and NOT part of any inside rally. The behavior was not condoned by Governor Palin.]