In today’s Washington post, columnist Marc Fisher quotes Corey Stewart as taking credit for yesterday’s McCain campaign rally where approximately 10,000 Virginians gathered to cheer on their candidate.

According to Stewart the entire election hinges on Prince William and Loudoun Counties:

“I literally begged the campaign to have McCain or Palin visit…Prince William and Loudoun are the swing counties where this election will be won or lost. This is the battleground, and Obama and Biden have been here four times.”

Fisher further elaborates in his article,

Stewart, who won statewide notice by pushing for his county’s tough enforcement drive against illegal immigrants, says McCain has done himself and the party a disservice by steering clear of that issue. “But the reality is that McCain has never been strong on this issue,” Stewart says, “and his differences with Obama on it are not very big.” McCain has alienated some conservatives by proposing to let illegal immigrants stay here as guest workers and earn U.S. citizenship.
Although the emotional power of the issue has dissipated in Prince William — Stewart says that’s because the get-tough policy is working and many immigrants have left the county — he’s confident that a presidential candidate who emphasized a crackdown would be rewarded with victory in Virginia.

Was this the same Corey Stewart who was out cheering up Senator McCain at County Complex yesterday? I wonder if that was before or after he threw the candidate under the bus in his interview with Marc Fisher.

Did someone forget to reset Stewart’s robo-chip? Does he ever think of anything other than illegal immigration? No one can accuse Corey Stewart of getting off task, regardless of how much the data changes.

Fisher explains how Ken Cuccinelli and Jeff Frederick see things differently in an election year in his column.

It’s so reassuring to be led by an individual with so much personal stature and so much influence on a national campaign here in little old Prince William County.

51 Thoughts to “Corey Stewart Brings McCain to Prince William”

  1. Moon-howler

    Pinko, it isn’t up to Wally to prove he isn’t a racist, any more than it is up to you or me to prove we aren’t. One assumes the high road.

    I don’t think he supported Mr. Duecaster as much as he went along to get along. That is how politics work locally and nationally. Traditionally, in Prince William County, supervisors have rubber stamped each other’s committee appointees. To break rank and not do this took extreme courage and operating outside the box. Not everyone is ready to do this at the same time.

    We have to be careful about thinking everything is racially motivated, lest we become like the little boy who cried wolf.

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