I thought McCarthyism was a relic from the past. I thought McCarthyism was a post-WWII overreaction by some zealots to the perils of communism. I thought McCarthyism was dinosaur thinking whose imprint was left back in the late 40’s and the decade of the 50’s. Looks like I was way off base. It is alive and well as evidenced by an interview with Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann.

Congresswoman Bachmann is calling for the American news media to do ‘a penetrating exposé of Congress for un-American views.’ Would this be the same Mainstream Media all the darlings of the far right howl about on daily basis?

MSNBC pit-bull Chris ‘Hardball’ Matthews tries to hone in on exactly what Ms. Bachmann really means when she uses the terms ‘liberal’, ‘leftist’, and ‘anti-American’. Congresswoman (shudder) Bachmann is wound up tight and has her talking-points microchip all energized as she withstands a good grilling by Matthews. She doesn’t miss a beat while she castigates Presidential Candidate Obama as one who ‘pals around with terrorists.’

You have to see it to believe it.

Good news. Yes, there is something you CAN do about this outrage:

Petition for Congress

More good news. Bachmann is being challenged by a guy named Tinklenberg.

Bachmann’s challenger on Nov. 4th (trailing by single digits)

Chicago Tribune

52 Thoughts to “American News Media Called on to do a Penetrating Exposé of Congress for UnAmerican Views”

  1. Moon-howler

    Good. Thanks Terry, for this information. I guess money does talk.

  2. James

    Thank You very much for the information with regard to the study circles, I think I would enjoy them. I would also very much enjoy meeting this “notgreg” person, maybe if she could show up to the study circles she would see that I am a true entity in this world and hopefully a valuable contribution to it. I’m surprised that there are such people who have a complete lack of trust in others. I know that it is not possible to trust everyone, but if we always trust no one then we have dissolved our society down to something that is not comfortable to live in.

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