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There are lots of McCain signs over in that area of Loudoun. Does this Virginia saturation by the candidates increase the chances of winning or is it just preaching to the choir?

October 21, 2008 – 4:43am

Barack Obama, the Democratic Party’s candidate for President, plans a late afternoon rally at Leesburg’s Ida Lee Park on Wednesday, Oct. 22. Gates open at 3 p.m., with the rally scheduled to begin at 5:30.

Although the event is free, Obama campaign officials urge individuals attending the rally make reservations at For security reasons, no banners or signs will be allowed. Also, bags will not be permitted and personal items should be limited.

The visit to Loudoun County will be Obama’s first of his two-year-old campaign for the nation’s highest elected office. He appeared at Robinson High School in Fairfax County for a rally prior to the convention, while his running mate, Sen. Joe Biden, recently held a rally in Sterling

From the Loudoun Times-Mirror

4 Thoughts to “Obama in Leesburg Late Afternoon”

  1. ShellyB

    “Preaching to the choir” is something I’ve often wondered about with all these rallies, particularly in the modern age when most people get their information from the TV or the internet. The people who go to rallies are already voting for the candidate, aren’t they? Otherwise they wouldn’t make the time. I don’t know, maybe the undecideds are going to the rallies now that it’s down to the wire.

    If so, that means it’s a big disadvantage that Obama has to go all the way to Hawai’i to see his ailing grandmother. I hope to God she lives to see election day. I have a feeling she will be pleased.

  2. Chris

    I am one of the undecided voters, and I can assure I would NOT go to a rally for either candidate. I do think it’s very interesting that we’ve had both candidates in our county, and now are “neighbor to the north” Loudoun will be visited too.

    Do you think the McCain camp will be swinging back through No. VA and hit Loudoun county too?

  3. DiversityGal

    Hey all,

    I actually attended the Obama rally in Leesburg this evening. I was way up on the hill in Ida Lee park, so I only glimpsed Obama waving as he began his speech. He said, “This sure looks like Real Virginia to me. You all seem like Real Virginians.” The crowd absolutely ate it up.

    An elderly Marine Corps veteran and his wife stood in front of me. He brought a huge Amercian flag on a pole, and enthusiastically waved it around during the speech. He was so excited. So many families were there. Kids were sitting on shoulders for a better view, and generally having a blast. The energy was amazing.

    He spoke about unity and patriotism tonight. He said that there are patriots who are Republican, patriots who are Democrats, and patriots who are Independents. Obama said that men and women of all schools of thought, etc. were fighting for the United States of America, not just certain parties. Pretty inspiring and unifying stuff…

    Of course, he also spoke about the economy, education, service, and all the other key topics. However, it was much of what I’ve heard in other recent speeches of his.

    Later, on my way back to my car, I made it to the front of a police tape line. I was only about 5 feet away when his motorcade went by:) I’d love to hear how many people actually showed up. The huge park was filled with people as far as the eye could see.

    My thoughts are with him and his family tonight as they go visit his grandmother in Hawaii.

  4. Chris

    Diversity Gal,
    I thought of you soon as saw there was going to be an Obama Rally, I thought of you immediately. I was looking for you there.

    Nice review. I thought the location was beautiful. Real Virginia, indeed!!

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